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Screenshot 2015-07-28-23-25-13

On the left side of the screen, you can find adds for heroes you can buy.

The right side is described below.

20150729 225831
Hire one hero with 30 hearts
20150729 225857

Hire 11 heroes with 300 hearts.

If your reserve tab is full, during the hiring, the remaining hero will be sent by mail.

20150729 225928
Hire one lengendary hero with 1000 essence of legend.
20150729 225959

Hire hero with tickets. The kind of tickets are sorted by the date you've got the first ticket of that kind. The first ticket of one kind, takes the first place free.

Screenshot 2015-07-28-23-25-40

This is the screen you will see when hiring a hero.

Hired heroes will go in the deploy tab and if the deploy tab is full, they will go to the reserve.

20150729 230059

This button appears when you hire by tickets and there is more than one ticket of that kind left.

If you push this button when there is only one ticket left, nothing will hapen (bugs???).

If there are more than 2 tickets left, the game will chain the hiring until the reserve is full. You only need to touch the screen to hire the next one.

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