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Normal conversation
Quest Requirements


((Intro Mising))

Chapter 1-1: Destiny Begins

Episode #1: The Vagabond

Player: Isn't this a pretty little village? Might be a nice place to settle down...(The gemstone around your neck glitters ominously in the sun.) Who am i kidding? Let's see what kind of trouble i can get into today! This woman looks like she's in the know.

>> Talk to Sarah

Sarah: I haven't seen you around before. Hello! I'm Sarah. Welcome to Nottingham. It's a nice place to escape from worries of the world... or at least, it used to be.

Player: Oh? What happened?

Sarah: Wild animal attacks mostly. The wildlife has gotten vicious lately and we don't know why.

Player: Wild animals, huh? I might be able to help you there.

Sarah: In that case, you should go see Gaston. He leads our militia. Look for him across the bridge to the village.

>> Talk to Captain Gaston.

Captain Gaston: Well met, stranger! I am Gaston, captain of the Nottingham Militia.

Player: I heard you have a wildlife problem. I'm here to help.

Captain Gaston: We can always use more strong arms. My men are brave, but they don't have the training to face our recent troubles. But where are my manners? Tell me friend, do you have a name?

(Introduce yourself)

Player: Call me <<Player>>.

Captain Gaston: A fine name, that! Very well, <<Player>>. Let me introduce you to your new partner. William! Come over here!

William: I didn't do it, I swear! ...Hey, who's the pretty lady? It's a real pleasure to meet you. The name's William. You've probably heard of me. (For female only? negative, for all)

Captain Gaston: <<Player>> is here to show some rabid beasties what-for. You'll be backing her up.

William: A real mission! Wow! Don't worry, boss. I'm the man for the job. There's no one finer in all of Nottingham, no siree!. Just this morning, I was helping Dennis with his carpentry business. He was so impressed, he asked me to take over as village carpenter! I turned him down, of course. The militia'd be lost without me, after all. Why it'd be downright--

Captain Gaston: Enough! The sooner you're out in the field, the better. I can't take another minute of your yapping! Take this Hire Ticket and use it to hire William. Believe it or not, he knows his way around a sword.

[Reward: Ticket: William 1]

William: Yup, you need tickets to hire heroes! Just use that ticket and I'll be on your team. Excited?

Have x/1 heroes.

Captain Gaston: Thank your for hiring William. He needs to be kept busy, you see. Come, let me introduce you to my right-hand man, Arson.

Arson: Good to see ya! I'm Arson. Seems like you know how to handle a weapon. It's good though, we need all the help we can get. Now, you look like you know how to handle a weapon. Good thing, too! We need all the help we can get. So, you'll be working with William? (He gives you a sympathetic smile and a firm handshake.) You've got your work cut out for you, <<Player>>.

William: (William sticks his tongue out at Arson.)

Arson: Sarah sent you, right? She's something else. She's the best archer in the village, and real friendly, and...

Sarah: And?

Arson: ...and really, really pretty! ...Sarah?! (Arson's face turns beet red.)

Sarah: That's sweet, but I'm afraid you're just too young for me. (Sarah winks playfully at Arson and walks to Gaston.)

Captain Gaston: Ah, Sarah. Perfect timing. You'll be joining <<Player>> and William.

Sarah: Not William! What did I do to deserve this?

Captain Gaston: I'm sorry, Sarah, but you're the only person in Nottingham who can tolerate working with the boy.

Sarah: Fine! Since you're the one asking, I'll do it. But I expect a bonus pay for this! Take my Hire Ticket, <<Player>>.

[Item Reward: Ticket: Sarah 1]

Sarah: Go ahead. Use the Hire Ticket to recruit me.

Have x/2 heroes.

Sarah: I'm not thrilled about working with William, but at least you seem interesting.

William: Hey, I didn't ask to be assigned to your team, either!

Sarah: What's wrong? Not happy to see me? (Sarah slugs William in the shoulder.)

William: O-of course I am! Thrilled! Oww... That's gonna leave a mark.

Arson: Don't mind them, <<Player>>. They fight a lot, but it's harmless. I think.

Sarah: You tell him/her how it is, Arson. Now, if that's all, I've got a job to finish. I'll be right back.

Arson: ... Why don't we get started? First things first. We need to get the weasel population under control. They've been slaughtering our geese. I'll leave the Feral Weasels to you. Good luck!

Defeat Ferocious Weasel (x/1)

Arson: That was fast! Maybe the geese herders will leave me alone now.

<< Cutscene Start >>

Captain Gaston: Well done, everyone!

William: Pff it was a piece of cake!

Captain Gaston: Nottingham really is in good hands.

<< Cutscene End >>

Arson: Gaston's left to drive off some wild dogs. I'm sure he's okay, but I'd appreciate it if you went to help him.

[Rewards: 200 EXP, 300 Gold, Item Reward: Silver Ticket I x1] [Rewards: 300 Exp, 600 Gold]

Episode #2: Gaston's Courage

>>Go to Captain Gaston

Captain Gaston: I was expecting you. This pack of dogs make their way from the hills to snatch our livestock from time to time. Every few weeks we come here to drive the dogs back to their lairs. What say you? Want to give a try?

  • Defeat Starving Wild Dog (0/1)
Start combat
End combat
  • Defeat Starving Wild Dog (1/1)

Captain Gaston: Good to see you can handle yourself.I'll go back to the village. I sent Felton and Sarah ahead to scout, but they've yet to return. Check up on them, would you?

[Rewards: 500 Exp, 1000 Gold]

Episode #3: Felton & Sarah

Sarah: <Player>! I'm so glad it's you.

Felton: H-hello there, youngster. I'm... ugh... Felton.

Player: You're hurt!

Felton: It's nothing. A few wolf bites won't slow me down. I just need to... rest...

Sarah: He can't fight in this condition: We really could use a hand...

Player: Leave it to me. I'll cut a path through the wolves.

Sarah: I was hoping you'd say that. All right! I've got your back.

  • Defeat Black Wolf (0/1)
Start Combat
End Combat
  • Defeat Black Wolf (1/1)

Sarah: I think you scared them off. We'd better get moving before they get their courage up. Come on, Felton. Let's get out there. I've got the rear. You get Felton back to Captain Gaston.

Escort Felton

Captain Gaston: What happened to you, Felton? You look like a wolf's chew toy!

Felton: Captain, the wolves... the wolves are getting a touch aggressive. Great big packs...

Captain Gaston: First the weasels, now the wolves. What is the meaning of this?

Sarah: I wish I knew. I've never seen the wolves get this close to the village before.

Felton: Did you see their eyes? They were dull, glassy... As if the life had been drained from them.

Sarah: You're right! It was more like they didn't know what they were doing. Whatever it was, it wasn't natural

Captain Gaston: Curiouser and curiouser. Did you notice anything else?

Player: There were some strange birds with the wolves. One of them hit me with a nasty hex.

Captain Gaston: It can't be... A witchbird? I've never heard of witchbirds outside of Africa. Witchbirds are clever little creatures. Warlocks like to take them as familiars. Where there are witchbirds,there's witchcraft. I fear our troubles are more dire than i though. Keep your eyes open. There's evil afoot, and i will not have my militia caught off-guard again.

[Rewards: 700 Exp, 1400 Gold]

Episode #4: A Faint Cry

>>Go to Sarah

Sarah: Captain! <Player>! Over here!

Captain Gaston: Sarah, did you find something?

Sarah: Yes, a witchbird! It ran into...into the wolf den.

Captain Gaston: The wolf den?! It can't be... Is it in cahoots with Red Fang?

Player: What's a Red Fang?

Captain Gaston: Red Fang is a massive brute of an alpha wolf. If the warlocks are interested in Red Fang... Well, it certainly isn't good news.

Sarah: What should we do?

Captain Gaston: Sarah, take <player> and William to scour out the wolf den. I'll return to the village to gather up the militia. Don't get yourselves killed before I get there! What are you waiting for? Move!

>>Go to Wolf Den

Sarah: Shh! Whatch your step. It doesn't look like Red Fang is here, but you never know...

William: This place gives me the creeps! What's with all the bones?

Sarah: So far, so good. Come on, let's go further in.

Discover Strange Marks

Player: (Four strange pillars line the rock walls.)

Sarah: What on Earth...? These are made from bone! No way a wolf did this.

William: Look! Each one has a glowing crystal in it!

Sarah: Why would someone make something like this? And in a wolf den, no less! (Sarah approaches a pillar.) This is... so... gross!

William: Hey, there's something written on this one! (William and Sarah examine the writing engraved into the bone.)

Sarah: An echo in the void. The dying of the light. The birth of shadow. The advent of chaos. Void, light, shadow, and chaos... There's a pillar for each.

Player: (The glowing crystal in the pillar nearest william suddenly flares and dies out.) (A moment later, the light returns to the crystal.)

William: It wasn't me! I DEFINITELY didn't touch the crystal!

Sarah: ...You idiot.

Player: (Void, light, shadow, and chaos. Perhaps if the pillars were activated in the right order...)

Solve the obelisk puzzle Obelisk of Void Obelisk of Light Obelisk of Shadow Obelisk of Chaos Altar Memory Shard

Sarah: Okay. I have to admit, I'm impressed.

Player: I just touched the pillars in the right order. Void, light, shadow, chaos, right?

Sarah: Ah, so it was a puzzle hidden in a poem. Hold on! What's that light?

William: Ooo, pretty...

Sarah: William! Don't--

William: (William reaches out and touches the sphere of light.)

Memory Shard: Experiment 23-0098. Initial tests for the Chimera Army.

Sarah: What is this? What does that mean?

Memory Shard: Objective One: Determine the physical limits of quadrupedal supra-animal specimens. Objective Two: Determine efficacy of said quadrupeds for use in the Chimera Army. Limitations: Subjects are drawn from a single species; experimentation cannot provide a comprehensive index. Previous experiments on witchbirds revealed a limitation on the amount of magic that can be infused in semi-intelligent species. Update 3-11: Experiments are to be ceased. One subject, the pack alpha, has gained intelligence and agility beyond safety standars. Le Fay ordered us to return to base at once. Remaining experimental paraphernalia will be retrieved at a later date.

Player: (You hear a howl from off in the distance.It sounds like it's getting closer.)

????: Awooo... Awoooooo!

William: There! Up there, on the cliff!

Sarah: R-red Fang!

  • Defeat Red Fang (0/1)
Start cutscene
End cutscene
Start battle

William: W-wait! I'm not ready!

Sarah: Shouldn't you have thought of that earlier? The bone pillars are glowing! Ack! They're attacking us!

Witchbird Summoner: Caw caw! M-my precious experiment... Caw! I, um, left the oven on in my nest. Bye! Caw!

End battle
  • Defeat Red Fang (1/1)

Captain Gaston: Sarah! Stand your ground!

William: (William drops his sword and dives to the ground.) Mercy! Mercyyy! I'm too handsome to die!

Captain Gaston: We're alive, boy. The battle's over.

Arson: Did we do it? Did we beat Red Fang?

Sarah: Looks like it. I'm in shock!

Player: (Sarah looks back towards the wolf den and shudders.)

Sarah: The sooner we leave this place, the better.

Captain Gaston: I'm happy to be rid of Red Fan, but I'm left with more questions...There is some dark magic at work here. Governor Peterson will know what to do.

>>Talk to Governor Peterson

Governor Peterson: What could be the matter? Tell him of your adventures. I'm relieved to hear of Red Fang's death, but this witchcraft? This worries me.

[Rewards: 1000 Exp, 2000 Gold and Rank 6 Silver Ticket x1]

Episode #5: The Talking Froggle

Governor Peterson: It surely has been an eventful few days. I'll look into this matter personally. But first, I owe you a debt of gratitude, <<Player>>. You've been here for but a day, and already you've done more for us than I could ever repay.

Captain Gaston: <<Player>> is a good lad and a fine warrior. We're lucky to have him.

Governor Peterson: Please, make yourself at home. I'm happy to help you with anything you might need.

Player: Aw shucks, you'll make me blush. Besides, it was fun.

Governor Peterson: Nevertheless, you have my thanks. Now, about Red Fang--

Arson: Governor!!

Governor Peterson: Arson! What's the matter, boy?

Arson: It's Dino. I can't find him anywhere!

Governor Peterson: He told me he was going out to play. He hasn't come back yet?

Player: Who's Dino?

Governor Peterson: Dino is my grandson. For him to go missing at a time like this...We'll sear the village. Would you look for him in Froggle Bog? Please, hurry!

>>Talk to Dino

Dino: Willy! Sar-sar! What're you doing here?

Sarah: What are you doing here, Dino? Your grandpa's worried sick about you!

William: Coming out here alone was gutsy, kiddo. Dumb as mud, but gutsy.

Dino: Who's that guy? I never saw her before (Maybe typo? I'm a boy >:C)

Sarah: This is <<Player>>. He has been helping out around the village.

William: We'll tell you all about it. AFTER we get you home.

Dino: Nuh-uh. I can't go home yet! Mean froggles took my friend, Ribbart. I've gotta save him!

Sarah: We'll find your friend later. But first, let's get back to the village, okay?

Dino: I'm not going anywhere without Ribbart.

Sarah: I'm not kidding around here, Dino. I'm going to cout to three, and then you'd better come along.

Dino: Nooo! I want Ribbart! I want Ribbart! I want Ribbart!

William: C'mon Sarah. We'd better find his friend, or he'll cry'til our eard rums burst.

Sarah: Fine. But we'd better take care of these froggles. I'll keep an eye on Dino.All that yelling must have got their attention. Get rid of the froggles before they swarm us.

  • Defeat Marsh Froggle (0/1)
Battle Start
Battle End
  • Defeat Marsh Froggle (1/1)

Sarah: Okay, Dino. I'll find Ribbart for you, but you have to go back to the village. Understand?


William and Sarah: (William and Sarah both wince and cover their ears.)


William: Shhh! Do you want to call an army of froggles on our heads?

Dino: W-will you really find Ribbart for me?

William: Yeah, yeah, I'll find Ribbart. What kind of name is that, anyway? Sounds kind of... froggy.

Dino: That's 'cause he's my froggle friend! He wears a brown hat and a vest. Please find him!

William: Of COURSE you're best friends with a froggle. This will be like finding a needle in a... stack of needles.

[Rewards: 1300 Exp, 2600 Gold]

Episode #6: Cowardly Friend

>>Go to Ribbart

Travel fo Froggle Bog?

William: What do you think? Have we found our Ribbart?

Ribbart: Ribbart? Me Ribbart! You know Ribbart?

William: Huh. He can talk.

Player: Is that strange?

William: Well, he's not exactly using thees and thous, but he talks a heck of a lot better than any other froggle I've met.

Ribbart: Ugly human is scary! But not all humans scary. Dino is nice.

William: C'mon, I'm not THAT ugly! Anyway, Dino's looking for you. Follow us. We'll take you to him.

Ribbart: Ribbart like Dino! But me is scared. Exploding froggles all over places, go boom boom! Ribbart too scared to move!

William: If we take care of the scary froggls, will you come with us?

Ribbart: Yes! Me want that! Ribbart wait right here.

William: Fine. If this'll get Dino to stop crying, I'll do anything. Come on, <<Player>>.

  • Defeat Exploding Froggles (0/1)
Start combat
End combat
  • Defeat Exploding Froggles (1/1)

Ribbart: Nasty froggles go bye-bye. Me go see Dino now. Yay!

William:Yeah, yay. Let's go.

Ribbart: Me so happy! Ribbart see Dino!Yay yay!

Ribbart is following you

Escort Ribbart

Sarah: I'm glad to see you in one piece! And I see you made a new friend. Dino, what do we say?

Dino: Thank you, mister! I missed you, Ribbart. You okay?

Ribbart: Ribbart okay. Friend help. Dino have good friend.

Dino: Nah, these're just the guys from my village.I guess they're okay...

Ribbart: Dino friends very kind. Very good. But... Ribbart's clothes dirty... Dirty clothes make Ribbart so angry!

Dino: Uh oh... Quick, Sarah, do you have any fabric with you?

Sarah: We didn't exactly have time to pack an entire wardrobe. Can't it wait?

Dino: Umm... Y'see... Ribbart gets kinda mad when his clothes are dirty... We've gotta do something about this! Hey, all! Ribbart and I are going to look for some fabric. (Dino and Ribbart dash deeper into the swamp.)

William: Hey, where do you think you're going? Dang, that brat's fast...

[Rewards: 1600 Exp, 3200 Gold]

Episode #7: An odd Character

>>Go to Dino

Dino: Please, ya gotta help! Find fabric Ribbart might like...!

William: If it'll get you to calm down, sure. What does he like to wear?

Ribbart: Ribbart wants Fox Fur Tail!

William: I told you, Ribbart! Those foxes are WAY too fast for me to catch!

Sarah: He wears fox tails? That's surprisingly fashion forward...

Ribbart: Fox fur so soft. Warm and soft and clean. SO CLEAN! Give me now or... or...

Player: It's just a few fox tails. Come on, let's get this over with.

Dino: Yay! You're the best, mister!

  • Get Fox Tails (0/3)
Start combat
End combat
  • Get Fox Tails (4/3)

Dino: Here you go, Ribbart!

Ribbart: …

Dino: C'mon, it's your favorite! Fox Fur Tails! ...Why're you looking at me like that?

Ribbart: ...Grrr... (Ribbart begins to shake. His eyes gleam red.) Grr... CROAK! Me... can't... R-run! Dino run now! Me... can't... hold... (Ribbart shoves Dino aside and flees into the swamp.)

Dino: Ribbart? Ribbart!

Sarah:Dino, what just happened?

Dino: I-I... Ribbart couldn't always talk, y'know? But one day he ate a shiny pebble. Then he got real smart and learned how to talk. We've buddies ever since. But sometimes he gets real mad, and it's like... It's like he's hurting inside.

Sarah: Wha's this about a shiny pebble?

Dino: I dunno. It was just a small, sparkly rock. It kinda looked like the one he's wearing around his neck.

Sarah: (Sarah looks closely at the necklace around your neck.)

????: (A tortured howl echoes from deep within the swamp.)

Dino: R-Ribbart! I'm coming, Ribbart! I'm coming!

Player: (Dino dashes deeper into the swamp. That kid's got a death wish!)

[Rewards: 1900 Exp, 3800 Gold]

Episode #8: A Monstrous Friend

>>Go to Dino

Travel to Putrid Pond?

Dino: (Dino is standing still, dumbstruck.)

Start cutscene

Dino: Ribbart! Wait!

Dino: Ribbart...?

End cutscene

Sarah: That monster can't be Ribbart...

William: Get back, Dino! He'll eat you alive!

Dino: Ribbart! It's me, Dino! Your best friend!

William: Dino, go back to the village RIGHT NOW! Run and... run and get help!

Dino: R-right. I'll get help. Don't hurt Ribbart!

William: We'll do our best, kiddo. Just hurry!

  • Defeat Ribbart (0/1)
Start combat

Ribbart: Hurts... Human... meat... Dino...

End combat
  • Defeat Ribbart (1/1)

Player: (Ribbart coughs up a lump of blackness as he dies. The darkness sloughs off to reveal a mote of light that flies into you necklace.)

Sarah: Did anyone else just see that?

William: Yeah. <<Player>>, that's some necklace you've got there.

Sarah: Ever since you showed up, things have gone from strange to stranger...

Captain Gaston: That light... Impossible!

Governor Peterson: Lindsay makes a regular trip to Salisbury. I'm sure she'd love to take you there to see the prophet. The road to Salisbury is fraught with danger these days. I'd hate to send you there unprepared. (Make sure you have 4 or more heroes.)

>>Talk to Governor Peterson

Travel to Nottingham?

Governor Peterson: Yes, that will do nicely. Sarah, William, I'd like for you to go with him.

William: You don't have to ask me twice. This is the beginning of the legend of William, Slayer of Red Fang!

Sarah: Oh, just shut up. I've never left the village before. But if you think I can help, I'll go.

Governor Peterson: Thank you both. <player>, I'm counting on you to take good care of them. … What does fate have in store for our little town?

[Rewards: 2900 Exp, 5800 Gold and Rank 6 Gold Ticket 1]

Chapter 1-2: The Elusive Fairy

Episode #9: Weeds

>>Go to L'Feu

Travel to Star Bridge Ranch?

L'Feu: Stop! Stop there! Please, you've gotta help me!

Sarah: What's the matter?

L'Feu: You see, I bought some weed killer the other day and—you'll get a kick outta this—used it on my field...

William: Why do I have a bad feeling about this?

L'Feu: See, the weeds got a bit, erm, angry...

Sarah: What.

L'Feu: I mean, can you blame them? I'd be pretty ticked off if someone poured weed killer all over me...

Lindsay: I see where this is going. You want us to get down on our knees and pull up some weeds.

L'Feu: What a though! Why, I bet that'd get them to shut up!

Sarah: At least this will be an easy job.

  • Defeat Furious Weeds (0/1)
Start combat
End combat
  • Defeat Furious Weeds (1/1)

L'Feu: The weeds are all gone? That's just grand!

William: What kind of farm are you running here?! Those weeds almost killed me!

L'Feu: It's not that bad. Can't you just be happy you helped an old farmer out?

[Rewards: 3000 Exp, 6000 Gold]

Episode #10: Pest Control

L'Feu: Hey, you aren't leaving already, are you?

Sarah: We've got somewhere to be.

L'Feu: Sure, sure, I'd hate to slow you down. But before you go, maybe you could do me one more tiny favor?

Sarah: Well...About that...

Player: Why not? I want to see what else this crazy farmer can throw at us.

L'Feu: Nothing too bad, I promise. I just need some help getting a little pest problem under control. Squishing a few bugs will be a piece of cake for you!

Sarah: A few bugs... You aren't talking about those giant ants back there, are you?

L'Feu: …

Sarah: …

Player: You want us to kill some ants? We'll kill some ants.

Sarah: Ugh, I hate bugs!

Defeat Huge Worker Ant (0/1)

Start Battle

End Battle

Defeat Huge Worker Ant (1/1)

L'Feu: You guys aren't half bad. Have you ever considered becoming farmers?

Sarah: What does fighting giant monster have to do with farming?!

L'Feu: You adventurer types are always so dramatic! Anyway, thanks for a job well done.

[Rewards: 3600 Exp, 7200 Gold]

Episode #11: Broken Arrows

>>Go to Captain Gaston

Captain Gaston: I see you four are taking the scenic route.

Arson: William, I heard you were working as a farmer. What happened to you grand adventure?

William: I HAVE been adventuring! Why, just today I did battle with evil ants and... ferocuous... weeds...(He sighs.)

Sarah: What are you doing here, captain?

Captain Gaston: It seems the Broken Arrows have been spotted lurking about. Arson and I are looking into it.

Sarah: All the way out here? Those bandits never stray far from the Carlisle Ruins!

Captain Gaston: The villainous curse are growing bold. They've even been seen close to the capital.But the capital can fend for itself. I'm simply doing my part to kneep them away from our village.

Sarah: Right. Bandits in Nottingham... Scary thought.

William: Need me to teach them a lesson or two, boss?

Player: I don't know who these Broken Arrows are, but they sound like trouble. Let's kill their scouts.

>> Defeat Broken Arrow Scout (x/1)

Captain Gaston: Those weren't your run-of-the-mill hoodlums. That was some fine knifework.

Arson: What a waste! They should've joined the militia. Why would they want to be Broken Arrows?

Captain Gaston: We'll never know. Come, Arson. The village needs us.

Sarah: We'd better get moving, too.

Reward: 2,400 EXP; 2,800 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1 (All rewards from here maybe outdated)

Episode #12: Witchcraft Rumors

Character Overview
Lindy Icon Lindsay Icon Sarah Icon William Icon Boar Icon Casey Icon Player Icon Forest Witch Icon
Wild Boar
Forest Witch

Lindy: Howdy, strangers! If you're here for a checkup, I'm afraid you'll have to wait your turn.

Lindsay: Sis!

Lindy: Lindsay? What are you doing here?

Lindsay: I'm here to visit you, dummy! Didn't you miss me?

Lindy: Aw, you didn't have to worry about me. I didn't miss you one bit!

Lindsay: (Lindsey [sic] cries into her hands.) And after I came all this way...

Sarah: Ahem... Hello, Lindy. My name is Sarah. Do you happen to know where I could find Sibyl?

Lindy: Of course I know Sibyl! (She smiles vacantly at Sarah without saying anything else.)

Sarah: ...Well?

Lindy: Oh no! I totally forgot to gather herbs this morning! If I don't get those herbs, I won't have any medicine for the sick!

Sarah: ...

William: Never fear, milady. William's here to save the day!

Lindy: You'll help me? Thank goodness! I'd feel ever so awful if someone died because of my silly mistake!

William: We can't have that, can we? Now, tell your dear Sir William what you need...

Sarah: (Sarah scowls at William.)

Lindy: Follow the road out of town and you'll see a field of marigolds. Thank you SO much!

William: Leave it to me. Those flowers don't stand a chance against William the Slayer!

Sarah: Put him in front of a pretty girl, and he becomes even more of an idiot...

Lindsay: Hmph. How do you think I feel? Lindy gets all the attention...

>> Get Marigold (x/5)

Lindy: There you are! Thanks again for your help. You really saved me!

William: That's why they call me "hero!" Funny thing, though. It looks like boars have rooted up most of these flowers.

Lindy: That's silly. There aren't any boars around here!

William: That's a relief. Boars scare the pants off of me... I mean, I'm not afraid of anything!

William: ...

Sarah: ...

Ferocious Wild Boar: Grrr EEEEEEE!

William: BOOOOOAR! (William dives for cover among the marigolds.)

Sarah: Draw your weapon, idiot! We've got some boars to kill!

>> Defeat Ferocious Wild Boar (x/3)

Lindy: Wow, you're so strong! What are you doing in a little town like this, anyway?

Sarah: i already told you. We're here to see Sibyl!

Lindy: Oh, yeah. Now I remember! I don't know where Sibyl is, but I can take you to her apprentice.

Sarah: Fine. Anything would be better than talking to you.

Lindy: That's me, always trying to make things better! Let's go back to the village and I'll introduce you.

>> Talk to Casey

Lindy: Hey! Hey Casey! Hey, over here! Casey!

Casey: Hello, Lindy.

Lindy: These nice folks came up to see Sibyl. They're friends with my little sis, so you know you can trust them.

Casey: Indeed. Welcome, my guests. I've been waiting for you.

Sarah: You knew we were coming?

Casey: Yes. I've known you were coming for weeks. But allow me to introduce myself; I am Casey.

William: So you're, what, Sibyl's apprentice?

Casey: Disappointed? While it would be a pleasure to introduce you to my lady, she is otherwise... indisposed. The witch of the woods has placed an enchantment upon the forest. Unfortunately, Sibyl is trapped within.

Sarah: You don't seem too worried about this.

Casey: Would my fear or anger set Sibyl free? No. We must find the witch Ione if we are to free my lady.

Sarah: Ione? That name sounds familiar...

Player: Looks like we're off on a witch hunt. Fun!

Casey: Ione is powerful. I'd see to my preparations were I you. (Have at least 7 heroes at Lv. 1 or higher.) [sic]

>> Have 6 Lv. 2 heroes

Casey: Hm. Perhaps you are up to the task, after all. Find Ione and do what you can to soothe her rage. Only then will you find Sibyl.

Sarah: If she's angry enough to lock down the whole forest, what can we do to stop her?

Casey: That is a conundrum, isn't it? I'm certain you'll figure it out. Find Ione, learn what troubles her, and do what you can to help her. Only then will you be able to meet Sibyl.

[Sarah: If she's angry enough to lock down the whole forest, what can we do to stop her?

Casey: That is a conundrum, isn't it? I'm certain you'll figure it out.] [sic]

Casey: I wish you luck in the Witchwood. (Use the World Map to travel there instantly.)

>> Go to Witchwood using the World Map

Forest Witch: Scatter! Shoo! You aren't welcome in these woods, round-ears!

William: Who's there?!

Sarah: I see her up ahead! Hurry, she's getting away!

[Reward: 2,800 EXP; 3,200 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #13: Cursed Forest

Character Overview
Forest Witch Icon Sarah Icon William Icon Player Icon
Forest Witch

Forest Witch: Leave this place! You aren't welcome here!

Sarah: You must be Ione.

Forest Witch: I said, get out! Get out, or you're in sooo much trouble!

Sarah: Listen, we just want to ask--

Forest Witch: No, YOU listen! You are NOT ALLOWED in this forest!

William: She's getting away!

Sarah: Ione! We just want to talk!

Player: Those treants are blocking the path. Leave them to me...

>> Defeat Treant Vagabond (x/3)

Forest Witch: ...

Sarah: Now we've got you-- Hey, where did she go?

William: She's fast. Heck, she's worse than Dino!

Sarah: I'm not giving up yet. Keep moving!

[Reward: 3,600 EXP; 3,600 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #14: Close Pursuit

Character Overview
Forest Witch Icon Sarah Icon William Icon Player Icon
Forest Witch

Forest Witch: Why won't you listen to me? You stupid, stupid humans!

Sarah: We aren't going to hurt--

Forest Witch: Shut up shut up shut UP! My friends, get the ugly round-ears!

William: I-I'm not ugly...

Sarah: She's getting away again! Stop her!

William: Uh, Sarah? We've got fairy bees incoming!

>> Defeat Frightful Fairy Bees (x/3)

William: Oh, come ON! I thought we had her this time!

Sarah: Don't give up now. She can't run forever!

William: We run, she runs, we run, she runs... Can't we all just take a break?

Sarah: Suck it up! We've almost got her!

Player: Hold on! I've got a bad feeling about this...

(Make sure you have at least 7 heroes at Lv. 2 or higher.)

>> Have 7 Lv. 2 heroes

William: Aw man, she's so far ahead of us now. Do we really have to keep chasing her?

[Reward: 3,500 EXP; 4,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #15: Uncloaked

Character Overview
Forest Witch Icon William Icon Sarah Icon Ione Icon
Forest Witch

Forest Witch: You... you follwed me... all the way here?!

William: P-please... GASP! Please just listen already!

Forest Witch: Why why WHY won't you leave?!

Sarah: We aren't going anywhere until you hear what we--

Forest Witch: I! Don't! CARE! Get out and STAY OUT!!

William: Uh, guys? Does anyone else see... pretty lights...?

Sarah: Snap out of it, you idiot! Those "lights" are fairy dragons! They're coming. Defend yourself!

>> Defeat Glittering Fairy Dragon (x/3)

Forest Witch: I told you you're in big trouble. Why won't you listen to me?

Sarah: Why won't YOU listen to US?

Forest Witch: Why should I? Humans never have anything good to say. I warned you to stay out, and now you'll pay...

William: Are all fairies like this? Big mouth and no ears?

Sarah: How should I know? It's not like I've met many fairies before!

Forest Witch: I was trying to be nice before. But if you're going to be like that, then I'll throw you out myself!

>> Defeat Forest Witch in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Forest Witch: You had to do this the hard way, didn't you? I tried to warn you. But no, you just kept pushing!

Forest Witch: Hey, that hurt! Fine. I'll hurt you right back!

Forest Witch: Ow, ow, ow! Stop it! Help me, friends!

Forest Witch: Owiiiie! Y-you think that's enough to stop me? Ow...

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Forest Witch: You've got to be kidding me! Today is not my day...

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Forest Witch: I lost? No. No way! That's it. I'm out of here!

Sarah: Wait!

Forest Witch: Let go! Ahh!

Sarah: What's your problem?

William: We've got you now, you sneaky fairy!

Ione: Oh no! That was my favorite cloak!

William: I say we tie her up so she doesn't try to run.

Ione: Oh, no. No no no no no! Get away from me, you freaks!

Sarah: Good idea. For once.

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

William: Just got to find some vines and we'll get you nice and tied up.

Ione: I won't run anymore. I promise. Just don't tie me up! I was trying to save you, you dummies. But would you listen? Nooo! Whatever happens next is YOUR fault.

William: Hey, we're just here to talk! Casey's worried about you.

Ione: Casey sent you? Why?

Sarah: Why do you think? Casey told us how you cursed this forest. We're here to calm you down.

Ione: Casey said that? Huh. I suppose that changes a few things. That apprentice needs to quit it with these games...

Sarah: Say again?

Ione: Nothing! Just talking to myself.

[Reward: 3,900 EXP; 4,400 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #16: Forest Lord

Character Overview
Ione Icon Sarah Icon Fairy Squirrel Icon William Icon Treant Elder Icon Casey Icon Player Icon Sibyl Icon
Angry Fairy Squirrel
Forest Lord

Ione: Since you've already butted into my business, maybe you can help.

Sarah: If you agree to help us, we'll help you. What do you need?

Ione: Well, you see--

Angry Fairy Squirrel: (A cacophony of frantic chattering fills the forest, drowning out Ione's voice.)

Ione: ...and all I need you to...

Angry Fairy Squirrel: (The chattering gets louder and louder. Is it getting closer?)

Sarah: ...because I don't know how much more the forest can take...

Angry Fairy Squirrel: (A furry shape zooms past Sarah's head, narrowly missing her.)

Sarah: Don't just stand there, William! Get rid of those horrid things!

William: Yes, ma'am. Right away, ma'am. Hmph.

>> Defeat Angry Fairy Squirrel (x/3)

Sarah: Thank goodness! I couldn't hear myself think over that chattering.

Ione: If the forest offends you so much, you're welcome to leave.

Sarah: No, we agreed to help, and we'll help. So, what are you so angry about?

Ione: I'm not the angry one! It's the Forest Lord. He's been on a rampage lately! I've been driving humans out of the forest to keep them safe... At least I was, until you dummies showed up.

William: What's got his branches in a tangle, anyway?

Ione: I wish I knew! He won't even talk to me anymore. The spirits told me some humans in black have been defiling the trees. That's got to be it, right? I mean, what else could get him so mad?

Sarah: Hmm...

Ione: I've never seen him like this before. It's only a matter of time until he breaks out of the forest.

Sarah: You've convinced me. What do you need us to do?

Ione: I'm going to commune with his spirit. While I'm doing that, I want you to use the Spirit Altar. (Ione chants quietly to herself.)

>> Use Spirit Altar (x/1)

Spirit Altar: Rooooooooaaarr!!

Forest Lord: Who dares disturb my peace?!

Ione: Great Lord of the Forest, I entreat you, listen up already! Your great and terrible rage is freaking me way out!

Forest Lord: Why have you allowed these humans in my forest? I will not allow them to defile this place! Feel the wrath of nature!

Ione: Please, stop! You don't have to do this!

William: I knew this would happen!

>> Defeat Forest Lord in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Enraged Forest Lord: You will not defile my forest!

Enraged Forest Lord: You... will not... ARRRRGH!

Weakened Forest Keeper: Kill the Small Forest Keeper [sic] to destroy the Mad Forest Keeper's [sic] barrier.

Weakened Forest Keeper: Kill the Mad Forest Keeper [sic] to weaken the Enraged Forest Keeper.

