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A talented physician from Salisbury.

She and her twin sister, Lindsay, pledged themselves to the health and wellbeing of the Britannian people. Long ago, she served as a battlemage in the armies of Pendragon, but she abandoned that life and swore herself to the healing arts after witnessing the pain and suffering of war.

Weapon used: Tome
Season Legendary Rank Legend A
Trait Heal
Skill First Aid
Effect Heal / Regeneration
Fury Cost 100 Range
Ally SingleTarget
First Aid
Heal one ally for x(+x) HP immediately and regenerate x(+x) HP each turn.
Mythic Skill Transcendentalist
After entering battle, you become immune to all status effects for 2/3/4/5 turns.
Mythic Bonuses INT +x, VIT +x


Sheriff Lindy
Skill Public Order Restoration Fury Cost 250 Range
Immediately restores x(+x) HP and regenerate x(+x) HP for one turn for allies in the selected ally’s row and column. Decrease Fury consumption by 50% for one turn. Bonus ATK 10%
Bonus DEF 10%
Bonus HP 10%


Combo Name Combo Effect Rank Leader Hero 2 Hero 3 Hero 4
Healing Spring HP 25%, Defense 8% Boost S Princess Astea Ione Lindy Guinevere
Princess Astea

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