Good morning. Legion hero GM is Ariel.

Youngungnim deulkkeseo startled the rasil "super ultra-spectacular images" GM Ariel is ready I'm here! These days, the flow of a very HOT VR! Boarding is also a legion of heroes! Like a 360-degree view of the beautiful new hero seemed Fujin garura in the coming reality, you can meet with VR image.

☞ 'VR' What is it? It has the meaning of 'virtual reality' which stands for Virtual Reality

Taken or implemented to vividly feel as if they are in video technology

VR images that first appeared in news legion of heroes! Bangawoo-Shijo? Haebosil would now listen! (= ^ ▽ ^) / ♬


[Meet the new heroes in Fujin garura VR stereoscopic image!]

★ VR image so you can see! ★

Younggun VR image either use the mouse on the desktop You can watch while rotating the screen in smart devices.

1) If you watch the video on the desktop

- Chrome, Firefox, etc. please do use a browser that supports the VR images.

※ Internet Explorer does not support VR image.

<To switch the direction of the mouse 360 I can watch the screen>

2) If you watch the video through mobile devices

- I advise you to install exactly haejusigi Youtube and Facebook apps.

※ If the VR function is not activated directly from the app if you watch, you'll be able to see the VR function.

※ so data can be consumed if you watch the video I'll ask for possible use in Wi-Fi environment!

Voila - just watch without commercials Skip !!!

"Stop the heart of the beautiful seems garura look down on the right front Kung !!!!!"


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