Main Information

Naga Sorcerer
Naga Sorcerer
Nagas are rarely able to use magic, as few with the gift are ever born.

Most who can are hatched in clutches ruled by matriarchs who also have the power. As such, few adventurers have encountered naga sorcerers in the wild, and even the Scalebanes cannot say for certain what powers a naga sorcerer might have. They often take their anger out on innocent feline beastkin most notably Scalebanes, when they are stressed out by canine beastkin.

Weapon used: Tome
Season 1 Rank Star goldStar gold
Trait Heal
Skill Soul Healing
Effect Heal
Fury Cost 100 Range
Ally SingleTarget
Soul Healing
Restores x(+x) HP to one ally.
Mythic Skill -
Mythic Bonuses -


Combo Name Combo Effect Rank Leader Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero 4 Hero 5
Moves like Maga HP 5% Boost D Ananta Naga Dragonmaw Naga Sorcerer Naga Warrior Naga Fighter
Naga Dragonmaw
Naga Sorcerer
Naga Warrior
Naga Fighter


  • Naga Sorcerers are actually younger than they look.

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