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This screen has 3 tabs:


Screenshot 2015-08-17-20-02-57
In this tab, you can find your main team on the left and the selected hero on the right. To select a hero, just touch his widget.

The number on the tab indicates the number of heroes who can update their skill.

You can removed heroes from you main team by clicking the cross on the right of the widget. This hero will go in the reserve tab.

The exclamation point on a hero means he can update his skill.

In the right of the screen, you can find the equipment of the selected hero.

20150728 212926

This button will open the

Combination screen

20150728 212959
Change Formation
20150728 213024
Select the hero you want to move and then his destination. If there is someone already there, they will switch their position.

Be careful, for those who play the global version, the 2 buttons are not in the same order. The first cancel and the second validate.

20150728 230443
Change leader

The leader is the hero that all player will see when you walk in the game world.

Some rumors say that some part of the game change depending on your leader. I'm not sure of that.

If you click on a piece of equipment, you will open this popup:
20150728 213115

You've got 3 buttons:

  • Unequip
  • Change
  • Reinforce
20150728 213204
20150728 213235

This pop-up has 2 buttons when you can update skill. With the first one you can update the skill level by level. With the second ("Learning All"), you can update the skill from his current level to the level of the hero.

20150728 213820

At the beginning of the game, you can have only 3 heroes in your main team. You can use one more hero, when your main character reaches level 5, 10 and 15.

If you haven't hire some new heroes, it's time to do it here.

20150730 225558
If you click on an empty slot, this pop-up will appear.

Select a hero and push the button to use this hero or cancel with the upper cross.

20150728 230630
This icon open a detailed screen of information about the selected hero.
Ring You need to unlock this slot to use a ring. This slot can be lock/unlock during the awakening process.

20150730 225558

The first list in this pop-up is a filter. Here you have only one filter (available heroes).

The second list is a sorting button (see below).

Select a hero (he is highlight) and accept with the button in the bottom. If yoou want to cancel, push the cross on the top right.

Here is the sorting menu:

20150730 225630

Power desc

Power asc

Level desc

Level asc

Name (useful if you want to find hero with the same name)

20150730 225655

Rank desc Rank asc


This tab is i
Screenshot 2015-08-17-20-04-11
dentical to the previous one except for:
  • you can have 100 heroes here
  • you can filter (the filter is the same as before)
  • the cross in the widget hero is replace by a house. If you use this house, your hero will go to the lodge tab.


Screenshot 2015-08-17-20-04-23
After clicking on the house of the widget of Propan (Arson), we can find him in the lodge.

In the lodge you can have only 20 heroes. If you want more places, you need to buy a slot with 100 hearts.

Hero detailed information pop-up

20150730 232151

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