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       Ruins Exploration(WIP)

System: Preferences

From the Graphics Settings preferences through my game up notification settings can be adjusted.

Enjoy a more comfortable fit my preferences play equipment.


The legion of heroes, you can adjust the sleep mode settings and graphics settings through the Preferences menu.

01. basic right of the screen under the [Preferences] in the [MENU] touch!

02. In the [Graphics] tab of the Preferences, you can adjust the frame, graphic level selection, hidden button set.


① Frame adjustment: through high screen frame movement is smoother, seamless play can be difficult, depending on the specifications.

② Select the graphics level: If you select 'phase' but to play at the highest level of graphics, Seamless play can be difficult, depending on the specifications.

③ button:

Hide soft key - Change the soft key on your mobile device does not have physical buttons does not cover screen (reflected after the game restarts).

Favorite Hidden-game, you can hide the menu on the main screen, scroll right to enjoy the game a wider screen.



① sound effects: You can adjust the sound effects volume. Mute checked, you can turn off the sound effect irrespective of volume.

② jingles: You can adjust the volume of the background music. Mute checked, you can turn off the background sound regardless of volume.



① Setting the chat slang restrictions, profanity filters the show as a special character (*).

② If you check the technical effects described it shows the technical effects described below are triggered during combat in the battle screen.

If you check the goodwill reject confrontation may refuse to apply a friendly confrontation.



① point and slowly rotate the sensitivity is lower switching point, the more rapid will be higher.

② You can watch the crew introduction, the opening video.


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