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Hero: Rebirth

When the main character is to achieve the highest level 6 St. condition

You can reincarnate into next season, it will also be expanded up to the level depending on the season. (Maximum six seasons and 100 level)

And grade levels to meet the conditions look to reincarnate the main character.


01. If you select a hero a hero from the Hero Information You can view the season and level information.

① You can check the level with the highest level of the hero. (Illustrated below: The current level of 89 / maximum level 90)

② You can get information on the season's hero. (Illustrated below: 5 seasons)

③ You can check the rating information of the protagonist. (Example below: 6 Castle)


02. If you meet all of the main characters Reborn conditions, changes to rating information is as follows: [reincarnation] button.

- If the condition achieved after the [reincarnation] button does not appear, please re-connection.



Hero hero must achieve the highest level of all six criteria for each gender season

It can be reborn into the next season.

[Seasonal conditions reincarnation Guide]

Season 1 level 50 + rank 6 achieved > season 2 reincarnation available

Season 2 level 60 + rank 6 achieved > season 3 reincarnation available

Season 3 level 70 + rank 6 achieved > season 4 reincarnation available

Season 4 level 80 + rank 6 achieved > season 5 reincarnation available

Season 5 level 90 + rank 6 achieved > season 6 reincarnation available


01. If the hero is a hero to achieve all of the conditions reincarnation rating information is changed to [reincarnation] button.


02. Press the button, you can reincarnate reincarnation of the hero and consume a certain amount of gold in the next season.


03. If you need to foster the rebirth into the next season back from 1 star protagonist.

-1 sex may be, the basic ability is higher than the previous season 6 St. heroes.

Source: (v2)

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