I will try to show you the Korean version here.

Don't ask for the best main character or the best hero. I don't know and I think you must find that by yourself.

I don't know about any English patch, so don't ask these question here.

And a last thing, sorry for my English. Feel free to correct me.

  1. First step
  2. Main Character Selection
  3. Game Introduction
  4. Fighting Screen
  5. Fighting Result Screens
  6. Main Screen
  7. Menu Screen
  8. Heroes Informations Screen
  9. Hiring Screen
  10. Fusing/Extract Screen
  11. Tower Of Chaos
  12. Level Up
  13. Lori Messages
  14. Combinations Screen
  15. Official Guide Book
  16. Patch Notes
  17. New Heroes
  18. Events

Nota: Official Guide Book, Patch Notes, New Heroes, Events are google translation of pages found on When I have time, I translate some pages.

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