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*Due to an update to the Android version of Legion of Heroes, these rewards are only available in the iOS version.

The Tower of Chaos is an area separate from the quest line, which offers the player the opportunity to earn more rewards than one would normally find in mobs from normal maps. It is frequented for its various equipment, materials, and EXP. It is also the only area that players may co-op. As of the Season 2 extension, the Tower of Chaos goes up to Floor 60.

If you are new to the Tower of Chaos, you can find the official beginner's guide to the Tower of Chaos here.

This page reflects the rewards given to you upon a completion of a Tower of Chaos battle. For details on the mobs found in the Tower of Chaos, see here.

Note that every set of rewards will include one or more Hero Ticket (25% chance to get it), Runestone(s)(12.5%), Gold(50%) and another reward that will change on each floor(12.5%). The card you pick for the reward doesn't matter. The result will always change the card you pick with the card you gain. The 2 others don't move. If you pick the same card as your reward, all four (4) cards will remain in the same order..

Floor 1-10

Floor 11-20

Floor 21-30

Floor 31-40

Floor 41-50

Floor 51-60

Floor 61-70

Floor 71-80

"Lord" = "Ruler" = "Demigod"

Floor 81-90

Absolute = Ragnarok

Floor 91-100

Hard floor 1-10

"Legend Soul" = "Essence of Legend"

Hard floor 11-20

Hard floor 21-30

Hard floor 31-40

Hard floor 41-50

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