This page is for all patch notes as written on the Google Play Store page.

Notes written in italics were not formally written on the Google Play Store page, but are included here for clarity.

1.8.02 [AOS Only]Patch Note_Temporary Maintenance (08-29-2016)

Greetings, Heroes!

We held a temporary maintenance today for AOS to fix urgent problems after the latest update. Since it was an emergency, we couldn’t announce the maintenance schedule earlier. We are very sorry about the late announcement.

Maintenance Schedule: 00:30 AM ~ 03:30 AM, 8/29 (PDT)

Please check the details of today’s update.


  • Mythic skills are now available for Mythic Heroes which were hired before the update.
  • Incorrectly applied rewards for Hideout NPC Mimi were fixed.
  • Boss monster’s HP for Mythic Raid (Hard) has been decreased.
  • ‘Atlantias Floating Island’ being incorrectly displayed as ‘Atlantean Crux’ on Expedition Status has been fixed. (It was a text error. Expeditions were sent to Atlantias Floating Island correctly.)
  • NPC Sibyl is no longer available.

Thank you,

Legion of Heroes Team

1.8.02 (08-25-2016)

Hello once again, everyone.

As a temporary workaround while our Developers are working on a fix for the log-in issue that has been on-going since today's maintenance, we advise you to change your device's language to English (United States) by following these steps:

1. Go to Settings>Device>Language and Input

2. Select Language and set it to English (United States)

3. Restart the game

In case that you still encounter difficulties with logging-in to the game or if you discover any bugs with the new update, please do inform us via our 1:1 Support here: Once again, we apologize for all the inconvenience this has caused.

Thank you.

Legion of Heroes Team

1.8.01 [AOS/iOS]Patch Note_August Week 4! (08-24-2016)

※ The 8/25 Update only applies to AOS server. Details on update schedule for iOS will be announced separately at a later time.

Greetings, Heroes!

Please check the details of this week’s update!

Hope you all love it!


  • Hero Boost Campaign has begun! (End of event will be announced afterwards)

- During the event, newly created characters will Main Hero at Lv.70, Season 4.

- 8 Legend A (Lv.70) Heroes will also be given for new players.

- Legendary Equipment (Rank 4) will already be equipped for Main character and 8 Heroes.

- For existing Heroes, following items will be given: Legendary Ticket x8, Book of Heroes (lv.70) x9, Legendary Equipment Chest (Rank 4) x45, Gold Bar(1,000,000) x18.

- For existing Heroes, items will be delivered through mail.

  • Log-in Event has begun! (AOS: 8/25 ~ 9/6, iOS: To be announced)

- Items such as Mythic Ticket, Legendary Equipment Chest (Rank 5) will be given as a reward of Login event.

- If you have logged in at least once during the event, you can still login to day 7 even if the event has ended.

  • [Mythic Ticket Coupon] and [Legendary Equipment Chest (Rank 6) Coupon] obtained from event can be exchanged for reward through NPC Camillan.
  • Rune Reinforcement Success Rate UP Event has begun! Success rate from reinforcement levels 1 to 15 will be highly increased. (AOS: 8/24 ~ 9/6. iOS: To be announced)
  • End-of-Summer Buff Event (AOS: 8/25 ~ 9/6; iOS: To be announced)

Summer is almost over...! Cool off those sweats with these buffs for 2 whole weeks!

- Weekdays: Exp +50% / Attack +50%

- Saturdays: Exp +50% / Gold +30%

- Sundays: Exp +50% / Item Drop +50%

  • Buglimination Event Returns! (AOS/iOS: 8/25 ~ 9/6)

- If you've seen or experienced even the tiniest of all bugs in game, please report them to us by commenting on the Facebook post named 'Buglimination Post' - to be posted separately soon!

- There will be "Soul Gem" rewards for those who report (drawn at random), so please do support!

  • ‘Double Explore Rewards’ event for New Content: Explore has begun! (AOS: 8/25 ~ 9/20, iOS: To be announced)

- When you complete Explore during the event, doubled Dragonheart will be rewarded.

  • Happy Shopping Event! (AOS: 8/25 ~ 8/31; iOS: To be announced)

- Those who purchase over $30 within event period will receive these special rewards as a token of appreciation!

- Legendary Hero Ticket x2

- Legendary Equipment Chest (Rank 5) x3

- 1,000,000 Gold

(Rewards will be distributed within 7 days after the event ends)

Happy shopping to you!

[Mythic Skills & Mythic Descent]

  • Aside from existing skills, Mythic Skills will be added to Mythic Heroes. ‘Mythic Skills’ have a powerful effect that is vastly superior to existing skills.
  • Every Legendary Hero can become a Mythic Hero through ‘Mythic Descent’.
  • Special material ‘Dragonheart’ and Legendary Essence are needed for Mythic Descent.
  • Dragonheart can be obtained from newly changed Explore.
  • Mythic Descent needs 30 days for cooldown. By using Elixir of Descent, time for cooldown time can be decreased.


  • Explore has come back with new changes! Special rewards can be obtained by defeating monsters that are protecting the ruins.
  • Weekly Exploration Chest can be obtained every time you clear 2 stages.
  • Weekly Exploration Chest can be obtained once a week regardless of number of retries.
  • When you end your Explore, you will receive reward according to the lastest record.

(Note:‘Double Explore Rewards’ event will be held for 4 weeks.)

  • You can enter Explore only once a day. But, you can retry by consuming Soul Gem and reward can be obtained again. (However, you cannot receive Weekly Exploration Chest again.)

Number of available retries increase depending on your VIP Level.

