Hello. Legion hero is GM ahtti ~ !!

Legion hero called Sybil two full of joy to celebrate the first birthday!

I said to please the people who made a fortune cookie ~~ getdamyeo

"I'd like a fortune-cookie fortune!"

Aww! Bad Broken Arrow remnants were said to have been dashed Fortune Cookie La Nashville andeunda in mind

The've stolen all the remaining Fortune Cookie ㅠㅠ sobbing.

Disciples of Sybil called out that Casey lost! Natdago I'd very much upset ....

Hero nimdeul ~~ !! Please help Casey scold the remnants of Broken Arrow, please find valuable Fortune Cookie!

[♥ 2 ♥ Anniversary event to find Fortune Cookies!]

▣ duration of the event: Fri, February 5th, 2016 After maintenance ~ 2016 03 04 (Fri.) Regular check up before

▣ how events progress

1. Accept the quest Events - Find and Fortune Cookies.

Quest has a total of four difficulty (A, S, SS, EX), and the stronger the attack of monsters, depending on the difficulty level.

Depending on the protagonist hero quest difficulty level can be checked.

(A- 1 level / S- 30 level / SS- 50 level / EX- 70 level)

2. After the automatic movement after receiving the quest, go and fight monsters.

3. You can hover exchange referred to after the completion of the quest NPC to acquire Fortune Cookie Fortune Cookie Nashville, depending on the number of each item.

▣ Quest reward

Quest rank Number of cookies
A 7
S 8
SS 9
EX 10

▣ replaceable items

Number of cookies Items Maximum selling
100 2nd Anniversary Ione Equipment 1

2nd Anniversary Ione Package

(Rank A Legend Ione + 2nd Anniversary Costume)

50 r6 Legend Box 3
20 Rune Essence x30 5
10 Rune Stone x300 10
10 Rune Powder x200 10
1 Million Gold x3 50

▣ Notice

※ NPC Sybil doeohni called upon to replace items consumed "Fortune Cookie" as necessary to ask the number of deliberate choice.

2 years yiohne costume]


<Party fairy yiohne>

Name of Technology: Blooming Garden

Restores HP of allies and the range of 3x3, release all causes harmful effects for two turns.

Wear a hero: yiohne

Myth technology - elements of Lords

Increases the chance to trigger an active weapons of heroes to use a staff or tome.

[Add Stats]

Increased intelligence and physical strength



Thank you.


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