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Son Na-eun
Son Na-eun
Apink members came from the hands of the world is just better to buy a lot of misunderstanding seems to looks cool,

In fact, there are plenty of obscure just shy of strangers. Many girls smile as well as ordinary women her age. Used weapon is a sword. Gives quietly packed around them, seems to care is a life. Uniqueness is to get close to that jugido draw a portrait of startled faces considerable talent in art, there is a bar check.

Weapon used: Sword
Season 4 Rank Star goldStar gold
Trait Attack
Skill Cutie Europe
Effect Attack Boost / Critical Boost
Fury Cost 200 Range
Deals x(+x) damage to enemies in a column, increases your Attack by 50% and your next attack will be Critical Hit with a 100% chance.
Mythic Skill -
Mythic Bonuses -

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