  • In Explore, you defeat enemies one by one like the Bounty Hunt. Maximum 5 Heroes can join the battle.
  • Heroes that die during each Explore cannot be used again the same day. Also, they cannot be fused or disarm their equipment until the exploration ends.
  • Powerful boss monster awaits you at each stage of Explore. Even if you were defeated by the boss, reduced HP of the Boss maintains and you can keep attacking in the next battle. (Of course, it resets on the next day or on retries)
  • Special item ‘Dragonheart’, obtainable from Explore is material for Mythic Descent.
  • Explore is not available between 5AM ~ 7AM.
  • In Explore, you can win the battle by just defeating the boss.
  • Legacy of Atlantis is obtainable according to last week’s Explore Rank. (Based on every Thursday 6AM)


  • Achievement level can be raised by completing Missions.
  • Achievement points can be obtained according to achievement level and you can learn various types of passive skills by spending them. ‘Growth’ tab will be released initially and ‘Adventure’ and ‘Battle’ tabs will be released afterwards.
  • According to achievement level, certain contents will be unlocked.
  • Achievement level will be applied according to main Hero’s level after the update.

- Level 50 or above: Achievement level 15

- Level 40 ~ 50: Achievement level 10

- Level 30 ~ 40: Achievement level 8

- Level 1 ~ 30: Achievement level 1

[Adventurer Support Hero]

  • Assistant Hero from GM has been deleted.
  • Instead of assistant Hero from GM, you can receive 3 assistant Heroes from other players that are currently online with available friend slot. A Hero with the highest combat power among the players will assist you.
  • You can send the friend request to the player who sent you the assistant Hero after the battle.
  • If your friend’s friend list is full, assistant Hero will not be sent.


  • New Story [Chapter 4-2: The Devil in the Desert] has been added.
  • Tutorial on main quest Chapter 1 Episode 1~4 has been deleted.
  • Quest reward has been changed.

- Tickets rewarded as compensations of quests have been changed to Rank 6 tickets and the quantity has been adjusted.

- EXP has been added to quest reward for Chapter 3-1 ~ Chapter 4-3.

- [Book of Command] has been added to quest rewards for all episodes after Chapter 2.

  • Required quantity of ‘Proof of Myth’ has been decreased for War God’s Seal (lv.2) Quest.

[Mythic Raid]

  • Mythic Raid Weekly Reward has been changed.

- Based on weekly rank, Mythic Equipment Chest (Rank 6) or Mythic Medal Lv.2 will be rewarded.

- Mythic Medal (lv.2) can be exchanged for rewards from legendary merchant Menelaus.

  • 1~5 Rounds of Mythic mode have been deleted and will begin the battle with Mythic boss directly.
  • HP of boss monster before the transformation has been increased.
  • Mythic Raid is playable right after the regular maintenance, and rewards will be distributed based on the results from the previous week.

[Infinite Battle]

  • Infinite Battle is playable right after the regular maintenance, and rewards will be distributed based on the results from the previous week.

[Bounty Hunt]

  • ‘Legend’ difficulty has been added to Bounty Hunt. You can obtain Legendary Equipment Chest (Rank 6) with a low chance from Rare Treasure Chest Lv.5 which is the reward of ‘Legend’ difficulty.

[Tower of Chaos]

  • Tower of Chaos has been reorganized.

- Sub floors have been deleted.

- As the Tower of Chaos has been reorganized, rewards have been reset and changed.

- You can receive first clearance reward again.

- Treasure chests of Tower of Chaos have been deleted.

  • Bonus rewards have been added.

- Bonus rewards: EXP, Item drop, Gold have been added on the Tower of Chaos.

- According to VIP Level, certain counts of Bonus rewards reset every day at 6AM.

- Bonus rewards can be applied along with Frenzy time Buff, Mythic Skill, and Achievement.

  • There will be at least 3 turns average on repeat battle result of Tower of Chaos. (The average number of turns is determined in winning turns only)
  • Basic number of repeat battle in Tower of Chaos has been raised from 5 to 10.
  • When ‘Repeat Battle’ in Tower of Chaos has been completed, number of Victory/Defeat will be displayed.
  • On every floor of Tower of Chaos except for Boss floor, players will attack first when the battle starts. Coin flipping effect for deciding player or enemy turn has been deleted.

[Phase of Rift /Equipment Reinforcement]

  • Monday reward for Phase Rift has been changed to [Spiritual Element Stone].
  • When you receive rewards, a warning message will be displayed if the inventory is full.
  • ‘Reset Phase Rift’ has been added. Certain amount of Soul Gem will be consumed for reset and available counts of reset will be decided according to VIP Level.
  • Rings can be reinforced. You need ‘Spiritual Element Stone’ to promote ring.


  • Appearance of Hideout has been changed and the maximum level of Hideout has been raised from 10 to 20.
  • Additional success rate of rune reinforcement feature has been added only for Guild Hideout. This is available through Hideout NPC ‘Scrivener Rita’ and different additional success rate will be applied depending on the level of hired NPC.
  • Chaos Abyss has been reorganized.

- Daily Chaos Abyss has been changed to weekly content. Rewards will be distributed after the regular maintenance.

- Difficulty and rewards of Chaos Abyss has been improved.

  • As Chaos Abyss has been changed to weekly content, guild points that can be obtained from Mine War have been increased.
  • Fixed the issue in which dead player participating Mine War again.
  • Fixed the issue in which change of leader Hero does not applied to marching Heroes.
  • HP of the chest that plunders enemy has been raised.

- Chest’s HP will be decided depending on defenders’ average level.

  • Guild War schedule has changed. Now it starts on Saturday at 22:00 (PDT) and goes on for 24 hours. The amount of Battle Points acquired in Mines will also change accordingly.


  • Mission has been reorganized.

- Mission is available through added icon on the main screen.

- Mission has been divided into Daily, Weekly, Monthly mission and it resets after indicated period. (Monthly Mission will be added later)

- Rewards for Mission have been changed.

