Hello. GM ahtti legion of heroes.

Nimdeul waiting ... just waiting for a hero syeotdeon the news!

Fri. January 22 to be added to the periodic inspection Updates We will guide a new hero costume!

That's right - a hero in the 2016 New Year's doubles exotic oriental flavor is felt Blowout saopnida they did a renovated ♥

Ahrittaun shaman, Uhwudong, Shaolin warrior-turned- Let me introduce the four heroes right now!

★ New Hero Costume release Date: 01/22 (geum) ★ after the regular inspection shutdown


<Miko Raphael>

Name of Technology: draft horse jeryeong search

Horizontal column to give the enemy the damage reduces the armor,

Increase the damage of their allies in horizontal columns on the basis, increases the critical strike damage.


<Wulin girl Nefertiti>

Name of Technology: Shaolin softening window

Exchange column horizontally magic damage to enemies gives a magical damage sustained during the second turn,

Increases the critical strike chance of your own horizontal row in a friendly basis.


<Uhwudong Alena>

Name of Technology: Hand of the Goddess

Give the enemy to harm the 3x3 range gives a magic damage sustained,

Phillips anger in the heat consumption of a hero around their decrease for two turns. (Anger consumption is reduced by up to 50%.)


<Shaolin Panda ah pangchi>

Name of Technology: Oh pangchwa chwachwat!

Horizontal rows enemy, dealing damage sikimyeo silence for two turns,

Increasing the probability of a hero triggered active weapon using the window, increases the critical strike damage.

Thank you.


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