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The Tower of Chaos is a PvE area that many frequent because of its continuous ability to provide most of what players need to progress throughout the game, both level- and equipment-wise. It is the only area in which players can co-op with up to 3 other players to climb the Tower. It is also the only place one may activate Repeat Battle, a function which forcibly enables auto-battle but also allows the player to quickly enter and exit from the same stage repeatedly, making it a good option for grinding. The Tower of Chaos currently scales 60 floors, offering a wide range of difficulty and rewards.

Battle Style

A variation of normal parties, Tower of Chaos battles are slightly larger, allowing you to deploy up to 9 heroes (up to 12 if you use 3 of your friends' assists) for a solo run. Running with other players decreases the number of heroes you can individually deploy (7 heroes each for a party of 2, 5 for a party of 3, 4 for a party of 4), with several other limitations: the main hero of each member of the party must be present, and there can only be one of each support hero.


Tower of Chaos formation lobby

Despite these limitations, there are several advantages. Firstly, this increase in party size allows for greater flexibility with the classes of your heroes (ie. tank, damage, support, etc.) and your overall formation. Second, the amount of EXP gained per hero is increased by 50% per party member. Note that there are less heroes summoned to take advantage of such an increase, however. Lastly, due to the shared fury pool, with proper coordination, it is possible to have an easier time managing fury for efficient skill uses (although, it may also be a hindrance with a lack of communication and/or understanding of each person's decisions). Generally, however, much of its battle style stays similar to that of defeating normal mobs.

Co-op Play

During co-op play, the order in which you can command your heroes is determined by the order in which you joined your party (leader going first, second who joined the room, second, etc.). For every player there is in the party, each player is given 5 seconds to input their commands (ie. The leader is given 5 seconds until it opens to the next player as well, then the second player is given 5 seconds until it opens to the next player, and so forth until all players are accounted for). After all players are given their time, everyone is given another ~30 seconds to freely command their heroes until it's the enemies' turn. This continues until the battle ends.

There are 3 ways to join a Co-op run:

  1. Get an invitation by the host
  2. Join the host by going to friend list and clicking on the Chaos Tower Button (requires hoster as friend)
  3. Join a public group by clicking "Public List" in the Chaos Tower interface and selecting an available room (rarely the case).

The amount of heroes you can take with you depends on the amount of participants.

Participants Heroes
1 (solo) 9 (9 in total)
2 7 (14 in total)
3 5 (15 in total)
4 4 (16 in total)

Co-op play is currently also the only way to earn points for your guild score and guild contribution. To contribute to the guild score, at least 2 players ranked "Member" have to join the battle. Recruits do not count into the contribution. The more participate, the more contribution can be gathered.

Guild Members Contribution
2 2 per player
3 3 per player
4 4 per player

You cannot receive Hidden Bonuses in Co-op play nor can you get a ranking for clearing the tower.

Chaos Abyss


Chaos Abyss boss selection screen

Chaos Abyss SS

Chaos Abyss boss lobby


Chaos Abyss battle


Chaos Abyss boss victory screen

A subset of the Tower of Chaos is Chaos Abyss, available to those who have joined a guild. Chaos Abyss currently consists of 13 boss rooms that the guild can team up to defeat, each one granting guild contribution that goes towards leveling up the guild (provided that the player is not a Recruit). These bosses may be fought after weekly reset until the next week's reset giving the guild a week to defeat them. Anyone may open the Chaos Abyss Boss' gates to allow Members to fight the boss. Only one person may fight a Chaos Abyss boss at a time and the damage dealt during that battle is carried over until the boss is defeated. Unlike the rest of the Tower, players are restricted to 9 heroes without the ability to use assists or co-op.

The battle itself mimics that of a survival game, where more often than not, one would find it difficult to defeat the boss alone. For every turn the player survives, the boss summons more minions and deals an increasing amount of damage. In some cases, bosses and their minions can deal various status effects in one battle, making it more difficult to survive and/or inflict damage on it. It is very common for a Chaos Abyss fight to end in defeat because of their high HP and exponential damage increases, thus requiring multiple guild mates to defeat it. The next guild mate simply picks up at the point in the bosses' HP bars where the last player left off until all its HP is depleted. A member can still fight a boss that has been defeated; however, the boss will appear at full health, and can simply be viewed as a test of strength.

The rewards for Chaos Abyss bosses are fixed gold rewards and guild contribution, starting at 10,000 gold for the first boss and increasing by 10,000 gold for every subsequent boss. Gold rewards and guild contribution are only distributed once a boss is defeated. Each player must manual claim their gold reward by going back to the Chaos Abyss lobby and clicking "Claim Reward".

Nice work, AbbaPrincess.

Boss Name HP Gold Description
Elder Scripture Icon ELDER SCRIPTURE
Elder Scripture uses several types of skills.
Grand Abyssal Chimera Icon GRAND ABYSSAL CHIMERA
Grand Abyssal Chimera stuns enemies in a cross.
Blood Queen Bathory Icon BLOOD QUEEN BATHORY
Blood Queen Bathory deals poison damage by spitting foul water.
Basilisk Tyrant Icon BASILISK TYRANT
Basilisk Tyrant stuns enemies by squashing them with his mighty stomach.
Miho Icon MIHO
Miho deals cold damage by dropping ice.
Biffron the Strange Icon BIFFRON THE STRANGE
Wastedemon Gigantra deals severe damage by shooting venom.

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