  • [Advised] missions have been added.

- Information of each contents has been added and ‘Ticket: Gareth (Myth A)’, ‘New costume: Ereina’ and etc. can be obtained as a reward.


  • Season display of initial Mythic Hero has been changed to Myth season.
  • EXP for Hero promotion can be earned from normal battles and Tower of Chaos.
  • Name of applied costume will be displayed on Hero Info.
  • You can now hide applied costume’s appearance. Hide Costume On/Off is available by checking a box at costume room.
  • Hero Combo has been reorganized.

- Even if there is 1 Hero short except for the leader Hero, Uncompleted Combo can be applied.

- Uncompleted Combo has less combat stat than completed Hero Combo.

  • When awakening Hero, changed stat will be displayed without delay.
  • Animation has been changed when hiring a Hero with Legendary Essence.
  • Hero’s buff icon which indicates decreasing defense and attack at the same time has been combined.
  • Limitation of main character’s rebirth level has been deleted.
  • Basic ranks of Ione, Felix, Robin, Khalid, Treant Elder, Dinari, Angela, Mordred, Sargatanas, and Euria on Hero Info have been changed to Rank 5 and their stats have been increased by a small margin.
  • Ione, Felix, Robin, Khalid, Treant Elder, Dinari, Angela, Mordred, Sargatanas and Euria are available for Legendary and Mythic Descent.
  • Rank 4, 5, 6 Ione, Felix, Robin, Khalid, Treant Elder, Dinari, Angela, Mordred, Sargatanas, and Euria can be hired with Hearts, Rank 6 and legendary with Premium hire and legendary can be hired with Legendary Essence. (Hire rates of Heroes other than season 1 haven’t been changed)
  • Some of Heroes’ skill has been improved.

- Tiphareth / Guinevere / Fersona / Treant Elder / Dinari / Mordred / Sargatanas / Saraquael / School Girl (Costume of Saraquael) / Uriel

  • Some of Heroes’ skill has been changed.

- Raguel Costume: ‘Boss Damage Boost‘ has been added.

- Remiel: Fury consumption for skills has been decreased.

- Remiel Costume: Fury consumption for skills has been decreased.

- Khalid: Fury consumption for skills has been decreased.

- Melissa: Weakening defense by chance → Weakening defense for certain.

- Elina: Stun by chance → Stun for 2 turns by high chance.

- Turk: Stun by chance → Stun for 2 turns by high chance.


  • The Critical Damage for weapon types has been adjusted.

- Sword, Axe, Spear = 200%

- Bow, Gun, Cannon = 225%

- Antique Book, Staff = 250%

  • PVP Balancing for battles such as Infinite Battles and Mine War has been adjusted.

- Armor effect has been increased as attack rate has been raised.

  • The formula to calculate Power has been changed.
  • Critical Damage will now be included in the Hero Info.
  • The Damage display in battles will be improved.
  • ‘Save Deployment information’ has been added.

- ‘Save Deployment Info’ slot has been added in contents such as Mythic Raid, Bounty Hunt, Tower of Chaos, and Explore.

- Deployment exclusive for Mine has been added. You can select an expedition to advance directly without going through Deploy screen.

  • A costume has been applied to Boss’s enmity portrait during battle.
  • Skill effect of normal equipment will now be affected by PVP adjustment.
  • When you revive during a battle, your Gold will not be consumed anymore.
  • Limitation for buff/debuff has been increased from 12 to 20.
  • Mythic Skill will now be activated when the Hero joins the Battlefield, not when the battle starts.
  • EXP for Hero promotion can now be earned from normal battles, Tower of Chaos and etc.


  • Mythic Equipment (Rank 6) has been added. It can be obtained from weekly reward of Mythic Raid.
  • Legendary Equipment (Rank 6) has been added. With a low chance, it can be obtained from weekly rank reward of Infinite Battle and [Rare Treasure Chest Lv.5], the reward of Bounty Hunt ‘Legendary’ difficulty.
  • [Rank 6 Silver, Rank 6 Gold Ticket] have been added.

- Bonus rewards for normal battles have been changed. [Bronze, Silver, Gold Ticket] have been replaced to [Rank 6 Silver, Rank 6 Gold Ticket] and their acquisition rate has been modified.

- Bonus rewards for Tower of Chaos have been changed. [Bronze, Silver, Gold Ticket] have been replaced to [Rank 6 Silver, Rank 6 Gold Ticket] and their acquisition rate has been modified.

- Bonus rewards for Bounty Hunt have been changed. [Bronze, Silver, Gold Ticket] have been replaced to [Rank 6 Silver, Rank 6 Gold Ticket] and their acquisition rate has been modified.

- Among the Contents of Frenzy Time Chest IV, Gold Ticket V and Platinum Ticket V have been replaced to Rank 6 Gold Ticket and their acquisition rate has been modified.

  • [Spiritual Element Stone] has been added.

- Phase Rift: Reward for Moonlight Garden has been replaced to Spiritual Element Stone.

  • [Proof of Myth] and [Black Dragon’s Force] can be exchanged for Gold from NPC Menelaus.
  • Comparing equipment stats will now be available when equipment is equipped/unequipped.

- Specification displays equipment’s stat which is different from combat power.

- Specification will also be displayed on Equipment Reinforcement and Rune Reinforcement window.

  • A warning notice will pop up when you lock the War God’s Seal and quest will not be progressed.
  • Inventory has been expanded.

- Consumable and material tab of inventory will now be expanded to a page.

- Within the page, you can drag items to move. To move items to another page, tab ‘move item’ button.

  • [Sapphire] / [Ruby] / [Diamond] have been deleted. Deleted items have already been exchanged for [Gold] / [Rank 6 Gold Ticket] / [Rank 6 Legion of Heroes Ticket].


