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Nexon Mobile Terms of Service

Article 1 [Purpose)
This agreement is the (main) Nexon Korea (the "Company" referred to) is used with all games and related rights between the company and the users of the various services provided through the device obligations and its purpose is to establish the necessary prerequisite .

Article 2 (Definitions)
① The terms used in this Agreement are as follows:
1 user says `` Now the company is using all games and various services available (members, including non-members).
2. 'content' is all the games and network services company that provides, related applications, such as game items and game money and services refers to any content published digitally.
3. 'devices' installation or download of content is available to PC, mobile phone, smartphone, PDA, it refers to devices, such as tablets, portable gaming devices, console gaming devices.
4. Connect to the "Network Services" means Internet Rankings registered post, game purchases, such as money or items, so you can use the network game company says the integrated services provided.
② The definitions of the terms used in the agreement are as prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations and, except as specified in (1). It does not specify in relation to the Act on general commercial practices.

Article 3 (Effects and apply the changes to the Terms)
① This Agreement shall website operated by the company ( effect caused by disclosure online, hereinafter referred to as 'HOME' called). Also, if you download or use of content and network services to the company's games see your agreement to these Terms and Conditions. If you agree to the Terms and Conditions from the date the application under the terms of the agreement, there is a change from the time the effects of the changes that have occurred subject to the changed Terms and Conditions.
② not agree to these terms, please visit our website regularly means you agree to make changes to the Terms and Conditions.
③ The Company will, if deemed necessary, you can change these Terms and Conditions. The company appointed to the terms of the content and applications to be changed if the terms change, published online 7 days from the application homepage days. However, if you change the unfavorable terms and conditions, you Disclosures to users online in 30 days from the date of application and the Notice home page can be checked during the game within the network service access. The revised terms will take effect from the day you apply disclosure or notice.
④ Members have the right to refuse for the changed Terms and Conditions. Members have objections against changes to the Terms of use and discontinue service, you can cancel the contract (cancellation). If members continue to use the service after one application of the modified Terms of Use, try to have agreed to the revised terms.

Article 4 (start using the service)
① The company shall start from the time of the service user consent to use application. However, for some services, you can start the service from the specified date according to your company's needs.
② The Company can offer to pay for specific services.
③ If due to a failure in business or technical service of the company does not disclose or disclosure must notify the user on the website.

Article 5 (such as a service provider)
① The company provides following services to users.
1. Game services and related value-added services
2. The social network service (SNS)
3. Other company developed itself, or any of the services provided to users through a cooperative agreement with another company, etc.
② The Company is in the business or technical Unless otherwise interfere year round 24 hours a day to provide services principle. However, regular inspection system, expansion and replacement of servers, adding new game content, if necessary operations such as various bug patches, the replacement of a new service, it is possible to suspend the service for a certain period of time or duration, the relevant statutory or services if necessary operational information and, one day can provide services only during certain hours. In the above case the company is known for its contents and time in advance on the website or individual services website. However, if there are unavoidable reasons, the company can not notice in advance can notify the post.
③ The Company may require the conclusion of separate services by the Terms and Conditions In addition to the members as it provides services. This game is a separate member which is about what the agreement required the company to use such an application and agree to the terms and conditions of the Game can be used by permission.
④ company in providing services to members relevant laws and regulations, in accordance with the Terms and Procedures of age, service members can restrict the use of some services and so on. In this case, the company will guide you through the details in advance.

Article 6 (protection and use of personal information)
① The Company is committed to protecting your personal information, including user registration information according to related laws. For the protection and use of user personal information is relevant laws and regulations and the company's privacy policy will apply. However, in a linked site other than the company's official website, the company's privacy policy does not apply.
② The Company is required to confirm if I can notice the reason (purpose) to the user and require a certificate or its successor identification of the user. Companies are advised not to use them other than one purpose can not be achieved immediately upon discarding a playing way.
③ received alias to the user, depending on the nature of the service, information, pictures or the like to introduce itself can be disclosed to any other user at the option of the user.
④ The Company is not responsible for any information, including account information of a user is exposed due to reasons attributable to the user.

