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A pop-up will ask you if you really want to retreat. Select the blue button to retreat or the red to cancel

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Skip your Turn

A pop-up will ask you if you really want to skip. Select the blue button to skip your turn or the red to cancel. This button may be useful when you musn't kill all your adversary and only one is left.

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Select the hero you want to move and then his destination. If there is someone already there, they will switch their position.

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You can call one help from your friends list or from 3 "GM". If you push this button, a list will appeared

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Here are all the heroes you can call during a fight. You can call only one hero per fight and each hero only once a day.

Select the hero you want to use and push the button in the bottom right.

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This button is red when activated. You can push it to activate/deactivate auto battle.

20150717 210601


You can chat during battle (I don't advise you to do so)

20150717 210659

Skill info

(In korean, so I don't use it)

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Using skill

Each hero can use his skill if you've got enough Fury.

After the battle, the rewards.

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