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Fallen Angel Camael
Fallen Angel Camael
Camael was resurrected through Tiphareth's spirit but was locked in the Phrase Rift.

It is not known how it happened, but when she reappeared she was stronger than before.

Camael saw her new form after coming out of the Phase Rift, called herself a Fallen Angel and went into hiding.

Camael was the epitome of revenge and destruction, so what may her anger be pointed at now?

Weapon used: None
Season Demigod Rank Demigod A
Trait Stun / Fury Thief
Skill Fallen Angel's Rage
Effect Stun / Absorb Fury
Fury Cost 250 Range
Deals x(+x) damage to enemies of the selected target's row and column, stuns the targeted enemy for two turns and steals some Fury.
Mythic Skill Fallen Angel
After entering battle, erases x enemies' Fury and gains x Fury.
Mythic Bonuses -

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