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Starting Screen

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20150709 223553
Log in via Google+
20150709 223713
Log in via Email
20150709 223816
Log in via Facebook

Email Login Screen

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20150710 175007
20150710 175037
List of known email services
20150710 175104
20150710 175136
Save Email (but not the password)
20150710 175205

Log In

(In Korean :

로 Lo

그 g(eu)

인 in)

20150710 175338

Sign Up (New Account in Korean)

20150710 175420
Customer Support
20150710 175507

If you already have a Korean account, enter your email and your password and then click on "Login". The World Screen will open.

If you haven't, you must register. Click on the "sign up" button. The License Screen will open.

License Screen

Screenshot 2015-07-10-17-11-33

20150710 222510
20150710 222619


20150710 222754
20150710 175507

The first text is the "Terms of Service" and the second the "Privacy Policy". You can find a google translation of these texts here:

License term

Privacy Policy

You must check the 2 "agree" check boxes and then click on "continue". You will open the Sign Up screen.

Sign Up Screen

Screenshot 2015-07-10-22-58-56

It's nearly the same screen as the Email Login Screen. You must confirm your password in the new text field and click the connect button (which replace the login button).

World and Server selection screen

Screenshot 2015-07-08-13-36-58

20150711 135157
The last world you logged in
20150711 135227
Click here to enter the last world
20150711 135305

"Ti-a-mi-seu wol-deu"

Remark: the 'r' and the 'l' are the same letter in Korean ('ㄹ')

Thyamis World
20150711 135351

"Paen-deu-rae-geon wol-deu"

Pendragon World
20150711 135418

"no-ting-am wol-deu"

Notthingam World
20150711 135450

"seutabeurisji wol-deu"

Remark: you often don't pronounce "eu" in Korean. Try to pronounce this world.

Star Bridge World
20150711 135533

Each world has got 4 channels. Each channel has got 3 sub-channels. You must select one channel. If you want to change the sub-channel, you will be able to do it later.

If you want to change the channel later, you must log out and relog in the right channel.

20150711 135624
20150711 203123
State of the channel :

  • blue : good
  • red : KO (often means maintenance)

You can create one character per world.

There is no connection between the 4 worlds (I tried to send mail from one world to another and that doesn't work, the guild list are not the same in the 2 worlds I tried).

Here is an extract from the official Korean guide book :

"02. 같은 월드의 캐릭터끼리만 우편, 친구, 길드, 경매장 등을 함께 이용할 수 있습니다."

and the google translation:

" 02. Mail of the same character kkiriman World, friends, guilds, auction houses, etc. can be used together."

And if I'm correct, it must be

"02. Characters of the same world can use mail, friends, guilds, auction houses, etc together "

It seems that you may encounter a lot of English speaker in Thyamis World (chat room 288). But remember, you musn't speak English in other rooms. Korean don't like people speaking English in their rooms like English people don't like people speaking French in their rooms.

If you want to enter the last world you log in, click the enter button. If you want to try another world (or if it's the first time you play), click the State button of a channel.

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