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There is an old legend told in the Brasov region. When the stars at night form a line, the eaper descends carrying a huge scythe.

And on the night of the red full moon, all of the planets have lined up for the first time in a century, and the legend has come true. When the dimensional boundaries collapsed, Evie descended upon this world with her Battle Scythe. She is too beautiful to be called a Reaper, but she has wreaked great havoc on many battlefields in the past world. Evie's emergemce is bound to bring about a massive change in this world as well.

Weapon used: Staff
Season Legendary Rank Legend A
Trait Abate Fury
Skill Meteor Swarm
Effect DoT / Defense Debuff / Abate Fury
Fury Cost 300 Range
Deals x(+x) damage, x(+x) Fire damage and decreases Defense by x% to enemies in a 3x3 area. Decreases Fury consumption by 50% for all Staff wielding heroes.
Mythic Skill Archmage
After entering battle, for 3/5/7/9 turns, magic weapon Heroes Attack increases by 15/20/25/30%.
Mythic Bonuses INT +x, VIT +X


Weapon Level Min.Atk Max.Atk Active Skill Passive Skill
Battle Scythe 130 2857 3751 Alchemist: Damages enemies in a 3x3 area for as much as 80% Attack and decreases your Fury consumption by 50%. Unhinge: Attack +x%

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