Here is the google translation of the patch note 1.0.96 (July 17th)


* Top speed of the UI has been improved and chaos of Heroes information.

* Little Vanessa event has ended. Do not pay more glittering beads from a challenge.

* Shiny beads items will be exchanged for Milan NPC jewelers car for a week.

The technology of tooltips to the technology - Nefertiti has been added stating that applied to magical damage. This technique is still missing, but there was magic damage and apply to related content in the tooltip for that.

[Myth Reid]

* You can now check the windows arranged in a mythical raid party chat and guild chat.

* If you touch the area other than the mode button on the myth compensation compensation pop-up pop-up window is closed problem has been fixed.

* An issue where hostility levels are abnormally apply has been fixed.

* If the hero is able to more than 21 million of damage in a single attack damage has been fixed were applied incorrectly.

* If you turn off the stunned state by Remi El heavenly Advent technology has been fixed could not act on that turn.

* Guardian angel "after another" and "Remi El" in the production technology used has been fixed.

* Mythical sword after generation after another raid has been modified so that it does not move in the first turn.


* "Four steel Cromwell family" and - active effect tooltip of the "guardian angel Oh pangchu window" has been modified to prevent misleading.

[Mine ago]

* You can register a hero before participating friends to support mine hero.

[Top of chaos;

* If the screen is switched in place to enable the state party in a state in which the hero uses a Friend tab is selected andoedeon heroes has been fixed.

* Heroes duplicate the same screen layout has been fixed in batch andoejiman to be replaced with each other.


* If the conditions are less than a week after joining the guild, the guild before receiving compensation button is pressed, a notification message will be output if you can get when compensation.

Infinite War;

* Infinite number of challenges need not charged by connecting every two hours it will be restored one by one.

> 6:00 a.m. after ten that is added when the first access will be maintained.

[Bounty hunting;

* When you repeat the bounty hunting was conducted combat the problem does not progress has been fixed.


* Now Tower of Chaos related challenges can proceed regardless of the difficulty in the process.

* Now celebrating notification window will not be output even during high levels of success stamped.

* Hideon window closes when you touch the problem than part of the Save button in the window vending equipment has been modified.

* 1 "is received after the equipment sales price of 10 minutes" in Chapter 2 film equipment sales quests have been modified text.

Just 3 1-1 * 1 The top layer of chaos phenomenon can not be completed quests progress has been fixed.

* Santa Ura This phenomenon has been fixed did not specify when the reader moves from hero Bran Castle Underground map.

* Level 20/30-level celebration of boxes and components tickets beginner Apink support box has been removed.

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