• New Year bags events have been added.

- When performing a challenge, you can get the bags.

- You can get bags from the 'kkiku kkiku "which appeared at the top of the second round of chaos.

- You can obtain the reward challenge, depending on the number of bags collected. Please refer to the official detailed compensation information cafes.

  • Strengthening the event is going to celebrate the second anniversary of the Hero Corps. Strengthen all the equipment will increase the probability of a week.

- '+20 Strengthened' by the probability increases significantly compared to conventional. Please refer to the official detailed strengthen Cafe odds.


  • The buff icon of the hero at the same time reducing the attack and defense have been incorporated.
  • Sometimes the Daifugō skill of one hero Fixed an issue that applies to redundancy.

[Shop hours]

  • 2 Orichalcum season], it has been added to the store of [Lv.2 medal of courage] goods this time. Each can be purchased as an integer and Hearts of myth.
  • Sold in stores in time the image of the [Standing Lv.100 hero] commodity has changed.


  • 2 Orichalcum Ore season] product has been added to the store. Season 1 Orichalcum once a purchase is available 7 days as well as gemstones. You can buy into the myth of an integer.

If the date or the use of * passes goods last one was immediately modified to allow for repurchase.


  • December / January costumes have been added to this pre-loading.
  • When you have not a friend of the hero support, bookmarks been modified to show a notification icon on a friend.
  • Uhwudong Alessio my hand and Wulin girl running animate the color of Nefertiti has been modified to avoid awkward.
  • Activate the hero myth technology priority in automatic hunting behavior has been modified a phenomenon pushed back without being affected by the aggressiveness.


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