Forest Lord: Stop... me...

Forest Lord: Arrrgh! Must... kill... intruders...

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Forest Lord: Must... destroy...

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Forest Lord: Why? Why do you defy the will of nature?

Forest Lord: Life is corrupt. All is ruin.

Forest Lord: It must all come to rot!

Ione: You know that's not true. You must stop!

Forest Lord: Ione? Even you defy me?

Ione: I have to! You're a threat to all life!

Ione: I get why you're mad. I do.

Ione: But you know this is wrong.

Ione: I just want to help.

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Forest Lord: Ione... Do not... weep...

Ione: I'm so sorry... I don't know if I should thank you, but... At least the Forest Lord is at peace now.

William: I feel bad asking this now, but we really need to see Sibyl...

Ione: You don't need to ask my permission to see her!

Sarah: But Casey told us--

Ione: Casey? Casey's been watching you this whole time.

Casey: Greetings! I see you've availed yourselves quite well.

William: ...

Sarah: What.

Casey: (Casey wears a satisfied smile.)

Sarah: You rat! I ought to knock you out cold!

Casey: [no text] [sic]

Sarah: Like hell there isn't. You said we had to help Ione if we wanted to see Sibyl!

Casey: And see Sibyl you will. Come with me. My lady awaits.

Sarah: Why did you make us go through all that trouble? Hey! I'm talking to you!

Player: We did some good, got what we wanted, and had a nice fight. What are you complaining about?

>> Talk to Sibyl

Sibyl: At long last, our paths cross. I am Sibyl, the Dreamer.

Sarah: It's an honor, Lady Sibyl.

Player: They say you're a prophet. Maybe you can tell me who I am and why strange things keep happening around me.

Sibyl: Perhaps I can, perhaps I cannot. If the stars illuminate my dreams, then I will give you what answers I can. Despair not, young hero. A difficult path lies before you, but you've proven yourself worthy to walk it. Now is the time to gather your strength for the trials to come. (Have at least 9 heroes at Lv. 2 or higher.) [sic]

[Player: They say you're a prophet. Maybe you can tell me who I am and why strange things keep happening around me.

Sibyl: Perhaps I can, perhaps I cannot. If the stars illuminate my dreams, then I will give you what answers I can. Despair not, young hero. A difficult path lies before you, but you've proven yourself worthy to walk it. Now is the time to gather your strength for the trials to come. (Have at least 9 heroes at Lv. 2 or higher.)][sic]

>> Have 8 Lv. 2 heroes

Sibyl: You're ready... Good. Be warned: The stars will not always light your way, but you must endure.

Player: What do I do now?

Sibyl: I will tell you, for I see the truth in dreams. Your road now takes you to... ...(Sibyl's eyes close. Though she remains on her feet, you hear a gentle snoring.)

Player: Sibyl?

Casey: My lady is, ahem, deep in meditation.

Ione: Deep in meditation? She fell asleep on her feet! Sibyl, I warned you not to get old! Casey, can't you wake her up? Brew her a pick-me-up potion or something!

Casey: I could brew such a potion, yes, but there's one ingredient that's eluded my grasp. A fresh naga egg.

Ione: Getting our hands on one won't be easy. Also, gross.

Casey: Ione, I believe you know where we might find such an egg. Perhaps you should help your new friends procure one.

[Reward: 5,000 EXP; 11,200 Gold; Gold Ticket I x 1]

Chapter 1-3: The Scalebanes

Episode #17: The Scalebane Dober

Dober: Well, if it aint little Miss Ione. What're you doing in these parts?

Ione: Dober! I don't suppose you've got a naga egg I could borrow...

Dober: Afraid not, friend. How quick do you need this egg?

Ione: Quick. Really quick. Hey, what are you doing out here, anyway? I thought you returned to Africa.

Dober: I was on my way when we got a lead on a nest of nagas in the area. They call themselves the Crystalscales.

Ione: Ooh! Can we join your little naga hunt?

Dober: Not so fast, little lady! Naga hunting ain't easy. Not just anyone can become a Scalebane like me.

Ione: Come on! What am I supposed to do, wait around on the sidelines while you do all the work?

Dober: (Dober looks you up and down.) Ione, these people with you?

Ione: Yeah, and they're really strong, too!

Dober: In that case, let's hunt us some nagas. Start with the naga warriors. And watch out for their fangs! Their poison packs a punch.

>> Defeat Naga Warrior (x/4)

Dober: Not bad. Not bad at all.

Ione: I told you we could handle it! Honestly, you Scalebanes treat me like a kid, but I'm older than you!

Dober: And maybe one of these days you'll act like it. But you've proved your point, I reckon. The thing about nagas is they're deadly when they're angry. Best wait for 'em to calm down before we attack again. Still, I hate to sit on my paws doing nothing. How about we visit the Tower of Chaos? Adventurers have been trying to reach the top of the Tower for ages. The Tower's not a bad way to keep your skills honed while we wait for the nagas to cool off.

>> Clear Chaos Tower floor 1-1

Dober: How'd it go? I used to be quite the Tower climber in my heyday, you know. Looks like the nagas are letting their guard down. Now's as good a time as any to strike.

[Reward: 4,400 EXP; 8,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #18: Naga Crash Course

Dober: Before we start hunting, how about a little test? Ione. Tell me everything you know about nagas.

Ione: They're smelly, loud, and ugly. Oh, and they spit!

Dober... You ain't wrong, but that ain't what I meant. I want to talk naga forces and tactics here. Take naga fighters, for instance. Most naga males are fighters. While the warriors use speed, the fighters rely on brute strength. And boy do they got the physique for it. In a pack fighters are fearsome beasties, but in a one-on-one fight they're easy to outmaneuver. Remember that and you'll do just fine.

>> Defeat Naga Fighter (x/4)

Dober: Fighters versus warriors. Go.

Sarah: Right! The fighters are fast, but their attacks are simple. We could read their moves pretty easily. The warriors weren't any smarter. All they knew how to do was smash, smash, smash.

Dober: Nagas ain't exactly known for their keen intellects. But never, ever underestimate them. Make one mistake against a naga and you're dead. We're just about ready to start the real hunt. But first, I need to make sure y'all are ready. Nagas never fight alone, and neither should you. (Have at least 9 heroes at Lv. 5 or higher.) [sic]

>> Have 9 Lv. 2 heroes

Dober: You know the naga types and you know how they fight. Good. But...

Ione: But what? We're ready for this!

Dober: It'd put my mind at ease if you brought Felix along.

Ione: No. No way. I'm not going anywhere with that know-it-all mutt!

Dober: You're working with the Scalebanes now, missy. If you can't follow orders, then you'd best give up now.

Ione: Ugh. Fine. I'll go find him...

[Reward: 4,700 EXP; 8,400 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #19: The Hunt Begins

Felix: ...

Ione: I know you noticed me! Aren't you happy to see me?

Felix: The answer is no.

Ione: You don't even know what I was going to ask!

Felix: I don't care if you lost your favorite dress or if you need me to impress your friends. I'm busy. So whatever harebrained scheme you want to drag me into this time... The answer is no.

Ione: I promise my scheme isn't too harebrained this time. Honest!

Sarah: Excuse, Mr. Felix. If I can explain... (Sarah tells Felix about Sibyl's condition.)

Felix: The poor woman.

Sarah: So you see, we need that egg if we're ever going to speak with her again.

Felix: Fair enough. I must admit, Ione, I'm surprised to see you helping others for a change.

Ione: You're one to talk, you mangy, snake-obsessed hound!

Sarah: Enough! Felix, what will it take for us to get a naga egg?

Felix: ... Wouldn't hurt to teach your fairy friend some respect. Hmph. The only way to get a naga egg is to rob the clutch of a Nagaraja. That's a naga queen, for you rookies. I can help you with that. But first, I need some crocodile hide to patch up my armor.

>> Get Tough Crocodile Hide (x/10)

Felix: (Felix runs his fingers across the crocodile hide. He trims off the damaged parts, ending up with a few squares of clean hide.) This'll do. A patch here and here, and a little on the joints... Much better. Now, see that cave over there? That's a naga nest. Let's see if we can bag ourselves an egg.

[Reward: 4,900 EXP; 8,800 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #20: Serpentine Maw

Felix: Shh! We don't want a naga horde on our tails. This just might be big enough to be the Nagarani's nest. Follow me and, for dog's sake, be careful!

>> Talk to Felix

Felix: So far, so good. No sign of the Nagarani, though. We won't find any eggs here. Looks like this is a nest of naga soulbinders. Just my luck. Soulbinders have a nasty habit of stealing power from the souls of the dead. Well, well, well. The soulbinders are so focused on their rituals, we might be able to get the drop on them!

>> Defeat Naga Soulbinder (x/4)

Felix: Good riddance. Let's get out of here.

????: Hahahahahahaha! (An evil laugh echoes from deep within the cave.)

Felix: That puts my fur on edge.

Naga Darkcaster: Filthy mutt! Your soul belongs to us, now! We will feast on your courage for a generation!

Ione: Oh, you stupid dog! I trusted you! I trusted you, and now we're all gonna die!

Felix: Will you shut up? I can't handle both of you screaming in my ears!

Ione: Don't tell me to shut up. YOU shut up!

>> Defeat Naga Darkcaster in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Naga Darkcaster: Behold Queen Ananta's might!

Naga Darkcaster: This isn't over yet!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Felix: ...Tough little beasties.

Ione: (Ione examines the corpse of the naga sorcerer, a concerned look on her face.) This is... this is wrong. This aura... It's toxic. How did the naga obtain such power...? Ugh! My head hurts...

Felix: We'd better get you some fresh air. Besides, there's nothing left we can do here. Check on your team first. I'd hate to leave somebody behind in this deathtrap of a cave. (Have 10 heroes at Lv. 2 or higher.)

>> Have 10 Lv. 2 heroes

Felix: Everybody here? No missing arms or legs? Good. You ever think of joining the Scalebanes? You've got a knack for naga hunting, let me tell you. Think on it. For now, we'd best head back to camp.

[Reward: 5,200 EXP; 9,200 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #21: Shadows

Dober: Hey there! How'd it go?

Felix: (Felix tells Dober what happened in the cave.)

Dober: This is no ordinary naga clan. I got a worrisome letter from Gao... His pack were hunting Obsidianscales a few weeks ago...

Felix: ...I heard. The Crystalscales attacked the Obsidianscales. It was a massacre.

Ione: ...They were sacrificed.

FelixDober: Sacrificed?!

Ione: These Crystalscale nagas are sacrificing their kin. It's the only explanation for the evil magic I felt back there. That was witchcraft. True, pure, deep witchcraft. And you know what powers witchcraft like that? Death and pain.

Felix: ...This is bad. I've got to find Nipper. Dober, find something to keep Ione and her friends busy. (Felix runs off without another word.)

Dober: Busy, huh? I reckon if the Crystalscale are a magic-oriented clan, we'd best capture their Shadowsworn.

William: Shadowsworn? Sounds spooky.

Dober: The Shadowsworn is the naga queen's right-hand snake. Knows all kinds of nasty spells. I say we kill her. We'd best get some toad tongues first. You go fetch 'em. I'll be here.

>> Get Toad Tongue (x/10)

Dober: (Dober sits down and start tying the tongues together.) See, the trick's in the knot. You gotta hold the tongues just so, and...

[Reward: 5,500 EXP; 9,600 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #22: The Trap

Dober: (He holds up a knotted mass of tongues for you to see.) All done. Come over here a second, will ya? (Dober fastens the tongues into the inside of your armor.) Thing about croc leather is it starts to chafe. Nothing better for it than a nice toad tongue lining. Don't you look cozy? While you were fetching tongues, I set a little naga trap. Let's see what I caught.

>> Set bait at The Trap (x/1)

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Na Lignac: Kssaaah!

Dober: Gotcha!

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Na Lignac: Hssss! Ksssss!

Player: (The trapped naga hisses and spits at you.)

Na Lignac: Kssssssssh!!

Dober: I got 'er! William, give 'er a once over, will ya?

William: (William hurriedly checks the naga's neck.) She's got a red tattoo... Hey, isn't this the mark of the Cult of Shadows?

Na Lignac: Kssssaaaaaah! (The naga twists violently, snapping the rope. As she breaks free, she strikes William and Dober.)

Dober: Arrrgh!

Ione: (Ione catches Dober as he collapses.)

Sarah: William!

WilliamI'm fine! Felix's crocodile patch took the hit for me.

'Ione:' We'll take care of this, Dober. Get back to camp!

Dober: D-dang... Fine, but you be careful, y'hear?

>> Defeat Na Lignac in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Na Lignac: Ksss! Hsss! (Na Lignac glares at you.)

Na Lignac: (Na Lignac's eyes sparkle with hatred.) Ksss... Hsss!

Na Lignac: Kssss... Tsss... (The other illusions taunt you.)

Na Lignac: Tssss! Hssss! Khssss! (The illusions stare at you with wide eyes.) Kssssshhhh!

Na Lignac: (The naga grins wickedly.) Ksss... Tsss!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Dober: Glad to see y'all still in one piece.

Ione: Dober, are you okay? She got you good!

Dober: It'll take more than a little naga venom to put me down. Rest easy, little miss. This thing ain't over. The naga queen will know we're coming for her. Best make sure you're ready. The fighting's only going to get bloodier now. (Have at least 11 heroes at Lv. 2 or higher.)

>> Have 11 Lv. 2 heroes

DoberThat'll do for now. We're as ready as we're gonna get. Good thing, too. If we're going to do this thing, we'd best strike now.

[Reward: 5,700 EXP; 9,800 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #23: Closing the Net

Dober: Felix found another nest. He's fair certain it's the real thing this time. Thing is, the cave mouth's guarded by twisted naga mutants. In all my years as a Scalebane, I've never seen the like. Their arms writhe like snakes and end in fanged maws. Smells like more witchcraft, if you ask me. I've taken to calling 'em dragonmaws. If we're going to hit this nest, we've got to get rid of the dragonmaws. C'mon, together now!

>> Defeat Naga Dragonmaw (x/4)

Nipper: Heya, Dober! These must be the fellas Felix told me about.

Dober: That they are. Any nagas make it past ya, Nipper?

Nipper: You know me! I never let a snake through. But these snakes are tough, let me tell you! Felix is gonna smoke 'em out!

Dober: That right? That's a classic. Still, I 'spose it just might work. You folks, follow my lead. Don't want any of you falling into a naga trap. (Dober checks the position of the sun.) Nipper, how long's it been since Felix went in there?

Nipper: (Nipper pokes a stick into the ground and looks at its shadow.) Not too long. You go in now, you'll spoil all the fun.

Dober: Right. Got to give Felix time to smoke 'em out real nice. But what're we going to do with ourselves? Maybe a little sparring would do the trick. Best way to keep from getting rusty, I always say. Sign on up for a match in the Coliseum. Y'all will get to fight other adventurers every hour or so. Don't worry, I'll keep an eye on the cave here. Y'all run along to the Coliseum.

>> Enter the Coliseum

Nipper: (Nipper stares intently at his makeshift sundial.)

Dober: I reckon you're back just in time. Nipper, how long's Felix been in that snake nest?

[Reward: 6,000 EXP; 10,200 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #24: Serpentine Heart

Nipper: Two pie slices ago. You're good to go!

Dober: Keep an eye on the entrance, Nipper. You hear us getting murdered in there, come and save us, y'hear?

Nipper: I got your back, boss.

[Dober: (Dober checks the position of the sun.) Nipper, how long's it been since Felix went in there?

Nipper: (Nipper pokes a stick into the ground and looks at its shadow.) Two pie slices ago. You're good to go!] [sic]

Dober: I think those're called "hours," friend. Anyway, we'd best get moving. Nipper, cover us.

Nipper: You can count on me. Watch out for naga spit, boss!

>> Go to Serpentine Heart

Dober: Mighty humid in here. My fur's sticking to my skin...

Ione: Eww, I'm getting covered in snake sweat! Let's get this over with already!

Dober: A whole lot of patrols comin' through here. Why's security so tight, anyhow?

Sarah: You don't think they caught Felix, do you?

Dober: Maybe, maybe not. One thing's for sure: If we need to make a hasty retreat, these guys'll be a problem. I'd best scout out ahead. In the meantime, why don't you take out a guard patrol or two?

>> Defeat Naga Elite Warrior (x/2)
>> Defeat Naga Elite Fighter (x/2)

Dober: Take a look at this. I reckon there ought to be a bridge here, but I see nothing. What's more, this cave ought to be filled with smoke by now. What is Felix doing? I have to admit, I'm getting mighty worried.

Sarah: Dober, did you find something?

Dober: Look. I reckon a drawbridge across the chasm goes right here. In all my years naga hunting, I've never run up against defenses like this... But there's always a way. Let's split up and figure out how to call up the drawbridge.

>> Talk to Dober

Dober: This looks out of place, ain't it?

Ione: Hmm. A sun, a moon, and a star.

William: What do you think these panels are for?

Sarah: This seems familiar... I bet they're connected to the bridge somehow!

Ione: The naga couldn't possibly have built this. Is this the Cult of Shadows's work?

Sarah: Hey, there's something written here.

Ione: Hmm. It's not in any language I know. Dober, do you recognize this writing?

Dober: (Dober leans forward and squints at the letters.) When the sun burns glorious red, the song of valor... Bah, can't read this next bit. The shadowed moon rises brazen yellow... This part here either reads "dim" or "bright". And countless stars mar the ocean blue... Yadda yadda yadda, praise the naga queen, and so on and so forth. (Dober grimaces as he reads the last sentence.) The Dead King shall devour this tainted world.

Ione: (Ione frowns.)

William: I don't get all that other stuff, but what about the colors? Red sun, yellow moon, blue ocean. Why don't we just match the colors to the symbols?

Dober: I reckon it wouldn't hurt. Give it a try.

>> Solve the puzzle to activate Strange Device (x/1)

Dober: Good work, boy.

William: Of course it was good work! Back home, they called me the genius of Nottingham. There's no problem I can't--

Ione: Gods, shut UP! You're giving me a headache!

Sarah: Thanks, Ione.

IoneNo problem, Sarah.

William: ...Not you, too, Ione! Why don't pretty girls ever take MY side?!

Dober: C'mon, genius of Nottingham. We've got work yet to get done.

Ione: (As you go to cross the bridge, Ione grabs your arm. She walks to the cave wall and puts a hand to it. Magical glyphs shimmer into view along the wall's surface.) I think I know why Felix didn't smoke the naga out yet.

Dober: What's that you found?

Ione: More Shadow Cult magic. A guardian ward. The second Felix crossed the bridge, every naga in this cave knew he was here.

Dober: ...Felix, you danged fool. C'mon. Hanging around here won't solve nothing. Let's go!

>> Check Campfire Remnants

Dober: Look here, y'all. Felix and his team got acress the chasm, but...

Campfire Remnants: (The bonfire has almost burned out entirely. It hasn't been tended to in quite some time.)

Ione: It looks like the naga's magic trick got the better of him.

????: Aaaaah!

Dober: ...You hear that?

Ione: I'm not deaf! What was that?

Sarah: It couldn't be... Felix?

Dober: (Dober dashes down the cave tunnel.)

William: D-Dober! Wait! Don't leave us here! Alone!

>> Talk to Dober

William: Uh... Dober, buddy?

Dober: Keep your dang head down! You see that? (Dober points to a crude stone altar. Felix is tied to the top of the altar. Underneath him, a fire burns brightly.)

Ione: Since when do naga eat roast beastkin? Yuck!

Dober: You said it yourself. He's a sacrifice to their danged Cult of Shadows!

Ione: No! Not Felix! What do we do? There's too many of them!

Sarah: I have a plan. Let's kill them all.

Ione: Do you have a death wish? They'll tear us all to pieces!

Sarah: Not if we do this right. Dober, I hope you're good with that bow. I'll shoot the ones on the left. You get the ones on the right. When we have their attention, I'll draw them off. While I'm doing that, the rest of you get Felix. Unless you have a better idea?

Dober: ...That'll do.

Sarah: (Sarah and Dober draw their bowstrings and take aim. They let their arrows fly, and two naga drop dead.) I keep them distracted. Go! Hurry!

>> Defeat Naga Dragonmaw General (x/4)

Dober: Felix, pal! You still breathing?

Felix: Ugh...

Ione: Come on, you dumb mutt! We're getting you out of here!

Felix: (Felix groans wearily. He isn't fully awake yet.)

Ione: We don't have time for this! Just shake him awake!

>> Awaken Stunned Felix (x/1)

Felix: Ugh... I'm getting to [sic] old for this...

Ione: We can talk about how totally old you are later. Get down from there before you're cooked!

Dober: (Dober pulls Felix down from the altar.)

Felix: Looks like you lot made it past the naga's defenses. Nice trick, that. We barely got the fire going before they swarmed us. I stayed behind to hold the naga off while the others got away. The others... They're still in this cave somewhere.

Ione: ...Huh?

Dober: Look alive! Earthquake! The nagas are pullin' back!

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Dober: Huh?

Felix: Looks like we've found our queen.

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Felix: Weapons out, everyone!

>> Defeat Queen Ananta in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Queen Ananta: Who are these worms who dare crawl into my queendom?! Do you fools even know where you are? We needed more sacrifices. I shall claim you personally!

Queen AnantaHsss... Impressive for a pack of warmbloods. I am intrigued! I have dealt with fools like you. In the end, all bend to my will. How long can you last?

Queen AnantaWorthless weaklings! How disappointing! I'll handle this myself!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Felix: W-we... We did it... We defeated Ananta!

Dober: Felix, pal, I'm pleased as peaches, too. But this cave's coming down 'round us...

Ione: Dober! Felix! Let's get out of here!

Felix: Can't run yet. My men are still in this cave. I don't leave fellow Scalebanes behind!

Ione: You dumb mutt. If you don't run, you'll die, too!

Sarah: Ione's right, Felix. You go ahead. We'll find your friends.

Felix: ...I'm counting on you.

Sarah: It looks like the naga don't know what's happening, either. Let's find the lost Scalebanes before they notice us!

Player: (Find the confused Scalebane hunters and escort them to safety.)

>> Escort Injured Scalebane (3/x) [sic! Indicators are mixed]

Injured Scalebane: Ow... Thank you for your help.

Nipper: Hi again. I'll take it from here! I'll get my buddies out safe. You guys better run before the whole cave comes crashing down!

Sarah: Nipper! I missed you!

Nipper: I missed me, too! But you better get a move on. Don't worry about me! Quickly, quickly! I bet Felix is already back at camp by now.

>> Talk to Dober

Dober: Felix! Never figured I'd find you taking a nap in the middle of a hunt, buddy.

Felix: Yeah, yeah. I'm just glad we took out the queen. Anybody hurt?

Ione: We're fine. Great, even! I feel so alive! I should've become a naga hunter sooner!

Nipper: All Scalebanes back and accounted for. Say, Ione, didn't you need this? (Nipper tosses an egg at Ione, which she just barely manages to catch.)

Ione: A naga egg! Nipper, how did you get this?

Nipper: I heard you need it, so I snagged one on my way out. It's nothing for a hardcore Scalebane like me!

Ione: You know, Felix could learn a thing or two from you.

Dober: All's well that ends well, as they say. Felix, what's your next move?

Felix: I'd best head to the capital. Captain Owen'll want to know what happened here.

Dober: Give the captain my regards, will you? I figure I'll stay here and clean up. Somebody's got to do it.

Ione: I'd love to stick around and help, but I've got to get this egg to Sibyl. Besides, I hate clean up duty.

Dober: Helpful as always, missy. Y'all take care now, you here [sic]? And make sure Felix doesn't get himself tied up again! You folks really are something else, I got to admit... (Have at least 11 heroes at Lv. 2 or higher.) [sic]

>> Have 12 Lv. 2 heroes

Casey: Hello my waylaid friends. I'd begun to suspect you abandoned your quest.

Ione: If that's how you feel, YOU get the naga egg next time! (Ione tells Casey about the naga hunt.)

Casey: (The mirth drains from Casey's face.) Ill tidings, indeed. You have my gratitude for everything you've done. And now, it is time for my lady to return to the waking world.

Ione: I suspect this will not be your last encounter with the Cult of Shadows and their dark witchcraft.

Felix: I have a feeling you're right. When we're done here, we'd better report in to the capital.

[Reward: 9,500 EXP; 16,200 Gold; Gold Ticket I x1]

Chapter 1-4: Broken Arrows

Episode #25: Finding the Prince

Captain Owen: What have we here? If it isn't Felix! How are you, you old dog? And Ione! It's a rare thing, to see you in the city.

Felix: We aren't here to chat, Owen. There's trouble brewing in Pendragon. I thought you ought to know.

Player: (Your party tells him everything that happened.)

Captain Owen: The Cult of Shadows... I've been hearing that name far too often these days. The Cult has been busy spreading the seeds of dissent in this city. Now that I've heard your story, I think it's time we take action against our cultist friends. One of my men found a Cult pamphlet. Search the city for their propaganda and bring it to me.

>> Get Shadow Cult Propaganda (x/5)

Captain Owen: Thank you. Now, let's see what it says.

Shadow Cult Propaganda: The Dread King lifts all sorrow. Find solace among the Shadows, for in the Shadows we fear no Death.

Captain Owen: (Owen grunts with displeasure as he continues to read.) What a load of nonsense! Half-mad promises of hope and salvation... It's amazing what people will believe in hard times like these. (Owen furrows his brow.) I must report this to the king. He takes a keen interest in such matters. I'll be sure to mention you in my report, as well. The king rewards his loyal subjects. Don't tell anyone, but the Shadow Cult has been a concern for the royal family for some time. I have enough to worry about between protecting the queen and the enemy kingdoms on our doorstep. That's why I'm sending you to find Gareth Pendragon. He's the son of Princess Elizabeth, the king's sister.

Sarah: I've heard that name before! Isn't he the princeling who was kicked out of the royal court?

Captain Owen: He is a full and proper prince, I'll have you know! After Princess Elizabeth passed away, the King adopted him. He is... special, in his own way. But he was one of the princess's greatest supporters, and his absence has left her vulnerable. Don't repeat this to anyone, but rumor has it that Prince Gareth is a Shadow Cult spy. His name must be cleared. It would attract too much attention for the captain of the royal guard to go hunting him down. That's why this task falls to you.

Ione: Hey, I didn't come here just to be a pawn in human political games! I'm here to help Sibyl.

Captain Owen: This request comes straight from Princess Karinna. Anyway, wouldn't Sibyl have an interest in the Cult of Shadows, too?

IoneFine, I'll help. But I'm not happy about it!

Sarah: This may be our best chance to find out what the Cult of Shadows was doing in Nottingham.

Captain Owen: Exactly! We only have a few pieces of the puzzles so far. We need to learn more to see the big picture.

Player: Don't worry. We'll find your wayward prince.

Captain Owen: Very good. I'd begin your search at the Capital Tavern down by the port. The tavern's owner, Angela, has a knack for knowing things she shouldn't. And she's a personal friend of the prince.

Ione: Leave Angela to me. But the tavern isn't open during the day, so we'd better wait 'til nighttime. (You can switch between day and night on the Map. Use this to travel to Pendragon Port at night.)

Captain Owen: Sarah, before you go... (Owen hands her something.)

>> Go to Pendragon Port (N) using the World Map

Angela: Welcome, welcome. Sit wherever you'd like. Ione? Is that you? Ha! What brings YOU into the city?

Ione: I'm on a noble quest, of course! I'd tell you all about it, but I can't think on an empty stomach.

Angela: (Angela grins and starts preparing a simple meal.)

Ione: So, we were hoping you could help us...

Angela: What? This isn't a social visit! I'm hurt, Ione. I thought we were friends!

IoneWe are, we are! You know I'm all about being social. But my friends, they're in a great big hurry...

Angela: (Angela laughs and turns to you.)

Sarah: Do you know where we can find Prince Gareth?

Angela: I don't know any Gareth. A prince, you say? Is Prince Harold's middle name Gareth?

Ione: (Ione laughs into her meal, sending food flying.) Don't play dumb, Angela! You know we know you know him, and don't you deny it!

Angela: Is that so? There's no way you know I know you know I... Well, I don't know, okay?

Ione: What's with the act? You're totally hiding something from us. I can see it in your eyes!

Angela(Angela watches Ione coolly, her lips pursed in a small frown.)

Boozy Rick: Hic! H-hey, another ale over here! Whoa. Who's da pretty lady? C'mon over, blondie, and let Ol' Stinky buy ya a drink!

Sarah: Get lost, creep!

Boozy Rick: A fiesty one, ain't ya? Don't be like that. A little drink's jus' what ya need! (The drunkard grabs Sarah by the wrist.)

Sarah: Get your hand off me! (Sarah shoves the man onto his rear.)

Boozy Rick: Whazzat? Can't ya take a compliment? Someone oughta teach ya some respec'!

>> Defeat Boozy Rick in battle

Angela: You know how to handle yourself. I'm glad someone finally dealt with that guy.

Ione: Wow! You really showed him!

Sarah(She glares at Ione and Angela.) Gee. Thanks for backing me up.

Angela: (Angela watches as some thugs drag the drunk out of the tavern.)

Ione: What's that about?

Angela: Shush. (Angela peers out the window.) Looks almost like a mob is forming outside. That can't be good.

Sarah: Did that guy bring his buddies? Great.

Angela: You want to know about Gareth? Fine. But first, help me get rid of those thugs.

Ione: Deal! I bet Sarah's eager to beat the stuffing out of those guys.

Angela: I don't care how you do it. Just make those wandering thugs go away.

>> Defeat Wandering Thug (x/4)

Angela: That will buy us some time, at least. Thanks.

Ione: I'm pretty sure those were Broken Arrows. What are they doing here, of all places? Are you hiding something? ...Or someone?!

Angela: Keep your voice down! Do you want to get me in even more trouble? There's a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why they're here. Perfectly reasonable...

Angela: Gareth's hiding here, isn't he? I knew it! There's this nasty rumor that he joined the Cult of Shadows, and we're here to bring him home.

Felix: The princess is worried for her cousin. If we can't clear his name, things will go bad for them both.

Angela: Gareth, what kind of trouble have you gotten yourself into...? (Angela sighs and massages her temples.) Go down into the basement. Lau will take you to Gareth. Tell him that you're there to see Sindao. He'll know what you mean.

Ione: Singdao? [sic] Wow! How exotic!

Angela: Yeah, sure it is. Now get moving!

[Reward: 6,400 EXP; 12,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #26: Hecklers

Lau: (The man raises his head as you approach.)

Sarah: Angela sent us. We're here to meet Sing...Singdao.

Lau: Not now.

Ione: Rude! How long do you expect us to wait?

Lau: ...

Ione: Hey! I asked you a question!

Lau: Noisy. Shh. I'm thinking.

Ione: Oh! Uh... sorry. We're in a hurry.

????: Damn! Lau, get over here! The Broken Arrows are back!

Lau: (Lau springs quickly upstairs, disappearing from view.)

Ione: What, he's just going to run away? How rude!

>> Defeat Broken Arrow Spy (x/4)

Player: (Lau and a strange man stand before you.)

Kruel: You got a temper, don't you, little guy? Tell me where's Singdough, or else!

Lau: No way. Fat man.

Kruel: Fat? This ain't fat! This is pure muscle!

Lau: That belly wobbles. Muscle doesn't wobble. Fat!

Kruel: Why you little... You'll regret that! Don't you dare run, neither!

Lau: Who's running?

Kruel: Shut it! C'mon, guys, let's teach this punk a lesson!

>> Defeat Kruel in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Kruel: You morons! I told you to bring your boss! Seriously, kids these days never listen. What are y'all waiting for? Teach them a lesson!

Kruel: Ahh, these fools are so weak!!! Come on, get up!

Kruel: Ugh! You're so selfish! Aha! This is a human-wave attack! Muhahaha!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Lau: We win. You're fat.

Kruel: Boys, I'm real disappointed. We should've mopped the floor with these guys!

Lau: You talk big. Bigger than belly. Rematch?

Kruel: I-I'd love to fight you again, but I gotta... run home and turn off my stove. That's right! I'll get you next time, thoug [sic]!

Lau: You fight good. Hurt?

Sarah: No, no, we're fine.

Lau: Really? You look hurt. You there. You any good?

Ione: What kind of question is that? Of course we're good. We're the best!

Sarah: He still doesn't trust us, even after all that. Maybe we need to show him what we're made of.

Player: (Show Lau that you have 13 heroes at Lv. 2 or higher.)

>> Have 13 Lv. 2 heroes

Lau: (Lau stares at you blankly.)

Ione: How's that? Impressive, right?

Lau: Fine. You're okay.

Ione: ...Just okay?

Lau: Gotta run. You find Singdao.

Ione: Sarah, can you interpret please? I'm getting confused.

Sarah: Lau, are you saying we can meet Singdao?

Lau: Yeah. Further in. I'm off. (Lau turns to leave, but stops himself.) Ah... Crates. Pull lever.

Sarah: Greeeat. That explains things. Thanks, really. (She sighs.)

[Reward: 6,900 EXP; 13,800 Gold; Silver Ticket I x1]

Episode #27: Found the Prince!

You ran the Broken Arrows from the tavern. Find Prince Gareth and give him Owen's mesage.

Character Overview
Sarah Icon Felix Icon Ione Icon Gareth Icon Lau Icon Chimpie Icon Mukigukit Icon
Clever Chimpie
Moquette King Mukigukit

Large Crate: (A stack of crates blocks your way.)

Sarah: This must be the crates Lau mentioned.

Felix: (Felix tries to push the crates, but they do not budge.)

Ione: Do those look heavy or what?

Felix: He also mentioned a lever.

Sarah: The lever must be nearby. Come on, let's find it!

Felix: A little application of beastkin explosives should open the way. (Felix hands you a small bomb and steps outside of the passage.)

>> Use Hidden Lever (x/1)

????: (Gareth [sic?] pulls the lever and you hear the crates scraping across the floor. You hear someone approach from inside the passage. Soon, the silhouette of a man appears.)

Gareth: (A thin ray of light pierces through the smoke and illuminates the man's face.) What do you think you're doing here? You aren't with Lau, but you don't look like any Broken Arrows I've ever seen.

Ione: Yoooou must be Singdao. Your cousin's looking for you, you know.

Gareth: Yeah? And what's it to you?

Sarah: Your highness! Captain Owen and the princess sent us.

Gareth: Ugh! Now I wish you WERE with the Broken Arrows. Who cares if they're looking for me?

Ione: There's a rumor you're with the Cult of Shadows, dummy! Don't you care what that'll do to your cousin?

Gareth: (Gareth's apathetic mask cracks for a brief moment.) No, I don't! Those idiots in the court will do anything to get rid of me. It's better if I just stay away.

Sarah: But my prince, Captain Owen said--

Gareth: Step aside. I won't go easy on you just because you're a lady!

Ione: I've had enough. Come on, <<Player>>, clobber this jerk for me!

