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Community: Friends

Using the buddy system can be obtained for a Hearts and experience support hero,

You can also get the help of a friend in battle heroes.


When you add a friend in the game they can help each other.

01. Scroll right of the menu [Friends] touch

02. [Friends], press the [Add friend] button at the bottom right of the menu, you can add new friends.

- Friends can be added up to 30 people.


① automatic recommendation

You can get a similar level sections introduce a friend over the NPC Metalurgs.

② manual entry

You can add by entering the name of the character you want to add a friend directly.

However, the character of the other world can not be added as a friend.

③ add pebuk friend

If you have a Facebook ID, you can use the interlock function to add a friend.

You can invite your Facebook friends to the game to register as a friend.

03. If you want to delete the friend added, after pressing [friend's name] to [friends Delete touch

  • Add Friend restrictions based on character level

Levels Number of Friends
1 ~ 5 5
6 ~ 9 10
10 ~ 19 15
20 or more 30


01. When you add a new friend, touch the [Support the hero to add the heroes give support to a friend.


- Support the hero is a friend who can be at once the battle in the day.

- When the hero who support a friend can use to obtain compensation support.

The level of support that supports a hero to your friends receive support compensation varies accordingly.

(Basic compensation without VIP benefits)

- 1-9 level = gold

- Level 2 10-19 pieces = Hearts

- Level 4 20-29 pieces = Hearts

- Level 30-39 = 6 pieces Hearts

- Level 8 40-49 pieces = Hearts

- 10 levels more than 50 pieces = Hearts

- Daily compensation obtained support number is initialized at 06 am, you can receive support compensation up to a total of 30 times a day.

[Download all], press the button without the need to touch one button to support compensation, you can receive compensation altogether.

02. Support your friends how to use a hero

① Using Support the hero in a tower of chaos

- The Tower of Chaos can be used to support up to three friends in a battle hero.


② Using the General Combat and Combat Story

- General combat and combat story, you can use the battle one friend support hero.

- Press the [Help Request] under the menu General of the battle screen, you can determine the support life heroes of friends.


Source: (v15)

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