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Community: Guild

Enjoy a legion of heroes together than alone, two or more. How to Join the Guild will guide the creation Guild.


01. Touch [Guild] on the right scroll menu

02. [Guild] Guild creation] at the bottom right of the screen touch


Guild generate conditions
Character level More than 15 levels
Generating costs 40,000 Gold

03. If you have completed all the requirements, write the name to open the guild [Guild Generate the touch of a button

- If a guild can be difficult to produce a limited number guild generated if both chilled.


01. [Guild] [guild] in the lower left corner of the screen touch


02. You can check your guild information that is currently generated from the Guild List.

- You can see the guild rank, score, level, personnel, information such as the Guild Master.

- Looking through the Guild Name / Guild Master name can browse the guild.


03. [Guild List], and then touch the guild you want to join from the Join Request] completed



If you create or join a guild, you can check your guild information.

01. [Guild] when you touch the icon, you can view the [Guild] main screen.

- From the moment you can join a guild determine the guild menu.

- The guild list, you can check the position of the guild, character name, level, contribution, contact information.

- In the chaos of the Abyss Guild menu entry, entry hideout, guilds, etc. can be checked before the various guild activities.


02. [Guild] on the right side of the window you can see the guild and manage information in My guild information.


① Guild Ranking

The guild rank is determined by the guild score.

② Guild Level

Hit the top of the chaos in the guild and participate in cooperative play, or if mine scramble guilds and guild experience points,

You can obtain a contribution, however, it was unable to obtain a new guild contribution.

③ Guild Master If the Guild Master is not connected to the oldest guild after 7 days in a guild

Guild Master will be commissioned automatically.

④ parts Guild Master

Guild Master can be appointed to select the section Guild Master.

⑤ personnel Guild

Now you can join the guild / shows the maximum number of people sign up.

You can increase your guild level personnel depending on the guild.

The maximum number of guild members increases by one each time the guild level 1 to level 5 increased.

⑥ guild Created

Date created the guild.

⑦ guild funds

Guild activities to collect or can collect and donate gold to the hideout. It is used to manage the guild hideout.


You can promote your own games within the guild chat window.

If you touch the [Guild Name] check the information written on the Promotion of the advertising guild, and you can also sign up with us.

01. the right of the menu, [Guild] - [My guild information - to enter the administration menus.

① Select the [Guild Invitation button.

② Press the [Chat Window recruitment] button to create the invitation wording.


02. After you create a guild promotions be shown on chat window, press the [recruiting] will receive promotions in the guild chat window.


Source: (v10)

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