>> Defeat Gareth in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Gareth: I'll tell you once again, I am not going back! I will turn you away by force if I have to!

Gareth: Owen sent some professionals this time. Gah! I can't let you take me so easily!

Gareth: You are starting to annoy me! Hey, where did you go?! Hurry back!

Gareth: Lau! Are you still here?!

Lau: ...Yeah. Over here. Them, not your... friends?

Gareth: Friends?! Hah! Would you call someone who tries to drag you around a friend?

Gareth: Ah, that damn Owen! Where did he find these people?! I gotta get out of here.

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Gareth: Ugh. Why won't you leave me be?

Ione: You can't just hide yourself away from the world. That's totally irresponsible!

Sarah: My prince, Captain Owen told me to give you this letter.

Gareth: (Gareth frowns and snatches the letter from Sarah's hand.) Listen, you don't have to go back to Owen... Instead, help me investigate the Broken Arrows.

Ione: What?!

Gareth: I have nothing to do with the Cult of Shadows. I'm out here because the Broken Arrows are up to something, and I intend to stop it. Owen knows all that. He never intended for you to bring me back to the castle. There's some connection between the Cult and the Broken Arrows. Owen wants to know what it is just as badly as I do. Listen. "Prince, make use of the bearers of this letter in your investigation. If you don't, I'm sure a certain tavern owner..." Let's not read that part.

Ione: I thought guard captains were supposed to be nicer than that.

Gareth: Before we do anything, I need my sword and seal. Those damned moquettes keep stealing my things.

Felix: Sounds like you could use a hunter.

Gareth: (Gareth glares angrily at Felix.)

Felix: That's a no, then.

Gareth: Shut up and follow me. We need to get out of the city.

>> Go to Thyamis River using the World Map
>> Get Gareth's Sword (x/2)
>> Get Gareth's Seal (x/10)

Gareth: Found'em! Why do they take these things?

Felix: Moquettes love shiny things. You'd know that if you were a hunter.

Gareth: (Gareth looks down at his feet.) Hey, you! Did you take my stuff?

Clever Chimpie: I gotta, I gotta! It's big trouble if I don't! Ook Ook!

Gareth: And who's giving you trouble? The big guy?

Clever Chimpie: (Chimpie nods emphatically.)

Gareth: He's the one who's making you do bad things, even though you don't want to. Is that right?

Clever Chimpie: (Chimpie tilts his head to the side.)

Gareth: Why don't I straighten him out for you? Make him leave you and your buddies alone?

Clever Chimpie: (The little moquette grins widely and nods.)

GarethAll right. You go hide somewhere; this won't be pretty.

Ione: Great Prince Gareth, fighter of moquettes...

Gareth: Are you going to help, or did you just come to mock me? (Gareth struts up to the largest moquette.)

>> Talk to Moquette King Mukigukit

Moquette King Mukigukit: Eek eek! Oook! (Mukigukit makes a fist and waves it at Gareth.)

Gareth: Don't give me that. You're the one who's been bossing the little ones around, aren't you?

Moquette King Mukigukit: (The moquette king flares his nostrils and pounds on his chest. Due to your innate kinship with moquettes, you understand this to mean 'Bring it, punk!')

Gareth: Big talk for an overgrown monkey. Let's get this over with.

>> Defeat Moquette King Mukigukit in battle

Gareth: You don't have to be scared anymore. So stop stealing things, okay?

Clever Chimpie: (Chimpie runs circles around Gareth.)

Gareth: Who's a cute little moquette? You are! Yes, you are!

Ione: ...?

Sarah: He really is cute. See how happy you made him?

Gareth: He's just getting started. He'll start singing and dancing in a minute. Want to watch?

Ione: (Sarah opens her mouth to answer, but Ione interrupts.) Look, I'm totally glad you feel like you fit in, but we're in the middle of something here!

Gareth: You're as bad as the court. Fine. Old Man Hanson is waiting for us at Carlisl [sic] Ruins. He knows more about the Broken Arrows than some of their own members. Just mind his temper, all right? Let's get moving. The sooner this is over with, the better. (Gareth pats Chimpie on the head and starts walking.)

[Reward: 7,700 EXP; 15,400 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #28: Hanson the Hermit

Character Overview
Hanson Icon Gareth Icon Ione Icon Felix Icon Kruel Icon Vanessa Icon Sarah Icon William Icon

Hanson: Hmph. Now here's a face I never wanted to see again.

Gareth: Believe me, I'm not happy to be here, either.

Hanson: Owen sent you, didn't he? The man can't leave well enough alone.

Gareth: He won't leave either of us alone until we get to the bottom of this, so we might as well get it over with. So, what's it going to cost me? What do I have to give you to get the information I need?

Hanson: Come to think of it, I could go for some pumpkin.

Gareth: ...

Hanson: Give me a pumpkin or get out!

Gareth: Fine, you old goat! I'll get you a pumpkin.

>> Get Ripe Pumpkin (x/5)

Hanson: Where's my pumpkin?

Gareth: (Gareth drops the pumpkin on the table.)

Hanson: Ooh, that's a good one.

Gareth: Why do you need a pumpkin, anyway?

Hanson: I'll eat it, you ingrate. While I'm enjoying my lunch, you go do something about the boars in my field. Well? Shoo! Your ugly mug's spoiling my appetite.

Gareth: ...

Ione: That's not fair. We got you, like, a ton of pumpkin!

Felix: Don't bother, Ione. It'll be quicker to fight the boars.

Gareth: You're not wrong. Once Hanson's made up his mind, there's no reasoning with him. Let's think of this as a little training exercise.

>> Defeat Enraged Boar (x/4)

Player: (There's someone else here.)

Kruel: Get out! This ain't your home no more!

Hanson: Oh, are you a representative of the king? Are you kicking me out by royal decree?

Kruel: I don't care about no stinky old king. He's got no power here!

Vanessa: I tire of this, old man. We'll pick this up later.

Kruel: Why don't we just beat the tar out of him, Vanessa?

Vanessa: While he has guests? That would be rude. For now, let's leave him to think on what we've said. (Vanessa winks at Hanson, glances at your party of heroes, and vanishes.)

Kruel: Next time you cross me, old man, I'm gonna hammer you into the ground!

Gareth: That woman... Where have I seen her before? She seems so familiar...

Sarah: That man was Kruel. We met him at the tavern.

Gareth: I'm not worried about that idiot. What about you, old man? They give you a hard time?

Hanson: Pathetic fools.

Gareth: You just can't keep out of trouble, can you?

Hanson: I didn't ask for this, prince so-and-so. They ran all my neighbors out of this village. Trying to claim it for themselves, they are.

William: Why'd you stick around? You have a death wish?

Gareth: ...You can tell him, old man. Owen said we could trust them. I'll keep watch outside. Take your time. (Gareth takes up his sword and exits the house.)

Hanson: Moody punk. Hmph. I suppose I should reintroduce myself. Hanson Huntington, formerly of the royal guard.

Sarah: Hanson Huntington? CAPTAIN Hanson Huntington? The infamous traitor?! What are you doing here, of all places?

Hanson: Not much. I was framed, so I ran. If you want the details, but the prince about it. What's done is done. The important thing now is finding the real traitors and making them pay. I don't quite know how, but they're somehow linked to the Broken Arrows. Now why don't you fetch the so-called prince?

>> Talk to Gareth

Gareth: Done already? That was quick.

Sarah: That man in there... He's really Captain Huntington?

Gareth: That he is. He was tracking a group of traitors when they managed to fram him for their crimes.

Sarah: He was really innocent all this time? I can't believe it...

Gareth: Yes. Karinna, Owen, and I helped him escape. He was our teacher, after all. He didn't want our help, but he took it anyway. After all, there was someone he had to live to see again... I guess he didn't tell you the full story. But underneath that grouchy exterior, there's great man.

Sarah: Then he's after the Broken Arrows in order to clear his name?

Gareth: I wish! No, he just wants to give them a hard time. Anyway, if the Cult of Shadows is involved, Hanson may be in over his head. That's why Owen sent us. This won't be an easy mission. We should see what Hanson wants to do next... But first, perhaps we should show him that we mean business.

Gareth[blank text, sic]

>> Have 14 Lv. 2 heroes

Gareth: That ought to show him we're dedicated to the cause. Come on, back to Hanson.

[Reward: 8,600 EXP; 17,200 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #29: The Real Deal

Character Overview
Hanson Icon Broken Arrow Looter Icon Gareth Icon
Broken Arrow Coward

Hanson: Hmph. What's that overeager look in your eye? You feeling okay? This is the Broken Arrows' hideout. They may look like mere thugs, but they're plotting a rebellion. They know my face, so it's not like I can strut right in. But they don't know you. That means your job is to get in there and gather some intel. Let's start with something easy... See if you can capture one of those Broken Arrow Looters. A dumb one, if you can manage it.

>> Defeat Broken Arrow Looter (x/4)

Broken Arrow Coward: Wh-who are you?!

[Gareth: Yes, this one looks nice and simple.

Hanson: It's no fun if you give up your secrets too quick. And it's been a while since I've had any fun...

Broken Arrow Coward: I-I'll tell you everything! Just don't hurt me!

Hanson: Aw, come on. Where's your sense of adventure?

Broken Arrow Coward: Ahhhhhh!!

Hanson: Pathetic. He's out cold. Looks like we'll have to try a more direct approach.

Gareth: That was cruel.

Hanson: We'll sneak in. The fairy and beastkin can stay behind. Don't want them giving us away, after all. Kruel is one of the bosses of the Broken Arrows. Find him and see what you can learn.] [sic, text appears later again]

Broken Arrow Coward: Ha! You guys are dead mea... Wh-wh-what happened here?! Help! We're under attack!

Gareth: Come along quietly or you'll meet the same fate as your men.

Broken Arrow Coward: N-no! Get away!

Gareth: It seems talking won't work. Get moving or else!

Broken Arrow Coward: Ahhhhhhhhhh!

>> Escort Broken Arrow Coward

Hanson: Nice. This one looks ripe and ready to talk.

Broken Arrow Coward: Ahhh! P-please don't kill me! I'll talk!

Hanson: It's no fun if you give up your secrets too quick. And it's been a while since I've had any fun...

Broken Arrow Coward: I-I'll tell you everything! Just don't hurt me!

Hanson: Aw, come on. Where's your sense of adventure?

Broken Arrow Coward: Ahhhhhh!!

Hanson: Pathetic. He's out cold. Looks like we'll have to try a more direct approach.

Gareth: That was cruel.

Hanson: We'll sneak in. The fairy and beastkin can stay behind. Don't want them giving us away, after all. Kruel is one of the bosses of the Broken Arrows. Find him and see what you can learn.

[Reward: 9,400 EXP; 18,800 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #30: A Sneaky Plan

Character Overview
Kruel Icon Sarah Icon William Icon Gareth Icon Radin Icon Robin Icon Vanessa Icon

Kruel: Who's this? There's something familiar about you lot...

Sarah: U-us? We're just... You know...

Kruel: Heeey, I know who you are!

Sarah: Damn! He remembers the incident at the tavern!

Kruel: You guys're the new recruits, right?

Sarah: ...

Kruel: You got the confused look of a rookie. I must be right!

William: That's right. I'm a rookie, all right. The rookiest rookie you've ever seen!

Kruel: Well, don't just stand there. Go find a trainer. They'll whip you right into shape!

>> Defeat Broken Arrow Trainer (x/4)

Kruel: That's better. You look a little less green, new guys! Now it's time for some real work. I got this letter and I want you to deliver it. It's top-secret, so don't read it!

William: What's in it?

Kruel: I just told you, it's top secret! I can't let just anyone read Robin's letters, now, can I?

Gareth: We'll keep the letter safe.

Kruel: Sure you will. Deliver it to that bastard, Radin. And quick! I was supposed to deliver it yesterday.

>> Give Robin's Message to Radin

Radin: Who are you? Talk.

Sarah: We're the new recruits. Kruel sent us. We have a letter from Robin.

Radin: And he entrusted the letter to YOU? You could have been spies, for all he knew. That drunk's going to suffer for this... Still, you did well to bring this straight to me. How did you learn about the Broken Arrows?

William: Don't you know? The Broken Arrows are known far and wide, famed for their love of the common man and hatred for inju--

Radin: Enough! If I need to listen another word, I'll stab something. You're dismissed. Wait, not so fast! You haven't met Robin yet, have you? I'd better do something about that.

Sarah: R-right now?!

Radin: What's the matter? Nervous? All Broken Arrows are equal here. Even our great leader. Robin treats everyone the same, new recruits like you or higher ups like me. Now, let's not keep the man waiting.

>> Talk to Robin

Robin: Radin, aren't you supposed to be on patrol?

Radin: I've got new recruits for you to meet. They already did some of Kruel's work for him.

Robin: Is that so? I want to welcome you to the Broken Arrows, but not just anyone can join us... Tell me, what makes you worthy of joining our cause?

Radin: You had better be good. We're not common thugs, after all.

Robin: (Have at least 8 heroes at Lv. 5 or higher.)

>> Have 8 Lv. 5 heroes

Robin: Not bad. Vanessa, what do you think?

Vanessa: If you like them, that's good enough for me.

Robin: I'll take that as a yes. Perfect timing, too. I have a special task for you, recruits.

Vanessa: Quit showing off and tell them what it is.

Robin: Fine. But we'd best discuss this elsewhere. Too many prying eyes here...

[Reward: 10,000 EXP; 20,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #31: Playing Both Sides

Character Overview
Vanessa Icon Sarah Icon Gareth Icon Robin Icon Player Icon William Icon Hanson Icon Radin Icon

Vanessa: Your new pets have arrived.

Sarah: Wasn't that woman at Hanson's house?

Gareth: She was! Why hasn't she outed us yet?

Vanessa: (Vanessa smiles ever so slightly at you.) Robin: Listen, rookie. There's a mole in our ranks. An agent of the kingdom. (He crushes the letter in his hand.) I will not abide traitors in my merry band. The sooner we're rid of them, the better. My gut tells me it's one of our assassins. My gut is always right. Find the traitor, kill him, and bring me evidence of his spying. Do not fail me.

>> Get Evidence (x/5)

Robin: (Robin stares at you with his good eye.) You know how to follow orders. Good.

Vanessa: Our new pets are well behaved. How wonderful.

Robin: (Robin sighs at Vanessa and hands her an envelope.) These orders are Radin. Take this opportunity to get to know him and your fellow Broken Arrows. I suppose I should introduce myself, as well. I am Robin, leader of the Broken Arrows. And what shall I call you?

Sarah: Oh! I'm... Ella. And this is Arson. And Singdao. And this is...

Player: My name is <<Player>>.

Robin: Singdao? That's rather exotic. I like it. (Robin turns on his heels and follows Vanessa.)

Sarah: Wow, that eye gives me the chills. I was sure he'd see right through us...

Gareth: But he didn't. I say we show these orders to Hanson.

William: Hey, that's not a bad idea. I see why they made you prince!

Gareth: Yes, that's what happened. 'Gareth', they told me, 'we like the way you think. You ought to be prince!'

Gareth/William: (Gareth and William chuckle as they walk out together.)

>> Give Robin's Message to Hanson

Hanson: You found something? Took you long enough! Hand it over. This letter mentions High Chancellor Mordred. I knew he was involved somehow...

Gareth: That snake. He's probably the one who set me up, too.

Hanson: I wouldn't be surprised. I always suspected he was behind my framing, as well. ...The leader of the bandits is... Robin?

Gareth: Yes, that's him. Why? He a friend of yours?

Hanson: No, couldn't be... It's nothing. Anyway, I have a plan. Wait right here. (Hanson writes a short letter.) Take this to that Radin fellow.

Gareth: What are you planning, old man?

Hanson: Kruel and Radin hate each others' guts, right? I say we play them against each other. Trust me. Give this letter to Radin, then stand back and watch the fireworks.

>> Give the Altered Letter to Radin

Radin: Another letter for me? Hand it over. ... '...and that's why we gotta kill Radin. Join my side and be rewarded. Side with that bastard and I'll kill you, too. - Kruel' That son of a... Thank you. You gave me the proof I needed to finally put that fool out of his misery. He's probably at the hoard, drinking to celebrate his little rebellion... (Radin stalks off.)

Gareth: That was easy. Let's follow him. One will die in the fight, and the other will be too hurt to move. We can rid ourselves of two enemies at once then search them for information. Let's move.

>> Defeat Radin in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Radin: Oh, you guys... What are you doing here? Oh, I see. A trap, was it? You underestimated me!

Radin: Fools! Did you really think I'd be alone?!

Radin: Boasting after defeating only a few pawns... I guess I have no choice. I really didn't want to use this skill! Shadow! Clone! Magic!

Radin: Ugh, you're stronger than I thought... Bring it on. One of us will die here this day!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Gareth: Hanson's craftier than I thought. I love a little divide-and-conquer.

Sarah: I don't know. This feel [sic] wrong somehow... Huh?

William: What's wrong, Sarah?

Sarah: For a moment, I thought I saw someone watching us from that window. But it's empty now...

Gareth: We can worry about that later. For now, we've got a bigger fish to fry. [What have we here? Looks like more mission plans. What is this? They were planning to kill Robin! They were waiting for some sort of signal...

Sarah: Why would they kill Robin?

Gareth: I don't know. It seems Robin isn't just a puppet, after all. Then who's the real traitor? We need to let Hanson know about this. Now!] [sic] Now that Radin is out of the way, let's search Kruel's body.

>> Get Mission Log (x/1)

Gareth: What have we here? Looks like more mission plans. What is this? They were planning to kill Robin! They were waiting for some sort of signal...

Sarah: Why would they kill Robin?

Gareth: I don't know. It seems Robin isn't just a puppet, after all. Then who's the real traitor? We need to let Hanson know about this. Now!

[Reward: 11,000 EXP; 22,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #32: Betrayal & Sorrow

Character Overview
Hanson Icon Gareth Icon Broken Arrow Spy Icon Player Icon Not Hanson Icon Robin Icon Radin Icon
Bandit Coward
Not Hanson
Kruel Icon Vanessa Icon Ione Icon Sarah Icon Owen Icon Karinna Icon
Captain Owen
Princess Karinna

Hanson: (Hanson reads the orders you found.) So, Robin isn't the real leader of the Broken Arrows. But who could be clever enough to trick him?

Gareth: (Gareth wears a thoughtful frown.)

Hanson: I need some time to think. In the meantime, we have our work cut out for us. It's time we put an end to the Broken Arrows once and for all. I have a plan. First, we burn down their granary. An army marches on its stomach, and that's doubly true for a band of unruly thugs. Then pretend to be one of them and spread rumors that the Pendragon army is coming.

>> Place West Explosives (x/1)
>> Place East Explosives (x/1)
>> Place South Explosives (x/1)

Bandit Coward: Wh-who are you? What do you want?

Player: The Pendragon army is coming! They're going to kill us all!!

Bandit Coward Aaah! I'm too pretty to die! This isn't what I signed up for! To hell with equality. It's every man for himself! (The cowardly bandit turns and runs for his life.)

Gareth: This spot should do nicely. Hm?

Not Hanson: You done yet?

Gareth: ...?

Hanson: It's Hanson! I'm in disguise. You're crazy if you think I'm sitting this one out!

Gareth: You are a loony old man.

Not Hanson: Looks like we're all set. Show me some fireworks!

????: <Boom! Boom! Boom!!>

Not HansonBurn, baby, burn! Let's hit 'em hard while they're distracted. Down with the Broken Arrow Destroyers! Once the destroyers are taken care of, we can go after Robin!

>> Defeat Broken Arrow Destroyer (x/4)

Robin: (Robin lifts his bow as you steop into view.) Come to kill me yourselves? Prepare to die, royalist dogs!

Gareth: We don't want to fight you! You're being deceived. You're nothing more than a tool in this rebellion.

Robin: You dare call me a tool? How much did the crown pay you to give up your freedom? My rebellion failed. But if I am to die, at least I'll take you with me!

GarethWe're trying to help you, idiot! Your own men were plotting to murder you!

Robin: Do you honestly think I'm fool enough to believe a word you say?

Gareth: We have proof. Put the bow down. There's no need for this to get ugly.

Robin: I'll see your evidence once I've pried it from your dead fingers!

>> Defeat Robin in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Robin: I promise to kill you quickly. You won't feel a thing.

Robin: I can't be defeated! The Broken Arrows need me!

Robin: Radin! Kruel!

Radin: Over here!

Kruel: We're not too late, are we?

RadinYou idiots. Did you really think we were dead?

Kruel: You... How dare you betray us?!

Robin: I built the Broken Arrows with my own blood and tears. We will not fall apart like this! (Robin's eye grows sharp and cold.)

Robin: Damn! I... I lost-!! Hah...ha..hah...

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Robin: Heh... Of course, the kingdom wouldn't send weaklings to stop me...

Hanson: Robin. It really is you, isn't it?

Gareth: Eh? Old man?

Robin: ...?!

Hanson: When I heard your name... I thought it couldn't be... It's been a long time, son.

Robin: F-father?!

GarethYou're THAT Robin? The little brat who was terrified of his own shadow?!

Hanson: You didn't do all this to avenge me, did you, boy? Let it go. As you can see, I'm alive and kicking. We both have our reasons to hate the royal court, but do you truly think this is what I want for you?

Robin: (Robin's eye goes wide in shock.)

Hanson: (Hanson gives Robin a disappointed frown.)

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Robin: You're alive? I-I knew it... I knew they were lying. I knew you couldn't be dead! Why, father? Why did you let me believe you were gone?

Hanson: I'm sorry, son. I know this can't be easy. Now, pull yourself together. The Broken Arrows are-- Hrrk!

Robin: Father?!

Gareth: A dagger! Who did this? Show yourself!

Robin: Father. Wake up! Father! I know this dagger... Vanessa? Vanessa?! Vanessa!

Vanessa: You called, little bird?

Robin: Vanessa, why did you do this? Answer me! Speak before I put an arrow through your throat!

Vanessa: Oh no, not my throat. Threaten me all you want. My life means nothing.

RobinVanessa, I won't ask again. Explain yourself.

Vanessa: My dear little bird. How little you know. I have one last piece of advice for you. Walk away... before it's too late. But if you insist on digging, well... Farewell, little bird.

Robin: Vanessa! Vanessa!!

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Gareth: Damn her! I was a fool to lower my guard. Hanson, you can't... Not now! Not like this!

Ione: (Ione presses her fingers against Hanson's throat and shakes her head.)

Gareth: ...

Robin: Father...? Father, wake up. I have so much to tell you... Father...?

Sarah: (Sarah puts her hand on Robin's shoulder.)

Gareth: On your feet! We aren't safe here. You all return to Owen and report what happened. I'll... take care of things here. (If you want to return to Pendragon City quickly, use the Map.)

>> Go to Pendragon City using the World Map

Player: Hello, captain. (You tell Owen what happened to Hanson.)

Captain Owen: The old captain's truly gone...? (Owen draws his sword and lifts it into the air.) I swear on my blade, I will restore his honor. Rest in peace, Captain Hanson.

Ione: So, listen, we couldn't find any trace of the Cult of Shadows. The Broken Arrows have nothing to do with them.

Sarah: What about the woman? She seems to have some connection to High Chancellor Mordred.

Captain Owen: So, Mordred finally shows his true colors. Whatever he's planning, you can be sure he'll act quickly. Princess Karinna just returned from the front. She'll want to know about this. And what of Prince Gareth?

Sarah: (Sarah glances around, then dashes to [sic] nearby pillar and grabs someone out from behind it.)

Gareth: Hey! Watch it! I can walk on my own two feet!

Captain Owen: Welcome home, my prince. You've... changed since I last saw you.

Gareth: Owen, must I remind you of your place? You serve the crown, not the other way around!

Captain OwenI've done nothing you wouldn't do, my prince. Tell me, what became of Hanson?

Gareth: ...I saw him off well. Don't worry.

Captain Owen: I see. In that case, we'd better not keep the princess waiting.

Gareth: Have fun with that. I'll just head back to my hideout and--ow! Hey, watch it! Where are you taking me?! (Several royal guards grab Gareth and 'urge' him forward.)

Captain Owen: I thank you for your cooperation, my prince. Shall we?

>> Escort Gareth

Princess Karinna: You must be the heroes the captain spoke so highly of. Thank you for the service you have rendered for this kingdom. Allow me to introduce myself. I am Princess Karinna of Pendragon.

Gareth: You can drop the formalities, Karinna. We're all friends here.

Princess Karinna: (Karinna's eye twitches.) Dearest cousin. Are you aware of exactly how much trouble I've been through on your behalf? Mordred howls of your treason from the rooftops. You won't return any of my messages. And what have you done to your hair?!

Gareth: What? It's cool. My hair is cool!

Princess Karinna: Just come back to the castle, would you? I'll handle the queen if you'll just talk to father.

Gareth: Thanks, but I'll pass. Your stepmother's a witch and her brat hates me. I'm much happier out here.

Princess KarinnaSo you'll play peasant and leave me to defend your honor in your absence? You're impossible!

Gareth: Let them drag my honor through the mud. I don't care!

Captain Owen: (Owen clears his throat.)

Gareth(Gareth stops himself short. He takes a deep breath.) Hanson is dead, Karinna.

Princess Karinna: Don't you change the subj-- What?

Gareth: (Gareth tells her about the events in the Carlisle Ruins.)

Princess Karinna: Mordred was behind it all. He's grown bold. (The princess stands in thought for a long while.) Friends, I hope I can count on you to stand with me. The kingdom needs you. Mordred must answer for his crimes.

Player: (Everyone looks to you.) Hanson deserved better. I'd be happy to serve justice for you, princess.

Princess Karinna: (Karinna nods once, then turns her back to you.)

Captain Owen: (Owen motions for you to follow him.)

Gareth: (Gareth puts a comforting hand on his cousin's shoulder.)

[Reward: 15,000 EXP; 30,000 Gold; Gold Ticket I x 1]

Chapter 1-5: Burning Pendragon

Episode #33: An Unexpected Helper

Character Overview
Owen Icon Gareth Icon Felix Icon Robin Icon Sarah Icon Player Icon Mordred Icon Drek Icon Ione Icon
Captain Owen
Warden Drek

Captain Owen: We have work to do. There isn't even time to mourn properly...

Gareth: (Gareth arrives, grumbling under his breath.) Well, that was embarrassing. I've never seen her so emotional before!

Captain Owen: Hanson was a dear friend to us all. Regardless, it's time we put an end to Mordred's plot.

Felix: Do you have a plan?

Captain Owen: We'll uncover the full extent of Mordred's plan.

Felix: That's a tad vague for my taste.

Captain Owen: Don't worry. I know someone who can help. Go to the Capital Tavern. My contact will meet you there.

>> Go to Pendragon Port (N) using the World Map

Robin: (Robin raises his head and smiles slightly.)

Felix: You're Owen's contact?

Robin: Disappointed? We have lots to discuss, but first, perhaps I should reintroduce myself. Spymaster Robin Huntington, at your service.

Sarah: Owen made you his spymaster? Congratulations, but...

Robin: You have no reason to trust me, but I'm determined to prove myself. Have no fear, Ella.

Sarah: Actually, my name is Sarah.

Player: (Your party introduces themselves, this time with their real names.)

Robin: You all used aliases? <<Player>>... you were brave to use your real name with me.

GarethNow that we're one big, happy family, what's your plan... spymaster?

Robin: I thought we'd try a trick from your playbook. It worked so well on the Broken Arrows, after all.

Gareth: You mean, disguise ourselves? That won't work. Mordred's men know our faces.

Robin: Perhaps you should leave the sneaking to me, princeling. I am the spymaster, after all. (Robin steps out of the room. He returns a moment later.) This will do quite nicely, don't you think? I'll see you in Mordred's chambers. We won't have much time, so we'll have to gather as much evidence as we can.

>> Get Suspicious Letter
>> Get Suspicious Box
>> Get F's Letter

Robin: I asked you to be thorough, but this... Most of this is useless. Oh, what's this letter? What an interesting seal... 'Target: Princess. Date: XXXX. Make it look like an accident. -F' (Robin glares at the letter in his hand.) Mordred is behind the rebellion, but who's behind Mordred?

Mordred: Out of the hallways, you fool! We can discuss this in my chambers.

Robin: Damn, hide!

Gareth: Hide? W-where?!

Robin: I don't care. Anywhere!

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Mordred: I thought I ordered this room sealed. And who is this, hm?

Robin: I have a letter for you, sir! Your eyes only!

Mordred: Leave it on my desk and begone.

Robin: Yes! Right away, sir.

Mordred: Such impertinence. No matter. Drek, how goes your progress with Balaam?

Warden Drek: It's going, but it isn't easy, boss. We'll break him all right, but I keep losing men.

Mordred: Yes, yes, minor losses are to be expected in such endeavors. You just keep that dungeon of yours locked up tight. No one in or out without my permission. And do keep an eye on those crypts, will you?

Warden Drek: You can count on me, boss.

Mordred: Do not fail me. Now, I've other business to attend to.

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Robin: The coast's clear.

Gareth: What's that bastard planning? Balaam is one of the most dangerous monsters we have in the dungeon!

Felix: Owen needs to hear this.

>> Talk to Captain Owen

Captain Owen: It's good to see you all working as a team. What did you learn?

Robin: Mordred's men control both the crypts and the prison. It seems Warden Drek is in his pocket.

Captain Owen: Drek? I should have known.

Robin: (Robin hands the strange letter to Owen.)

Captain Owen: I wonder who this 'F' person could be... No matter. We know where our enemy is hiding. We should strike before they know we're coming. The prison is connected directly to the castle. This could be a problem... I have to assume Drek has filled the prison with his lackeys, as well. I want you and Robin to clear out Drek's sentinels. Create an opening for my forces.

>> Defeat Addled Sentinel (x/4)

Robin: Vanessa used to tell me about this place. It's even worse than I imagined... Do all Pendragon prisons let their prisoners roam free?

Captain Owen: ...This is madness. The prisoners and the guards both fight like they're possessed!

Robin: Hey, at least they haven't escaped yet.

Gareth: How could this be?

Ione: I feel dark magic here. The Cult of Shadows is involved somehow.

Gareth: What?!

Ione: It's like Owen said. The people here... They're possessed!

Captain Owen: Our mysterious 'F' might be a warlock. Is there anyway to exorcise these people?

Ione: They've been exposed for too long. Their minds are totally shattered...

Captain Owen: So be it. If it moves, kill it. Show no mercy. These men are already dead!

[Reward: 10,000 EXP; 20,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #34: Escaped Prisoners I

Show the butcher no mercy, for he shall show none to you.
Character Overview
Owen Icon
Captain Owen

Captain Owen: We'll begin with those butchers. You're simply carrying out their death sentence. Remember that. Show the butchers justice... and release them from their misery.

>> Defeat Pendragon Butcher (x/4)

Captain Owen: Is there no end to these fiends? I'll hold the line here. Go on ahead without me.

[Reward: 10,000 EXP; 20,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #35: Escaped Prisoners II

Some people just want to watch the world burn.
Character Overview
Robin Icon

Robin: I've seen these bombers before... We tried to recruit them into the Broken Arrows, but they turned us down. Stay on your guard. These guys are deadly.

>> Defeat Pendragon Bomber (x/4)

Robin: I have to admire their tenacity, one criminal to another. (Robin turns and peers down the passage.) Is that Owen? How did he get ahead of us?

[Reward: 10,000 EXP; 20,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #36: Prison Boss

You must defeat the wendigos, and then Warden Drek.

Captain Owen: There you are! We've cut down almost every last prisoner down. A bloody business, this... Now, only our most dangerous convicts remain. The wendigos. Those creatures renounced their humanity for power. It's time we put them down. Follow me! The wendigos must die!

>> Defeat Pendragon Wendigo (x/4)

Captain Owen: Keeping the prison underneath the castle is perhaps the worst idea I've ever had... If we weren't here to stop all this, the prisoners could have swarmed up from the dungeon and killed everyone. Let's be done with this. The fiercest felons yet remain... Quickly, keep moving.

Warden Drek: (A large shadow blocks your way.) That's far enough, cap'n. You really shouldn't go this way.

Captain Owen: Drek, why are you doing this?

Warden Drek: Don't you judge me, cap'n. You may have forgotten what it's like in the gutter, but I haven't.

Captain Owen: The gutter...? Drek, have you forgotten? I was born a commoner, just as you were.

Warden Drek: And you sure were in a hurry to leave that all behind, weren't you? So eager to be the king's lapdog!

Captain Owen: Better a lapdog than a servant of the darkness. Drek, don't you see what this is doing to you?

Warden Drek: Dark, light, red, blue, I don't care. I just want a world where we're all equals!

Captain Owen: Equal? Drek, the darkness has made a slave of you. Of all of you!

Warden Drek: (Warden Drek's eyes unfocus and he breathes heavily.) Enough! Do what you came to do. [And you sure were in a hurry to leave that all behind, weren't you? So eager to be the king's lapdog!

Captain Owen: Better a lapdog than a servant of the darkness. Drek, don't you see what this is doing to you?

Warden Drek: Dark, light, red, blue, I don't care. I just want a world where we're all equals!

Captain Owen: Equal? Drek, the darkness has made a slave of you. Of all of you!

Warden Drek: (Warden Drek's eyes unfocus and he breathes heavily.) Enough! Do what you came to do.] [sic]

>> Defeat Warden Drek in battle

Captain Owen: You can still redeem yourself. Tell us, who is behind all this?

Warden Drek: Sorry, cap'n. I can't. (Drek turns and flees.)

Captain Owen: ...

Gareth: You let him get away! Owen, you're getting soft... Fine. If we're not going after him, we'd best move on to the crypts.

Ione: It won't be pretty. The Cult of Shadows thrives on death and decay.

[Reward: 10,000 EXP; 20,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 1]

Episode #37: Resurrected Corpses

The crypts beneath the city are overrun by the walking dead, reanimated by foul witchcraft.

Robin: (Robin gives a low whistle and shakes his head.)

Gareth: Chaos. Complete and utter chaos.

Robin: Never thought I'd live to see the dead get up from their coffins and walk around.

Ione: What, are you impressed? This is disgusting! Ugh!

Robin: Can it, little pixie. No one asked for your opinion.

Ione: Sure, act all big and tough. But those corpses? Those are the fresh ones. The REAL disgusting ones are further in. Let's get this over with. If I get any zombie brains on me, I will absolutely die!

>> Defeat Corpulent Corpse (x/2)
>> Defeat Avaricious Corpse (x/2)


Episode #38: Bewitched Warriors

Episode #39: Necromancers

Episode #40: Burning Pendragon

Chapter 2-1: Darkness in Nottingham

Episode #41: Bandit Attack

Episode #42: Gaston Gasses Out

Episode #43: Do Your Job!