  • Players will initially enter the Lobby, not field, when logging into the game.
  • Players can use the features of NPC directly with Find NPC
  • Chat room has been improved.
  • Hero Info has been reorganized.
  • Board button is available on main menu.
  • Buttons on main menu have been replaced to followings:

- [Mission] has been replaced by [Board].

- [Shop] has been replaced by [Daily Login].

- [Equipment reinforcement] has been replaced to [Rank].

  • Premium Hire has been improved.

- Premium Hire at shop has been moved to [Premium Hire] on the main screen.

- Animation of Premium 11 Hire has been changed.

  • Rune reinforcement UI has been improved.

- A button that leads to Dennis has been added on Rune reinforcement result screen.

- A button that leads to Rita has been added on Equipment repairmen result screen.

  • Contents alert icon and reward icon will now be displayed separately.
  • Location of Lock Hero button on Waiting Hero list has been changed.
  • List of Heroes has been diminished on Extract Hero screen.


  • Deployment feature has been added.

- ‘Save Deployment Info’ is available through ‘Formation Info’ button on the mid-bottom of Hero Info screen.

- You can save deployment information of desired contents.

- Heroes will be deployed automatically according to saved deployment information when you enter the content.


  • Celebrating the grand update, new packages have been added at shop.

- Dragonheart Package and Rune Reinforcement Package have been added.

- Hero Supply Package I~III have been added. These can be purchased via pop-up window in Shop depending on the level of your Main Hero.

(Package I: Lv. 3~80, Package II: Lv. 81~90, Package III: Lv. 91~100)


  • New benefit has been applied to all VIP members according to VIP level!

- Bonus Rewards in Tower of Chaos.

- Free Refresh Count in Chrono Store.

- Additional Retry Count in Phase Rift.

- Additional Reset Count for Explore.


- Inventory button has been added in Hero Menu.

- Exclamation mark will appear in Adventure and Quests when you have sub-story.

- Now you’ll be able to link your account in two different platforms. (Facebook/Google)

- Fixed a bug in which game froze when Jabberwock was selected as a Leader during the Bounty Hunt in Bran Castle.

- Remiel’s Mythic Skill [Pantheon of Thunder and Mercy] will not affect on activation probability of ‘Dream Fragment (Sibyl’s Blessing), even after it’s been activated.

- Battle result screen in Tower of Chaos has been modified.

- [Enter Hideout] button has been added in Guild.

- Fixed the tutorial bugs.

- Fixed a bug in which the sale price and heroes to sell didn’t appear properly.

- Fixed a bug in which ‘Please try again later’ alert repeatedly popped up when you multiply clicked the rank information in Infinite Battle.

- Fixed a bug in which the Hero stats being changed when awakening after re-login.

- ‘Purchase right now’ button will be deactivated when you can’t buy the costume.

- Fixed a visual bug in which UI was not properly optimized in ratio of 4:3 devices.

- Fixed a bug in which help button in Hero descent didn’t work properly.

- Fixed a bug in which the comments on board didn’t appear in order when there were 10 or more comments.

- You’ll be logged into Google+ account automatically when launching the app.

- Google Play button has been added in In-game Screen. You can check Google Achievements and it can only be activated when you login via Google+.

- Video Recording feature has been added in Google Play Button.

- The usage of requested app permissions will be explained in OS 6.0 or above versions.

- Location request of app permissions has been deleted.

[Resolved Issues]

  • Fixed the issue in which combat power didn’t decrease when rune reinforcement of currently equipping equipment has failed.
  • Fixed the issue in which afterimage of a Hero remained and costumes not being displayed on Mine Info screen.
  • Fixed the issue in which partial equipment stat being applied when rune reinforcement has been failed for currently deployed Hero’s equipment in Mine.
  • Fixed the issue in which clearance reward not being delivered in Bounty Hunt occasionally. Now, rewards for Bounty Hunt will be delivered through mail.
  • Fixed the issue in which frame setting being set to the lowest when you first install the game.
  • Fixed the issue in which sometimes UI on main screen not being displayed after the cutscenes.

Thank you,

Legion of Heroes

Upcoming Grand Update Preview #2 (08-22-2016)

Greetings, Heroes!

We’ve come up with the second preview of the grand update!

Along with the update, the most extravagant reward in the history of Legion of Heroes is waiting for you, so please look forward to that!

The Big Day : August 25th after maintenance (for AOS; August 26th for iOS)

◆ New Scenario: Chapter 4-2 ‘The Devil in the Desert’

- King Faheros has awaken at last and sided himself with the Dread King. To seek advice, Heroes head towards Babylonia where the wise king Tutankhamen resides. Pharaoh’s Shield, The Sandstorms, and the confrontation with the Dark Lord Antares during the First Great War a thousand years before… Heroes continue their journey against the Dread King’s menace in the scorching desert.

◆ Achievement & Missions

- Heroes can now obtain Achievement points and gain special Skills by spending them.

- Missions will meet a huge improvement!

◆ Phase Rift & Ring Promotion

- Every Monday, Heroes can obtain certain ingredients in Phase Rift that can be used to promote Rings.

◆ Change in Mythic Raid & Infinite Battle Rewards

- After the update, changed reward will be distributed for this week’s (8/18~8/24) weekly rewards. (For iOS, changed rewards will be distributed after 26th maintenance and receiving reward will be restricted before the maintenance.)

◆ Change in Chaos Abyss

- After the update, Daily Chaos Abyss will be held weekly. Accordingly, rewards will also be upgraded and entering Chaos Abyss will be restricted from 8/24 05:00AM to 8/26 05:30 AM (PDT) after the update. (Rewards until 8/24 05:00AM will be delivered through mail on 26th.)

