• Husky Express delivery event has ended. Events items Huskies NPC is scheduled to be removed during subsequent inspections.
  • The wish fulfillment of roaming Christmas event began with Santa.

- Christmas tree spirits NPC and the NPC is placed in Santa Ura village Nottingham. You can find and automatically move the event from the NPC window.

- Talk to Santa Ura NPC 1 once a day, you can get [smelly socks.

- Acquired a particular item, you can obtain a Christmas tree spirits NPC [smelly socks - in items.

- Santa to roam throughout the continent emerge in beuti Pomerania. You can obtain a special item in accordance with the answer.

- Christmas carols resound in Nottingham town.

- Jingle Bell Santa Adriana El costumes of the time in the shop are a special appearance in the shops of time.


  • New heroes combined effects 'carpet bombing' has been added. 'Carpet bombing' is Metatronic, Pokey, consists of Ellis, a 30% attack power and HP 10% will be increased.
  • New heroes combined effect "stained black arrow 'has been added. 'Stained black arrow' has disappeared in the dark avenger, Raven Adriana L., consists of a carboxylic Mila, attack power is increased by 20%.
  • Heroes Gold has been increased to be acquired at the time of sale.
  • Mines, the hero is a problem that some novelties not use the technology in the ruins exploration has been fixed.


  • In endless wars and raids myth from now [medal of courage Lv.1] instead of [Lv.2 medal of courage - it will be paid
  • Paid release from bounty hunting legend difficulty [rare treasure chest Lv.6] was changed to [a very precious treasure chest Lv.1]. [Very precious treasure chest Lv.1] In the first season, four-star, five-star, 6 Castle 2 Castle Season 1 Legends equipment and can be obtained [courage medal Lv.2].
  • Jeweler car from Milan - medal of courage Lv.2] by five-six and five-star castle red jewelry box, you can purchase a 6 St. legendary equipment.


  • Refresh Free] when there is time left in the shop - Free Refresh button, the number will be displayed.
  • Difficulty in ruins exploration zones 4-6 were slightly down.
  • Number of ruins exploration of VIP benefits initialization has been fixed in the same manner as described.
  • If you can not buy costume it has been improved to avoid activating this button to immediately purchase.

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