Episode #44: The Neverending Undead

Episode #45: Voice of Authority

Episode #46: Graves of Our Mothers

Episode #47: A Big Laugh

Episode #48: Cursed Nightmares

Chapter 2-2: Sibyl's Dilemma

Episode #49: Witchcraft, Witchcraft Everywhere

Episode #50: Suspicious Survivors

Episode #51: A Serious Situation

Episode #52: Ignore At Your Peril

Episode #53: A Missing Girl

Sorina: Have you seen Lauren? Have you seen my daughter? Please, I can't live without my daughter! Does anyone know where Lauren went?!

Felix: Lauren... Ma'am, please calm down. Can you tell us where you saw her last?

Sorina: She said she was going to make a flower necklace. I saw her going to the hill by the Spiritwood, but I haven't seen her since!

Ione: Did she go into the forest? I can go check it out.

Sarah: Felix, do you and Ione know this girl?

Felix: It's a long story. I need to help.

Sorina: I'm coming too!

Felix: The forest is too dangerous. You need to stay here. I'll bring her back if I can find her. We need to look for a child's footprints on the path to the forest.

Search Faint Footprints (x/2)
Search Crowded Footprints (x/2)
Search Scattered Footprints (x/2)

Ione: Any luck, Felix?

Felix: She came this way for sure. She could have picked a better place...

Ione: The spirits might be mad, but they won't hurt a little kid. Let's just keep an eye out. Those dragons are acting pretty dumb though... They didn't even recognize me.

Felix: I know you feel bad, but we're going to have to defend ourselves if we keep going this way.

Ione: What else can we do? Let's just beat up those Fading Fairy Dragons.

Defeat Fading Fairy Dragon (x/4)

Felix: Hey... Hey! I told you to stay in the village!

Ione: Huh? What's wrong?

Sorina: Oh, Lauran... Oh, my daughter...

Ione: Are you crazy, lady?! How did you get here?! Why do you have those ragged clothes?

Sorina: Th-These are the clothes my darling Lauren was wearing last time I... Oh, what am I going to do? I can't live without her! How could you leave me like this?!

Sarah: No...

Ione: That can't be. They wouldn't hurt a child. They wouldn't!

Sorina: Oh, Lauren... (You help Sorina up.)

Ione: ... This is too much. I don't care if they're just under a spell. I can't let them hurt little children! Do you hear me, spirits?! I won't let you get away with this anymore! I will kill you all with my own two hands! (Ione flies off toward the other end of the forest.)

[Reward: 15,600 EXP, 31,200 Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #54: False Charges

Ione: Why did you all follow me! Don't try to stop me!

Sarah: Ione! We're doing this together. We're a team.

IoneThis is my problem! You stay out of it! (Ione leaps on a pack of white wolf spirits before anyone can stop her.)

Felix: I've never seen her so angry. We have to get her away from those spirits. We'd better chase off those white wolf spirits before she gets hurt.

>> Defeat Wandering Alpha Spirit (x/4)

IoneI told you not to get involved! Do you want a beating too?!

Player: Please calm down. This won't solve anything.

IoneWhat am I supposed to do?! Just stand here?! I'll tear this whole forest down if I have to!

Sarah: That's not going to bring the girl back...

Ione: I'm saying this for the last time. Leave. Me. Alone!

Casey: Ione, Ione! Please calm yourself.

Ione: What? Why are you here? What are you--

Sibyl: Are you so blind to your own rage that you would succumb to vengeance? You must see past the rage, or you will be no better than these beasts...

Ione: How did you know I'd be here?

Casey: Sibyl said we had to hurry before you lost your heart. There is someone you all need to meet. The Alpha Spirit awaits us.

>> Discover Alpha Spirit.

Alpha Spirit: Welcome, Ione, guardian of the forest.

Ione: Hmph, at least you still look normal. If you're gonna apologize for letting the forest go insane while I was gone, save it. I don't want your stupid apologies.

Alpha Spirit: Please calm your anger, Ione. Not all of us have been affected. Those of us who retain our faculties have been trying to fight back against the corruption. If you turn your back on us now, you will doom the entire Spiritwood...

Ione: I-I can't! I can't forgive them for hurting a little child!

Alpha Spirit: The girl is alive.

Ione: Are you lying to me?! I saw her torn up clothes!

Sibyl: He speaks the truth, Ione. I saw a woman shrouded in dark the day the girl disappeared...

Alpha Spirit: Yes. A woman has taken residence deep in the forest. My pack has smelled the girl there... This foul woman has spread her witchcraft across this forest.

Player: She must be stopped...

Sarah: Serisa! Serisa must be here!

Alpha Spirit: She captures the spirits and extracts their powers. We can barely defend ourselves. Her enchantments are too powerful. We are losing, Ione...

Ione: Tsch, of COURSE you pull out the puppy dog eyes... If the kid is really alive, not all of you have lost your way. I'll help you save the forest.

Alpha Spirit: I am thankful for your wisdom.

Sarah: I'm glad you're not made [sic] any more, Ione! You're scary when you're angry!

Ione: Sorry I got so worked up.

Player: I'm glad you're back on our side.

Ione: Well then! I guess we have an evil sorceress to kill! Any idea where we should start?

Alpha Spirit: The heart of the forest. That's where she's holding the girl...

Sibyl: Ione. Take me.

Ione: What? No way, granny! You're in no shape to fight.

Sibyl: If you really hope to rescue the girl, I must go.

>> Escort Sibyl.

Serisa: You again? Ugh.

Ione: It wasn't enough to come torture a bunch of spirits, huh? You HAD to go kidnap a little kid? Let that little girl go, and we might let you walk out of here.

Serisa: I'm not afraid of you, little imp. I have the power here. Or would you rather I just kill the girl outright?

Sarah: You black hearted--

Serisa: I wouldn't finish that sentence if I were you. What do you think, little brat?

Lauren: Waah! I want to go home!

Serisa: Well then, let's see if Sibyl would be willing to make that happen...

Ione: What?! We're not going to let you take Sibyl!

Sibyl: That is precisely what you are going to do, child. It is why I came.

SerisaShe really can see the future, can't she? Hahaha!

Ione: There's no way we can let you go with Serisa! She might kill you! Casey! You have to talk some sense into her!

Casey: I... cannot defy Sibyl's will...

Sibyl: Please calm yourself. This is what must happen. We will meet again, I swear it.

Serisa: What's all the fuss about? Take this sniveling brat off of my hands, and we all get what we want. The old hag wants to come with me!

Lauren: Please!

Felix: Let's head back. I'll watch the kid. Just get us back to Sorina.

>> Talk to Sorina.

Sorina: Lauren! You're safe! Oh, my sweet daughter...

Lauren: Waahhh! Mommy!

Sorina: Oh, thank you so much! How could I ever repay you? Raising Lauren is the only thing that gives my life meaning. I couldn't bear to lose her. If there's anything I can do...

Felix: Just take care of your girl. We'll deal with the rest.

Ione: (Ione ignores Sorina and huffs across the room.) What do we do now? What is Serisa trying to do with Sibyl?!

Casey: Ione, calm down.

Ione: How am I supposed to do that?!

Casey: Sibyl knew this would happen. She told us not to worry, so we shouldn't worry. She told me something before she went though. She said, "beasts of scale march to their deaths in the forest, for they carry poison in their veins."

Felix: That must be the nagas. What are they doing in the Spiritwood?

Casey: That is all I know. It sounds as if they are afflicted by something... Whatever it is, they must be important.

Ione: If there are bewitched nagas in my forest, I'm heading out to crack some scaly skulls! You guys try to keep up. I've got some snakes to smash.

[Reward: 15,600 EXP, 31,200 Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #55: Responsibilities

Ione: It's true! There really are nagas out here. But, they're so little... and cute!

Felix: They're just hatchlings. Usually they'd be in a nursery... But wait. I've seen that scale pattern before...

Sarah: I don't know what's so scary about these little creatures. Look how cute--

Brainwashed Naga Youth: Kahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

William: What the heck?! That little punk bit me!

Ione: Told ya. They're all... witchcrafty! Sorry little guys, but if you aren't on our side, you're against us. We're going to have to knock out these brainwashed naga kids!

Defeat Brainwashed Naga Youth (x/4)

Witchbird Summoner: Caw! Caw! What are you doing to my specimens?!

William: Huh? A witchbird?!

Sarah: Specimens? Is this that one we saw when we were fighting Red Fang?

Witchbird Summoner: You're the nasty creatures that destroyed my precious specimens before, cawww! Trying to ruin my experiments again?! I'll claw your eyes out! Caw! Cawwww!

William: You think you can take all of us? We took down Red Fang without a sweat. These baby nagas are nothing.

Sarah: You have no hope of winning this, witchbird!

Witchbird Summoner: You insolent fleshy beasts! Y-you're lucky I have a preening appointment in half an hour! I'll get you next time! Caw! (The witchbird bolts into the bushes with surprising speed.)

Ione: Wow, those little guys can run! I suppose we should tell the Alpha Spirit about this. Why the long face there, doggy?

Felix: Those were Leafscale nagas. They shouldn't be in these parts, unless... Not important. Let's just get back to the Alpha Spirit.

[Reward: 15,600 EXP, 31,200 Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #56: Sibyl in Danger

Alpha Spirit: Ah, good. I was hoping you would return soon. That witchbird was using dark magic to hide its black magic from me, but its taint was easy enough to follow...

Ione: How could you not do anything?

Alpha Spirit: The Cult of Shadows steals its magic from the spirits themselves. My own powers were sapped away for use in their evil schemes.

Ione: Everywhere we go, we run into some Cult of Shadows followers trying to destroy something good! Filthy wretches...

Sarah: Is anyone else concerned with how many spells the witchbird knew? It behaved like a scholar.

Alpha Spirit: I believe the witchbird was serving another mage. I heard it refer to "the master" a few times.

Ione: If there's a master powerful enough to have that thing as its pupil, it's going to be a tough fight... That rules Serisa out.

Alpha Spirit: Whatver [sic] the future holds, I am glad that the spirits can finally find some peace. We will prepare a ritual to purify the land of witchcraft. Please drive the Cult of Shadows priests from our lands.

Defeat Cult of Shadows Chaos Priest (x/4)

Witchbird Summoner: Caaaww! Stop, stop! You're going to ruin my experiments! I have to continue studying until the master returns! Caw! Caw!

William: That's fine, we can just keep beating you up until your boss gets here! Bring it on!

Witchbird Summoner: Caw! I'll see you turned into black sludge for this! The master will punish you for your deeds! Caw! Caw! Se--Serisa!

Serisa: What do you think you're doing here? You were supposed to stay where I left you! The new slaves I made are far more powerful than the old. I infused them with the black melange of death and tortured spirit... If you'd maintained your position like I told you to, the magic circle would have held them. But now they're on the loose!

Witchbird Summoner: I--I hate fighting! Caw! The master ordered me to continue my research! Cawwww!

Serisa: I am here on the masters orders, which means that I am your master now, bird. Have you forgotten that?!

Ione: Hey! They're fighting each other.

Serisa: I thought you could be trusted, but now I see that I made a grave mistake. One I will have to rectify.

Defeat Serisa in battle.

Serisa: Damn it.

<< Cutscene >>

Ione: That sort of worked itself out, didn't it? Oh! Sibyl! Let's go see if the Alpha Spirit found anything about her.

Talk to Alpha Spirit.

Alpha Spirit: I must thank you for all your hard work. I feel peace returning to the forest.

Player: Have you seen Sibyl?

Sibyl: I'm here.

Ione: What the?! Sibyl! You're safe! you had us worried to death, you trouble-making granny!

Alpha Spirit: The forest owes you a great debt, Prophetess. Without your help, this corruption would remain.

Sibyl: I am pleased as well, my friend. The forest will return to normal soon enough, and all of you are safe.

Ione: Sibyl, are you okay? Did Serisa do her nasty witchy stuff on you? Did she turn you into anything ... unnatural?

Sibyl: Ha! That woman couldn't convince a cup of milk to fit in a gallon bowl. She will enjoy her time in the abyss, I assume. Such hubris, to try and comprehend what is beyond the veil...

(Sibyl stumbles and loses her balance.) (You grab her by the arm to steady her.)

Ione: What's going on?! Is it your eyes? I knew that naga egg wouldn't work!

Sibyl: Do not fret, Ione. Though my body's eyes may be clouded, my mind's eye is clearer than ever. I must get back to Casey for now. Pilgrims, will you escort me?

Escort Sibyl.

Casey: Welcome back. I trusted you'd return with my mistress unharmed.

William: Of course! The Spiritwood's back to normal and Serisa is toast. Everything is good!

Sarah: I only hope it lasts. Serisa was not alone in her schemes...

Sibyl: Before you go... I must tell you of a vision. It was only a glimpse, but it was of your future, <<Player>>. And it was of the dark...

Player: What is it?

Sibyl: Your war against the dark ones will be long, and the end will not be as happy as the future you would hope for. The journey will long [sic]. The war, even longer. The Shadow Legion will grow, and you, you who would defy fate...

Player: I don't want to know any more. You said I was born to defy fate? Then that's what I'm going to do.

Sibyl: Yes, that you may be able to do. My prophecy can only suggest a path. It will be up to you to choose whether or not to take it...

(Sibyl falls quiet as she slips into a trance.)

Ione: We should let her. Maybe... hey, where did Felix go?

William: He walked outside. He was muttering something about leafscales.

Sarah: What was he talking about?

Ione: Wait... what day is it? Hmm... I see... It's weird for him to leave without saying anything. Let's go see if he's with Dober.

[Reward: 23,400 EXP, 46,800 Gold, Gold Ticket I x 2]

Chapter 2-3: Fragmented Memory

Episode #57: Memories of a Beastkin

Dober: Hey everybody. Good to see y'all again.

Ione: We're doing just fine. Have you seen Felix?

Dober: Haven't heard from him. What's going on?

Ione: Don't you remember what today is? Well... I almost forgot too.

(Dober's brow furrows.)

Dober: I almost forgot.

Player: What is it?

Dober: It's the anniversary of Alfina's death. Felix's wife.

(Complete silence falls over the group.)

Ione: What do we do? Is there anywhere we could get some flowers?

Sarah: If I may, so that I know... How did Felix's wife...

Ione: Ugh, where do I even start?

(Dober looks off into the distance.)

Dober: You're all Felix's friends. You should know. Felix, Alfina, Nipper and I were among the first beastkin to leave Africa. I can still remember the first time we saw these trees. I knew Sherwood was going to be my home right then Britannia was infested with nagas. Turned out to be just about right for us. We could hunt what the humans couldn't. That day was nothing out of the ordinary. Green forest, a nice breeze...

>> Head to Old Sherwood using the Map.

Felix: Hey, Dober. You're back early. How was the hunt?

Dober: Not bad. I cleared out a nest that was messing with a small country village, but they didn't have much.

Felix: You didn't kill any of the females, elders, or children, did you? I told you...

Dober: Not this lecture again. It was all fighters today... but you know most nagas are female, right?

(Felix smirks despite himself.)

Felix: We have to be careful, buddy. What goes around comes around...

Alfina: I thought I heard my husband nagging somebody. How you doing, Dober?

Dober: Howdy, Alfina. Would you get Felix on a leash for me?

Alfina: If I could do that, I'd have a litter at the house already. But I might have a solution... Dober, you help me fix this...And Felix, you go to the other side of the brook and gather some peppercorn.

Dober: You've got a good lady here, Felix. Keep an eye out for leafscales while you're down there. I spotted some the other day.

Felix: Hmm. Lauren likes to play in that area. Looks like I've got some work cut out. How much peppercorn do you need, Alfina?

Alfina: Just enough, haha.

(Alfina drags Dober away.)

>> Defeat Leafscale Naga (x/4)

Felix: That ought to take care of the snakes. I wonder what they're doing all the way out here. Better get to work on those peppercorns. Where did I see those...

>> Get 5 Pepper (X/5)

Alfina: Ohh, Dober, You're so skilled with your hands!

Dober: You're making fun, but you know I'd make a better husband than Felix.

Alfina: Sorry, handsome, but Felix will always be my number one. Take a look honey, Dober fixed it up nice!

Dober: Yeah and Alfina managed to flap her jaw the whole time.

Alfina: You require supervision, mister. If I hadn't been here, you probably would have built a new food trough or something. (Alfina looks over Dober's handiwork.)

Rewards: 12,000 EXP; 24,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 2

Episode #58: Alfina's Wish

Alfina: Felix, this isn't [enough] going to be enough...

Felix: ...Alfina, just say it.

Alfina: Lauren's going to need some better winter clothes, and we're nearly out of dried meat.

Dober: I've seen some fat boars wandering around. Butchered one for Nipper the other day...

Felix: That's good thinking. A couple of boar hides and some steaks would do us good. I'll be back.

>> Defeat Portly Boar (X/4)

Felix: Hmm, this should be enough meat... I'd better get some extra hides, just to be safe....

>> Defeat Sherwood Bears (x/4)

(Felix's ears perk up at a strange noise.)

Felix: Lauren? Was that you?. Lauren?

(Felix stands perfectly stil, but nothing happens.)

Felix: Haha, must have been the wind. I'd better get back.

>> Talk to Alfina.

Alfina: I'll take those off your back, handsome. You go help out Dober.

Felix: He was right about those boars. They were fat and ready for picking.

Dober: Good work, buddy. Hey, did you see Nipper on the way down from here?

[Rewards: 12k EXP, 24k Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #59: A Girl & Her Cow

Nipper: No need to fear, Nipper is here! Arooo!

Alfina: Aww! Am I glad to see your cute little face.

Nipper: Teehee! Alfina, you look so pretty today! I brought a present for youuuu!

(Nipper gives Alfina an armful of flowers.)

Alfina: Oh my, starflowers! Where did you get them?

Nipper: Aroo, it's a secret! Felix, Dober, I found a cave, too! Kona set a good trap. We nabbed so many! You gotta come see, Dober. You just gotta.

Dober: Did you find the Nagarani's nest or something?

Nipper: I dunno. Kona just told me to fetch you.

Dober: Hmm, it must be pretty big. All right, Nipper, let's go. Alfina, save me some leftovers, would ya?

Nipper: Oh, hey! I wanted to tell you, Felix. Me and Lauren saw some weirdo sneaking around the forest the other day?

Felix: Is that so? I'll go have a look. I had something similar happen to me not long back.

>> Check Noticeable Tracks.
>> Check Strange Marks.

Lauren: Felix! Hehe.

Felix: Oh, Lauren. Here you are.

Malm: Mooo. Mooo. Mmoooo!

Felix: Heya, Malm. I'm out here looking for tracks. Nipper said there were some strange folk about...

Lauren: Ahh, I know! I saw a flying lady!

Felix: A flying lady?

Lauren: YES, that's what I said! I fell and scraped my knee when I tried to catch her, and she came over and smooched it. Now it's all better, huh Malm?!

Malm: Mooo, mmooooo. Malm!

Felix: That doesn't make any sense...

(Lauren hides behind Felix.)

Lauren: Ahhhh. No... Felix, I'm scared! There it is again.

Felix: A Leafscale sorcerer? Lauren, you and Malm get behind this rock. Do NOT move. I'll be right back.

(Lauren ducks behind the rock with Malm.)

>> Defeat Leafscale Sorcerers (x/4)

Malm: Mooo. Moooomooo!!

(Lauren rushes out of her hiding spot when she sees Felix.)

Lauren: A really scary monster jumped out and I was afraid he was gonna eat me.

Felix: That must've been scary. I'm sorry I couldn't be here.

Lauren: Hehe... it's okay. I know you'll be there when it counts.

Malm: Mmooaaahhmm! Moo, mmooo. Mmmaaam! Moooo...Malm!!

Lauren: Felix! Felix! A boar!

Boarking Sniffy: SNRT--Graaaaaaawl!

Felix: Oh, man, I must have made them mad. Get back behind that rock!

(The boar king charges!)

>> Defeat Boarking Sniffy in battle

Felix: Whew, that was close. Everybody okay?

Lauren: Yup! I'm okay!

Felix: You are one brave little girl.

Malm: Moo, mooo, mmooo. Malm.

Felix: You too, Malm. Just keep watching out for Lauren.

(Malm nods as though he understands.)

[Rewards: 12k EXP, 24k Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #60: Stranger in Sherwood

Lauren: Are you gonna leave now, Felix?

Felix: I need to get a look around for your flying lady. You just holler at me if you need me, okay?

Lauren: Okay! And take some of this basil back to Ms. Alfina. She'll love it!

Felix: Okay, I will. You kids have fun. Just be careful.

>> Get Basil Leaf (x/3)

???? (Ione): Eee! Go away!

Felix: ...

???? (Ione): Leave me alone! I'm allergic to being eaten!

(A woman's scream echoes from the treetops.)

Felix: Is that the lady Lauren was talking about? Hey lady! Stop screaming, or those eagles are gonna get mad!

Ione: They're already mad! Just help me out of here!

>> Defeat Nimble Eagles (x/4)

Ione: Ugh... picked apart by birds. I always hoped I'd die pretty... Thanks for your help back there. You're a beastkin, right? I didn't know there were any in this forest.

Felix: I could say the same thing about you...

Ione: I'm a fairy. Being in forests is kinda my thing.

Felix: What's a fairy doing in Britannia?

Ione: I don't really know... I've been trying to figure it out, but, but... Gahhh! It's driving me crazy!

Felix: Keep quiet! You're gonna bring the nagas down on us.

Ione: Don't tell me you're afraid of a few nagas? Besides, maybe they'd be carrying food. I'm starving!

Felix: I get it. My wife gets grumpy when she hasn't eaten. The name's Felix. I live around here.

Ione: Ione.'re close by... maybe you could spare some food for a gal?

Felix: If you're the fairy that healed Lauren, I'll set you up with a feast.

Ione: [I] Lauren the little human that hangs out with a cow? That was me. I'm a healer. I came to this forest to find some medicinal herbs.

Felix: You came to the right place. Let's get you fed, and I'll help you find your herbs.

Ione: Good dog! Ahem, I mean, thanks! Lead the way.

>> Escort Ione.

Alfina: Honey, do you know where-- Where did you find a little fairy girl?

Ione: I'm a little old for you to be calling me girl, pretty beastkin lady.

Alfina: My apologies. I'm Alfina. Welcome to our home.

Ione: Uh, thanks. My name's Ione, and... Okay, I'm sorry, but you're just going to let me into your house? What if I was a bad guy?

Alfina: Felix wouldn't have brought you home. Now come on in and let's get some food on the table. You're hungry, right? I made my specialty, herb barbecued boar. You got lucky today, Ione!

Ione: Wow! Thank you!

Felix: Ione's the one who helped Lauren out. I bet all this talk of strangers in the forest was just people seeing her.

Alfina: I'm so glad to hear it. Ione, honey, slow down. You're going to upset your stomach.

Ione: Don't care. Starving. This is SO good. You'd better get some before I eat it all, Felix!

Felix: You sure can pack it away. Pass me some leg meat!

[Rewards: 12k EXP, 24k Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #61: Dober's Message

Alfina: Watching her eat is so hypnotizing... like watching a sinkhole open up under a tree..

Alfina: Nipper stopped by earlier. Dober said he needed more help. I think the nagas were acting up again. This clan recently lost their Nagarani. Until another one claims dominance, they'll be out of control.

Ione: You're right. I saw Shadowsworns, too. The last queen must have been smart. I ran into one sorcerer that could use healing magic.

Felix: I put some of them down. If they've got Nipper worried, I'd better go check it out.

Alfina: He said he'd be out patrolling the streets.

Felix: I'll run and check in with him. Ione, will you stay with Alfina?

(Ione waves him off without looking up from her food.)

>> Talk to Nipper.

Nipper: Felix! Felix... Something happened, stop Dober! K-K-Kona is... Kona...

Felix: Nipper, calm down and talk to me. What about Kona?

Nipper: She's... She's dead...

Felix: What?! Tell me what happened!

Nipper: I-I-I... Kona attacked the nest before Dober got there! But there were so many... and they were so strong...

Felix: She knows better! Where's Dober?

Nipper: He barely made it out with his troop. I ran here to find you...

Felix: Is he injured? Is he all right?

Nipper: Not all right at all! ...Hnnnng...Arrrg!

(Nipper stumbles with a grunt just as a pack of nagas approaches from the woods.)

Felix: Oh no! Nipper, are you hurt?!

Nipper: Fe-Felix.... Rooo.... Ha... haaa... Owwww...

Felix: Save your stregth, Nipper. You're safe now. I'll make them pay for what they did to you!

>> Defeat Leafscale Fighter (x/4)

Dober: What is this?! Nipper? Nipper! No, I can't lose you, too! I'll rip them to pieces!

Ione: Is this kid your friend?

(Ione flits to Nipper's side.)

Ione: Breathe. Don't close your eyes. Hold my hand.

Nipper: Ow ow... It hurts... Arooo...

(Ione closes her eyes and mumbles a single word in a quiet voice.)

Ione: Everbloom...

Nipper: ...Hrr...Hrr? ...No more hurt? No more hurt!

Ione: Hey, I said breathe, not talk. You need to relax, kid.

(Nipper's ears perk up and he jumps sprightly to standing.)

Dober: A healing fairy? Nipper, are you okay?

Nipper: Yup! I'm not hurting at all now! Wahoo! So amazing! Thank you!

Ione: You were lucky, pup. A few minutes later, and you'd be toast. I can only heal recent wounds...

(Dober collapses to his knees.)

Felix: Dober... what happened to Kona?

(Dober gazes at Felix with blank eyes.)

>> Go to Kona's Grave

Felix: ...Kona. Why didn't we talk more? You were brave, kind. You were the best of us. If you can hear me, don't worry about Dober. I'll take care of him.

[Rewards: 12k EXP, 24k Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #62: Ominous Sign

Ione: Felix, we should go check in with Alfina. I took some food to the little girl in the woods, but... Those nagas that attacked the pup came from... came from the road to the house, didn't they?

(Felix's eyes widen in terror.) (He dashes down the road.)

>> Talk to Alfina.

(Alfina lies slumped against the door to the building.)

Felix: ...Al...Alfina? It's me, I'm back. Honey?

(She does not respond.)

Felix: God, no. No! This is a lie. Alfina? Alfina, why are you lying there.... get up.

(Felix slowly cradles Alfina's unmoving form in his arms.)

(A smear of bright red stains her pure white fur.)

(Ione stops suddenly in mid-air and covers her mouth with her hands.)

(Alfina's paws fall limp to the ground.)

Felix: Honey, honey? It's me. I'm here. I'm, I"m sorry. I'm sorry I left you here by yourself. I won't ever do that again, I promise. Just open your eyes... Open your eyes, Alfina? Come on, don't be mad at me. Just open your eyes.

(Felix holds Alfina tight, clutching her to his chest.)

Dober: ...

(Dober approaches quietly, but Ione stops him.)

(Felix stands, Alfina draped across his arms. He takes her into the house without a word. After a few long moments, Felix returns alone.)

Felix: Will you help me look around? They must have left some tracks.

Get Black Locket (x/1)
Get Chipped Cog (x/1)

Dober: Felix, You see this?

Felix: That's her necklace. The wheel is from a music box I gave her. She... The attack went straight through her stomach. Like how Nipper was attacked. They took some weapons from the house too. We need to track them down. ...Blasted monsters. We didn't even have to go far. Is this what you all want? You want me to get rid of you all?

Leafscale Commander: Kyaaaaaaaahhhh!!

>> Defeat Leafscale Marauder in battle

(Felix stands over the dead nagas, stabbing and slashing in a wild rage.)

Ione: Felix! Stop this! What would Alfina say if she saw you like this?!

Felix: Make all the noise you want now, Ione. Do it. Bring every naga in this forest down on us at once...

Ione: What... what are you thinking? We should go back and take care of Alf--

Felix: No! Dober, lead us to the Serpentine Tongue.

Dober: Felix, maybe we should wait, get ourselves ready, just...

Felix: I said, go.

(Dober drops his head and stares at the ground.)

Ione: Felix, you're not thinking straight.

Felix: I'm thinking just fine, fairy. If you're all so worried about me, you'd better watch my back. Get moving, Dober.

[Rewards: 12k EXP, 24k Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #63: By My Bow, I Swear

Dober: Are you really going through with this, Felix?

Felix: Dober, I was wrong.

Dober: Yeah, it's okay, buddy. Let's get back to the house and see about Alfina...

Felix: I was wrong when I told you that we shouldn't hurt the weaker nagas. I was wrong when I said we shouldn't kill their children or their elderly. I was wrong. The nagas are a plague on this world, and I am going to be the one to cure it.

(Felix's oath echoes along the cave walls as he trudges inward.)

Dober: Alfina, what should I do?

>> Defeat Young Leafscale Naga (x/4)

Dober: Felix...

Felix: Hmm, too easy. Way too easy. They've got traps all over the place. They must've prepared after you and Kona came through. But what kind of idiot would fall for such lousy traps? What are you doing? Aren't you going to help me?

>> Use 3 Traps. (Text error: the numerator & denominator are reversed.)

Dober: Felix, we have to be careful. Kona... died here.

Felix: The slope is steep. Good spot for an ambush.

(Before Dober can reply, Felix looses three arrows into the darkness.)

Leafscale Dragonmaw: Kraaaarg!

Felix: They have no idea who they messed with. Let's get moving.

(Felix continues into the cave.)

[Rewards: 12,000 EXP, 24,000 Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #64: Sent Away

Dober: Felix, wait.

(Felix stops and turns to face Dober.)

Dober: Well, we might as well make a profit if we're doing this. Naga eggs and tears will pull in a lot of gold.

(Felix gazes over the nagas in the cave with heartless eyes.)

Felix: Good thinking. Let's make them suffer. It will break their morale.

(Dober bites his lip.)

>> Get Naga Tears (x/20)

Dober: Good, we got a lot. Good quality, too...

Felix: That's good news.

Dober: Yup. How about we get back?

Felix: First, I want to work off a little more steam...

>> Defeat Leafscale Dragonmaw (x/4)

Dober: Uhh... Are you alright?

Felix: I'm just fine. The bow feels good today. Like it knows what I want.

Dober: Any nagas we find now are going to be high-ranking. This is the perfect opportunity to avenge Kona's death.

Felix: We do this for Kona and Alfina...

>> Defeat Leafscale Commander (x/4)

Dober: They have no basic skills... they only come in groups... Kona... I feel better now.

Felix: So do I. I never knew naga hunting could be so satisfying. This... What we're doing is right... right?

Dober: I never told Kona that I loved her. Did you know that? I just assumed she knew. Sometimes I would think about what life with her would be like. A home, a family. Now that dream's gone forever.

Felix: Save it for later. These disgusting little snakes don't deserve to hear about Kona.

Leafscale Commander: Kyaaak...Kyaaaa... You invaded... us... first... Kyaaak!

Felix: When did you learn to talk? I thought nagas could only hiss and spit.

Leafscale Commander: Kuuhh.. Kyyaak... You... killed... our... children. Kyahh!!

Felix: Curb that forked tongue, scum. You attacked us.

Dober: Why did you kill Lauren's parents? They were only chopping wood to keep warm.

Leafscale Commander: This... is...sacred... ground... kyaaarg. Our shel... ter... kyaaaa! It is all we need!

Felix: Well this place doesn't need you, and I'm gonna make sure it doesn't have to suffer your filth any more.

>> Defeat Leafscale Elite Commander in battle

(Dober, covered in serpent blood, aims his arrow at the last naga's throat.)

Felix: We're almost done... Just... one more.

(Felix drops to his knees.)

Felix: Is this what it felt like?

Dober: ...

Felix: Why don't I feel better? Why do I feel worse?

Dober: Felix...

Felix: What?

Dober: I'm sorry.

Felix: ... We should get back. Nipper and Ione must be worried.

Dober: This must be where Nipper found those starflowers. He must have snuck in under their noses to gather as many as he did.

Felix: Such pretty flowers in such a disgusting place. How ironic.

Dober: Do you think... maybe they were growing them?

Felix: I... I suppose it's possible. Perhaps monsters can still appreciate real beauty... Alfina would've liked them.

Dober: Let's bring them to Lauren. She'll make a beautiful wreath.

>> Get Starflower (x/5)

(Lauren looks up at Felix through tear-filled eyes.)

Lauren: Felix... Alfina...

Felix: You heard. Yes. Alfina is no longer with us. I was hoping you would decorate the path to see her off?

(Lauren takes the flowers and starts sobbing.)

Malm: M...moo... Mooo...Mooo. Malm.

Felix: Thank you for your concern, Malm.

(Lauren gently runs her small fingers over the petals of one flower.)

Lauren: Felix, here...

Dober: Lauren, don't cry. Let's send Alfina off smiling. She always said you were prettiest when you were smiling, right?

Lauren: Y-yes... s-s-s-s-still...

(Dober kneels down and embraces Lauren.)

Lauren: Alfina was pretty... kind... and a good cook. I know she went to heaven and became an angel.

Felix: She'll watch over you forever, Lauren. Thank you.

Nipper: Felix...

(Ione flats several paces away, looking anxious.)

Ione: I can smell the blood on you from here. We need to get you cleaned up... so you can say your goodbyes...

Nipper: Ione was really worried... We should follow her.

>> Give Fragrant Bouquet to Alfina's Grave

(The simple grave is decorated with many flowers.)


(The flowers on Alfina's grave bob gently in the wind.)

Nipper: Ione and me worked real hard! Alfina would've loved it!

Felix: Yes, of... of course she would. What do I put on her headstone? I don't have her way with words.

Ione: Here lies Alfina, light of my life, beloved by all.

Felix: Beautiful. Thanks, Ione.

Ione: Sure... I'm sorry I couldn't think of something more beautiful.

Felix: I love you, Alfina. Always have, always wlil. No matter what. You'll be in my heart forever. Goodbye.

Ione: I'm glad I got to know you, Alfina. I'll keep an eye on Felix for you...

(For a few moments, no one speaks.)

Dober: Felix, I'm goin' back to Africa. Kona's family ought to know what happened.

Felix: I'll go with you. I need to get away from this place.

Ione: I'll keep an eye on things. I've got the forest to look after, anyway.

Felix: Thank you, Ione.

Ione: What about Lauren? Shouldn't she go live with the humans?

Felix: I don't know much about humans... but I think that'd be best.

Ione: I know someone in the human village who can watch her. I'll make sure she gets there safe. Don't worry about things here.

Dober: We'll see you soon, then. Take care, Ione.

Ione: I'll be here, waiting... May Tiphareth watch over you...

>> Talk to Dober near Thyamis River.

Dober: That's the story. Longer than I remembered...

Sarah: SNIFF--sniff... S-so that's what happened. I feel so bad... The heartache he must have endured...

Ione: Oh god, are you crying?! It was a long time ago, little girl. We have a lot more death anniversaries to celebrate now...

Dober: Felix is much better now that he's got you for friends. I'm sure Alfina would have loved y'all.

Felix: They're right. My wife will always life in my heart. There's no need to cry.

Sarah: Felix! How could you... And without a word! We should have gone together!

Felix: I'm back and Alfina is well. That was a trip I had to make myself. It's embarassing to ask, but I hope you'll all help me keep her memory alive.