Thank you,

Legion of Heroes Team

1.7.12 [AOS/iOS]Patch Note_August Week 3! (08-16-2016)

Greetings, Heroes! Please check the details of this week’s update! # New Heroes

  • New Mythic Hero ‘Camael’ has been released!
  • New Legendary Hero ‘Dark Prophet Sibyl’ has been released!
  • New Heroes can be hired through Premium Hire/Legendary Essence Hire/Hearts Hire (But, Mythic Heroes can only be hired through Premium Hire.)
  • Camael can also be hired with Mythic Essence at Shop.

# Hero Combo

35% Attack Boost
25% Attack Boost, 8% Defense Boost

# Shop

  • 'Gentleman Combo Ticket Package' has been added.

1) Sale Schedule: 8/18 ~ 8/21 (AOS/iOS) (Only until weekends!)

2) Content: Gentleman Combo Legendary ticket x1, Gentleman Combo Premium ticket x3, Book of Heroes (50Lv) x5, Mythic Essence x140, VIP EXP 60

3) Price: $13.99 - Available Heroes: Male Heroes for Combo Rank B and above

4) Purchase Limit: Maximum 5 purchases per account

# Event

  • New event: Double Hire rate for New Heroes! (Camael & Dark Prophet Sybil)

- Schedule: 8/17~8/23 (AOS), 8/18~8/24 (iOS)

  • August Summer Vacation Weekly Event #3

- Get 1 Legendary Ticket + 100 Quick Battle Tickets after this week’s maintenance! (AOS/iOS distributed separately) - Reward item: Legendary Ticket x1 + Quick Battle Tickets (100 counts)

  • Level 100 Achievement Event has ended.

- Reward will be delivered after the maintenance next week.

Thank you, Legion of Heroes Team

1.7.12 [AOS/iOS]Patch Note_August Week 2! (08-09-2016)

Greetings, Heroes!

Please check the details of this week’s update!

# Event

  • Pre-Event has begun to celebrate the grand update!

- Sibyl baked some delicious Fortune Cookies to hand out to people. However, remnants of Broken Arrow stole all the Fortune Cookies, simply because they didn’t like their fortune told. Defeat the remnants of Broken Arrow and retrieve the stolen Fortune Cookies!

- Fortune Cookie Event quest is available on NPC Board.

- You can get more Fortune Cookies as you challenge higher difficulty!

- Retrieved Fortune Cookies can be exchanged for special items from Sibyl.

- Among Sibyl’s exchangeable items, ‘Mythic Ticket Coupon’ and ‘Legendary Equipment Chest (Rank 6) Coupon’ can be redeemed for rewards after the 25th (AOS) / 26th (iOS) update, so hold onto them!

- Event Schedule: AOS : 8/10 ~ 8/24 (15 days), iOS : 8/11 ~ 8/25 (15 days)

  • Xtra Legendary Event has begun! Get Extra Legendary Hero!

- For every purchase of Premium Hire (11 Count), win an extra Legendary Hero Ticket for FREE!

Ex) Purchasing Premium Hire (11 Count) 3 times will yield 3 Legendary Hero Tickets!

Event Schedule: 8/11 ~ 8/14 (AOS & iOS) - PDT

Rewards will be distributed after maintenance for each server: AOS - August 17th / iOS - August 18th

  • August Summer Vacation Weekly Event #2

Get 1 Legendary Ticket + 3 Books of Heroes (Lv. 50) after maintenance! (AOS/iOS distributed separately)

  • Infinite Battle Double Rewards Event has ended. Rewards will be delivered after the maintenance.
  • Super Smash Guilds: Round 2 Event has ended. Rewards will be delivered.

# Exchangeable Items

  • Items have been added to NPC Camillan’s exchangeable item list. Currently listed exchangeable items will remain.

- NPC Camillan will exchange Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Tickets of each Season for Rank 6 Silver or Gold Tickets.

(As Hero Ticket specifications change after August 25th, remained Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tickets will be deleted)


# Shop

  • August-only Soul Gem Packages will no longer be on sale.

Thank you,

Legion of Heroes Team

Upcoming Grand Update Preview #1 (08-09-2016)

Greetings! Heroes!

It was long ago since we had delivered good news to you.

So here we are! With a great surprise!

Starting from this posting, we are going to release long-prepared contents one by one!

Since both of us have waited long enough, there WILL BE awesome changes and a wide range of contents added!

Today is the first chapter of update preview!

This grand update will take place this month! You Heroes ready?

Oh, right! At 12 PM on 9th of August (PDT), a push notification will be sent regarding the upcoming update! Along with the push, there will be reward delivered through your mail! So don’t forget to receive them!

Push reward: Legendary Ticket x1 & Book of Heroes (Lv.50) x 3

  • Mythic Descent & Mythic Skills

1. Every Legendary Hero can become a Mythic Hero through Mythic Descent.

For Mythic Descent, special materials ‘Dragonheart’ and ‘Legendary Essence’ are required. If you execute Mythic Descent, you cannot execute Mythic Descent again within a certain amount of time just like Legendary Descent.

2. All Mythic Heroes have ‘Mythic Skills,’ separate from the existing skills.

Mythic skills have a powerful passive effect that is a whole lot different from the existing skills. You can obtain required materials ‘Dragonheart’ from Explore.

# Opportunity to get Mythic Hero Ticket early on! (redeemable after update) Participate in Sibyl’s Fortune Cookie Event and meet Mythic Hero & Mythic Skills! Event Schedule: AOS: 8/10~8/23 / iOS: 8/11~8/24, See 8/10 patch note also for details!

  • Explore

1. Explore has changed BIG TIME!

Uriel of the world underground has soared up to the surface and caused a huge earthquake. From the impact, ruins that were hidden around the world have been unveiled. Defeat powerful monsters that protect the ruins, and you can get a special reward revealed.

