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Character Choice Screen

You can choose one of the 4 characters to be your main character:

Screenshot 2015-07-08-21-17-31

It is possible to change your main character later in the game if you want.

Each character may use 2 weapons. His skill depends on the weapon he is using.

Invicible Berseker - Berseker

Screenshot 2015-07-11-17-45-11

Axe Swings a massive axe to deal x (+x) damage to all enemies in a 3x3 area, decrease attack and defense by x% and recover ally's HP with a portion of the damage dealt.
Cannon Leaps into the air to deal x (+x) damage to one row and stun the target for 2 turns. Targets are pushed one space back

Mystical Wizard - Sorceress

Screenshot 2015-07-08-21-17-49

Staff Summon a powerful thunderstorm to deal x (+x) damage to all enemies in a 3x3 area with a chance to deal an extra x (+x) damage. Increases the critical rate of allies in a 3x3 range.
Tome Heals allies in a row by x (+x) and increases the target's Attack by x (+x) for 2 turns.

Master of Combat - Gladiator

Screenshot 2015-07-08-21-17-57

Sword Create a whirlwind attacking 3x3 area with x (+x) damage. It also reduces attack power of enemies by x% while putting a shield on oneself and allies in a cross. Increase enmity.
Spear Calls down thunder and lightning to deal x(+x) damage to all enemies in a column with a chance to stun them. Increase allies defense by x% in a row.

Reaper of the Battlefield - Sniper

Screenshot 2015-07-11-17-47-51

Bow Shoots Multiple Arrows to deal x (+x) damage to all enemies in a 3x3 area with a chance to deal an extra bleeding damage. Decrease fury needed by allies in a column by 50%.
Gun Delivers a powerful blow to deal x (+x) damage and steal some of the target's Fury.

Validate your choice

20150711 211039
You must enter your character's name here
20150711 211102
And validate here
20150711 211127
Or cancel here

Invitation Screen

20150711 212028

The screen ask you if you got an invitation (you must be in the same world than your friend). You can answered that:

  1. Yes, I Have (you must enter the name of your friend in the next pop-up)
  2. No, I haven't (Go to the game)
  3. I don't know, i will check(Quit)

If you choose the first answer, your friend will receive a mail asking him to help you. If you choose the second answer, you will have the next pop-up:

20150711 212126

"Registered user without invitation, would you enter the game ?

When you enter the game, you can no longer register a user invitation"

Accept with the blue button or cancel with the red.

Here is you first fight

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