William: We will. Every year, when this day comes... I, no, all of us will remember her, wherever we are. It will be then that our souls collide, and her memory will come alive.

Ione: Whoa, William. I didn't know you were a poet...

Felix: That was a wonderful thing to say.

William: Well, I haven't said much lately, so I figured I should make it good, you know? My mom said I hd a way with words, or a silver tongue, or something--

Ione: Okay. Good talk.

Felix: Yes, shut up, William.

Ione: Hahahaha. Seriously, Felix?

Felix: I can't let y'all have the fun, now can I?

William: Aw, man, now you're all gonna pick on me? That's not fair!

(Felix smiles and looks to the sky. He sighs deeply and blows a kiss into the blue.)

Player [sic, should be Felix]: Rest in peace Alfina. I'll see you soon enough.

[Rewards: 24,000 EXP, 48,000 Gold, Gold Ticket I x2]

Chapter 2-4: Dark Arrow

Episode #65: Infinite Shadows

Captain Owen: A pleasure to see you. How goes the investigation?

Ione: Just jumping right past the small talk, huh?

Captain Owen: Haha, my apologies. I'm glad you're doing well. Please give me any details you may have learned.

(You explain the situation with Serisa.)

Captain Owen: She died as a member of the Cult of Shadows. Just like Drek. The rumors I've gathered are flimsy at best. I can't even be sure if all of them are related to the Cult of Shadows...

Robin: Sorry we don't have anything more substantial for you.

Captain Owen: We'll just have to look into everything we can. I actually have something I've been hoping you could help me look into.

Player: What is it?

Captain Owen: I've learned that a weapon smuggling ring has been operating out of Pendragon Port.

Robin: We found out about it when we were investigating Mordred's armaments. We thought the smuggling ended when Mordred died, but we were wrong. Let's go ask Kruel a few questions.

>> Talk to Sailor Krastin

Sailor Krastin: Ahoy, everyone! Isn't the wind coming off the ocean nice today?

Robin: Yes, and the black seagulls glide on peaceful winds.

Sailor Krastin: Ah... That phrase. Robin, is it?

Robin: shh, quietly. Did you look into what I asked?

Sailor Krastin: Y-yes I did but... all these people...

Robin: You can trust them. Now, start talking. We don't have much time.

Sailor Krastin: I followed a bunch of smugglers, and I think I found their rendezvous point. But... it was haunted! I swear to the gods. I ran so fast I didn't catch anything more...

Robin: Ghosts? Where?

Sailor Krastin: over there, that's the warehouse. Just be careful. It's haunted by nasty ghosts.

>> Defeat Ghostly Apostle (x/4)

Robin: Did you all see that?! There were monsters alongside the ghosts!

Ione: I could barely breathe through the miasma in there! If it's this strong in the middle of the day, the Cult of Shadows has gotten much stronger.

Robin: I think you're right. There's a lot of evidence of illegal weapons trading too...

Ione: But if it's the Cult of Shadows, I'd think they'd be more concerned about corpes and ingredients, rather than weapons.

Robin: I was thinking the same thing. We must report this to Captain Owen.

Rewards: 18,000 EXP; 36,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 2

Episode #66: Casey, Long Gone

Captain Owen: You're back. We've had distrubing news.

Ione: Is it more disturbing than witches being active in Pendragon Port in the middle of the day?

Captain Owen: Bad news all around today... Casey was helping us earlier, but he's gone missing.

Ione: Casey's missing?!

Captain Owen: I've called on a number of sources to seek counsel on the Cult of Shadows. They spread like a disease. Sibyl and Casey were involved, but I had no idea they were targets. We found that out too late.... There are logs that were scattered when Casey was abducted. Perhaps we can piece together the records to find an answer.

>> Get Casey's Records (x/5)

Captain Owen: More than I thought. Let's put them together. These speak of a group of men he believed to be Cult of Shadows members carrying something big from the port... They were headed in the direction of Carlisle Ruins. He also mentions recent reports of strange noises coming from the ruins at night. That must have been what he was looking into... It's a good thing Casey keeps such good logs. It's like he was leaving a trail for us...

Robin: Carlisle Ruins? I thought we'd cleared that place out.

Captain Owen: Robin. I know you're busy, but it's worth investigating.

Robin: I'll go take a look around. You guys catch up.

>> Follow Robin

Robin: What is this? Last time I was here, nothing was out of the ordinary. Why are our hunting dogs foaming at the mouth? Why are monsters I've never seen stalking our lands?

Ione: It's witchcraft! What else would it be?

Possessed Hound: Woof! Woof woof! Woof! Grrr...

William: Ah! They're turning on us! What if they bite us?!

Sarah: I was okay with the other monsters, but these hunting dogs are scary.

Robin: Stop overreacting. It's still just a dog! Everybody gear up. Let's take out these rabid dogs.

>> Defeat Possessed Hound (x/4)

Robin: Everybody okay? Hunting dogs possessed by demons. It's hard to believe.

Ione: Poor puppies! They must be under somebody's nasty spell!

Robin: I agree. I'd swear they could recognize me... That made them even more vicious. We'd best split up and investigate.

Reward: 18,000 EXP; 36,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 2

Episode #67: Dark Arrows

Felix: There you are. I found something. First of all, there's a group of bandits called the Dark Arrows.

Robin: What?

Ione: Seriously? That's so obvious.

Felix: I'm pretty sure they're made up from former Broken Arrows.

Ione: They're deep under the sway of witchcraft, but it's very subtle. Hard to detect to the naked eye. I guess if they were being controlled by more obvious magic, everybody could tell, huh?

Robin: I tought some of their faces were familiar... It makes me so angry! I'm going to track down every Broken Arrow that remained after I left... Over there, they look like henchmen. Maybe they have some records of the Dark Arrows.

>> Get Dark Arrow Log (x/15)

Felix: Everybody play? The longer we stay here, the weirder it gets.

Ione: You felt that too? This place is really strange. I've only felt witchcraft this stifling in a few other spots, but this place has something else going on.

Robin: It's starting to affect my mood, so you must be right. Let's just get a look at these logs. (Robin tears through the pages.) Ha, everyone, look. This is quite something.

Sarah: Day 2: We delivered the weapons and armor from the Cult of Shadows to the new Dark Arrow recruits.

William: The Cult of Shadows?!

Robin: Yes. Obviously. Keep reading.

Sarah: Day 7: We captured a boy magician that was following us and handed him off to the dark mages.

William: Casey! The Dark Arrows must have him!

Sarah: Just keep reading, William. There's more.

Sarah: Day 8: The higher ups have learned some interesting news about the magician boy. We've been ordered to take him to the summoning site...

Ione: Summoning site? I bet that's where we saw all of those monsters.

Robin: We must make haste!

[Reward: 18,000 EXP; 36,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 2]

Episode #68: The Sealed Boy

Robin Ione Sarah

Robin: That is not my idea of a picnic. You'd see nicer monsters in hell...

Ione: These things are twisted. Someone summoned them incorrectly. I don't know how many monsters they tried to summon, but that is a lot of failures... If we are going to find Casey, we have to get rid of them first.

Robin: You're right. We'll take care of the chimeras while you look around.

>> Defeat Chimera Failure (x/4)

Ione: There are still a bunch of them, but I think we'll be safe enough.

Robin: Anything happen while we were fighting off those chimeras?

Ione: A lot. I found piles of notes on their experiments and rituals. These guys have been busy.

Robin: So you fond some clues?

Ione: Just the opposite. It's all mixed up. There's no way we can get through this stuff in less than a week.

Sarah: You... didn't happen to see a corpse wearing... a purple robe?

Ione: Hey, don't go jumping to that! I didn't find any bodies. I think they did something with Casey here, but I don't know what just yet. Let me look around some more...

Sarah: What do we do, Ione? We don't have much time.

Ione: I know, I know. Let's just get our heads straight... Take a look at those strange piles of rocks over there. They look... witchy. Gather up anything that looks like it might have been used in a ritual from those pile of rocks.

>> Get Ritualistic Remnants (x/5)

Ione: Ugh, I feel gross just looking at these ritual tools.

Sarah: Ione, we went through so much trouble to gather them.

Ione: What do you want, a bunch of cookies? I'm the one who has to analyze them. Anyway... This is for summoning, this is for unsealing... Wait, what are they going to unseal? This... I-I think they tried to use Casey's body as the host for some horrible summoned creature, but it failed. Then they were trying to free something...

Robin: Another damned puzzle?

Ione: I don't know. Only Casey does. Wherever they've taken him, I think he's still alive.

Robin: I spotted a strange cabin close by. There were some men going into the basement. Let's go check it out.

[Reward: 18,000 EXP; 36,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 2]

Episode #69: Vanessa

Involved Characters
Robin Icon Sarah Icon Casey Icon Ione Icon Nebiros Icon Vanessa Icon Sibyl Icon Lindsay Icon William Icon
CoS Archpriest

Robin: Shh, quiet. Watch your footsteps. We've got a lot of Dark Arrow members here. And I saw a purple robe inside.

Sarah: Casey.

Robin: Right. But if we're going to rescue him, we have to get through a whole house full Dark Arrow assassins. Make sure you're ready.

>> Defeat Dark Arrow Assassin (x/4)

Casey: Ughhhhhh...

Sarah: Casey! You're okay!

Casey: I... uuuurghhh...

Sarah: Casey? What's wrong? Are you hurt?

Ione: Wait! Don't go near! He's bewitched!

Cult of Shadows Chaos Archpriest: Hahahahaha... Good to see you...

William: What's going on?!

Cult of Shadows Chaos Archpriest:  I require a sacrifice to unleash my power. Thank you for offering yourselves so willingly!

>> Defeat Cult of Shadows Chaos Archpriest in battle

Vanessa: My, my, what have we here?

Ione: Huh? You--

Robin: ...

Vanessa: Long time no see, Robin. Hahahaha!

Robin: Vanessa!

Vanessa: Oh my goodness. I didn't know you'd be so excited to see me!

Robin: The nerve of you! You turned them against me, didn't you? You formed the Dark Arrows!

Vanessa: Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner!

Robin: Vanessa, you--

Ione: You're a monster!

Robin: I've been dying to drill an arrow into those pretty eyes since the last time we met. Looks like now I finally have the chance!

Vanessa: Not today, sweet little Robin. I'm here on official business. If you're here for the boy in the purple cloak, you can have him. He didn't quite meet our... requirements. Regrettable, of course, I always hate to waste good time, but that's just part of the research.

Sarah: What did you do to Casey?!

Vanessa: A bit of this and that. I'll let you figure it out. He may be a little more bitey than usual.

(Vanessa gives a faint smile and disappears in a burst of acrid smoke.)

Ione: What is that, a teleporting spell?! She knows how to use witchcraft?

Robin: Vanessa is a witch?!

Ione: That would explain why the Dark Arrows have so many cauldrons and magical ingredients...

RobinVanessa... Who is she...

Ione: No time. We have to get Casey back to Sibyl. She'll help him get back to normal.

>> Talk to Sibyl

Sibyl: Ohh... You're back, Casey. Thank you, heroes.

Ione: The Cult of Shadows was trying to summon something nasty into him, but I think he's okay for now. I'm still worried though. Maybe you should take a look.

Sibyl: Summoning? The poor boy...

Ione: Why would they do that?

Sibyl: As you may have guessed, Casey's latent powers are tremendous. He simply is not ready to use his talents yet. Before becoming my student, he was unfocused, a danger to himself and others. This was before he had even learned to speak. I was forced to seal away most of his magical abilities so that he could learn to control himself.

Ione: You cast the seal, Sibyl? No wonder the Cult of Shadows couldn't break it.

Sibyl: If they tried to use Casey... Turning his powers to evil... It would be a disaster.

Ione: Sibyl, you should stay in the Emporium with Casey for the time being. The Cult of Shadows seems to be everywhere these days. Are you feeling well enough?

Lindsay: I've been looking after Sibyl since she got here. She's doing just fine.

WilliamHey! It's Hot Stuff Lindsay!

Sarah: I'm going to kill if [sic] you if you say another word.

Lindsay: I could use some medicine for Case [sic], though. Just something to ease his mind. At night in the Carlisle Ruins, you'll see a lot of dark cloud mushrooms. They smell terrible, but they make an excellent sedative. Look for them in clumps of musty grass. I'll need a lot of dark cloud mushrooms.

>> Get Dark Cloud Mushroom (x/5)

Lindsay: Done already? That's plenty! Casey's quite worn down from his ordeal. He's going to need a lot of rest.

Player: (You tell her about the Dark Arrows that abducted Casey.)

LindsayThe Cult of Shadows is directly involved with a new group of bandits...

Ione: And its leader, Vanessa, is an evil woman.

Lindsay: Vanessa?

Ione: Yeah. Do you know her?

Lindsay: Um... It's a long story. IF her name is Vanessa Cromwell, um...

Robin: Vanessa Cromwell?

Lindsay: Our mother, Elaine, used to have a patient named Mrs. Rose Cromwell. When she passed away, her daughter Vanessa went missing. My mother asked if I ever meet a brown-haired girl with red eyes named Vanessa Cromwell, I should mention mother's name.

Robin: Brown hair and red eyes? That's Vanessa!

Lindsay: Her mother was murdered in cold blood, so I'm sure she's angry, but still... To sink so low... A member of the Cult of Shadows, of all things! We have to talk some sense into that girl.

Robin: That's an almost unbelievable coincidence... But for now, we have to focus on treating Casey. Vanessa can wait.

[Reward: 18,000 EXP; 36,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 2]

Episode #70: The Cromwell Legacy

Casey Ione Robin Captain Owen Sarah William Felix

Casey: Everyone... you've done so much for me. Thank you.

Ione: Are you okay? Are you hurt anywhere else?

Casey: Just a bit dizzy.

Robin: I'm sorry to do this to you while you're healing, but things are bad out there. We need to know everything that happened to you. Every little detail. Who else is in the Dark Arrows besides Vanessa? What did they want?

Casey: I understand, I will start from the beginning... First off, Vanessa is leading the Dark Arrows. but someone else is supplying her with orders. Vanessa wanted to hand me over to the Cult of Shadows, so she tried to summon an evil spirit into my body, but she failed. Sibyl's seal was too strong.

Robin: Who was their contact in the Cult of Shadows? Do you know the name?

Casey: Lord Bezine... is what they call him.

Robin: Bezine? Good, I'll look into that. Anything else?

Casey: I don't know that Vanessa was ever in direct contact with the man. I only heard mention of a sacrifice to Bezine. Her contact seemed to go by the letter, F

Robin: Just F? No full name?

Casey: Yes. That's what she said.

Robin: F is the same moniker we found in Mordred's chambers...

Robin: Let's get word back to Captain Owen. He should know what we've found.

>> Talk to Captain Owen

Captain Owen: What have you found?

Robin: There is a group of bandits called the Dark Arrows that appear at night in Carlisle ruins. The Cult of Shadows seems to be in direct control of them. A woman named Vanessa Cromwell is their leader. However, we believe two unknown powers are calling the shots: F and Bezine.

Captain Owen: Did you say Vanessa Cromwell?

Robin: Really? How does everyone know Vanessa?!

Captain Owen: When Sir Hanson Huntington was the captain of the royal guard, he arrested a man named Percival Cromwell. Percival was once a lieutenant in charge of the Emporium, but he was caught embezzling royal tariffs. He was tried as a traitor, and put to death. I suppose they wanted to make an example of a man of his rank... I was told the wife died soon after, and no one has heard from the daughter since she ran away from home. If this is the same girl, she would have good reason to hate us all.

Robin: We're not totally sure it's the same girl. It could be a coincidence.

Captain Owen: We'd best find out then. You must have some contacts in the Dark Arrows from your former bandit days. See if you can find any Dark Arrow contacts. Maybe they'll have records of what they've done...

>> Get Spy Records (x/15)

RobinHuh... These guys are doing things just the way we used to. Might as well look through their records, I suppose. (Robin skims through the thick documents.) Nothing... What?! No!

Sarah: What's wrong?

Robin(Robin throws the documents to the floor and turns around, his face red with anger.)

Sarah: What's wrong with him? What does it say? Vanessa Cromwell was recruited by Drek on Mordred's orders. She volunteered to infiltrate the Broken Arrows, and take over the group when her treachery was done... According to Drek's records, what killed his father was his grudge towards the Pendragon family... Interestingly, she said she would kill Hanson Huntington herself.

William: Wait, what? Vanessa is the daughter of Percival Cromwell and Mordred's double agent? That means she came to the Broken Arrows with the intention of backstabbing Robin from the beginning.

Sarah: William, lower your voice...

RobinVanessa! I will send an arrow straight through your heart!

Ione: Whoa, you must have really liked her... Let's report back to Captain Owen. The news may have been bad, but it was useful.

>> Talk to Captain Owen

Captain Owen: Robin, you don't look so good.

Robin: We are NOT having that conversation.

Felix: Robin's had a rough one, captain... (Felix tells him everything about Vanessa.)

Captain Owen: Tragic, to have had so many friend turn on you, Robin. I'd like to take a look at those documents, if you would. After Mordred's death, F ordered Vanessa Cromwell to gather what was left of the Broken Arrows to form the Dark Arrows... To prevent any dissent, he used a magic seal to addle everyone in Carlisle Ruins and grant Vanessa more power...

Robin: I don't ever want to hear her name again! (Robin stomps off.)

Captain Owen: Vanessa is only a puppet moving on command. I want this F character identified. I'll make it my top priority to investigate this F person. The other name you mentioned before, Bezine, I think I've heard of it...

Felix: Look into it. We'll get Robin. The only course of action we've got right now is to get rid of the Dark Arrows. Where did Robin go?

IoneHe probably went to Carlisle Ruins. We'd better catch him before he does anything too stupid.

[Reward: 18,000 EXP; 36,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x 2]

Episode #71: Robin's Revenge

Robin: It took you long enough.

Ione: You're the one who took off without telling anybody where you were going. If you were waiting for us to follow, you could have left a note.

Robin: Psh. You should have known.

Ione: You have got to be kidding me...

Robin: It's clear what we have to do now. Destroy the Dark Arrows, and kill Vanessa. Father did what he was supposed to do, but Vanessa ruined everything over a personal grudge! I'm going to kill her with my own hands!

Ione: Yeah, yeah. You do that, But the rest of us are going to form an actual PLAN. The Dark Arrows are being controlled by witchcraft. That means they're going to be organized. But they have a weakness. You see those strange wooden altars over there? If we destroy them, it should break the spell. We can scatter the Dark Arrows without getting ourselves killed.

Robin: Good! Let's smash those wooden Cult of Shadows altars now!

>> Destroy Cult of Shadows Wooden Alter (x/5)

Ione: The miasma is backing off. Maybe these thugs will realize they should pick a different profession.. I don't know about you guys, but I'm really looking forward to the next part... beating up sorcerers! I think the Dark Arrows allow the warlocks to inspect the altars. I will purify the remaining traces of witchcraft here, so you guys go take care of those Dark Arrow warlocks.

>> Defeat Dark Arrow Warlock (x/4)

Ione: These ruins... are clean. The Dark Arrows should disband soon enough. I say we turn our attention back to the Cult of Shadows.

Robin: The Dark Arrows are nothing but pawns for the Cult of Shadows! We have to kill them all! I will destroy them myself!

[Reward: 18,000 EXP; 36,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #72: Vanessa's End

Robin: This is the old Broken Arrows base... Now it's full of monsters.

Ione: These guys are all hopped up on witchcraft! They're not going to be easy...

Robin: This place must be important to them... Well it was important to US first! Vanessa must be here somewhere, the witch. Let's kill every one of these Cult of Shadows berserkers! Then Vanessa will have to show herself!

>> Defeat Cult of Shadows Berserker (x/4)

Vanessa: I knew you'd come to me, Robin.

Robin: Vanessa...

Vanessa: (With glares at the group with a twisted smile on her lips.)

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Vanessa: What's the matter, little bird?

Vanessa: Does the death of your dear father still sting?

Vanessa: I gave him a gift. It was a good, dignified death.

Vanessa: My father died on the gallows like a common traitor.

Vanessa: Mother and I were left to starve. She died because we couldn't afford medicine!

Vanessa: All because my father was murdered by those Pendragon pigs!

Robin: General Cromwell earned his place on the gallows.

Robin: My father was simply following orders!

Robin: Our fathers were nothing alike.

Robin: Percival Cromwell was loved and trusted by his soldiers.

Robin: And he betrayed that trust!

Vanessa: Trust? ha! What good is trust? What does trust get you?

Vanessa: It was power he needed, not trust!

Vanessa: He couldn't even protect the woman he loved!

Vanessa: How that must have hurt... What would you know of such pain?!

Robin: That doesn't absolve him of his evil. Nor you of yours!

Vanessa: Who cares what you think? Hahaha...

Vanessa: Live or die... Nothing ever changes...

Vanessa: Hanson is gone. Father, gone. Mother... gone...

Vanessa: My future... gone... Hahaha...

Robin: If you insist. Prepare to die!

Ione: Robin! Stay back!

Ione: The witchcraft's rotted away her soul.

Ione: Vanessa's already half-mad.

Ione: There's no telling what she'll do!

Robin: Good! Then she won't beg for mercy!

Vanessa: Ha... Hahaha! Come, little bird. Let's have one last dance!

Vanessa: Let us end this misery... Together...

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Vanessa: (Vanessa approaches slowly.)

Robin: General Cromwell earned his place on the gallows. My father was simply following orders! Percival Cromwell was loved and trusted by his soldiers. And he betrayed that trust!

Vanessa: Trust? ha! What good is trust? What does trust get you? It was power he needed, not trust! He couldn't even protect the woman he loved! How that must have hurt... What would you know of such pain?!

Robin: That doesn't absolve him of his evil. Nor you of yours!

Vanessa: Who cares what you think? Hahaha... Live or die... Nothing ever changes... Hanson is gone. Father, gone. Mother... gone... My future... gone... Hahaha...

Robin: If you insist. Prepare to die!

Ione: Robin! Stay back! The witchcraft's rotted away her soul. Vanessa's already half-mad. There's no telling what she'll do!

Robin: Good! Then she won't beg for mercy!

Vanessa: Ha... Hahaha! Come, little bird. Let's have one last dance! Let us end this misery... Together...

>> Defeat Vanessa in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Vanessa: Hahaha... Let's end this quickly.

Vanessa: Your blood belongs to ME! All of it!

Vanessa: I have enough blood.

Vanessa (transformed): The blood of heroes will fuel my witchcraft! I will finally know vengeance for my pain!

Vanessa (transformed): All of you! Ride with me into hell!

Vanessa: F-father, I'm sorry... I didn't want it to end like this.

Vanessa: Kill me, quickly. At least... At least let me die while I'm still human...

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Robin: Hmph. You were a traitor, Vanessa. Nothing more. You can cling to your vanity and your madness in hell. My father's honor will remain and you will be forgotten. The Dark Arrows won't bother us again, not without their leader. I wonder if the tables had turned, would I have done the same thing as Vanessa?

Ione: Did you actually learn a lesson? How mature!

Robin: Oh, shut up.

Ione: If she hadn't sold her soul to evil, we might have been able to save her. But witchcraft is a one-way ticket... Her pendant shattered when she went down. It was definitely a magical charm.

Robin: That's a pretty good piece of evidence. Let's take it to Owen.

>> Give Cromwell Pendant Piece to Captain Owen

Captain Owen: I'm glad you're back. Everything went as planned, I hope.

Ione: The Dark Arrows have been destroyed and Vanessa is dead. We brought you a piece of her pendant as proof.

Captain Owen: This is one of the Cromwell family treasures... A shame to see their family destroyed like this. What pleasure can we take in the fall of a great house? This is bittersweet news, my friends.

Ione: We're not out of the woods yet. The Dark Arrows are broken for now, but they could return.

Captain Owen: You're right, of course. I fear my own investigations haven't made much progress. I did find record of a prisoner named Bezine in the Pendragon Dungeons, but that's all I could find.

Ione: We'll look into it. Any lead is a good one.

[Reward: 25,700 EXP; 51,400 Gold, Gold Ticket I x2]

Chapter 2-5: Blackest Night

Episode #73: Night at the Emporium

Captain Owen: I feel like the person we seek is just outside our range of vision. If only we could find the clue that would light the way.

Gareth: We're not going to solve anything just standing around. Let's get you all to work!

Captain Owen: Prince Gareth! Have you been visiting the princess?

Royal Sentinel Raul: (Raul salutes and hands a document to Owen.) Captain Owen, the night shift is beginning its rounds.

Captain Owen: So late already? Do you have a report to make?

Royal Sentinel Raul: Nothing out of the ordinary, sir, but there is a matter that could use your attention.

Captain Owen: Well, let's hear it.

Royal Sentinel Raul: Luian, the leader of the fourth night shift, is late returning with his patrol. And Fergus, the leader of the first night shift, believes the Dark Arrow survivors are still out there somewhere.

Captain Owen: Understood. I'll look into it.

Royal Sentinel Raul: (Raul salutes again and walks into the darkness.)

Robin: Do you think there are Dark Arrows inside the capital? Captain Owen, you have more reports coming in, right?

Captain Owen: I'm still waiting on the port, lighthouse, and outskirts. It will take some time to get their reports.

Robin: I'll see to the two that we talked about before. I am the spymaster, after all.

Captain Owen: Thank you. Prince Gareth, what are you planning to do?

Gareth: That sounded a lot like a command, Owen. I'm a prince, you know?

Captain Owen: (Owen and Gareth share a rakish grin.)

>> Talk to Luian

Luian: (The guard looks you up and down.) Excuse me. Why are you heading toward the port at this hour?

Robin: I am Robin Huntington, the spymaster. Are you Luian?

Luian: (Upon hearing Robin's name, he hurriedly salutes.)

Robin: Okay, that's enough of that. I'm here for Captain Owen. Why haven't you reported in?

Luian: Oh! There was a suspicious person near the port. I was tracking them, but they got away from me somewhere nearby.

Robin: Do you think it's the Dark Arrows?

Luian: Yes, I think so.

William: (William jumps into a sudden run.)

Sarah: William?!

William: Robin! Here they are!

Gareth: Get ready, I think he's right.

>> Defeat Dark Arrow Enforcer in battle

Luian: Thank..thank you for your help!

Robin: (Robin grabs them by the neck and drags them over.) Are these your people?

Luian: Um, I don't think so...

Robin: Psh. I guess there were more left than I thought. Take these guys with you when it's time for your shift.

Luian: Yes, sir!

[Reward: 13,000 EXP; 26,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #74: While You Were Sleeping

Luian: I'll report back, sir.

Robin: That's fine. Do you happen to know a guard named Fergus?

Luian: Yes, sir. Fergus is in the castle perimeter security group. At this hour... he must be near the crypt entrance. It's about time for shift change, so I'd guess he would be there.

>> Talk to Fergus

Fergus: (A guard is confronting the Dark Arrows.) No! Stay away! Run, save yourselves!

Gareth: Ha! Were you going to take them on your own? This one's got guts.

Fergus: (He grips his spear with white knuckles.)

Robin: I'm Robin Huntington, the spymaster. I want you to go back to Captain Owen and tell him I said you earned yourself a day off. (Robin steps between Fergus and the approaching Dark Arrows.)

>> Defeat Dark Arrow Henchman (x/2)
>> Defeat Dark Arrow Sapper (x/2)

Fergus: Th-these guys... they came out of nowhere...

Robin: You did a good job holding them off. W [sic] Go get some rest now. I'll take care of the rest here.

Fergus: Oh, no sir! I must go myself...

Robin: That's an order, soldier. You've done enough today.

[Reward: 13,000 EXP; 26,000 Gold, Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #75: Still the Ferry Runs

Fergus: (Fergus hesitates for a moment, then salutes.)

Ione: What's gotten into that brute, being all nice?

Gareth: You didn't notice the new nicks on his spear edge? The shine of his armor? He's a rookie. Had quite a first day, by the looks of it.

Robin: I guess you have to notice that stuff when you're the boss. Owen's lucky to have you. Shall we head back?

>> Talk to Captain Owen

Captain Owen: (Owen is getting reports from other guards.) Ah, you're here. Please wait for a moment. This is the last report. (Owen's face changes when he hears the report.) Prince, Robin. Did something related to the Cult of Shadows happen?

Robin: No, we caught up with Luian and Fergus. They were fighting the Dark Arrows. Fergus there was trying to beat them all himself!

Gareth: What have you found, Owen?

Captain Owen: Do you remember what I told you before?

Gareth: To start from the beginning?

Captain Owen: Mordred's chambers haven't been touched since the rebellion, as ordered by the Princess. But someone must have remained in the castle... I should have been more careful at night. Robin, take this document to Hula at the main castle gates. If anything feels off, bypass the main gate and sneak in through the tunnels. I'll get inside some other way.

>> Give Night Duty Report to Hula

Hula: (You hand the document from Owen over to the guard.) .... No... no outsiders are allowed inside the castle at this hour...

Gareth: Don't you recognize your own prince?

Hula: P-Prince Gareth?! What brings you here at this hour?

Gareth: That information is above your pay grade, soldier. Why are you trying to stop me?

Robin: The castle has a new curfew and nobody bothered to tell the spymaster... Interesting.

Hula: (The guard looks perplexed.) So...

Gareth: What? We're coming inside, with or without your permission. These people are with me. (When the company starts to go up the stairs, Hula suddenly blocks them.)

Hula: can't! Not at this hour, your highness... No one may enter...

Robin: What the? How dare you... huh?

Hula: (Hula's eyes flash red for a brief moment before he shoves Gareth aside and flees into the castle.)

Ione: Catch him! This is just like the last rebellion! We've gotta get inside!

>> Defeat Royal Castle Guard (x/2)
>> Defeat Royal Castle Guard Captain (x/2)

Captain Owen: What is all this?

Ione: Don't touch anything. Owen! Get down from there! NOW!

Captain Owen: (Owen quickly retreats.)

Ione: Mind control over such a large scale... This guy knows what he's doing. How did he manage to elude you for so long?

Captain Owen: Are the sentinels... lost?

Ione: They probably can't feel anything, no memories and no pain. That's how Mordred could move about so freely.

Captain Owen: I failed in my duties.

[Reward: 13,000 EXP; 26,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #76: Poison for Antidote

Captain Owen: We'd better get the search started. Ione, what should we do with this place?

Ione: You and I will stay here. I want to look into a few things.

Gareth: Hey, wings. If anything weird happens, scream, okay?

Ione: (Ione glares at him for a moment before she examines the guards.)

>> Talk to Robin

Robin: Something is different here, but I can't put my finger on it. What are we missing? Let's take a good look around.

>> Get Torn Paper (Top) (x/1)
>> Get Torn paper (Bottom) (x/1)

Robin: This note is torn up... Wonder what it is. (Robin puts together the scraps of paper.) Let's see. Internal affairs meeting. Top secret. Date of the rebellion, Drek... Vanessa... Look here, there's someone else's handwriting.

Gareth: (Gareth looks at the memo.) That's not Mordred's scrawl. These parts are, but this looks more... feminine. Elegant.

Robin: Hmm. "For Him, for the cause... for me"?

????: (A small glint of metal catches the corner of your eye.)

Gareth: There's something on the floor by the window.

Shiny Necklace: (A strange necklace lies on the floor.)

Gareth: Why is this here? (Gareth picks up the necklace.) I... Ugh, I don't feel so well. My head is pounding. (Gareth gasps for breath.)

Sarah: Prince? Are you okay?

Robin: Prince, give me the necklace.

Gareth: No... No! It... is mine! Ha... Haha...

Sarah: Robin, Robin! Look at his eyes!

Gareth: (Gareth's eyes lose focus and begin to turn red.)

William: (William knocks the necklace from Gareth's hand. It thuds heavily to the floor further down the hallway.)

Shiny Necklace: KA-THUNK

Nightmare Seed: Aieeeee! Ehehehehehehehe!

Robin: What in the world is that thing?!

Sarah: We saw some of them during the last rebellion. It's coming this way! Watch out!

>> Defeat Nightmare Sprout in battle

Shiny Necklace: (The necklace loses its luster when the nightmare sprout and seed are destroyed.)

Gareth: Ughhh, what happened? My head feels like an elephant stepped on it...

William: (Gareth sways drunkenly, but William reaches out to steady him.)

Robin: (Robin walks towards the necklace laying on the floor.)

[Reward: 13,000 EXP; 26,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #77: Owen's Charge

Broken Necklace: (Even broken, it pulses with an unnerving aura of power.)

Robin: Let's get this thing back to Ione before it decides to take my hand off or something.

Sarah: (Sarah's attention is suddenly drawn to a corner of the room.)

Gareth: What is it, blondie? Did you see something?

Sarah: No. It was just deja vu... Let's get out of here.

>> Give Lackluster Necklace to Captain Owen

Captain Owen: Where did you find that necklace?

(You recount what happened in Mordred's chambers.)

Captain Owen: So when you read the note from Mordred, the necklace activated and tried to take control of Gareth's mind? Ione went on ahead to the other side. Let's find her mo--

Ione: Gareth! Owen! Anyone! HURRY! The princess, the princess is in danger!

Captain Owen: (Owen runs off without another word.)

>> Defeat Mouth of Shadow (x/2)
>> Defeat Eye of Shadow (x/2)

Princess Karinna: (The princess stares off into nothingness.)

Ione: Karinna! Can you hear me?!

Princess Karinna(The princess's skin is bone white.)

Captain Owen: Princess! Princess! What happened? Please talk to me!

Ione: Th-the Cult of Shadows! Oh spirits, they stole her soul and tore it to pieces!

Captain Owen: That can't be! How do we help her? There must be a way! Answer me, Ione!

Ione: (Ione glances around the room quickly, then points at a cluster of lights.) Those! Her soul is embedded inside those things. Quick, gather the pieces! We're not too late! I'm not letting you go, not this time. Not ever! Gather the fragments of her soul, we'll get her back!

>> Get Karinna's Soul (x/30)

Princess Karinna: (Her body is slowly fading away. She's almost transparent.)

Ione: Hold on, Karinna. Just keep holding on! (Ione whispers quietly, holding the fragments of Karinna's soul.) Great Spirits of Wind, gather the mists... Lead me... (Ione sings quietly in a low voice.)

Gareth: What are you doing, fairy? Why are you singing?

Ione: (The fragments of soul gather together and drift through the air toward the Princess.) Another night awaits...

Sarah: Is... Is it done? Is she all right? Princess?

Ione: (Ione finishes her song and falls to the floor.)

Sarah: Ione!

Princess Karinna: W-what happened? Why are you all here?

Captain Owen: Princess! You're alive! Oh, mercy!

Princess Karinna: I was in a dark room, but I heard Ione's voice calling me. She sounded so far away... Ow, my head.

Sarah: Ione! Hey, can you hear me? Oh no, she's not responding...

Casey: Leave her be for now.

Gareth: Hey, aren't you Sibyl's apprentice?