2. In ‘Explore,’ Heroes can explore dungeons and defeat hostile enemies one by one, much like the Bounty Hunt. Five Heroes can participate in Explore. Once completed, a very special reward will be given depending on the difficulty cleared.

  • Lobby

To reduce loading time and provide easier approach, ‘Lobby’ interface will be added to lead Heroes directly to your desired contents.

Heroes will initially enter the Lobby when logging into the game, and you can freely use both the Lobby and the existing World Map as needed.

  • Improvements on Deploy

‘Deploy’ feature has been improved to manage the Heroes for each content more collectively. You can save the Deploy formation beforehand and directly enter Tower of Chaos, Phase Rift, Bounty Hunt, and Mythic Raid without passing through the Deploy screen.

  • Improvements on Tower of Chaos and Hero Tickets

Tower of Chaos will be reorganized! Now there will be no sub-floors, and rewards will be changed. You can obtain first-time clear reward on each floor again after the reorganization update.

# Specifications on Hero Tickets have changed. Existing rewards for each content - “Seasonal Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Ticket” - will be changed to “Rank 6 Silver and Gold Ticket”.

After the maintenance on 8/10 (AOS) and 8/11 (iOS), “Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum Tickets” can be exchanged for “Rank 6 Silver or Gold Ticket” via NPC Camillan.

(Existing “Seasonal Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum Tickets will be deleted after the maintenance on 8/24 (AOS) and 8/25 (iOS), so be sure to exchange them before they’re gone!)

Please look forward to the update!

Thank you,

Legion of Heroes Team


1.7.12 [AOS/iOS]Patch Note_August Week 1! (08-03-2016)

Greetings, Heroes!

Please check the details of this week’s update!

# Shop

  • August SoulGem 300/520/1100 Packages have been added!

- Get 50% Extra Hearts and Mythic Essences!

  • [Select] August Costume Box has been added!
  • [Select] July Costume Box will no longer be on sale.

# Costume

  • Let’s welcome the Heroes from Wonderland! Queen Ankhesenamun and Prince Arthur of Hearts have been added.

# Event

  • Infinite Battle Double Rewards Event has begun!

- Doubled rewards will be delivered according to weekly Infinite Battle Ranking after next week’s maintenance.

- Event Schedule: 8/4 ~ 8/11, before the reset time (00:00) of weekly ranking

- AOS: 8/3 ~ 8/9, iOS:8/4 ~ 8/10 (Before maintenance)

  • Super Smash Guilds: Round 2 has begun, just like the first time!

- AOS: 8/3 ~ 8/9, iOS: 8/4 ~ 8/10 before maintenance

- Rewards are given according to Guild War Ranking during the event period.

- Reward: Robin’s Gold Box

Contents: Heart Fragment / Rune Essence / Rune Powder / Rune Stone / Gold

  • Level 100 Achievement Event has begun!

- Advance your main character to Level 100 and win all of these fabulous rewards! (Rewards will be distributed after the event ends)

Contents: Legendary Ticket x1/Legendary Equipment Chest (Rank 5) x1/Book of Heroes (Lv. 50) x10/Elemental Stone Select Box (100 stones)/Orichalcum Stones x100

- AOS: 8/3 ~ 8/16, iOS: 8/4 ~ 8/17 before maintenance

  • August Summer Vacation Weekly Event #1

- Get 1 Legendary Ticket + 500 Rune Powders after maintenance! (AOS/iOS distributed separately)

- Reward item: Legendary Ticket x1 + Rune Powder x500

This Weekly Event reward will be delivered through your mail after the maintenance! (AOS: 8/3, iOS: 8/4)

+) Added at 23:59 8/2 (PDT)

  • Monthly Coupon: August Edition has been revealed!

Enjoy these surprise coupon codes every month!


Contents: -> Legendary Ticket x1/Quick Battle 100 Counts/Orichalcum Stone x100/ 2,000,000 Gold

Expiration Date: 2016.8.31. 23:59 (PDT)

Caution: Coupon code is available only for AOS users. For iOS users, reward items will be delivered through mail after the maintenance on 8/4. (Accounts created after the delivery will not be able to receive the reward)

Thank you,

Legion of Heroes Team

1.7.12 UPDATES SINCE JULY 20, 2016


1.4.27 [NOVEMBER] [Update Patch note] Nov 18th - Legend Update

11-16-2015, 11:18 PM

Greeting, Heroes!

We've gone through a lot of changes in our Legend Update, so please check out our Patch notes for more detail! After our maintenance, login to the game and check out what's new!


  • All Heroes have been upgraded to have the same stats as their Attack Boost period.

* New Season 5 Heroes Ankhesenamun, Amos Ileria and Season 6 Hero Claire have been released.

  • Ankhesenamun, Amos Ileria and Claire can be hired through Heart Hire and Premium Hire.
  • (Newly released Heroes will not receive Attack Boosts anymore)
  • New Season 5 Hero Black Lion Komareo has been released.
  • - Black Lion Komareo can be hired by purchasing the limited package.
  • * Rank 6 Heroes can be hired through Heart Hire by a low chance.
  • * Legendary Equipment Lv. 2 has been added.
  • - You can now get [Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.2] from Camillan using [Bravery Medals].
* The Legendary Equipment passive has been changed:
- Weapon Passive: Increase Attack.
- Helm/Armor Passive: Increase Defense.
- Gloves/Shoes Passive: Increase HP.
※ The passive effects of previously owned items will not be changed.