Article 7 (management and change personal information)
Members must faithfully manage their personal information for the use of this service and must change them if you have changes in personal information. DAMAGES member's personal information changes or delays that occur is missing is the responsibility of the member.

Article 8 (Provision of information and advertising)
① The company may place ads in order to maintain the services, you agree about the ads that are exposed when using the service.
② The company is offering, a third party entity, the company for losses and damages incurred by the user in the first paragraph, or participation advertising communication or transaction does not bear any responsibility.
③ The company may request additional personal information about users for such purposes as improving service users and target services introduced, the user can provide the request for additional information to approve or reject.
④ If the Company is utilizing personal information collected from users under the prior consent of the user, such as providing the first paragraph and the third paragraph Advertising Information SMS (LMS), smartphone alerts (Push Notifications), utilizing e-mail You can send, if the user does not want You can unsubscribe at any time.
⑤ The Company is composed of chats between users within the services provided by the company (conversation, gwitmal, notes, etc.) store, archive, or can be viewed. Company limited only by the company that it deems necessary for the maintenance of the dispute, complaint processing, or games in order to view the chat between users to information. This information is only held company and does not provide otherwise legitimate third party. Material utilization, notice when necessary reasons and scope is utilized to users.

Article 9 (buy content)
① Users Wireless Internet, Open Market store operators, application stores, online through the company website (portals, mobile gaming site, or our website, etc.) and other channels to purchase or download content to the service.
② The Company is portable and console game titles developed game titles can be purchased through distributors and online stores, such as trading companies.
③ company that provides such items can be purchased through the network services provided within the online sites or games and applications.
④ wireless Internet users and mobile operators store the open market, through the application store Mobile game, application, or if you purchase using the network service, you may be charged a toll given data set forth in carrier.

Article 10 (Use of content)
① Users can take advantage of without excluding the special content and is limited in principle to purchase the content in this limited period of time or additional charges. However, when using the network services within a game or application to purchase such items may result in additional charges.
② Users are purchased by content are classified as organic / free property based on the acquisition method, if it was used for some of the reserves including content and attribute precedence pay deducted, after subtracting free property. Pay deduction order when holding only property is subject to the first-in, first-out method (way before deduction obtained in order). However, depending on the circumstances may be different in some games, etc. If you notice through the official cafe.
③ the user who purchased the content is only available in download or install the device by default. However, if such an open market, depending on the nature of the application store to store and change the device to a shared account are available, subject to the policies of the store. Change machines, number change, international roaming, etc. If you do not have access to all or part of the functions of the content in this case the company does not bear any responsibility

Article 11 (point services)
① The Company can provide a point in providing services Article 5 paragraph 1. 'Points' is, used as prizes, such as compensation or events based on service policies is a free service that is paid to the customer. This is a paid service point or not, using this method and the like can be different for each game, which follow on how to guide or services in each game.
② points to paid services for free, during the period specified in the warranty period governed service delivery, the warranty period is not specified if the period is basically one year. Point specified period or warranty period, generally I do not use my points when payment can be destroyed.
③ If a member of a member leaving, or to reasons attributable to a member of the account is deleted, the account was credited to "point" is automatically extinguished when the deleted account.

Article 12 (changes and stop the service)
① The company may change the service offered to meet the needs of operational or technical. For such information, and it offers subject to change by posting a date of service to operate homepage advance notice. However, if a company that is unavoidable circumstances such as critical bugs occur it can not be notified in advance, server equipment faults, urgent security issues can be notified after the fact.
② The company is when you need to stop the service by all of the games or operational planning or the company's dire situation, you can notice it on the website before 30 days and stop providing services. Users will not be able to claim for compensation against the fee Subscription fee or fixed-term items that are not used during the remaining period of service shutdown. For this warranty to pay for an item or warranty indicated by the 'permanent' items are not marked paid (hereinafter referred to as 'permanent item'), try to notice when the service interruption notice until the end of the service period with the use of the item.
③ The company may limit or stop all or part of the service if the following items.
1. exhibitions, affairs, if there is a natural disaster or national emergency, such as force majeure reasons
2. blackout, if you interfere with the normal use of services such as congestion or failure of the amount of use of various facilities
3. If unavoidable due to the construction of facilities for services such as maintenance
4. When it is not possible to service the various factors of the company
④ In the case of service interruptions caused by the Section 2, you will notice posted on the homepage of the company operations. However, the company is due to interruption of service due to reasons beyond its control, it shall not apply if the notice is not possible.
⑤ The Company is not liable for problems caused by changes and stop the service.

