Good morning. The Corps of GM ahtti hero!

Le Fugue for NPC heroes nimdeul that the vineyards in the town of Nottingham I had prepared a very special event! 06:26, March 24, 2016 (UTC) I'll go to see the interview with the NPC reupu!

"NPC reupu How did you prepare for this event's ?!" (Reupu! Reupu! Reupu!)


"great!! NPC reupu seems to be a really good time, thanks to Hi! Thank you. * ^^ * "

EX opportunity to get a hero! Hasyeoseo tight, check the following event information! Please participate deuryeoyo ~ ♡

Would like to know its EX Event Information]

▣ Event Period: 03 2016 25th (Fri) after checking ~ 04 07 2016 (the neck) before inspection

▣ Event information: Collect [Al grapes] item is paid into my mail every day duration of the event exchanged for the desired item by NPC Le pureul

▣ Event Items postal payment schedule - Game items paid with my mail when this time expires the day sarajini mail, please receive in the mail every pay period!

▣ replaceable items

Number Items quantity
7 S4-S7 random EX hero 1
6 Senior Runestone box (Rune Stone x 4000) 1
5 Rune Powder box (Rune powder x 4000) 1
4 R6 tickets 2
3 Runestone box (Rune Stone x 2400) 1
2 Rune Powder 2000
1 Rune Stone 1000
  • All items can be exchanged only once.
  • When exchanging the item to the NPC reupu "Grape know" items consumed by the number doeohni need ask for careful selection.
  • Event, Matt zero, girl group heroes are not hiring.

The event prepared to give more pleasure I'll look forward to your participation ^ - ^!

Thank you.


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