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Saint Ione
When Fairyhaven fell under attacks from the Shadow Legion after Elfheim, the fairies hid themselves away. The surviving fairies decided to turn their back against the world. But Ione wanted to fight the Shadow Legion until the end.

She utilized her amazing her amazing magic in battlefield to save humans. Soon, Ione became the symbol of victory and countless men have begun to worship her as a Saint.

Just as her ancestor Tiphareth had done, Ione took upon the burden to save the world as well.

Weapon used: Staff
Season Mythic Rank Myth A
Trait Dispel
Skill Ultimate Spell - Light of the Saint
Effect Dispel Buff / Attack Boost / Critical Boost
Fury Cost 200 Range
Deals x(+x) damage to enemies in a row and dispels buffs from enemies. Boosts Attack by x% and Critical Hit rate by x% for allies in the same row and column as you for two turns.
Mythic Skill Saint
Recovers all ally HP for 3 turns after battle begins.
Mythic Bonuses INT +x, STR +x


Ocean Fairy
Sea Nymph
Skill Ultimate Spell - Sunshine Fury Cost 200 Range
Deals x(+x) to enemies in a row and dispels buffs. Boosts Attack by 20% of your Attack, Critical Hit rate by 100% and Critical Damage by 30% for allies in surrounding rows and columns for two turns. Bonus ATK 10%
Bonus DEF 10%
Bonus HP 10%


Combo Name Combo Effect Rank Leader Hero 2 Hero 3

Fairy Queen Attack 30%, Critical Hit Rate 10% Boost SS Saint Ione Amos Ileia Ereina

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