Article 13 (obligations of the Company)
① The company has not prohibited the legislation and this agreement or not the conduct is contrary to morals, and endeavor to provide a continuous and reliable service.
② The Company will make every effort to offer the best content and network services to the user in accordance with the terms and conditions determined by the bar.
③ The company has built a security system to protect personal information of the user and disclosures in compliance with our Privacy Policy.
④ The Company does not leak / distributed to any other party without your consent your personal information. If you, however, requires the relevant national authorities, such as by the Electronic Communications Related Act, and other regulations will not apply there.
⑤ When the company deems that arise from user feedback or complaint is justified, it will be processed immediately. However, if immediate treatment is difficult to call or e-mail has gathered agree in advance to accept the user can be informed of the reasons and schedules.

Article 14 (Obligation of Users)
① The user in utilizing the services provided by the company, and then must engage in activities that for the purpose of information corresponding to each of the following items or actions or intentions.
1. Using the information in the Information or any other person who is not blind when providing personal information to the company due to events such as winning or false information base
2. ID and password of another user or steal someone else's personal information, including your mobile phone number of others, fraudulently used
3. Company ID accumulated in the game through the service does not offer in-game items and game money to deal with such a person, trafficking
4. The company's services or the information obtained by the service company without the prior approval of replication, distribution, use or promote commercial
5. Use the services of a company generated a profit on the property to him or others
6. The act of damaging another person's honor, or impose damages
7. The unauthorized use of the payment service charges and payment methods without consent or approval of myeonguija
8. Company's intellectual property, third party intellectual property rights, and other rights violations, such as Model
9. collect personal information on the company without the approval of other users, storage, dissemination, publication
10. Register or appear to function as an intermediary for the infection of computer virus that exploits a bug in the program or data causing destruction and chaos, such as malfunctioning equipment or information relating to the service
11. Companies operating willfully interfere with the service or information that can interfere with the stable operation and the recipient receives the explicit transfer the advertising information against the refusal of the service
12. specifying the actions and relationships with others as others to be false
13. obscene, vulgar information exchanges, did not show a pornographic site or connect (link) or accept advertising and promotional material published
14. If riches leads to meander under the Act, such as gambling or to participate
15. The words that cause shame or disgust or fear or sound, text or image or a video sent to the other party, reach, distribution
16. Act to change the information posted on the Service
17. The information related to the transmission or the publication is prohibited by law (computer programs), or computer software, hardware, or interfere with the normal operation of the telecommunications equipment, the software designed for the purpose of destroying viruses, other computer code, files, programs and data contained in the transmission, publication, dissemination, use
18. The operator of the company, or impersonate any employee or by or to steal another person's name conduct posting or sending mail
19. Other public order and public morals, or violate any unlawful, improper conduct in violation of the relevant laws and regulations and relevant laws and regulations ② User, shall comply with such matters, including the provisions of this agreement Company is notified, the other companies in the business Do not engage in acts that disturb.
Unless the user is not ③ officially recognized by the company and are able to use the services business activities, including selling the products, it can not provide services such as transaction ID and the item acquired through, or receive, hacking, can not be an act of revenues, commercial software illegally distributed through advertising, preparing an act like him or not to advertise. This result caused by the breach and the loss of sales activities, such as respect and restraint legal action by the authorities is the sole responsibility of the user and the company does not take any responsibility for it. If the user's actions with respect to this company if damage has occurred the user of any obligation to pay damages.
④ users should check the website from time to time announcements.

