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War God Taihu
War God Taihu is a legend among the beastkin.

When he was still fighting for Faherotsa, everyone celebrated his valor and spirit, but Taihu wasn't interested in being worshiped. Remia appointed Taihu as her general to keep him in Faherotsa, but that only strengthened his resolve to leave. On the day of his departure Komareo tried to stop him - and failed. Some say Taihu went to the Far East in complete seclusion to focus on pushing his limits.

Weapon used: Sword
Season Mythic Rank Myth A
Trait Abate fury / Weaken
Skill Arcane Spirit
Effect Weaken / Abate Fury
Fury Cost 200 Range
Deals x(+x) damage to enemies in a row and exposes their weaknesses. Decreases Fury consumption by 50% for you and nearby Heroes in a row.
Mythic Skill War God
War God
Boosts PVP Damage, decreases damage received, and become immune to Critical Hits.
Mythic Bonuses STR +x, VIT +x


Machine Taihu
Skill Error #66 Fury Cost 200 Range
Deals x(+x) damage to enemies in a row, exposes their weaknesses and dispels buffs. Decreases Fury consumption by 50% for you and nearby allies in a row. Bonus ATK 10%
Bonus DEF 10%
Bonus HP 10%


Combo Name Combo Effect Rank Leader Hero 2 Hero 3

Master and Apprentice Attack 30% Boost, HP 10% Boost SS War God Taihu Yukio Kuroko

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