Casey: Ione pushed herself too far, but I am not too late. Leave the Princess and the fairy to me. I need everyone else out. Go.

[Reward: 13,000 EXP; 26,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #78: Light & Dark

Princess Karinna: Is this because of me? Poor Ione. Is she going to be all right, Casey? What... What happened?

Casey: Ione hasn't used her powers like this in a while, but she is in no danger. Everyone remain calm and do as I say. No one has died today, and I would like to keep it that way.. Captain Owen, take this and return to Mordred's chambers. Ione's powers are gathered within. She is a descendant of Saint Tiphareth, and blessed with the ability to purify even the darkest of corruptions. Take this sphere with you to Mordred's room and eradicate all the darkness. As long as it is in your possession, you will see the corruption.

Sarah: And then what? What do we do afterwards?

Casey: Once you dispel the wall of darkness, Sarah, look with your heart. Only you can do what needs to be done.

Sarah: Me? But I don't have any powers!

Captain Owen: This is no time for modesty, girl. If he says you can do it, you need to do it. Let's move.

>> Talk to Captain Owen

Captain Owen: We're here. What do we do with this thing? Want to give it a try, <<Player>>?

>> Purify Rising Shadow (x/5)

Captain Owen: I can almost feel the place getting lighter. Am I imagining things?

Robin: Whew, looks like we cleaned up this place pretty good! Anything else left to do?

Gareth: It's up to you now, blondie.

Sarah: I... I don't know what I'm supposed to do, though.

William: I think I know. You've always been better than everyone else at noticing little details. You'd see things that no one else could. So look around. Maybe something's out of place or weird... Just tell us if you notice anything at all.

Sarah: Um, all right. I'll give it a try. (Sarah walks around the room quietly for a while before stopping in front of a bookcase.) Here. Is this bookcase supposed to be here? It seems... off. What could it be? Look at this sigil here. It's not the Pendragon coat of arms. (Sarah touches the emblem on the book and jerks her hand back with a hiss.) Ow! That stung! Nobody else touch that. Let me try twisting here, and pushing this panel, and-- Look here! Isn't this the symbol of the Cult of Shadows?!

Queen Fersona: Ah, the Blood of the Saint and the Vigilant Eye... Was she lucky, or was this a twist of fate?

Captain Owen: Queen Fersona! Where did you come from?

Queen Fersona: I may have underestimated you, Captain Owen.

Captain Owen: You... Of course it was you!

Queen Fersona: You always knew, didn't you? My plan took more time than I originally estimated. Still, only a blink to me. Faster than you, for sure.

Captain Owen: What are you plotting now?!

Queen Fersona: Plotting, Captain? Watch your tongue. Lest you forget, I am still queen of this country. Not that I require a pointless title to mask my plan any longer. Farewell to you all. I shan't see you again.

Lilia: Leave them to us, Mistress Morgan...

Queen Fersona: Ah, my lovelies. You have done so well, and I am feeling gracious. You may eat as many humans as you'd like today.

Celia: We thank you, mistress.

>> Defeat Risellia in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Lilia: Who do you think is the most tasty, sister?

Celia: I don't know! All I know is that this is turning into a wonderful day. Don't you agree?

Lilia: All the men are mine. Hehe. You there, give up now!

Celia: They are certainly good at being a nuisance! We underestimated you, but we're too hungry. Why don't you just be a good and lie down to die?

Lilia: Ugh, what is this? They're good fighters! Bah!

Lilia: Sis, this isn't looking good. They aren't ones to play with like we usually do.

Celia: Sheesh, putting the pieces of a broken body back together is tough. Oh well. I'd rather not get yelled at by Morgen again.

Risellia: Hello, my dears. Shall we get back to it then? Heehee.

Risellia: Ah... No, noooo. It's cracking faster!

Risellia: Let's run for now! Morgan will patch us back up!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Captain Owen: The Sister of Sin?! I can't believe such evil was lurking around the castle! Nor did I think the Queen would reveal herself like this!

Gareth: Yes, this is all very strange. I knew she wasn't the nicest woman in the kingdom, but she was always so quiet. What is she, anyway? Is she running the Cult of Shadows?

Sarah: D-did you see her look right at me? I got goosebumps...

Gareth: She called you the "Vigilant Eye." With Ione not here, I'd say that makes you their main target.

Sarah: What do you think that means?

Gareth: William said it. You've been gifted with keen insight. Maybe you can spot more than just a funny bookshelf now and again. You have a gift, Sarah.

Sarah: Oh. Maybe I can be of some help then?

Gareth: What are you saying, blondie? Are you actually worried about getting in the way?

Sarah: Um... Well, yes. I've never been particularly great at anything noteworthy...

Gareth: William will never let you live this modesty down. The boy makes more noise more than a babbling brook, but he tries his best. You're the smart one! Don't be so humble.

William: Don't drag me into this, prince! I've been nothing but respectful this whole time, and here you are pointing fingers and saying awful things. Why, it reminds me of--

Sarah: Shut up, William.

William: Y-yes ma'am.

[Reward: 13,000 EXP; 26,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #79: The Mysterious F

Captain Owen: That passage over there. I didn't see it in Mordred's chambers earlier today.

Robin: Where do you think it leads to, oh prince of thugs?

Gareth: The banquet halls and ballrooms are just above us, so it can't lead upstairs. I'd bet that passage leads into the dungeons. And you know I don't make a bet unless I mean it.

Robin: How much do you want to bet?

Gareth: Might as well bet my entire fortune, haha. Unless you're scared?

Robin: What have I got to lose? (Robin smiles and leaps towards the passage.)

Captain Owen: We will have to have a discussion on decorum when this is through.

Gareth: Smile a little, Owen. If you're going to die, you might as well die happy. Just act like you're doing it for Karinna.

Captain Owen: I... suppose I could try.

Gareth: A fine, upstanding man like yourself shouldn't be so easily swayed by unruly ladies like that. William, what's the count?

William: I was supposed to be counting?

Player: 97, 98, 99, 100. Shall we?

Captain Owen: Let's move.

>> Talk to Robin

Robin: The prince of savages was right. It's a dungeon. You can keep your gold.

Gareth: We'll talk about how you're going to pay me later. Any idea what Mordred was using this for?

Robin: I hate to say it, but I think Mordred might have been a victim...

Gareth: What makes you say that?

Robin: Everyone knows that His Highness and Mordred were close friends, right? But then they turned on each other... And Fersona, no, Morgan Le Fay... Mordred is the one who pushed her as Queen.

Gareth: And?

Robin: She's obviously using dark magic. Ione even said that she was going to be a tough foe. She's been working on a plan of some sort... So what does that mean?

Sarah: It must be a long plan...

Robin: Mordred was the opening act. She must have brainwashed him first, then used him to get into the castle.

Captain Owen: That's a convincing argument. Mordred only began his dissent in the royal court recently. It's nothing I can prove, but she's wormed her way into monarchy for a reason. If we want to know the truth of it, I say we go to the source. She passed by on the floor above us not long ago.

Captain Owen: Good. Let's follow her.

>> Defeat Spirit of Fury (x/2)
>> Defeat Eye of Envy (x/2)

Queen Fersona: Risellia must have fled again. I was hoping she would at least kill the Vigilant Eye. Idiots... Either way, I am moments away from turning this place into hell. At least I will have an audience! Meet me down the way, would you darlings? I'll be waiting for you in the middle of hell. (She vanishes into the fog.)

>> Defeat Mouth of Greed (x/2)
>> Defeat Tongue of Pride (x/2)

Captain Owen: A-are these... demons?! How can they be here?! Is this what she meant by showing us hell?

[Reward: 14,000 EXP; 28,000 Gold; Silver Ticket I x2]

Episode #80: An Ill-Fated Relationship

Captain Owen: How do we fight these devils?!

Gareth: (Gareth's sword bounces off the demon's back.) Owen, this isn't going so well. We can't go back now. We've come so far! Maybe we can at least hold them here...

Ione: Or maybe Ione can show up and save the day! Ta-da!

Gareth: Wings?! You're gonna get yourself killed!

Ione: Aww, the little prince is worried about me! You just focus that sweet concern on these monsters while I win the fight for you. I'm not letting that evil witch get away without a good punch in the face from yours truly! (Ione closes her eyes and utters a spell. She walks among the group, blessing weapons as she moves.) There you go! I think you have some monsters to take care of.

>> Defeat Sin of Shadow (x/2)
>> Defeat Vice of Darkness (x/2)

Captain Owen: What are you staring at, Ione?

Ione: Nothing... I was thinking about how they connected the darkness with the castle. It's just like in Elfheim. The designs of her magical channels are ancient. I think this woman has been alive for a long time. I've never heard of a non-fairy using these sorts of spell weaves. She's able to conjure some very complex forms. The anchors and pathways are elegant... But some things just don't make sense. Why was she using such an inefficient spirit channel? I just don't get it... It seems too sloppy.

Captain Owen: All we have to do for certain is destroy everything and move forward.

Ione: Yeah, you're right. It does make things... more certain. If we can just stop her... Sibyl, Casey, and I can take care of everything else.

Felix: Let's get moving if we can. We've still got a barricade to deal with.

Gareth: Yeah, let's end this already. I need to get out of his [sic] castle, get somewhere totally different. Maybe Africa...

FelixIf we make it out of here alive, I'll take you there myself.

Sarah: Let's go, I think they know what we're doing.

>> Defeat Undying Man (x/2)
>> Defeat Condemned Man (x/2)

Captain Owen: (Owen stops short.)

Queen Fersona: I see you've brought the saint's whelp. I'm impressed.

Ione: Wh-what are you? How are you even alive? Your soul is in tattered shreds!

Queen Fersona: Goodness, is it that bad? Tell me, fairy, what good has your soul ever done you? A creature born from harmony could never understand what I am. Nor would I wish that you could. I am madness incarnate. I am chaos given form! What use is a soul against my power?

Captain Owen:: Why are you trying to destroy Pendragon, witch?!

Queen Fersona: A very good question, Captain. Why indeed? You still haven't realized, even after hearing my true name? How dissappointing. This kingdom was founded on befouled blood. You still don't understand? I am the source of that foulness. I am its heart.

Captain Owen: It's quiet...

Ione: Too quiet...

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Queen Fersona: I've been waiting.

Captain Owen: Hello... Morgan le Fay.

Queen Fersona: I see you've brought the saint's whelp.

Queen Fersona: I'm impressed.

Ione: Wh-what are you? How are you even alive?

Ione: Your soul is in tattered shreds!

Queen Fersona: Goodness, is it that bad?

Queen Fersona: Tell me, fairy, what good has your soul ever done you?

Queen Fersona: I am madness incarnate. I am chaos given form!

Queen Fersona: What use is a soul against my power?

Ione: This can't be...

Captain Owen: Why are you trying to destroy Pendragon, witch?!

Queen Fersona: A very good question, Captain. Why indeed?

Queen Fersona: You still haven't realized, even after hearing my true name? How dissappointing.

Queen Fersona: This kingdom was founded on befouled blood.

Queen Fersona: You still don't understand?

Queen Fersona: I am the source of that foulness. I am its heart.

Captain Owen: Cease this nonsense!

Queen Fersona: Oh, have I touched a nerve, good captain?

Queen Fersona: No matter. The spell is ready.

Queen Fersona: Today, I stand judgment over Pendragon...

Queen Fersona: Today, Pendragon will be purged!

Captain Owen: She's revealing her true form! Steel yourselves!

Morgan le Fay: The end times are upon you.

Morgan le Fay: But for you, my lovelies, I have a special gift.

Morgan le Fay: You will be first to die by my hand!

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Morgan le Fay: Shall we? [sic]

Queen Fersona: I think it's time to reward you for bearing witness to the beginning of a new era. I'll give you the privilege of being the first to die. (Red fog envelops her body.)

Morgan le Fay: Shall we?

>> Defeat Morgan le Fay in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Risellia: Hello, my dears! So we meet again. I won't be as easy on you this time!

Risellia: Aieyyaaaaaa!

Risellia: Uhhh...uhh....? Mo-Morgan? No, no...! Morgan!!!! (A thin, white hand bursts forth from Risellia's chest.)

Morgan le Fay: They listened well. A shame, but I had no other choice. Why look at me like that? Are you still surprised by my true nature? (Morgan le Fay smiles slightly.)

Morgan le Fay: Did you see a glimmer of hope once? It is gone, crushed under my heel.

Morgan le Fay: First, I shall tell you a story. Once upon a time, there lived a brother and his half sister. The little girl followed her brother everywhere, but he was jealous of his sister's latent power. Then one day, an archmage whispered in his ear. "You shall become the king of all this someday..." The brother did everything he could to steal his half-sister's power. She was trapped in time, her mortal body ripped to shreds in the ether. While shackled in darkness, slowly losing everything that she was, she heard a voice calling her name from the blackness. Help me, Morgan le Fay... And I will see you freed from your hellish prison. When the sister emerged from the darkness, she saw shining a glorious kingdom built by her beloved brother. I am that unfortunate half-sister. Pendragon is a blighted country build on my flesh and blood. I am here to claim what is mine.

Morgan le Fay: What? It's not working...? Rideran... Do you dare toy with me?

Morgan le Fay: Hehehe, the downfall of Pendragon was just bait. You all are quite lucky.

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Captain Owen: Fairy... Did we succeed?

Gareth: (Gareth's eyes are dull with shock.) Is she... Uther 's sister?

Captain Owen: Sir, it could be a lie.

Ione: Stop chattering and move, you oafs! I have to block the Phase Rift! (Ione catches her breath and stands in front of the portal. Sweat beads on her forehead. With a brilliant flash of light, the rift collapses.) Whew... it... it's done.

Felix: You were brave out there, Ione, everybody. You all fought bravely.

Captain Owen: We can celebrate once the princess is safe. She must be with Casey, right?

Ione: I think so. Let's go talk to her now.

Player: Let's get back to the Princess.

Captain Owen: How long were we down there? I'd bet it's morning by now...

William: So sleepy... Carry me, Sarah.

Sarah: Sure, then I can just drop you in a pit while you're sleeping. You won't feel a thing.

William: You're always so mean to me. Do you ever think about my feelings, Sarah?

Sarah: We were just attacked by a world-ending witch, and you're worried about your feelings?

William: What can I say? I'm a sensitive guy. And if you're going to make threats, maybe I'll just stop talking.

Gareth: Can we get that in writing?

(Gareth and Robin grab William and carry him away like a sack of potatoes.)

William: Ah! Guys! Come on! I was just teasing Sarah! Ow! I'm getting a wedgie!

>> Talk to Princess Karinna

Princess Karinna: You're safe, all of you. (When the princess sees Owen, she runs over and hugs him.)

Captain Owen: Y-your highness? I...

Princess Karinna: Thank you for coming back safely, Owen. All of you, I'm sorry for the trouble I've caused.

Gareth: Ugh, don't do all that mushy stuff in front of your brother. At least have the decency to get a room...

Ione: Can it, prince brattypants. They make a lovely couple.

Casey: Ione, are you well? You used a lot of power...

Ione: Relax. I did what I could, but we'll need Sibyl's help to finish the work.

Casey: This is a long and winding road for you to walk injured...

Princess Karinna: What would it take to heal you both? I swear I will devote myself to finding it...

Sibyl: HACK-KOFF--I-it would be best to allow nature to take its course.

Ione: Sibyl? You should be resting.

Sibyl: You are one to talk, Ione. I felt the power you used underground.

Ione: (Ione explains what happened.)

(Sibyl stares intently into your eyes as she listens to the story.)

Sibyl: Morgan le Fay... That would explain the clouds above the castle. The rift she attempted to open here was a very advanced piece of witchcraft. It would have required a great deal of skill to create. I believe it is time you heard a new tale...

Ione: What is it?

Sibyl: It is not a pleasant story, but you must listen closely. I will tell you of my dreams.

Sarah: What kind of dream?

Princess Karinna: Everyone, please gather around.

>> Talk to Sibyl

Sibyl: (Sibyl takes Sarah's hand and begins her story.)

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Sibyl: Sleep did not come easy that night. I dreaded the images of terror my dreams would show me. Even now, the memories tear at the corners of my mind... For in my dream, I faced a vision of hell itself. In that place... evil is given physical form. The screams of the suffering filled my ears. Everything I loved, in flames... The dead rose from their graves and stalked the land. Hellish demons spewed forth from fissures of fire and smoke. The earth itself stank with plague and rot. It's as if... As if evil itself was feasting. Feasting on blood... terror... agony. It's as if... As if evil itself was feasting. Feasting on blood... terror... agony. And in the middle of it all, there stood a man. He watched, unmoving, impartial, as the world around him burned. His eyes betrayed no emotion. Countless threads of light stretched out from his body. Wherever they touched, death followed.

"He is Rideran Durasis, the dread King who will bring an end to this world."

I'd never heard the voice before, but somehow it brought calm to my heart. I'm certain... That was the voice of Saint Tiphareth. I tried to listen closer, but she didn't speak. Instead, a new figure appeared in a brilliant flash of light. I couldn't see who it was, but this newcomer, bathed in radiance, turned to face Rideran. Shadow and light tangled and clashed as I drifted further and further away. You must find the chosen one. That is this world's only hope. When her voice finally faded, I awoke. That figure, wrapped in the light of hope... was you.

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Sibyl: Prophecy is a great burden to carry, but it is one you must bear. Prepare yourselves and press on. There are many ordeals yet to face.

Player: (Sibyl holds your gaze.)

[Reward: 23,000 EXP; 46,000 Gold; Gold Ticket I x5]

Chapter 3-1: Corrupt Forest

Episode #81: The Cowardly Fairy

Fairyhaven is free of the Shadow Legion for now, but the damage was extensive.

Character Overview
Karinna Icon Gareth Icon Ione Icon Ereina Icon Shyre Icon William Icon Sarah Icon Kainan Icon Player Icon
Princ. Karinna
Queen Ereina
Comm. Shyre

Princess Karinna: Welcome, everyone. I was just about to send a messenger. An urgent message has arrived from Fairyhaven. The Shadow Legion is closing in on it.

Gareth: I knew it was only a matter of time. We can't turn our backs on our allies now.

Princess KarinnaBrother, I'd like you to accompany these adventurers.

Gareth: Must I?

Ione: Play nice, thug prince. We have a long road ahead. Why don't we try to get along?

Gareth: I haven't even agreed to go yet!

Princess Karinna: No one is more suited than you to represent the Royal House of Pendragon. I must stay with father in case something happens. Please, brother.

Gareth: Fine. I'll do it. Besides, it's a good excuse to get out of this stuffy palace.

Princess Karinna: Adventurers, much is riding on this. Fairyhaven is the last line of defense for the fairies.

Ione: You don't have to tell me twice. I'd go even if you didn't ask us to.

Princess Karinna: It's going to be a long journey. You should open your map and plan your route before you leave. (Fairyhaven is in Erev Heights. Open your Map to view the area.)

>> Go to Fairyhaven Grand Hall

Queen Ereina: Welcome, heroes of Britannia.

Gareth: I come on behalf of the Royal House of Pendragon. Greetings, Queen Ereina.

Queen Ereina: I'm sorry you had to come all this way. I hope your stay is pleasant.

Ione: How are we supposed to do that, huh? Fairyhaven's in danger! On the way here, I could feel a thick ring of dark energy around Fairyhaven. It's real nice to see you, Ereina.

Queen Ereina: The pleasure is all mine, Ione. I'm glad you're safe.

Ione: I heard that you lost a lot of people fleeing here. Is this town really safe?

Queen Ereina: Yes, our loss was great. We live now to reclaim our homeland and take our revenge against the Shadow Legion. I wish Furia were here...

Ione: Something happened to Furia?!

Queen Ereina: She... she died fighting for Elfheim.

Ione: Oh, no...

Gareth: Your Majesty, what can we do to help?

Queen Ereina: Your enthusiasm is touching, Prince Gareth. I would ask you to [sic] with Commander Shyre and inspect our defenses.

Gareth: I'd like to know possible paths of approach the Shadow Legion might take, as well as possible vulnerabilities.

Queen Ereina: Your enthusiasm is touching, Prince Gareth. [sic] Especially in dark times like this. I'll send word to Commander Shyre. Please meet with him and inspect our defenses.

>> Talk to Commander Shyre

Commander Shyre: Now here's a familiar face. Long time, no see, Ione.

Ione: Right back at you, Shyre. How have you been?

Commander Shyre: Dashing, as always. But what of you? I worry about you, you know, all on your own out in the big, bad world. But it seems you're doing all right for yourself. I've missed you, Ione.

Ione: I missed you, too.

William/Sarah: ...

William: S-Sarah... Am I dreaming?

Sarah: Don't ask me. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what I'm seeing.

Ione: Hahaha...

Commander Shyre: Are these your new friends, Ione? As you all know, she can be quite shy sometimes.

Gareth: I'm Prince Gareth of Pendragon. What's the situation?

Commander Shyre: We've had some skirmishes with Shadow Legion scouts, and barely survived. We've lost many good men.

Ione: I heard about Furia. I still can't believe it...

Commander ShyreShe fell keeping Kainan safe...

Ione: Oh, no. Kainan... How is he?

Commander Shyre: The trauma of it all left him in a state of shock. He just... babbles.

Ione: I should go to him. Maybe I can help him. I know a remedy for this. I just need some Flower Snail.

>> Get Pink Mucus (x/12)
>> Get Yellow Mucus (x/12)

Kainan: Ugh... (Kainan tears up as he looks at Ione. He gestures franticly, frustrated by his inability to speak.)

Ione: Poor Kainan. Don't worry, I'll make you all better. (Ione pours the remedy made of the snail mucus into Kainan's mouth.)

Kainan: Gggwwwrrrgggghhh! GROSS!

Ione: At least it works.

Kainan: I-Ione! I-I didn't want to run! I-it should've been me, not Furia! I'm nothing compared to my brother. Why would she die for someone like me? I was too scared to even run! Even Furia didn't stand a chance against them!

Ione: First he couldn't talk, now he can't stop. Calm down, Kainan.

Kainan: There was nothing I could do! The darkness! The darkness swalled so many fairies! And then he came out from the darkness... And he...! He stabbed Furia in the heart...! Ugh... Aaarrgghh!

Ione: Kainan, stay with me!

Gareth: Who is it that scares him so much?

Ione: Who knows? Just hearing about this guy gives me the creeps. We better tell Shyre about this.

>> Talk to Commander Shyre

Commander Shyre: Kainan must have seen Dread King Rideran. He commanded the Shadow Legion personally.

Gareth: Dread King Rideran... Rideran Durasis. The traitor used to be captain of the Pendragon Knights.

Commander Shyre: He's the man behind the Shadow Legion's reign of terror. Before Kainan, no one faced the Dread King and lived to tell it.

Ione: What does that creep even want?

Commander Shyre: Where do I begin? You know the story of the Heart of Atlantis, and how it shattered into pieces at the end of the Great World [sic? Probably Great War], right?

Sarah: Of course. The pieces were scattered throughout the world.

Commander Shyre: The core of the heart, the Heart Stone, possesses more power than any of the other pieces.

Gareth: And Dread King Rideran has the Heart Stone.

Commander Shyre: Legend has it the Heart Stone, when used with orichalcum as a medium, can restore the Heart of Atlantis.

Ione: No... The Dread King...

Commander Shyre: Yes. He's trying to resurrect Antares.

William/Sarah: ...!

Commander Shyre: Elfheim housed a sample of highly pure orichalcum. The Dread King razed the whole city for it. I've seen the power of the Heart Stone. As long as the Dread King has it, we can't hope to beat him. (Commander Shyre eyes you as you idly fiddle with your necklace.) It almost looks like the pendant he}'s [sic] wearing.

Player: (Everyone turns to you.)

Ione: What are you trying to say, Shyre? Do you think <<Player>> is the Dread King}? [sic]

Commander Shyre: Of course not! I've seen the Dread King. I'm just saying his Heart Stone looks just like that pendant. (In spite of his denial, Shyre watches you with suspicion in his eyes.) Let's get to business, shall we? Ione, I'd like you to meet with my adjutant Vera Maylansia. She's at the riverside.

Ione: Got it, Shyre. Let's go, guys.

Commander Shyre: Huh. I'm glad Ione has such good friends. [Let's get to business, shall we? Ione, I'd like you to meet with my adjutant Vera Maylansia. She's at the riverside.] [sic]

[Reward: 40,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #82: Repairing Damage

The fairy warrior Vera Maylansia is working to prevent the seeds of corruption from spreading.

Character Overview
Vera Icon Ione Icon William Icon Sarah Icon

Vera: Hey, Ione. I heard you were back. The outside's been good to you. In the meantime, the rest of us have been stuck in Fairyhaven, hanging on for dear life.

Ione: Sheesh. I missed you, too.

Vera: Ha! Yeah, we missed you, too. At least, I could use a hand, and it looks like you've got plenty.

William: Hey, Sarah, why isn't that fairy flying? Can't she fly? There something wrong with her?

Sarah: Keep your voice down!

IoneDon't listen to my friend here. He's an idiot, you see.

Vera: No worries. It's not like my inability to fly is a secret. Hell, it's a nice change to hear someone say that to my face. There were... complications when I was born. Maybe that's why old mother nature didn't give me her blessing.

William: Oh... Well... That's... I'm really, really sorry.

Vera: Haha, look how red his face is! Isn't that adorable? Sure, apology accepted. On one condition. See those tree monsters? They're the Tainted Sequoia Fruit grown from corrupt seeds left by the Shadow Legion. Destroy the Tainted Sequoia Fruit. We must defend the fountainhead.

William: Your wish is my command.

>> Defeat Tainted Sequoia Fruit (x/5)

Vera: Hm, you came back quickly. Not bad.

Sarah: I'm really sorry about what William said earlier. Let me apologize on his behalf.

Vera: Pfft, he's nothing compared to Ione. I could make her apologize to me for the rest of her life if I wanted to. When we were kids, she used to call me a mole 'cause I was earthbound. I laugh about it now, but back then, it really stung.

WilliamSarah: Aww, that's mean.

Ione: Wh-when did I do that? Stop joking around!

Vera: Yeah, yeah. Whatever. You'd better go to Elina now. Ione, I'm sure you have something to say to her.

Ione: Um... I think I'll see her later.

Vera: How long do you think you can put this off? You have to face her sooner or later.

Ione: All right! I'll go. She won't kill me, right? Hey, Vera! I wasn't picking on you. I was trying to help you! Fairies who can't communi with the spirits are easy targets for revenants. I was trying to protect you, understand?

Vera: ...Whatever you say. It's all water under the bridge. Everyone's on the edge right now. If you think I'm beoing tough on you, wait 'til you talk to the others. You'd better visit Captain Elina Blaze. Brace yourself for the cold.

Ione: I might as well see Elina now and get it over with. [sic. Texts seems to be mixed up?]

[Reward: 40,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #83: A Warrior Returns

Elina Blaze wishes to weed out the tainted flowers that have been devouring fairies. Meanwhile, an unexpected person has appeared...

Character Overview
Elina Icon Ione Icon Felix Icon Erin Icon Furia Icon Melissa Icon Ereina Icon Kainan Icon Shyre Icon
Queen Ereina
Comm. Shyre

Elina: Commander Shyre said you'd come. I am Elina Blaze, deputy commander of the Elfheim Reclamation Army. On behalf of my people, I thank you for coming to our aid.

Ione: Hi, Elina. It's me. You know, Ione?

Elina: As you've no doubt noticed, the Shadow Legion left the land tainted in their wake. If the treants fall to this corruption, we will be defenseless.

Ione: Helloooo? Can you hear me?

Elina: The Elfheim Reclamation Army is assisting the Fairyhaven Guards in containing the contamination of the Shadow Legion. Please help us exterminate the Tainted Sequoia Flowers.

>> Defeat Tainted Sequoia Flower (x/5)

Elina: Well done. You're much better than one useless fairy I know.

Ione: If you're angry with me, tell me. But don't just ignore me!

Elina: Let us move on to the next mission. Time is of the essence.

Ione: Ellliiinnnaaa-!

Elina: Funny. For a moment there, I could have sworn I heard the voice of a traitor. No, it must be in my mind.

Ione: ...

Felix: Enough! I don't care what happened between you two, but this is ridiculous!

Elina: (Elina glares at Ione.) Fine. I acknowledge that she's standing there. Can we move on now? My sister Erin went missing in the Valley of Wind while scouting. Destroy the Befouled Pistils. There must be some trace of Erin around here.

>> Destroy Befouled Pistil (x/5)

Erin: Ugh... Thank you for your help. ...Ione? Is it really you?

Ione: Yes, Erin, it's me! Are you all right?

Erin: I hoped I'd never see you again.

Ione: Hmph!

Felix: I don't know what happened between you two, but Ione saved your life. Show some respect.

Erin: Yeah? Well, if Ione hadn't abandoned us, Elfheim would still be standing. She's the scion of the Saint. Only she could have activated Elfheim's last defense spell, Light of the Saints. But when Elfheim needed her most, she wasn't there. She neglected her duty as the scion of the Saint. The queen may have forgiven her, but I never will. So many of my friends are dead because of her.

Ione: Erin, stop this! I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I'll do anything to make up for it, so please forgive me!

Erin: Talk is cheap. Anyway, we don't need you anymore. We have someone else now. Someone better. She saved me when I was knocked out by the corrupted trees. I didn't need you to save me, Ione. I could have escaped with her as soon as she came back from her investigation.

Ione: What are you talking about? Who?

Furia: I've checked the interior, and... Hm? Erin, you escaped. How are you holding up?

Erin: Ah, Furia! You're back!

Ione: ...Furia?!

Furia: ...Oh, Ione. Welcome back. I trust you've enjoyed exploring the outside world.

Ione: I thought... You did fighting the Dread King... to protect Kainan...

Erin: That's ridiculous! Furia is stronger than that! Anyway, now that you're back, we should report to Melissa. Let's go.

>> Talk to Melissa

Melissa: F-Furia... You're alive!

Furia: You're safe, Melissa.

Melissa: I can't believe you're alive. This is the best news I've... I've... ...But why do you look like that?

Furia: I was tortured by the Shadow Legion. It's okay. I'm all right now.

Melissa: How dare they?! Those monsters... Thank you for bringing Furia back safely. I'm Melissa Selestia, commander of the Elfheim Reclamation Army. Now that Furia is back, she can have her commander position back. We didn't do much. We were looking for Erin when we looking for Erin when we came across her.

FuriaMelissa, I want you to remain in command. I've just returned and I need my rest.

Melissa: Of course, Furia, anything you want. Oh, what am I doing? I'd better report this to the queen!

Ione: ...

Felix: Something the matter, Ione?

Ione: No. No, I'm fine. Furia's a real hero, after all. Not like me... Let's just go back to the queen.

>> Talk to Queen Ereina

Queen Ereina: Oh, my! Furia! You're safe!

Furia: Furia Selestia, former commander of the Elfheim Army, reporting in.

Queen Ereina: I thought you were dead. I'm glad I was wrong. With you at our side, we have a chance to win the war with the Shadow Legion.

Furia: ...

Kainan: Ione! Is it true Furia is back? ...Oh. She is.

Ione: You really are a scaredy-cat, you know that? She wasn't killed, just captured.

Kainan: No, that's... that's not right. I saw the Dread King's sword go through her heart.

Ione: It doesn't matter now. Stop feeling guilty about her death, okay?

Kainan: Something doesn't feel right. She's changed, and it's not just her looks. Even the air around her...

Commander Shyre: You imbecile, stop talking nonsense! Go home and stay there until I say otherwise! Elfheim's hero has returned! Welcome back, Furia. Pay no mind to my fool of a brother.

Furia: I hope you are well, Shyre Ata. If you excuse me, I have a rather pressing matter at hand.

Commander Shyre: Of course. You must be weary from your ordeals. Adventurers, if you will, we have work to do.

[Commander Shyre: You imbecile, stop talking nonsense! Go home and stay there until I say otherwise! I'm sorry about my brother's foolish nonsense. He's confused by the situation. Anyway, we must make preparations to strike back at the enemy. Come back to me when you're ready.] [sic. Repeats itself.]

[Reward: 40,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #84: Tainted Spirit Spring

You met someone unexpected while searching for the source of the fountainhead's corruption.
Character Overview
Shyre Icon Ione Icon Sarah Icon Vera Icon Gareth Icon Kainan Icon Ereina Icon Furia Icon Melissa Icon
Comm. Shyre
Queen Ereina

Commander Shyre: I'm thrilled to finally fight back against the Shadow Legion! According to Furia, Corruption Seeds have spread as far as the Great Fountainhead. Fairyhaven is on the verge of destruction. I've sent Vera to the Great Fountainhead to check on the situation there. ...Ione.

Ione: ...Huh? Oh yes, Shyre. I've been listening.

Commander Shyre: What's wrong? You seem upset.

Sarah: Erin said some harsh things to her, and Elina won't even acknowledge her.

Commander Shyre: ...I see. They don't really hate you, you know. They just need someone to blame, or they'll never be able to forgive themselves.

Ione: ...I know, Shyre. Thanks.

Commander Shyre: Now, let's get back to work. The contaminated water from the Great Fountainhead has contaminated the forest roots. Collect Sources of Decadence from the Tainted Sequoia Roots and deliver them to Vera.

>> Get Source of Decadence (x/10)

Vera: Yuck, I hate touching these Sources of Decadence. ...Ione, what's wrong?

Sarah: Well... Elina Blaze...

Vera: Say no more. I can imagine Elina's reaction just fine. I'm sorry but you just have to deal with it. Not every fairy is as magnanimous as I. Reality is harsh. Kainan is even worse off than you. Since Furia came back alive, people see Kainan as a terrible coward and liar. I really don't understand this, though. The enemy scattered around some corruption seeds, but it shouldn't cause THIS much corruption.

Sarah: The priests of the Cult of Shadows were contaminating the trees directly.

Vera: Is that possible? This place is protected by powerful spirit magic!

Gareth: Perhaps we're dealing with someone intimately familiar with spirit magic. A mole, so to speak.

Vera: A mole? No...

Kainan: (A familiar-looking redheaded fairy boy is passing you by, his face void of expression.)

Ione: Um? Why is Kainan here?

Vera: And why is he with the priests of the Cult of Shadows? Let's follow him. I really hope Prince Gareth is wrong about the mole. We should get rid of those Lust Priests first.

>> Defeat Cult of Shadows Lust Priest (x/5)

Kainan: Um... Um...? Where am I?

Gareth: Hmph. Playing dumb, are you?

Kainan: What? No! I was just tailing Furia. I don't remember what happened after that!

Ione: Kainan, you've got to admit this looks pretty bad. The Shadow Cult priests were protecting you.

Kainan: No way! I don't believe you!

Ione: Even if you didn't mean to, you were helping them contaminate Fairyhaven.

Kainan: But I'm innocent! Why would I betray my own kind?

Vera: Enough with the excuses. Come with me. You're under arrest.