Article 15 (Reversion of Copyright and Limitation)
① Copyright and other intellectual property rights in the work created by the company are owned by the company.
② in the service posted by a user's post copyrights are owned by their respective owners.
③ The user can not make use of the information obtained while using the service to the company or used for commercial purposes without the consent of a third party.
④ and users posts to post in the service may be exposed to such results and related promotional services, within the scope necessary for its exposure to some modification, reproduction, publication may be edited. In this case, the company must comply with the terms of the Copyright Act, the user is deleted for the post or via the customer service center within the administration at any time, except for search results, you can take measures such as private. This is valid for the company operating the service.
⑤ If the company appeals to issues such as copyright from a third party user of this post, and it is determined that there is a substantial reason, without prior notification, or to delete it may refuse to register themselves, due to copyright infringement and post Details for the takedown and is subject to copyright and related laws.

Article 16 (user's posts)
① loss caused by the post of the user or problems are the responsibility of users of private companies are not responsible for them.
② The Company can be moved without notice, depending on the posts needed to manage.
③ due to the post of users hayeoteum infringe the rights of others if such company has received a complaint claims from others, users create a post shall cooperate actively in order to indemnify the company, if the company did not DISCLAIMER Users will be responsible for the problems caused thereby.
④ If a post is published or delivered to the user is determined to correspond to each of the following call company can be deleted without notice and can also be refused registration.
1. other users or slander others, or infringe the privacy or, in the case of information damaging the honor to slander
2. If there is a possibility that the services give or interfere with the stable operation
3. If information is recognized to be related to criminal acts
4. Companies and if the content that infringes a third party's intellectual property rights and other rights

Article 17 (Billing)
Purchase price for the content rule, carriers and application stores, online sites in the manner prescribed, depending on the policy and how to pay the levy to be paid according to how well defined.
The company's policy and billing companies (carriers, Open Market Store, an application store, etc.) policies, the payment limit for each payment method, according to the government's policy may be granted.

Article 18 (cancellation and refund of the purchase price, etc.)
① company to offer paid content is available to members separated by the possible content and content that cancellation cancellation is limited. The possible cancellation content may withdraw an offer within 7 days of purchase. However, "e-commerce on consumer protection of the law 'and content for the reasons set out in the cancellation of restrictions and other relevant laws and regulations are subject to cancellation of the restrictions, content restrictions, cancellation of the pop-up screen, or in fact restricted The display screen such as a connection.
② When gold mistakes intentionally or reasons attributable to the Company's generation, refund the mistake of gold to the user. However, if the gold mistakes intentionally or reasons attributable to the member occurred, that company is required to refund the cost of the mistakes of gold is to be borne by the user within a reasonable range.
③ When users buy content through the company and third parties in relation to contracts for the convenience of users, the company can give you the refund directly and within the limits set by the company, depending on your situation can help a refund of some amount You can.
④ In the case of a member shop, and monthly service if you have the user's application after the expiration of the coupon number, refund processing for unused coupons.
⑤ refunds are doing accounts myeonguija devices (including mobile phones) as a base, if for reasons such as minor myeonguija difficult to verify my account, the charge being replaced by accounts or debit accounts, the legal representative of the refund.
⑥ If you request a refund, the company may request the submission of documents set out in the following items for identification to the user after confirming the purchase details, the user will be submitted to the company by way of the FAX transmission, including the documents requested. If the user is difficult to verify identity for reasons such as minors and the legal representative can ask for a refund, the case must be submitted together with evidence that the legal representative.
1. Refunds counseling History
2. copies of documents to verify the identity of the requester refund (device myeonguija) Part 1
3. A copy of the passbook refund the requester had one copy
4. Pay the costs paid receipts Part 1 (which can not be depending on the situation)
⑦ company is committed to completing a full refund within the near future from the date of receipt of the documents specified in the preceding paragraph from the user.