[Legendary/Mythic Heroes]

* Legendary Heroes can reach up to Lv. 100, and are a new, more powerful rank of Heroes compared to Rank 6 Heroes.
* Mythic Heroes are similar to Legendary Heroes, but are rare and more powerful heroes that cannot be earned by upgrading other ranks.
(For example, a Rank 6 Claire can be upgraded to a Legendary Claire.
However, Saraquael, who is a Mythic Hero, cannot be obtained in any other ways than using ‘Mythic Essence’ or through Premium Hire.)
* Legendary/ Mythic Heroes have 4 Ranks of A, S, SS, EX. Newly hired Legendary/ Mythic Heroes will be at Rank A.
* Legendary Heroes can be hired by using 1,000 Legendary Essence from the Hire screen, or through Premium Hire with a low chance.
* Mythic Heroes can be hired using ‘Mythic Essence’ or through Premium Hire with an extremely low chance.
* Only Heroes with their initial Rank at Rank 5 can be upgraded to Legendary Heroes.
  • You can check initial rank of the Heroes in Hero Info.
(Serisa, Kainan, Big Tao, Ereina, Remia have been changed to have Rank 5 as their initial Rank).


* Transcendence is a newly added system which upgrades the ranks of Legendary/Mythic Heroes.
* There will be a success rate for the Transcendence, and the success rate will depend on the difference between the rank of the base hero
and the expended hero.
* When the Base Hero and Expended Hero are different Heroes, the success rate will decrease.
* When succeeding in Transcendence, the Base Hero’s rank will increase by 1.
* When a Transcendence attempt fails, the Base Hero’s rank does not increase, but a certain amount of Legendary Essence will be provided.
* When transcending, the EXP and skill levels of the Expended Hero will be passed on to the Base Hero.

[Legendary Descent]

* Legendary Descent is a new hero Hire system in which Legendary Heroes can be hired.
* The Legendary Descent tab can be accessed when selecting a Hero from the Hero Info.
* 5 identical Rank 6 Heroes, Gold, and [Legendary Essence] are used as materials for Legendary Descent.
Legendary Descents can be performed once a month.

=[Essence Extraction]

* The Essence Extraction function can be used from the Fuse/ Extract Window.
* [Legendary Essence] can be used by extracting essence from Rank 6 Heroes. The amount of essence extracted from each hero will be set at random. Normally, 10-90 Legendary Essences can be extracted from each Essence Extraction. However, according to the Great Success rate displayed, up to 1,000 Legendary Essences can be received. Hearts can be used to increase the Great Success rate.
* The extracted Legendary Essence can be used in hiring Legendary Heroes.
* Heroes used in Essence Extraction will be eliminated.

=[Mission Renewal]

* Daily missions have been renewed. Some missions have been removed or their rewards have   *been changed.
* The 3 daily mission rewards have been changed. You can earn up to 30 [Legendary Essence] by *completing the renewed daily missions.
*- Participate 1 time in Chaos Abyss
*-8 Participate 1 time in Mine Wars
*- Participate 1 time in Expedition

[Premium Hire and VIP Benefits]

* [Premium Hire] has been newly added to the shop.
* Rank 6 and Legendary Heroes from all seasons can be hired through Premium Hire.
* A certain amount of [Mythic Essence] will be provided to your inbox according to the number of Premium Hires –

29 Mythic Essence for 1 Premium Hire, 290 Mythic Essence for 11 Premium Hires.

* [Mythic Essence] can be used to hire Mythic Heroes or Mythic Equipment (coming soon!).
* VIP Benefits
       - When purchasing Premium Hire tickets, VIP EXP will be provided, and when a certain amount of EXP is reached, the VIP level will increase.
       - According to your VIP levels, you will be able to receive various benefits including the following: Increased moral slots, decreased morale
       charge time, increased friend support rewards, increased number of repeat battles and quick battle coupons.

[Fixed Term Tickets]

* [Fixed Term Tickets] have been newly added to the shop.
* Heart Hire 30-day Ticket: 1 Heart Hire will be available every 24 hours from the time of purchase.
* Premium Hire 30-day Ticket: 1 Premium Hire will be available every 24 hours from the time of purchase.
(Available for purchase until December 1st as a Legend Update Celebration.)


* Main story – Chapter 3-5: Nightmare in Wallachia has been released.
Players who have completed Chapter 3-4 will be able to start their new adventure through the quest menu.
* Bounty hunt stage 3, 4 and page 2 has been added, allowing you to challenge more powerful bosses.
* A tutorial battle which reveals why the main character started on his/her (and your) adventure has been added.

[Guild Hideout]

* A new [Guild Hideout] content has been added.
* Guild Hideout can be purchased from the events guild menu, and needs guild funds to be purchased.
* The functions of the Guild Hideout increases in accordance to the level of the Guild Hideout.
* The level of the Guild Hideout can be upgraded by collecting Hideout EXP through guild activities.
* When a guild member earns guild contribution, the same amount of guild funds is given to the guild.
* NPC can be hired at the Hideout, and the functions of the NPC improve in accordance to their levels.
- Dennis: When reinforcing through the Hideout NPC, the reinforce success rate increases according to the level of the NPC.
- Brook: When refitting through the Hideout NPC, the refit success rate increases according to the level of the NPC.
- Rita: When performing inscriptions through the Hideout NPC, the inscription success rate increases according to the level of the NPC.
- Mimi: Guild members can receive random rewards according to their guild activities.
The rewards will be provided more frequently according to the level of the NPC.
- Marchande: Marchande will visit the Hideout several times according to the level of the Hideout and sell items
that will not be regularly available at a cheap price.
* The number of hirable NPC will increase according to the level of the Hideout, and if there is not enough space in the Hideout,
Marchande will not be able to make visits.