>> Talk to Queen Ereina

Queen Ereina: Vera, what's this all about?

Vera: (Vera explains how you found Kainan in the Valley of Wind.)

Queen Ereina: You accuse Kainan of treason?

Kainan: B-but I don't remember anything! I'm innocent!

Furia: If that's so, why did you tail me?

Kainan: Th-that's...

Furia: I pose a threat to the Shadow Legion, and the Cult of Shadows is known to employ brainwashing.

Commander Shyre: What? No... Do you think he's turned during his last encounter with the enemy?!

Kainan: No! There's nothing wrong with my mind!

Ione: Ahem! Excuse me! Kainan definitely wasn't brainwashed or mind controlled. I'd feel it if he was. Believe me, I've seen plenty of people controlled by witchcraft. That's definitely not what's going on here.

Furia: You think I'm framing him?

Ione: Uh... What? No, I just don't agree with your reasoning. Besides, you spent way more time with the Shadow Legion than he did.

Melissa: Shut up, Ione! You abandoned us decades ago. You don't get to say things like that to our hero!

Ione: The whole time I was gone, I've fought the Shadow Legion just as hard as you!

Queen Ereina: Be calm, my people. Right now, it doesn't matter if Kainan is a traitor or not. We can judge him after we've purged the contamination. Melissa Selestia, help Furia discover how the Shadow Legion's contamination has spread so quickly. Shyre Ata, see to it that our forces are ready for battle.

Melissa/Commander Shyre: As you command.

Queen Ereina: Heroes from a faraway land, I'd appreciate it if you can help Melissa. Please go to her when you're ready. [Melissa Selestia, help Furia discover how the Shadow Legion's contamination has spread so quickly. Shyre Ata, see to it that our forces are ready for battle.

Melissa/Commander Shyre: As you command.

Queen Ereina: Heroes from a faraway land, I'd appreciate it if you can help Melissa. Please go to her when you're ready.] [sic. Repeats itself.]

[Reward: 40,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #85: Further Threat of War

The Shadow Legion continues to break through Fairyhaven's defenses. The city will not be safe until we stop them.
Character Overview
Melissa Icon Furia Icon Player Icon

Melissa: We were wrong. The contamination didn't come from the outside. It came from the Great Fountainhead. Argh! The enemy was right under our nose, and we didn't know it. Still, this may be our chance to learn how they reached Fairyhaven. We need to access the Great Fountainhead for further investigation, but Befouled Watchers are blocking the way. Join my sister and exterminate the Befouled Guardians.

>> Defeat Befouled Watcher (x/5)

Melissa: Thank you for helping with the investigation.

Furia: I'm impressed. You defeated those corrupted creatures as if they were nothing. Especially you. You're... different. And yet familiar...

Player: I'm different... how, exactly?

Furia: I couldn't say. Anyway, the path is open. Let us enter the Great Fountainhead.

[Reward: 40,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #86: To Right the Wrongs

Furia and Melissa are working to cleanse the Great Fountainhead, but the greatest danger comes from within...
Character Overview
Furia Icon Melissa Icon Ione Icon Gareth Icon Elina Icon Kainan Icon Shyre Icon Scraggleweald Icon Ereina Icon
Comm. Shyre
Queen Ereina

Furia: The situation is more dire than I thought. Befouled Guardians are blocking the path to the spring.

Melissa: They used to be proud guardians of the Great Fountainhead. I feel sorry for them.

Furia: Some sacrifices are inevitable for the greater good. Let's get rid of the Befouled Guardians.

>> Defeat Befouled Guardian (x/5)

Furia: Good, our investigation should be easier now. Before we advance to deeper into [sic] the Great Fountainhead, we'd better purge this area of contamination. I sense potent contamination in that cave. The Shadow Legion's spies must have camped there.

Melissa: Nasty creatures! Let's get to work.

Ione: I've done this sort of thing before. Let me help.

Melissa: I don't need your help.

Gareth: Knock it off, all of you! Ione was instrumental in repelling the Cult of Shadows in Britannia. As the Prince of the Pendragon Kingdom, I vouch for her experience with witchcraft.

Furia: Well, I'm not sure how helpful your experience will be, but be my guest. Follow Melissa if you want. The witchcraft has penetrated deeply into the soil. You have your work cut out for you.

>> Purify Tainted Soil (x/5)

Melissa: Geez, I didn't think the contamination was this severe.

Ione: This is nothing compared to what I saw in Britannia. You wouldn't believe the crazy things that--

Melissa: My, how impressive! You abandoned Elfheim and had such amazing adventures.

Ione: Melissa, I'm just...

Melissa: Forget it. This bickering between us has to stop. Kinsmen shouldn't fight. And... you were helpful. But that doesn't mean I'm suddenly okay with what you did. If you had stayed in Elfheim, we could have kept our orichalcum from falling into the hands of the enemy.

Ione: I know. I know I'll never be welcome no matter what I do.

Furia: Enough, Melissa. The Shadow Legion is too strong. She could have held them off for a couple of days, at best.

Elina: Melissa! Furia! Fairyhaven is under attack!

Melissa: What? What are you talking about?!

Elina: Tainted, twisted creatures of witchcraft invaded the Fairyhaven Grand Hall. We have to hurry!

>> Go to Fairyhaven Grand Hall

Kainan: S-stay back! D-don't get near me!

Ione: Kainan, what are you doing here? How did you escape prison?

Kainan: Ione! Help me! We have to save the queen! All the jail doors came unlocked. When I came out, a huge tree monster was attacking the queen!

Melissa: That sounds like Scraggleweald, one of the Great Fountainhead's biggest guardians. What happened to it?

Kainan: I don't know, but the queen's in a bad shape. It knocked her out!

Commander Shyre: Step aside, Kainan. You'll only be in the way!

Kainan: Shyre, listen! I saw it come out of the spring that connects the Grand Hall and the Great Fountainhead! And there's something strange in the spring. I looked and...

Ione: Kainan, watch out!

Kainan: Huh?!

Scraggleweald: Grrrr! Out of the waaaay!

Kainan: Wah! (Scraggleweald knocks Kainan down with a single swat.)

Scraggleweald: Curiosity killed the cat. All right, time to abduct the fairy queen.

>> Defeat Scraggleweald in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Energized Scraggleweald: I have you [sic] queen! Out of the way, mortals!

Scraggleweald: Get back here, queen!

Ereina: Scraggleweald, guardian of the Great Fountainhead, is bewitched!

Scraggleweald: Hand over that queen!

Ereina: I'm afraid reasoning with him won't work.

Scraggleweald: I'll crush you all!

Scraggleweald: Darkness will cover the world!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Queen Ereina: Ugh...

Commander Shyre: Your Majesty, are you all right?

Queen Ereina: Yes... How is Kainan?

Commander Shyre: He's still unconscious, but he'll live. You don't have to worry about him. That fool. He should have held back, but instead he charged the monster head-on.

Queen Ereina: And in doing so, he cleared his name and saved my life. Ione was right.

Melissa: Kainan may not be the traitor, but someone else is. The enemy knew exactly how to reach the Grand Hall from the Great Fountainhead. Only one of our own could have known that.

Commander Shyre: That person could have lured Kainan to the Valley of Wind to frame him.

Melissa: Anyway, it's obvious Scraggleweald was contaminated at the Great Fountainhead. We must find the source!

[Reward: 40,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #87: Shock

Fairyhaven is still not safe. The purification rites will not last. We must cleanse the depths of the Great Fountainhead.
Character Overview
Shyre Icon Ione Icon Elina Icon William Icon Sarah Icon Erin Icon
Commander Shyre

Commander Shyre: My head is spinning. There's so much to take in. The queen needs some time to rest. Melissa and Furia are investigating Scraggleweald's remains. And I have to clean things up in here.

Ione: By the by, how's Kainan?

Commander Shyre: He'll be fine. Talk about a lucky break...

Ione: Not lucky. Brave.

Commander Shyre: Maybe. He certainly isn't the coward I thought he was. I have to admit, he made me proud. Anyway, no time for chitchat. Now that we know the Great Fountainhead is contaminated, we must focus on purging it. Exterminating the befouled treants won't take care of the problem. I believe the Great Fountainhead is the source of the corruption itself. Elina will guide you. Please search for the Great Fountainhead with her.

>> Talk to Elina

Elina: There are more shadow soldiers than I expected.

Ione: Elina, be careful. The witchcraft they're giving off is way more than any one of us can handle.

Elina: You don't have to tell me that. Is that witchcraft of the Cult of Shadows?

Ione: You... you're not ignoring me?

Elina: Melissa told me you know your witchcraft. That doesn't mean we like you. But right now, we need you.

William: Nice! Does this mean we're all friends now?

Ione/Sarah: Shut up, William!

Elina: Hm. We should focus on the Shadow Legion foot soldiers first. Let's get rid of those Archers of Sin.

>> Defeat Archer of Sin (x/5)

Erin: Everyone, this way! Elina and Melissa went further into the Great Fountainhead. Something happened to the ward protecting it. They suspect the Shadow Legion infiltrated through a rupture in the ward.

Ione: That explains how the witchcraft got into the fountainhead so easily.

Erin: It doesn't stop there. They think the power of the forest is seeping out through the rupture. We have to find out more.

[Reward: 40,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #88: Duel

I found a large crack in the Great Fountainhead. If it is not sealed, Fairyhaven will fall. At least we know who the traitor is.
Character Overview
Elina Icon Melissa Icon Furia Icon Rideran Armoured Icon Ione Icon Gareth Icon Ereina Icon Player Icon Kainan Icon Shyre Icon

Elina: Take cover! Shadow Legion soldiers are pouring in through the rupture in the ward. Melissa and Furia already went in to mend the rupture. Our job is to keep those Befouled Valkyries from getting in Melissa and Furia's way. Let's hurry.

>> Defeat Befouled Valkyrie (x/5)

Melissa: You... you finally came. The witchcraft is thick here. How did this happen under our noses? Furia is investigating the deepest rupture. She should be back soon. Once we know how big it is, we can figure out how to fix it.

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Melissa: How could a crack like this have formed? We'd best restore the barrier, before...

Furia: Restore the barrier?

Melissa: Furia! Thank the Saint. I could use your help.

Furia: After all the trouble I went through... Why would I undo all my hard work?

Melissa: Your... what?

Furia: Why do you still cling to your foolish hope? No one will survive the coming darkness.

Ione: Wh-who's that? He's giving me the creeps!

Melissa: N-no... This can't be! He's draining the power of the woods through the barrier! Who are you? Answer me!

Dread King Rideran: Hahaha... Well done, Furia. My strength has returned... thanks to you.

Melissa: Th-that's the Dread King! Rideran!

Ione: Wh-what do we do? D-d-do we fight him?

Dread King Rideran: Hahaha! What have we here? Pendragon's runaway prince and Tiphareth's whelp! And... Hm? Is that... the Heart Stone? Impossible. That necklace of yours is an impressive imitation, nothing more.  I've wasted enough of my time with you vermin. Furia, I leave them in your capable hands. Kill them all and burn their remains.

Furia: As you command.

Melissa: Furia! What are you saying? Stop, Rideran! You aren't getting away!

Furia: There's nothing you can do, Melissa.

Melissa: I don't understand. Why are you doing this? How could you work with the Dread King?!

Furia: I'm sorry, but... I cannot allow you to live.

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Furia: (Furia circles you, eyes gleaming with rage.) I can't let you do that. I worked so hard to rupture the ward.

Melissa: What do you mean...?

????: (A cloud of dark energy forms behind Furia, accompanied by the clank of metal.)

Furia: Why do you still cling to your foolish hope? No one will survive the coming darkness.

Ione: Wh-who's that? He's giving me the creeps!

Melissa: He's draining the power of the woods through the barrier! Who are you? Answer me!

????: Well done, Furia.

Dread King Rideran: My strength has returned... thanks to you.

Melissa: Th-that's the Dread King! Rideran!

Gareth: Th-that's Rideran? Rideran Durasis?!

Ione: Wh-what do we do? D-d-do we fight him?

Dread King Rideran: What have we here? Pendragon's runaway prince and Tiphareth's whelp! And... Hm? Is that... the Heart Stone? Impossible. That necklace of yours is an impressive imitation, nothing more. I've wasted enough of my time with you vermin. Furia, I leave them in your capable hands. I've no more use for Fairyhaven. Kill them all and burn their remains. (The Dread King Rideran vanishes with a puff of dark smoke.)

Melissa: Stop, Rideran! You aren't getting away!

Furia: There's nothing you can do, Melissa.

Melissa: I don't understand. Why are you doing this? How could you work with the Dread King?!

Furia: I'm sorry, but... I cannot allow you to live.

>> Defeat Furia in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - - Furia: I'm sorry, but I must obey Rideran. I must dispose of you.

Furia: I didn't come back from the dead just to die again!

Furia: My heart stopped. I looked death in the eye. None of you know how that feels.

Furia: I sacrificed everything to protect the world, and what did I get in return? I died for that coward.

Furia: I want you to feel the pain I felt.

Furia: I curse this unjust world!

Furia: If I can't save the world, then I might as well be the one destroying it. The darkness can't be stopped!

Furia: You can kill me, but that changes nothing!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Furia: You... are good...

Melissa: I-I can't believe this--you're the traitor! Tell me it isn't true! No, tell me the Shadow Legion used witchcraft and forced you into this! We can save you!

Furia: I wasn't forced into anything. I've been... reborn. My beloved sister, Melissa. It's time to say goodbye. Be well.

Melissa: But I...!

Furia: (Melissa hesitates. With a knowing smile, Furia vanishes with a puff of dark smoke.)

Gareth: Damn it, she ran!

Ione: Melissa...

Melissa: This is my fault. I was with her the whole time, and yet I was oblivious to her corruption!

Ione: Furia fooled all of us.

Gareth: The Shadow Legion are masters of infiltration. This wasn't your fault. The blame lies with the Dread King and Furia.

Melissa: I don't deserve your sympathy. However, we can worry about blame later. For now, we must focus on restoring the ward around the Great Fountainhead and containing the contamination.

Ione: I'll handle it. My friends and I can do this. <<Player>>, hurry.

[Gareth: The Shadow Legion are masters of infiltration. This wasn't your fault. The blame lies with Furia.

Melissa: I don't deserve your sympathy. However, we can worry about blame later. For now, we must focus on restoring the ward around the Great Fountainhead and containing the contamination.][sic] Originally, I considered using the rupture against the enemy. But the enemy was within...

Ione: I'll handle it. My friends and I can do this. <<Player>>, hurry.

>> Purify Black Aetheric Rupture (x/1)
>> Purify Tiny Aetheric Rupture (x/1)
>> Purify Deep Aetheric Rupture (x/1)

Melissa: Good job, everyone. The ward has been restored at last. My heart feels so heavy. I don't know how I'll explain all this to the queen.

Elina: The forest is weakened, but at least it's safe from the Shadow Legion's corruption.

Melissa: True. It'll take a long time, but we'll resture the forest eventually. Anyway, let's return to the queen. Anyway, let's return to Queen Ereina. [sic]

>> Talk to Queen Ereina

Queen Ereina: (Your report has left Queen Ereina speechless.) Furia... The greatest warrior the fairies have ever known is a traitor. But how...?

Gareth: It was odd that she escaped the Shadow Legion all by herself, isn't it? I've never seen someone escape their clutches so easily.

Melissa: This is my fault. I'll accept whatever punishment you deem necessary.

Queen Ereina: No, Melissa. You're not to blamed. [sic] We all fell for this deception. It is Furia and the Dread King who are to be punished. Furia Selestia. Her name has brought shame to the fairies. She will never be forgiven. We would not have survived without you, adventurers. And you, Ione. Your experience was instrumental. Thank you.

Ione: You know I'd do anything for you, Ereina. But I've got to leave again.

Queen Ereina: I wouldn't dream of stopping a free spirit like you. Go with my blessing. You will always be welcome here.

Ione: Before I go, there's something that's been bugging me. My friend's necklace. Is this really a Heart Stone?

Player: (Ione pushes you towards Queen Ereina.)

Queen Ereina: ...I sense the ancient magic of Atlantis from it. Yes, it's a real Heart Stone. But the Dread King also has a Heart Stone. How can there be two Heart Stones? The Heart Stone, [sic] is the core of the Heart of Atlantis. It vanished after the Great War, only to reappear in the Dread King's possession. It's the reason he destroyed Elfheim and stole our orichalcum. And yet, here's another Heart Stone. Who are you?

Player: I... I don't know. I can't remember anything but the open road. Beyond that, there's... nothing.

Queen Ereina: Perhaps you have the power to stand against the Dread King. Yes, that must be true. Your meeting with the scion of the Saint couldn't have been a coincidence. From the moment Ione left Elfheim, or even long before that, she was destined to meet you. Holder of the Heart Stone, and Ione, daughter of the fairies. I, the queen of the Fairies, bless both of you in nature's name. May you be the ray of light that illuminates this age of darkness.

Player: ...

Ione: What's with the shocked look? We were going to fight the Shadow Legion anyway. This doesn't change a thing. Hey, we should check on Kainan before we go. He'll be happy to know his names [sic] been cleared.

>> Talk to Kainan

Kainan: Ione! How's the queen?

Ione: You just worry about yourself. Anyway, your name is cleared. It turns out Furia was framing you all along.

Kainan: I knew it! She was acting really weird. I followed her to see what she was up to, and next thing I know, I'm surrounded by the Shadow Cult.

Commander Shyre: Brother, you're the bravest coward I know. Everyone's already talking about your confrontation with Scraggleweald. You've made me proud.

Kainan: I made you... proud? Really? I never thought I'd hear you say that! I'll get stronger, you'll see. I want to help out around here, like you and Ione do. And if I ever see the Dread King again, I'll face him head on. I'll never run again!

[Reward: 80,000 Gold; Gold Ticket II x 2]

Chapter 3-2: Adroanzi

Episode #89: Faherotsa in Danger

Fairyhaven is safe, but a new danger approaches the beastkin city of Faherotsa.

Character Overview
Big Tao Icon Sarah Icon Ione Icon Felix Icon William Icon Ereina Icon Remia Icon Kuroko Icon 60x60px Player Icon
Big Tao
Queen Ereina
Infur. Azok

Big Tao: I don't know what to do...

Sarah: Aww, what a cutie!

Ione: He's so fluffy. I bet he'd make a great pillow!

Big Tao: Who're you calling a pillow? I'm the toughest warrior around!

Felix: Big Tao!

Big Tao: Felix! Long time, no see!

Felix: Wasn't expecting to see you in Fairyhaven. Who's looking out for Remia?

Ione: This kid's really a warrior? And not like, I don't know, a mascot?

Felix: Ione, would it kill you to show some manners?

Big Tao: I don't deserve this. I came all the way from Faherotsa to help you protect Fairyhaven!

Felix: Just ignore her. We all do. Now, what brings you here, exactly?

Big Tao: I had a run-in with the Dread King. I fought him tooth and nail, but it was no use. The Shadow Legion's one thing, but the Dread King is too powerful even for me.

Ione: You survived a fight against the Dread King? No way!

Big Tao: He let me go because I was too... cute to kill.

William: (William coughs uncomfortably.)

Felix: ...

Sarah: Not even the Dread King can resist your appeal. That's pretty impressive, if you think about it.

Big Tao: I'm a fierce warrior! Really!

Ione: Aww, pouting just makes you even more adorable! If you really are here to help, you should talk to Queen Ereina. Come on.

>> Talk to Queen Ereina

Queen Ereina: Welcome. You're an adorable visitor.

Big Tao: You [sic] Majesty, I am Big Tao of Faherotsa. I'm here to help defend Fairyhaven. I encountered the Dread King, but I let him get away. I apologize.

Queen EreinaNo need to apologize, Faherotsa's warrior. You don't have to worry too much for Fairyhaven. Not at all! I'm more worried about your own kingdom, kind beastkin. The Dread King is stronger than ever. It is only a matter of time until he strikes against Faherotsa.

Big Tao: Dang, I didn't think of that! I'd better let Remia know. I'm sorry. I came to help, but I have to return home.

Queen Ereina<<Player>>, you should accompany him to Faherotsa. Faherotsa is the home to all beastkin. Should the Shadow Legion attack, they'll need all the help they can get.

Felix: Queen's got a point. Let's hit the road. The African Plains are a good hike from here. Better gear up before we move out. [Queen's got a point.][sic] You ever been to Faherotsa before? You'd better check your map before we go. I'd hate to get lost on the way to the African Plains.

>> Go to Faherotsa Grand Hall

Remia: You have returned, Big Tao.

Big Tao: Remia, Remia! The Shadow Legion is getting ready to attack Faherotsa!

Remia: My scouts have reported no such thing. Explain yourself.

Big Tao: (Big Tao relays to her what happened in Fairyhaven.)

Remia: You lost a fight and traveled a long way for nothing. Am I understanding you correctly?

Big Tao: ...I'm sorry, Remia.

Remia: You have let me down. Leave. I will call you if I need you again.

Big Tao: (Looking disheartened, Big Tao bows, then slowly shuffles out.)

William: Dang, that's cold. The bear survived a fight with the Dread King. Doesn't that count for something?

Felix: Hush. Remia's looking out for him. He may not look it, but the Dread King did a number on him. He needs to rest up before he goes into battle again.

Remia: A pleasure as always, Felix. But what of Dober?

Felix: Dober is still on the Naga hunt in Britania. Nagas are vicious in that area and known to attack villages.

Remia: A son of Faherots is always welcome here. And who are your guests?

Felix: Friends of mine. Good folk, too. They're here to help.

Remia: You will excuse me if I appraise their abilities. If they would defend Faherotsa, surely they can hunt the Leopards in the far valley. Since the fall of Elfheim, we've kept a vigilant eye on our borders. There have been no sign of the Shadow Legion in the beastkin lands.

Felix: Doesn't hurt to be prepared, if you don't mind my saying.

[Remia: You will excuse me if I appraise their abilities. If they would defend Faherotsa, surely they can hunt the Leopards in the far valley.][sic]

>> Defeat Leopard (x/5)

Remia: I guess Felix was right. Beastkin loves strong one. You're most welcome here, warriors. I am Remia, the mother of all beastkin. Do not take this test as a slight. All beastkin must prove themselves. I simply ask you do the same. Anyhow Felix, there is no movement from the Legion of Darkness, yet.

Felix: If Ereina's right, our orichalcum's in danger.

Remia: Perhaps. Our orichalcum is stored safely in the sanctum on the far side of the valley. Come to think of it, the sanctum's guardians are overdue to report. Sumire and Kuroko's last report was somewhat worrisome.

Felix: Worrisome how?

Remia: The sisters claim the sanctum was infested with unusually large ants and bees. I trusted they could handle it on their own. Perhaps I was wrong. Travel to the sanctum, destroy any Mutant Ants you encounter, and find Sumire and Kuroko.

>> Defeat Mutant Worker Ant (x/3)
>> Defeat Mutant Soldier Ant (x/3)

Kuroko: Ugh... ha....

Ione: Is this kitty a friend of yours?

Felix: I can't rightly say so. Still, a beastkin in the sanctum--I can wager a guess as to who she is. 'Scuse me, miss. Would you happen to be Kuroko?

Kuroko: Run... Go now!!! The ants are coming. Clear out before it's too late!

Ione: Hmph. You think we'd run away? As if!

Infuriated Azok: I. Azok. I. Azok. Incernate. Of Wrath.

Sarah: AAAAH! Keep it away keep it away keept it AWAY!!

Ione: Chill out, Sarah. It's just a giant, talking bug.

William: This is bad. Overgrown bugs are Sarah's biggest fear.

Ione: You CAN'T be serious. We squashed, lik, a hundred of these guys on the way here. So what if this one's a little bigger?

Infuriated Azok: Adroanji! Unleash. Rage!

Ione: What did that bug just call us?

>> Defeat Infuriated Azok in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Infuriated Azok: You have nowhere to run. You can't avoid Adroanji's fury.

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Kuroko: Ha... Wh.. Who are you guys?

Felix: You can rest easy now, miss. The name's Felix. It's a right honor to meet you. I've heard great things, Kuroko. Where's your sister, Sumire?

Kuroko: Sumire... Sister is dead.

Felix: What?!

Kuroko: The insects took us by surprise. Sumire lured them away so I could escape...

Sarah: I'm so sorry.

Kuroko: S-Sumire... (Kuroko leans against Sarah's shoulder, weeping.)

Sarah: A-ah...!

Kuroko: Sumire...

Sarah: Poor dear... (Sarah holds Kuroko and rubs her back.)

Felix: It's an ungly thing, losing someone you love.

Sarah: There, there. It'll be okay.

Ione: Why can't things ever be easy?

Kuroko: The insects cannot be allowed to spread. We must warn Faherotsa.

Ione: Yeah, and I know just what to tell them to get their attention: giant talking ants.

Felix: No time to waste. Let's get head [sic] to Remia.

>> Talk to Remia

Remia: Are you seriously saying the sanctum has been invaded by giant insects?!

Kuroko: I'm sorry, Remia.

Remia: I am the one who let Sumire down. I should not have taken your report so lightly. Listen, sons and daughters of Faheros!

Felix/Kuroko: We listen, mother of beastkin.

Remia: This vile creatures have slain one of my daughters. Your sister. Exterminate them all. Let not one of the vermin escape our vengeance. Water the plains with their blood. Felix, bring the General to me. We are at war.

Felix: The orichalcum's in the sanctum. If the Shadow Legion attacked now, there's not much we could do to stop them.

Player: C'mon, let's get to the bottom of this.

[Reward: 50,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #90: The Search

Faherotsa's sanctum was captured by massive insects. One of the guardians, Sumire, was lost fighting them.

Character Overview
Amara Icon Felix Icon Ione Icon Turk Icon Kuroko Icon Sarah Icon
General Amara

General Amara: Oh, you're the infamous Felix, the one extincted Nagas from African!

Felix: It's a real honor, sir.

General Amara: That's all you have to say? Where's your old fire? You're getting old, Felix! Haw haw!

Ione: Does he think this is a joke? The sanctum's in big trouble!

Felix: Shush, Ione.

Turk: The vanguard is ready, sir.

General Amara: Good work, kid.

Turk: Your guardians have gotten soft. My men would never have lost the sanctum.

Kuroko: ...

General Amara: Watch your mouth! You may be my grandson, but I won't hesitate to smack the stuffing out of you!

Turk: My apologies, sir.

General Amara: Don't pay him any mind, guardian. The boy has no sense. I met your sister once. There's hardly a fiercer warrior around. Her death is a loss to beastkin everywhere.

Kuroko: Thank you, general.

General Amara: Now, we'd better do something about those vermin before they molting or whatever giant bugs do. Begin operation Sanctum Reclamation: destroy every Mutant Larva you see.

>> Defeat Mutant Larva (x/5)

Turk: Great job on squishing disgusting larva. Those larvas are not edible.

Sarah: You couldn't pay me to eat this!

Turk: Ha- The extreme starvation will make you to look at all creatures as a meal.

Sarah: You really eat bugs like these?

Turk: Why not? They taste good and they give you energy for hours. Beetle larvae, wasp husks, scorpions... They're all good fried.


Felix: What's our next target, Turk?

Turk: I'm getting sick of these little larvae. I say we go big or go home. To hell with the little ones. Let's kill Mukuru.

>> Defeat Mukuru in battle

Turk: Well done. It had amazing strength for larvae.

Kuroko: They're just as dangerous as Mukuru. Stomping on some larvae won't save the sanctum. They're breeding even as we speak.

Turk: Yes, they are strong but I'm in different level from you, the sanctum savior.

Kuroko: Hold your tongue!

Felix: Relax, Kuroko. We'd better report in.

Turk: Yeah, Kuroko. Clearly these pests have traumatized you. You'd better get to safety.

Kuroko: You will stop insulting me and my sister!

Felix: This isn't the time, folks. The general's waiting for us.

Turk: Felix is right. Let's head back to grand--to Amara.

>> Talk to General Amara

General Amara: I can smell great victory.

Turk: The bugs aren't a threat. Give my vanguard a few days and your pest problem will be all cleared up.

General Amara: Brave, but foolish. You must wait for your reinforcements.

Turk: No, we've got to kill them all NOW, before their hive grows out of control.

General Amara: (General Amara closes his eyes, contemplating.)

Kuroko: General, the insects are not to be underestimated. Turk has only seen the weakest among them.

Turk: I will not be held back by your cowardice, guardian!

Kuroko: And I've had enough of your attitude, brat!

General Amara: Enough! Guardian, it's clear you and my grandson don't make a good time. I ask that you go assist Commander Ariesse. Commander Ariesse could use a hand defending our base and securing supplies.

[Reward: 50,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #91: Adroanji

Kuroko warned us of the might of the insects, but Turk seemed unimpressed.
Character Overview
Ariesse Icon Kuroko Icon Yukio Icon 60x60px Felix Icon Ione Icon
Commander Ariesse

Commander Ariesse: Welcome, I'm Commander Arisse [sic]. I've heard the rumors. The general's precocious grandson has decided to put on a show, has he? The insects are smarter than Turk realizes. The wasps have been sneaking in and stealing our supplies.

Kuroko: Th-they're here, too?!

Commander Ariesse: Yes. And they're too quick to catch. We won't be able to maintain our base here at this rate. Our top priority is retrieving our supploes. Nothing else matters if we can't feed our troops.

>> Get Beastkin Army Supplies (x/15)

Yukio: Kuroko? Is that you?

Kuroko: Yukio!

Yukio: I thought I'd see how you and Sumire were, and I find the sanctum in this state. Where did these creatures come from? And where is Sumire?

Kuroko: S-Sumire is... dead...

Yukio: WHAT?!

Kuroko: She died saving me from the insects...

Yukio: Can't believe Sumire died from it. These are no mere giant talking bugs.

Kuroko: Yukio... S-Sumire...

Yukio: You must be strong, sister. We will avenge Sumire.

Sakpata: I found you! There's nowhere left to hide!

Yukio: Aren't you persistent? All right, let's get this over with.

William: So confident! So cool! Go team Yukio!

Sakpata: Soon we will invade. Your people will die and your land will be ours!

>> Defeat Sakpata in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Sakpata: I'll take away everything you have! Do you want to live so badly?

Sakpata: Resist all you want! What a pity. Today is the day you die.

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Yukio: Oh, that's quite impressive. Kuroko, are they your party members?

Kuroko: Yes, but I'm no longer...

Yukio: Kuroko, let's focus on the revenge of our dear sister, Sumire. We need to get rids [sic] of all mutant bugs. It calls itself Adroanji. They intend to attack soon.

Felix: Then they're smart. Smarter than I thought. The Adroanji Legion, huh?

Ione: There's someone behind all this. I just know it!

Kuroko: You can speculate all you want...on the way to report this to Commander Ariesse.

[Ione: There's someone behind all this. I just know it!

Kuroko: You can speculate all you want...on the way to report this to Commander Ariesse.] [sic]

>> Talk to Commander Ariesse

Commander Ariesse: Hmf? You will familiar [sic]. Are you Yukio?

Yukio: I came here to see my sister. I never imagined I'd come home to this. They're intelligent and they've given themselves a name: The Adroanji Legion.

Commander Ariesse: They must have a leader somewhere. General Amara has been underestimating them even more than I realized. We'd better bring him up to speed.

[Reward: 50,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #92: Law of Nature

This is no time to get cocky. This so-called Adroanji Legion is a deadly force.

General Amara | Commander Ariesse | Kuroko | Felix | Beastkin Soldier | Ione | Yukio | Sarah | Turk | Gludeni

General Amara: Welcome back. How are villagers?

Commander Ariesse: (Ariesse relays Yukio's report to Amara.)

General Amara: How smart are we talking, exactly?

Commander Ariesse: Smart enough to steal supplies right from under our nose. Smart enough to lead us into a trap if we're careless.

Kuroko: Where is Turk?

General Amara: That fool boy led the vanguard in an attack on the Queen's Nest this morning.

Kuroko: Oh no.

General Amara: He thinks he'll make a name for himself. Now I wonder if he isn't just going to get himself killed.

Felix: We'll find Turk, general.

>> Talk to Beastkin Soldier

Beastkin Soldier: Uhhhg....

Felix: You look like you took a beating, soldier.

Beastkin Soldier: Reinforcements! Thank Faheros!

Ione: Shh. Save your strength.

Beastkin Soldier: There is not a single survivor.

Felix: Where's Turk?

Beastkin Soldier: I don't know... I-I think the enemy took him...

Ione: There's a chance he's still alive. But what about the rest of the vanguard?

Felix: You're right. Where are they?

Beastkin Soldier: D-don't make me say... please... Th-they're just... gone, okay?

Yukio: The insects ate them whole and stole their armaments. Correct?

Felix/Ione: My gods!

Beastkin Soldier: ...Yes... The Mutant Beetles ate the bodies, and now they... they wear my friends' armor like trophies...

Sarah: This is terrible!

Kuroko: This will not stand. We must retrieve the fallen soldiers' keepsakes from the Mutant Beetles.

>> Get Beastkin Warrior Token (x/12)

Beastkin Soldier: Now... we can have proper burial for dead soldiers.

Turk: I've failed you, my soldiers. Rest in peace.

Felix: Things happened other way than we hoped for. Amara will be disappointed.

Gludeni: Another morsel!

Beastkin Soldier: A-argh! T-that's it!

Ione: Now that's a big beetle. Is it the leader?

Gludeni: Not much meat on that one's bones. No matter. I bet its marrow is tasty!

Ione: Oh yeah? Come and get it!

>> Defeat Gludeni in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - - Gludeni: I love it when my meal walks up to me on its own two feet. I know what I'm going to eat for lunch today! I'll devour you whole!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Kuroko: Turk, I will save you.

William: Uh... Did anyone else hear that just now?

????: Kuroko... Kuroko...

Kuroko: Sumire? (Kuroko's eyes open wide. She dashes off into a nearby cave.)

Yukio: Kuroko! No!

Felix: She trying to get herself killed? After her!

Kuroko: D-don't compare Sumire to those things!

Turk: Just listen, guardian! That creature's talking with a woman's voice. You recognize it, don't you? It's your sisters!

Kuroko: ... [(Kuroko's eyes open wide. She dashes off into a nearby cave.)

Yukio: Kuroko! Wait!

Felix: She trying to get herself killed? After her!] [sic]

[Reward: 50,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #93: Her Voice

Kuroko heard a strange voice and ran off into a cave. What's going on here?

Kuroko | Yukio | William | Sarah | Aigamua | Olorune | Ione | Player

Kuroko: It's not happening. Sumire is dead!

Yukio: Kuroko, calm yourself!

Kuroko: I heard her. It's Sumire. She's calling to me!

Yukio: Okay, sister. We'll go together. But first, we must do something about these Mutant Spiders.

>> Defeat Mutant Spider (x/5)

Yukio: I've been into many battles but these spiders... and they are raiding the sanctum.

William: I have to admit, Sarah, I'm impressed. I thought you'd have fainted by now.