Article 19 (Termination and stop using the service, etc.)
① Users are following subparagraphs or Article 14 Section 1, if you act in violation of established policy that corresponds to the operating separately game, this Agreement or terminate the contract on the basis of game-specific operational policies or the use of a prescribed service period You can stop.
1. If you have registered false information during the application service
2. If you steal someone else's service login and password
3. If you interfere with the service operating on purpose
4. If the acts that disadvantage or damage another person's honor
5. The transfer of a large amount of information in order to interfere with the stable operation of the service, or the case of transmitting the advertisement information
6. If you are distributing a computer virus program, such as causing a malfunction or destruction of such information in the information and communication equipment
7. The Company and the other members or if you infringe the intellectual property rights of others
8. demands or municipal government agencies If you receive an authoritative interpretation of the Election Commission in connection with illegal campaign
9. If the information obtained by the Company's service information to replicate or distribution without the prior consent of the Company or commercial use
10. If showing pornography or links to pornographic sites
11. Companies and Open Market stores offer membership, game playing, billing, if you abuse the various processes related to refund taking unfair advantage
② and if you terminate or suspend the contract the company in accordance with the provisions of the preceding paragraph, users should delete the downloaded content, content purchases and payments based data service fee, monthly service fees, etc. can not accept returns.
③ Users can still apply for the use of network services at any time, the Company will immediately stop providing network services that could stop the application of the user. In this case the company shall not be responsible for any damages caused to the user.

Article 20 (Damages)
① If the user is in the company due to damages caused by violation of the provisions of this Agreement, breach of this agreement by the user's responsibility to remedy any damage caused to the company.
② Users may get an illegal act or violation of these Terms and Conditions due to the company various complaints, including claims or lawsuits from any third party other than the user concerned did in utilizing the services the user concerned with costs and their responsibilities and it must indemnify the Company, if the user concerned has failed to indemnify the Company are responsible for any damages caused to the company due to damages thereby.
③ The Company is not liable for any damages with respect to matters arising out of or in connection with services provided free of charge. However, in case of damages caused by willful or gross negligence of the company is an exception.

Article 21 (Disclaimer)
① If the Company is unable to provide service due to natural disasters or similar act of God has the responsibility for service delivery is exempt.
② The Company is not responsible for the failure to stop or use, termination of service due to reasons attributable to the user.
③ The company has moved to stop the network service provider if the service or damages incurred by not providing properly, are exempt from this responsibility.
④ repair of equipment services company known in advance, replacement, periodic inspection, construction, etc. are responsible for in the event of unavoidable reasons as a service is stopped or disability are exempt.
⑤ The Company is exempt from liability for such damage has occurred to the eclectic user or use of the Services does not accept responsibility for things which can not be expected to return to using the service.
⑥ The company assumes no liability for any problems arising from the users of the device environment, such as installing malicious programs that caused various problems and consequent damage to the device settings or companies that derive due to reasons attributable to the network does not have.
⑦ company for issues caused by the user is connected to a network or access services such as the APK in modulation site impersonating the service of the Company disclaims any responsibility.
⑧ company information posted or transmitted by users on my website or service, data, reliability of the facts, is not responsible for the accuracy of such information.
⑨ company has no obligation to intervene in the service dispute occurred with each other via a third party user or users will be liable to compensate the resulting damages.
⑩ company is not liable for damages if the case of a device failure due to the user's e-mail address or personal information and incorrectly described or not shown the damage occurred.

⑪ Company (excluding those who buy directly paid by the company) acquired while users are using the service, items, and content for the loss of such company or the company employees intentional or due to a case and is responsible, except for gross negligence It does not bear. ⑫ company if you need to stop the service by all of the games and the operational planning or the company's dire situation, we can notice it on the website before 30 days and stop providing services. Users will not be able to claim compensation for the provision of services requested, service disruptions with respect to the interruption of service after the expiry of the Subscription fee paid or fixed-term items elapsed.

Article 22 (rules on regulatory and other matters of interpretation and Conditions) Ahnihan details about the interpretation of these terms and conditions not specified in this Agreement are set by individual companies depends on operating policy and the government enacted laws and regulations or commercial practices.

Article 23 (Jurisdiction) ① must be amicably settled by agreement between the Service with respect to the amount with respect to the parties dispute between the company and users. ② If paragraph 1 does not resolve the dispute amicably mothayeo lawsuit is filed, the court proceedings are a competent court in accordance with the procedure set out in the relevant legislation. ③ The suit, filed between companies and users to apply the laws of the Republic of Korea.

Addendum This agreement is effective from June 4, 2015.

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