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Pendragon Sentinel
Pendragon Sentinel
A guardsman for the royal family, tasked with the protection of Pendragon City.

His weapon of choice is the spear, and he has mastered a fighting style that takes advantage of the spear's length for slow, vicious stabs. With the introduction of the large bounty on Broken Arrows, this intrepid guard has been driven to do a little bounty hunting on the side. A perfect example of just how motivating money can be.

Weapon used: Spear
Season 1 Rank Star goldStar gold
Trait Healing Debuff
Skill Triple Skewer
Effect Healing Debuff
Fury Cost 200 Range
Triple Skewer
Three spear thrusts deal x(+x) damage and decreases Healing by x% to enemies in a column.
Mythic Skill -
Mythic Bonuses -