[Infinite Battle]

* Infinite Battle Rewards have been renewed:
- 1st: Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.2 x1 -> Legendary Equipment Chest Lv. 2 x2
- 2nd -10th: Legendary Equipment chest Lv.1 x1 -> Legendary Equipment Chest Lv.2 x1
- 11th -100th: Rare Treasure Chest Lv.1 x6 -> Rare Treasure Chest Lv.2 x6
- 101st - 500th: Rare Treasure Chest Lv.1 x5 -> Rare Treasure Chest Lv.2 x5
- 501st - 1,000th: Rare Treasure Chest Lv.1 x4 -> Rare Treasure Chest Lv.2 x4
- 1,001st - 3,000th: Rare Treasure Chest Lv.1 x3 -> Rare Treasure Chest Lv.2 x3
- 3,001st - 50,00th: Rare Treasure Chest Lv.1 x2 -> Rare Treasure Chest Lv.2 x2
- 5,001st - 10,000th: Rare Treasure Chest Lv.1 x1 -> Rare Treasure Chest Lv.2 x1
- Below 10,001st: Bravery Medal x 100 -> Bravery Medal x 200

[Tower of Chaos]

* A Quick Battle Mode which can be used to speed up Repeat Battles in the Tower of Chaos has been added.
Quick Battle Coupons are rewarded daily according to VIP levels.
* The Tower of Chaos Repeat Battle count increases according to VIP levels.

[Chaos Abyss]

ž* Chaos Abyss has been released up to floor 10.
ž* The Chaos Abyss Boss HP has been increased.


* 30% Attack Boost Event Dates: Nov 21th, 22th, 28th, 29th.
* Applies to all battles EXCEPT Coliseum, Infinite Battles, Guild Wars and Chaos Abyss

[iOS issue]

* Our iOS launching is planned to take place within 2-3 months, and we will notify through our FB and Forums on any details on the update.

Thank you for everything. - LOH Team.

1.4.27 [January 28, 2015]

* Minor Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with claiming the reward for completing Mission: Battle with a monster party for 4,500 times.
  • Special Offer of Heart Bundle has been added. Limited to one per account.

1.4.26 [January 14, 2015]

* [Coliseum] 
    • Coliseum Season Update!
      • The Royal League (Rank1) will now reward Ludwig (Season 4 Hero, Rank 5); Previously Yukio (Season 3, Rank 5)
      • You can now use Ariesse, Nicki, Yukio, and Elina in Coliseum
  • [Shop] 
    • X-mas Prime Box sale has ended.
    • Gaston's Holiday Selection is renamed to Legion Starter Pack and will be available for sale. (One purchase per account, if you have already purchased Gaston's Holiday Selection, you cannot buy the Legion Starter Pack.)
  • [Bug Fixes] 
    • Mini-drama direction changed to encounter Ribbart when talking to Dino.

1.4.25 [December 22, 2014]

* Added Brock's Holiday Gift Set
  • Added Gaston's Holiday Selection
  • Added Magical Girl Ione's Gifts
  • Removed Watch Video from Season 1 Rank 1~2 Heroes
  • Changed the push notification icon
  • Magical Girl Ione added
  • Baaah~ Meow :3 update: Ariesse and Nicki added; they were released on January 1st, 2015 without their own individual patch.

1.4.24 [December 18, 2014]

** Patch 1.4.23 was skipped. **
  • Added "Rebirth" feature for main character (Season 1 Rank 6 character will rebirth into Season 2 Rank 1 character)
  • Added "Phase Rift"
  • Added "Daily Dungeon". You can obtain various elemental ores from the dungeons and you can exchange them for Catalyst at NPC Brock (Catalyst is used for reinforcing the equipment with 100% success rate.)
  • Added Season 3 Heroes to Coliseum (Amara, Remia, Drake and, Blood Pearl)

1.4.22 [December 9, 2014]

* Fixed Quest Arrow and download message bugs
  • Arrr! Pirates! update: Drake and Blood Pearl added; they were released on December 16th without their own individual patch.

1.4.21 [December 9, 2014]

* You can earn hearts by sending heroes to your friends after level 10
  • You can gain more Rank EXP when you fuse heroes with a max. level hero
  • Improved tutorials
  • Improved network error handling

1.4.20 [?]

*Minor bug fixes

1.4.19 [December 1, 2014]

* Beastkin Warriors update: Amara and Remia added
  • Minor bug fixes

1.4.18 [November 25, 2014]

* Main Character Level Cap increased to 60.
  • Story Chapters 3-1, 3-2
  • New Chaos Abyss floors 7 and 8
  • Tower of Chaos increased to floor 60 (this is actually untrue - floor 60 was released in an earlier patch)
  • Implementation of Guild War (You need to be level 50 or higher and in guild)
  • Implemented Exploration Feature
  • Implemented Fever Time Event for Coliseum, Tower of Chaos Co-Op
  • Added daily events: Co-Op Tower to earn Runestones (three times a day)
  • Added a new cash item, Black Friday Box (Sold until 12/3)

1.4.17 [November 19, 2014]

*Improved downloading speed

1.4.16 [November 13, 2014]

*Improved downloading stability
  • Minor bug fixes

1.4.15 [November 6, 2014]

* Queen of Fairies update: Erin and Ereina added
  • Tegra Chipset Supports
  • Fixed Push Notification Icon Images
  • Made the first quest easier
  • Added a New Hero Bundle

1.4.14 [November 2, 2014]

*Martial Arts update: Kuroko and Big Tao added
  • Improved the push notification icon quality
  • Reduced difficulty levels for some of quests
  • Improved network stability issues

1.4.12 [November 1, 2014]

*Added supports for the high density displays (up to 640 dpi)

1.4.11 [October 30, 2014]

1.4.10 [??]

1.4.09 [??]

1.4.08 [??]

1.4.07 [??]

1.4.06 [??]

1.4.05 [??]

1.4.04 [??]

1.4.03 [September 3, 2014]

  • The first official version

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