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Sir Dracul
Sir Dracul
His true name is Vlad Tepes II, father of Duke Vlad Tepes III.

Dracul was a title granted to him as leader of the dragon knights. Ludwig could never seize Bram Castle while Dracul was alive. Even in death, he cast a spell to protect the castle in his absence. When Ludwig eventually defeated Dracul, it cost him half of his power. Dracul is consumed by a need to kill Ludwig.

Weapon used: Spear
Season 5 Rank Star goldStar gold
Trait Attack
Skill Phantom Spear
Effect Attack Debuff
Fury Cost 200 Range
Robin SeaofFire
Deals x(+x) damage to a column and decreases Attack by x%.
Mythic Skill -
Mythic Bonuses -

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