Sarah: Shut it.

Yukio: I've been thinking about it. Exploding in numbers like these, they must have a source. Disgusting creatures! How are there so many here?

Aigamua: Who dares kill my children?

Yukio: Let us put an end to the source of these abominations.

>> Defeat Aigamua in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Aigamua: I'll feed you to my children! Awaken, children of Adroanji!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Yukio: Burn down the source to stop the abominations.

????: Wait...

Yukio: That voice...

???? (Olorune): (The leopard-patterned spider speaks in a soft, raspy voice. The spider snatches Aigamua and devours her before you can do anything.)

Kuroko: The pattern on the spider's body reminds me of Sumire...

Olorune: (As it finishes consuming Aigamua, the spider turns to look at Kuroko.) Kuroko?

Kuroko: Th-that's Sumire's voice!

Yukio: But Sumire is dead. How could that spider be her?

Olorune: Kuroko, you're alive!

Kuroko: Sumire, I'm sorry I couldn't save you. I'm sorry... *Sob* You've changed, but it's still you, isn't it? Let's get out of here. Remia will understand.

Olorune: I can't go with you. I'm sorry... (The spider crawls away into the gloom.)

Kuroko: Sumire, don't go!

Yukio: Kuroko, stop! Think. This may be a trap.

Kuroko: You saw her, didn't you? That's Sumire!

Yukio: I'm not saying that we shouldn't talk to her. But we should go together.

Ione: Weird.

Sarah: I have a bad feeling about this.

Ione: I'm getting some serious witchcraft vibes off of that spider.

Player: Now we're talking. Come on, let's see what that freak is up to.

[Reward: 50,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #94: The Clue

It seems Sumire was devoured by a giant spider. Yet these creature somehow knows Kuroko...

Olorune | Kuroko | Yukio | Ione | Remia | Felix

Olorune: Kuroko, don't look at me....

Kuroko: I'm so sorry. I can't believe you're a spider now. How did this happen to you?

Olorune: I wish I knew. When I woke up, I was like this. And I heard a voice calling to me... She said she was a queen, and that my name was Olorune. At first, I had to do whatever the voice told me. But I learned to resist it. Her will is powerful, but I can fight it... for now.

Kuroko: You're amazing, sister! Those monsters turned you into one of them, but still you fight them! We'll help you get out of here.

Olorune: Thank you. We should start by slaying those caterpillars. They carry the queen's orders to the others.

Kuroko: Right. We'll take care of the Adroanji Caterpillars for you.

Olorune: Oh, and one more thing! When Queen Adroa spoke to me, she mentioned witchcraft. Those ghosts are the pillars of witchcraft. They're the power behind the Adroanji.

Kuroko: Got it! We'll destroy the Witchcraft Nexus for you!

>> Defeat Adroanji Caterpillar (x/5)

Olorune: (Giant spider, Olorun [sic] has gained strength.) I'm free of Queen Adroa, at last! The Adroanji Spiders are mine! Thank you, my dear sister. Please, come closer...

Kuroko: Sumire, let's leave this place before the remaining Adroanji find us.

Olorune: I can't see you clearly through these eyes. Just another step, dear.

Yukio: Keep your distance, Kuroko. We need to go. Sumire, you can look at Kuroko when we're back at camp.

Olorune: Who are you?

Kuroko: What are you talking about? Surely you remember our eldest sister--

Yukio: It's me, Siroko! Don't you remember me?

Olorune: Siroko! Of course, my dear elder sister. My senses are dulled in this form. Please, both of you, come close so I can see you...

Kuroko: H-her name is Yukio. How could you forget...?

Yukio: You're not Sumire. Identify yourself, fiend!

Olorune: Just as I expected.

- - - - Cutscene starts - - - -

Olorune: I feel light... I feel free! And I owe it all to you... little sister.

Kuroko: Sumire! Come with us! We can be a family again!

Yukio: Kuroko, come with me. We must leave. Quickly! Before it's too late!

Olorune: Kuroko, I'm scared... If the others see me like this, they'll...

Kuroko: They'll understand. I'll make them understand!

Olorune: Thank you, Kuroko... Please, come closer. I want to see your face. If I can just see your face, I'll know everything will be all right.

Kuroko: Of course!

Yukio: Kuroko! Stay back! Argh!

Kuroko: Yukio! Sumire! What are you doing?

Yukio: That... isn't Sumire. This monster is making mockery of our sister!

Olorune: Hahaha... Heheheheheh! I was going to give you a painless death... Oh well. You'll join your darling sister soon enough... Inside my belly! Hahaha!

Yukio: So, you finally show your true colors! You filthy monster!

Olorune: Haha... Such vigor, such fire you have! I want it! I want all of your strength! I'm going to devour you. Your power will be mine... And then I will be queen of Adroanji! Hahaha!

Kuroko: N-no... Sister... This can't be true... It can't be!

- - - - Cutscene ends - - - -

Yukio: Your performance was convincing, but not convincing enough.

Olorune: Wasn't it? You did exactly as I asked. Now no one can stop me! I'm free! I'll kill the queen and take her place as ruler of the Adroanji! But first, I need power. I will devour you and take your strength!

Ione: Ugh. As if a creepy spider like you could use my power!

Olorune: Creepy, am I? It doesn't matter. You've freed me of the queen's witchcraft. Queen Adroa is a mere tool of Bezine's. The Adroanji need a true ruler! A strong one!

Ione: Bezine? As in the leader of the Cult of Shadows?

Olorune: With your deaths, I usher in a new era for the Adroanji!

>> Defeat Olorune in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - - Olorune: How glorious! Let there be a bloodbath in honor of the new queen!

Olorune: I'm the Queen of the Adroanji. This can't kill me!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Kuroko: Ah.... Sumire! Sumire!

Yukio: Open your eyes! Sumire is dead. This monster was an impostor all along.

Kuroko: Sister... Don't leave me, Sumire!

Yukio: This isn't going to work. Keep your distance, sister. We should bring Kuroko to Remia. She will want our report, anyway.

>> Talk to Remia

Remia: (Looking devastated after hearing about Suire [sic].) The Adroanji have much to answer for.

Felix: They're led by a Queen Adroa. It seems she controls them with witchcraft. And they're smart, too. They absorb the power of anyone they eat.

Remia: Then as we grow weaker, they grow stronger. I see...

Felix: They've got a weakness, though. If we kill the caterpillars, it weakens the queen's control, at least for a while.

Remia: You've done well to give me this information.

Yukio: I'm glad you approve. Learning that cost Sumire her life.

Remia: Sumire... Share this with General Amara and prepare for battle.

[Reward: 50,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #95: Tragedy

We still don't know what happened to Turk, but we know the insects' weakness now. It's time to strike.

General Amara | Felix | Commander Ariesse | Kashenaktu | Ione

General Amara: Heard the news. I belive [sic] Turk is still alive.

Felix: We have some intel for you, general. (Felix gives his report on the insects.)

General Amara: Ariesse.

Commander Ariesse: Sir?

General Amara: Take your fastest rangers to the Insect Hive. You will destroy the caterpillars in preparation for our main attack force.

Commander Ariesse: We'll leave right away.

General Amara: Join Ariesse's strike force. It's up to you to secure a safe path for me and my men. ...And find Turk.

>> Defeat Tainted Scorpion (x/5)

Commander Ariesse: You're here. Watch your steps.

Felix: How are you holding up? Insects giving you trouble?

Commander Ariesse: Just some scorpions. It's way too quite now...

General Amara: We've arrived at the Queen's Nest. Good job, everyone.

Commander Ariesse: We've been waiting for you, general.

General Amara: I assume you haven't found Turk.

Commander Ariesse: We're sorry.

Kashenaktu: Heheheh... Dinner is served! I am Kashenaktu, commander of the Adroanji Legion.

General Amara: Th-that's...!

Kashenaktu: (The scorpion holds Turk in its grasp.)

General Amara: Turk! You're alive!

Kashenaktu: Now he is... And now he isn't! (The scorpion's stinger pierces Turk's heart. Turk falls to the ground.)

General Amara: No! Turk! NO!

Kashenaktu: Now it's your turn.

>> Defeat Kashenaktu in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Kashenaktu: General, how do you like watching your kin dying? Don't worry. You're next!

Kashenaktu: Come out, scorpions!

Kashenaktu: My queen, lend me your power!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Commander Ariesse: ......Turk

General Amara: Ariesse, take command! I... I have to take care of Turk. Kill the queen at all costs.

Commander Ariesse: Yes, sir. You heard him. Let's make that freak pay!

Ione: Adroa got smart by eating the orichalcum. I'm betting Bezine used his magic to help her raise her army.

Commander Ariesse: The story fits. That means if we want our orichalcum back, we need to cut it from Adroa's belly. This should be fun...

[Reward: 50,000 Gold; Silver Ticket II x 2]

Episode #96: Counterattack

This travesty can not continue. It's time to wipe these monsters from the face of Faherotsa.
Character Overview
Kuroko Icon Felix Icon Ariesse Icon Yukio Icon Amara Icon 60x60px 60x60px Player Icon Ione Icon Remia Icon
Queen Adroa

Kuroko: This is the most sacred place in the sanctum... Orichalcum was here.

Felix: Seems we have a fight on our hands.

Commander Ariesse: Kill the queen's guards quickly. Don't give her enough time to escape!

Kuroko: I shall reclaim the orichalcum. In Sumire's name!

Yukio: Steady, sister.

Kuroko: Remia put me on this mission for a reason. I'm doing this for Sumire.

General Amara: Channel your rage into destroying these accursed Wrathful Creations.

>> Defeat Elite Adroanji Soldier (x/5)

Kuroko: There is no place to hide, Queen Adroa.

Yukio: Control yourself, Kuroko! We must stick together.

Kuroko: I will take your life for Sumire's death. Come out, Adroa!

????: You finally arrive. I have been waiting.

Queen Adroa: (A gargantuan queen ant appears, her feelers twitching with violent anticipation.)

Kuroko: Queen Adroa. At last.

Queen Adroa: You've come a long way, just to feed my hunger. You cannot stop me. Fight me as hard as you can. I do love playing with my food.

Cult of Shadows Leader Bezine: Watching you is always such fun! I'm sorry to disappoint, but I'm not actually here. We'll meet soon, though! Assuming, of course, you can survive the wrath of Queen Adroa. Ta-ta!

????: (Bezine's voice fades into the darkness.)

[Queen Adroa: (A gargantuan queen ant faces down the party, her feelers twitching with violent anticipation.)

Kuroko: Queen Adroa. At last.

Queen Adroa: You've come a long way, just to feed my hunger. The Adroanji cannot be stopped. Prepare to die!] [sic]

>> Defeat Queen Adroa in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Queen Adroa: The Adroanji Legion is invincible! Mere mortals can't stop us!

Queen Adroa: Children of greed and wrath, crush your enemies!

[Resurrected Sakpata and Resurrected Azok appear]

Queen Adroa: Children of lust and envy, trample on your enemies!

[Resurrected Olorune and Resurrected Aigamua appear]

Queen Adroa: Children of pride and gluttony, devour your enemies!

[Resurrected Kashenaktu and Resurrected Gludene appear]

Queen Adroa: You don't know when to give up, do you? I'll kill you all myself!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Kuroko: We---- we finallly [sic] killed it...

Player: (A brilliant orange ball of light floats from Adroa's body. The ball becomes a ray of light that shimmers and then vanishes into the Heart Stone around your neck.) Whoops.

Kuroko: Wasn't that the orichalcum?

Player: It was an honest mistake. I didn't mean to take it!

Ione: That necklace of yours is the same Heart Stone the Dread King wears. Orichalcum is naturally attracted to it. There's not really anything we could've done to stop it.

Player: But won't the folk in Faherotsa be upset if I run off with their orichalcum?

Kuroko: Don't worry. That's too much for us to keep it safe. You should take care of it.

Commander Ariesse: The Orichalcum hardly matters. The sanctum itself is what is sacred to us. Our ancestors rest here.

Kuroko: Speaking of which, we really must clean up the altar.

General Amara: The remaining Adroanji will crumble without their queen. Leave them to us.

Player: I really am sorry about the orichalcum.

Kuroko: Speaking of which, we really must clean up the altar.

>> Purify Tainted Relics (x/2)
>> Purify Orichalcum Altar (x/2)

Yukio: Already done?

Kuroko: I wondered where you'd gone. Why did you leave in such a rush?

Yukio: In fact... (Without a word, Yukio hands her a necklace.)

Kuroko: Th-this belogned to Sumire.

Yukio: I found it near the sanctum and took it before you could see. I wanted you to concentrate on the battle ahead.

Kuroko: Oh, Sumire... We avanged you. Rest in peace, my sister...

Yukio: (Kuroko bursts into tears. Yukio gently pats her on the back.) Shh. It's all over now. Let's go back to Remia. I'm sure she's worried about you. [(Kuroko bursts into tears. Yukio gently pats her on the back.) Shh. It's all over now. Let's go back to Remia. I'm sure she's worried about you.][sic]

>> Talk to Remia

Remia: You have returned. We couldn't have overcome this threat if it weren't for you. We lost great warriors, but we'll forever remember their sacrifice. <<Player>>, I was told you have a Heart Stone. The very same Heart Stone that the Dread King carries, in fact. Why wasn't I told this earlier?

Player: I didn't really know what it was. It's just this thing I've always had.

Remia: Then it is true. You are on a journey to learn who you really are. For you to possess a Heart Stone, you must have a curious destiny indeed. The beastkin are indebted to you. If your destiny is to fight the Dread King... ...the sons and daughters of Faheros will stand by your side. Faherotsa is safe. Once again, thank you for helping us.

[Reward: 100,000 Gold; Gold Ticket II x 2]

Side Story

Episode #133: Spring Day

(Unlocks after Episode #88)

Character Overview
Kainan Icon Erin Icon Melissa Icon Shyre Icon Vera Icon
Commander Shyre

Kainan: Vera's incredible. She's not even afraid of the Shadow Legion!

Erin: Well, I'll give her that at least.

Kainan: Erin, do you know about Vera's fan club?

Erin: Why, do you want to join it? Kids these days! I thought you were different. You're the son of House Ata.

Kainan: What's wrong with joining a fan club?

Erin: I'm not against it, but most of the members joined her fan club because she's pretty, not because she's brave. That's probably why she's tightened up the requirements for fan club memebership.

Kainan: Th-there are requirements?

Erin: What was it again? Ah, she'd only accept brave fairies into her fan club. She doesn't want any riff-raff following her.

Kainan: I-I see. Well, thanks. I've got to go now. Bye, Erin.

Erin: What's so great about Vera? Why don't I have a fan club?

>> Go to Valley of Wind

Kainan: Only brave fairies can join her fan club. I'll never be a member... No, I can do this. I promised Shyre I'd never run again, even in the face of the Dread King. Maybe I should ask Shyre for help. He won't be home now. I bet he's at the training ground. And so is Vera, most likely... I won't be able to say anything. I should just wait at the Grand Hall.

Melissa: Who's there?

Kainan: Ah, Melissa. Hello.

Melissa: What are you doing in here, Kainan?

Kainan: I come here when I want to be alone. I didn't expect anyone to be here.

Melissa: You shouldn't leave the town walls. It's dangerous.

Kainan: I'll be careful.

Melissa: Oh, and Kainan.

Kainan: What?

Melissa: I owe you an apology. I'm sorry. I let family ties cloud my judgment and made a baseless accusation against you.

Kainan: Ah, it's all right. Anyone would have done the same thing in that situation.

Melissa: Thank you for your understanding. I have to leave now. You should go back to town. (She turns, her shoulders bowed low by an invisible weight.)

Kainan: Melissa looks defeated. Ah, the sun set already. I should go find Shyre.

>> Talk to Commander Shyre

Commander Shyre: Is there really no way to defend Fairyhaven without reinforcements?

Kainan: Brother.

Commander Shyre: What brings you here, Kainan?! I hope you didn't burn down another forest.

Kainan: That was a long time ago! I just wanted to ask you a question.

Commander Shyre: Then shoot.

Kainan: What makes a fairy brave?

Commander Shyre: Is that a joke? No, you look serious...

Kainan: I want to join Vera's fan club, and only brave fairies are accepted.

Commander Shyre: You want to be brave to join a fan club.

Kainan: Yes. ...Why? Am I a disappointment to you, too?

Commander Shyre: (He hesitates, unable to tell the truth to Kainan.) You're the second son of House Ata. You're a disappointment to no one. If you want, I'll teach you to be brave.

Kainan: Thanks! I knew I could trust you, Shyre.

Commander Shyre: (He looks frustrated, as if he's trying hard to bite his tongue.) Hah hah! It's not difficult to become brave, and besides, you have the bravest teacher around. Kainan, I want to recruit you into the Fairyhaven Guard.

Kainan: What? Me, a Guard?

Commander Shyre: All Fairyhaven Guards are brave. Don't you want to be brave? I swear on my axe that the Fairyhaven Guard consists of the world's bravest fairies.

KainanUm... I guess I'm joining the guard.

Commander Shyre: New members of the guard have to pass a test. You're my brother, but I can't make any exceptions.

Kainan: A test?

Commander Shyre: Don't be afraid. The test is easy enough, except...

Kainan: Except what?

Commander Shyre: You have to commune with the fire spirits again. Think you can handle it?

KainanI'll go to the Great Fountainhead. I can control the fire spirits, you'll see!

Commander Shyre: I have faith in you, Kainan! To prove yourself, exterminate 5 Mad Treants and 5 Insane Guardians outside Fairyhaven.

Kainan: (Kainan is already dashing off, waving goodbye to Shyre.)

Commander Shyre: ...I meant what I said, lad. You risked your life to save the queen. You're already a brave fairy.

>> Go to Great Fountainhead

Kainan: My connection to the spirits is strongest here. All right, my name is Kainan Ata. Today I'm going to commune with the fire spirits and prove my bravery! (Kainan turns his focus inward and his body starts glowing.) What's happening? Is this even possible? (Glowing red spirits gather around Kainan.) This is easy! I can't believe I've avoided this for so long. No, this is too easy. I'd better make sure nothing bad happens. Let's try some elemental magic. ...Firebird! (A giant flaming bird appears, its great wings covering the sky above Kainan.) It worked? It worked! All right, I'd better finish my test. Now I can be a Fairyhaven Guard AND a member of Vera's fan club! To the outskirts of Fairyhaven! I'll pass this test. With the power of fire!

>> Defeat Mad Treant (x/5)
>> Defeat Insane Guardian (x/5)

Vera: Are you all right?

Kainan: Ugh... Where am I?

Vera: In the middle of nowhere. You're fine.

Kainan: Vera? ...Am I dreaming?

Vera: You wish. Snap out of it!

Kainan: Ah! H-hello, Vera.

Vera: Hello to you too. Why did you come here alone?

Kainan: Well... I'm applying for the Fairyhaven Guard.

Vera: Huh? Why?

Kainan: ...

Vera: If you don't want to say, I won't force you. This place is dangerous. You'd better leave.

Kainan: I want to prove I can be brave. I was going to join the Fairyhaven Guard, so I could gain membership to your fan club.

Vera: Huh?

Kainan: I communed with the fire spirit. Successfully, too. After that, I was sure I could handle this place... But I failed the test to join the Fairyhaven Guard. And now I can't join your fan club, either. Thank you for saving me. I'll leave now.

Vera: Wait.

Kainan: What?

Vera: Why do you want to join my fan club?

Kainan: (He blushes.)

Vera: Well, I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

Kainan: (Suddenly a Mad Treant appears behind Vera.) Firebird, attack! Are you all right?

Vera: Thanks. That wasn't half bad.

Kainan: I... I care about you. A lot. I want you to know that. (An awkward silence fills the air.) I-I'd better leave now.

Vera: Not so fast.

Kainan: (He looks at her, his eyes filled with hope.)

Vera: I can't let you in my fan club.

Kainan: I see.

Vera: How about we spend some time together and get to know each other instead?

Kainan: Huh? What did you say?

Vera: If you didn't hear me, then forget it.

Kainan: No, no! I heard you loud and clear. I-I just...

Vera: You're silly. I'm leaving.

>> Go to Fairyhaven Grand Hall

Kainan: (He can't stop smiling.)

Commander Shyre: Kainan, I heard you failed the test. Don't be disappointed. You can try again. Hello? Did you lose his [sic] mind over failing the test?

Kainan: Shyre, the world is beautiful, isn't it?

Commander Shyre: ?

Kainan: I'm going to be stronger. I'm going to take the test again and get accepted into the Fairyhaven Guard.

Commander Shyre: What happened to you out there?

Kainan: I found someone I want to protect.

Commander Shyre: (He thinks for a moment, then smiles knowingly.) Well, well. Congratulations. I'm proud of you, brother.

Kainan: I'm not going to run from things anymore.

[Reward: 100,000 Gold; Gold Ticket II x 1]

Episode #134: When the Fire Came

(Unlocks after Episode #96)

Character Overview
Robin Icon Pendragon Sentinel Icon Owen Icon Angela Icon Young Robin Icon Pendragon Sentinel Icon Young Hanson Icon Mordred Icon Lindsay Icon Gareth Icon
Captain Owen
Young Robin
P. Sentinel

Robin: I can't seem to stop thinking about them today. I didn't like them at first. Heh. I'm sure the feeling was mutual. This is where I first met them. Carlisle Ruins. This is where everything begun. Father's death. Her betrayal...

Royal Sentinel Oliver: Robin. You're here.

Robin: Oliver? You tracked me down all on your own. I'm impressed.

Royal Sentinel Oliver: This is where you come when you want to be alone.

Robin: So, what brings you?

Royal Sentinel Oliver: Captain Owen is looking for you.

Robin: Of course. Tell him I'll see him soon.

Royal Sentinel Oliver: Okay. I'll leave you to your brooding... sir.

Robin: No point putting it off. Back to Pendragon City for me.

>> Go to Pendragon City

Robin: Spymaster Robin, reporting for duty.

Captain Owen: Are you drunk? Just be yourself.

Robin: Hmph, you're no fun. I thought I'd follow protocol for once. I miss William--he would've understood.

Captain Owen: Speaking of William, Casey left to meet him and his party. I don't know what, but something must have come up.

Robin: You summoned me just to tell me that? If that's all... (He turns and walks away.)

Captain Owen: You're the one who wanted to hear any news about them... Fine. See you later.

Robin: What am I doing? I was a bandit not too long ago, and now I'm a spy for the crown. What would father say if he saw me? Would he be happy for me? Better a spy than a thief, he'd say. What I wouldn't give to talk to the old man again, even for just an hour... I need a drink. Otherwise, I'm looking at another sleepless night...

>> Go to Capital Tavern

Robin: Whiskey on the rocks.

Angela: Strong stuff. You sure about that, honey?

Robin: I'm not here to chat. Give me my drink and harass someone else.

Angela: Suit yourself.

Robin: (The strong alcohol burns his throat and warms his belly.) In the old days, I didn't even think he was alive. Then suddenly he was alive, and nothing else mattered. And he was taken from me again, right before my eyes! [sic. He only has one *g*] Damn it! Why can't I just forget? I have so few good memories with father. Why can I only remember...

>> Go to Carlisle Ruins (N)

Young Robin: Wh-what's going on? My house is on fire!

Pendragon Sentinel: Find Hanson! He's a traitor!

Young Robin: (A traitor? No, that's not true!)

Pendragon Sentinel: He has a young son. Capture him.

Young Robin: (That man works for father. Why is he doing this? I'd better find father.)

Pendragon Sentinel: There's the traitor's son. Get him!

Young Robin: Oh, no. They found me!

Pendragon Sentinel: Surrender now, and we'll spare your life.

Young Robin: I have to go to the palace! I have to talk to father!

Pendragon Sentinel: He's running. Get him!

Young Robin: (Frightened, he tries to run, only to trip over his own feet.) Argh!

Pendragon Sentinel: If you'd just surrendered, this wouldn't have happened.

Young Robin: Stop it! You work for father. You know he's a good man. He'd never betray the kingdom!

Pendragon Sentinel: Your father is too righteous for his own good. This all could have been avoided if he'd been more... flexible.

Young Robin: What? I don't understand...

Pendragon Sentinel: Ask your father for the rest of the story when you see him in Hell.

Hanson: Who's going to Hell?

Young Robin: Father!

Pendragon Sentinel: C-captain... No, you're a traitor!

Hanson: A traitor, am I? Say that to my face, scumbag!

Pendragon Sentinel: (He flinches.) Eeek! G-g-get him!

Hanson: Robin, stay behind me.

Young Robin: (He stares at his father's blood-soaked back.)

>> Defeat Pendragon Guard (x/5)
>> Defeat Pendragon Knight (x/5)

Hanson: I must be getting old. I'm getting tired.

Pendragon Sentinel: Why won't you die?!

Hanson: There's a reason why I'M the captain of the guard, son.

Pendragon Sentinel: Go ahead. Keep bragging.

Young Robin: Father, they burned down the house. What if mother's still in there?

Hanson: Run, boy. Run while I keep them busy.

Young Robin: No! I'm not leaving you!

Hanson: Robin!

Young Robin: (He looks up at his father, his eyes full of fear.)

Hanson: (His face softens.) Robin, don't worry about me. I'll follow you soon. I promise.

Young Robin: Do you promise? Really? Okay, you promised! (After glancing at his father's face a couple of times, Robin runs into the thicket.)

Hanson: It's an ugly thing, lying to your own son.

Pendragon Sentinel: Damn it, where's my backup?

Mordred: Have you finished him yet?

Pendragon Sentinel: M-Mordred, sir. I apologize. The traitor refuses to die...

Hanson: So, you're the one behind this?

Mordred: You deny that you tried to incite revult against the kingdom?

Hanson: How dare you? I am Hanson Huntington, captain of the Pendragon Royal Guard. I would NEVER turn against the crown.

Young Robin: (I've seen that man before! In Pendragon City!)

Mordred: You're only making this more difficult for everyone. Surrender or die.

Hanson: Do you really think you can take me down with only this many soldiers? I'm hurt.

Mordred: How droll. Men, kill him.

Hanson: That's right, try to kill me. Who's first?

Pendragon Sentinel: (The guards charge Hanson, but he cuts them down effortlessly.) Arrgh! He's a... he's a monster!

Mordred: Is he really human?

Hanson: Now it's your turn, Mordred. Prepare to die!

Young Robin: (He slips, causing the grass to rustle.)

Pendragon Sentinel: Who's there?

Mordred: Ah, we have an uninvited guest.

Pendragon Sentinel: (The guard pulls back his bowstring, pointing at the thicket.)

Young Robin: Argh! My eye!

Hanson: N-no! How dare you?

Mordred: Let's make a deal. Surrender, and we will leave the thicket untouched.

Hanson: ... Done. Don't forget that promise, Mordred.

Mordred: Men, take him. We need to go.

Pendragon Sentinel: B-but sir, the thicket...

Mordred: I believe I gave you an order.

Pendragon Sentinel: Yes, sir. Everyone, move out!

Young Robin: F-father... (Robin passes out from the pain in his eye.) Ugh... Where am I? Father! Where's father!

Lindsay: Ah, you're awake. Don't move. My mother said she couldn't save your eye. What happened to you?

Young Robin: I'm okay. I'm okay! Where's father?

Lindsay: Please, you need to rest...

Young Robin: Tell me! What happened to father?!

Lindsay: I'm... I'm sorry. He's going to be executed. There's nothing any of us can do...

Young Robin: (Robin stares blankly at her, horror slowly building in his remaining eye.) No! Father! They can't kill father! (He jumps out of bed and runs from the room.)

>> Go to Capital Tavern

Robin: Karinna, Owen, and Gareth saved my father. I'll repay them with my life.

Angela: Hey, we're about to close. You need to finish up.

Robin: Ah, sorry. What do I owe you?

Angela: Tell you what. I'm feeling generous today. Your drinks are on the house.

Robin: I'm not one to turn down free drinks. Thanks. (Robin stands up and walks out.)

Angela: Satisfied now, Gareth?

Gareth: ...Hmph. I couldn't stand all his moping around.

Angela: You're a real softy, you know that?

Gareth: Shut it. I'm just looking out for my men.

[Reward: 100,000 Gold; Ticket: Book of Command (Lv. 30) x 1]

Episode #141: Proof of Strength

(Unlocks after Episode #134)

Character Overview
Kuroko Icon Ariesse Icon Amara Icon 60x60px Yukio Icon
Commander Ariesse
General Amara

Kuroko: I miss Sumire so much. If I were stronger, this wouldn't have happened. I don't deserve to be the guardian of the sanctum. Hell, I can't even protect myself.

Commander Ariesse: Don't be so hard on yourself. It wasn't your fault.

General Amara: Ariesse is right, guardian. Blaming yourself won't bring her back. All wounds heal in time.

Kuroko: Do they? Every time I close my eyes, I see Sumire.. She's gone because of me.

Commander Ariesse: It's not your fault. Kuroko, please.

General Amara: We all lost loved ones to those bugs, girl. Or have you forgotten my grandson? But if you're in so much pain, maybe this can help ease your mind.

Commander Ariesse: General?

General Amara: The insect queen is gone, but her insect legion remains. Is that correct?

Commander Ariesse: Yes. Try as we might, it's difficult to round up those sneaky bugs. I'm sorry.

General Amara: Good, good. What do you say, guardian?

Kuroko: You want me to defeat them?

General Amara: Yes. They're responsible for your sister's death. Think of it as an opportunity for revenge.

Kuroko: Very well. I'll do it. But I want to go alone.

Commander Ariesse: Absolutely not! You know the insects aren't to be trifled with.

Kuroko: I appreciate your concern, but I need to do this.

General Amara: Very well. Doubt you'd listen to me if I told you otherwise, anyway.

>> Go to Insect Hive

Kuroko: Sumire, I promise you. As long as I'm alive, I'll never let those vile insects set foot in Faherotsa again. Disgusting worms! I will destroy you! Everywhere I look, I expect to see Sumire. But all I see are these bugs, instead.

Commander Ariesse: Kuroko. Our scouts have sighted the remnants of the insect legion nearby.

Kuroko: Yes. I can smell them.

Commander Ariesse: Wait here. I'll call for reinforcements.

Kuroko: Ariesse, I know you're worried about me, but I'm going alone.

Commander Ariesse: Kuroko! You're letting your anger cloud your judgment.

Kuroko: Why are you holding me back? You don't believe in my abilities as a guardian?

Commander Ariesse: Fine. Just be careful. (Ariesse leaves.)

Kuroko: I'm sorry, Ariesse. I don't want the others to see me like this. Watch me from heaven, Sumire. I'll slay these monsters in your name.

>> Defeat Fleeing Soldier Ant (x/5)

Kuroko: Did... did I kill them all? The general was wrong. I don't feel any better... I'm overthinking this. All that matters is that I avenge Sumire. I should call it a day. I have all the time in the world. I won't stop fighting until every last one of those insects is dead.

Gludeni: It is this one again. It is chasing us.

Kuroko: You! I killed you!

Gludeni: The morsel was careless. It did not make sure I was dead.

Kuroko: I'll be more thorough this time.

Gludeni: The morsel has fight! Does it really think it can kill me alone?

Kuroko: You won't be so arrogant when I'm done with you. Lightning Slash!

Gludeni: The morsel tickles me.

Kuroko: T-this can't be! My Lightning Slash has no effect!

Gludeni: The morsel is weaker than the yellow kitty. And even the yellow kitty was weak, weak, weak!

Kuroko: Grr! Don't you dare insult Sumire!

Gludeni: The morsel will see its sister soon enough. DIE!

Kuroko: (I'm sorry, Sumire. I failed you.)

Gludeni: Yesss, give it. I will devour the moursel!

>> Talk to Yukio

Yukio: Kuroko! Are you all right?

Kuroko: Yukio? Be on guard! There's a... Where did it go?

Yukio: The monster fled.

Kuroko: You saved me.

Yukio: ...

Kuroko: Where did it go? I must kill it.

Yukio: You need rest.

Kuroko: Those who killed Sumire still walk the earth. I can rest after I'm done with them.

Yukio: What are you going to do if you find it?

Kuroko: What do you mean?

Yukio: Will you slash out at it with your ineffective skills?

Kuroko: Yukio...

Yukio: The creature is immune to your Lightning Slash, is it not? And yet you would pursue it still. Do you have a death wish? Is that what our sister would want for you?

Kuroko: What am I supposed to do now?

Yukio: Kuroko, do you remember Sumire?

Kuroko: What do you mean?

Yukio: You were always quick, but sloppy. Sumire was slow and careful. Even your sword styles were completely different.

Kuroko: ...

Yukio: Remember everything you know about Sumire. She's with us forever.

Kuroko: I don't understand.

Yukio: I think you do. Oh, and correct me if I'm wrong, but Sumire would never lose to a monster like that.

Kuroko: I... Of course! I'll slay that monster and make it pay for insulting our sister!

Yukio: I'll leave you to it, then. Be victorious. (Yukio is already out of sight.)

Gludeni: The morsel is a coward. It hides behind the apron skirts of its betters.

Kuroko: I'm alone this time.

Gludeni: Then the morsel is a fool. It will die.

Kuroko: This will not be like last time.

>> Defeat Gludeni in battle

- - - - In fight dialogue starts - - - -

Gludeni: No one can save the morsel. Its death will be slow and painful.

Kuroko: Yukio was trying to remind me of Sumire's Lightning Slash...

Gludeni: The morsel cannot escape. The morsel should lay down and die!

Kuroko: I know the difference between you and I. Behold the power of the Guardian of the Sanctum!

Gludeni: I will not fall for the morsel's bluff!

Kuroko: I've seen your weakness. Soon you will know if I was bluffing.

Gludeni: Then strike, morsel! Strike and die!

Gludeni: Your trickery doesn't work on me! I'll crush you all!

- - - - In fight dialogue ends - - - -

Kuroko: Now you know the true power of my Lightning Slash!

Gludeni: It is as strong as the yellow cat. I should have run.

Kuroko: If it weren't for Sumire's Lightning Slash, I would have died. It's time I went home. Sumire wouldn't want me to pursue such meaningless killing. If it weren't for Yukio, I would have been dead. I should go thank her. Yukio must be waiting for me. I'd better hurry.

>> Go to Faherotsa

Kuroko: I had a feeling you wouldn't be here for long. So this is it?

Yukio: I stayed longer than I planned.

Kuroko: Must you really go?

Yukio: I'm sorry, but now isn't the right time.

Kuroko: You're the only family I have left.

Yukio: You must be strong, sister.

Kuroko: But I'm not strong! I need you to protect me.

Yukio: That's why I'm leaving. I still have much to learn before I am strong enough. I feel Sumire died because of me. If I were with you, maybe she would still be alive...

Kuroko: Yukio...

Yukio: That's why I must leave.

Kuroko: I know I can't change your mind. I won't hold you back. Stay safe until we meet again.

[Reward: 100,000 Gold; Ticket: Book of Command (Lv. 30) x 1]