Beginner's guide
       How to install the game
       World and Channel Selection
       Create a username
       Screen guide
       Character Introduction
       Game Instruction
       Help Button (WIP)
       Chat Room / Message Board
       Recommended Challenge (WIP)
       1:1 Support (WIP)
       LG Softkeys
       Preferences (WIP)
       Mission (WIP)
       Equipment Set (WIP)
       Auction Certification
       Time Shop (WIP)
       Attendance Check (WIP)
       Probability Guidance(WIP)
       Push Notifications On / Off (WIP)
       Mail (WIP)
       Friends (WIP)
       Guild (WIP)
       Guild Hideout (WIP)
       Rebirth (WIP)
       Hiring Heroes (WIP)
       More Hero Informations (WIP)
       Fusion of Heroes
       Sell Heroes
       Heroes awakening
       Myth and Legend Heroes
       Legend descend / Myth descend (WIP) 
       Costumes (WIP)
       Tower of Chaos
       Infinity war
       Phase Rift (WIP)
       Abyss of Chaos
       Bounty Hunting
       Guild War (WIP)
       Myth Raid
       Ruins Exploration(WIP)

Beginner's Guide: World and Channel selection

You will find how to select a world and change the channel.

About World

01. Legion of Heroes / Legion of Heroes with BAND have today a total of 4 World.

- Nottingham / Star Bridge / Pendragon / Thyamis

02. Characters from the same world can used email, friends, guilds, auction houses, etc together.

Channel selection and how to change

In each server world, there are four large channels, each large channel have 3 sub channels.

[Larger channel selection method of the login World]

01. Sign in with Facebook or bands or e-mail account, select directly the [Channel] on the login page.

Sign in screen> World> Channel selection

02. If you're in auto-login state, you need to [Main Menu] - [Logout], so you can select a channel after relogging.


[How to choose a sub channel in each large channel]

01. [Main Menu] at the bottom right in the game - Touch the Channel Select button

02. There are 3 sub channel 1~3, you can select one of them.

- Example: if I am connected to the larger Channel 2, I can select one of this 3 sub channel 2-1 / 2-2 / 2-3.



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