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Legion of Heroes is filled with an array of equipment and it is a must have for every hero. Equipment boosts stats enabling heroes to last longer in battle, deal more damage, and face stronger enemies. Set bonuses are given to those heroes wearing multiple pieces from the same set (ex. 2 pieces of Demigod) granting even higher stat boosts. Bonuses can stack with different set pieces as well (ex. 2 pieces of Ascended with 2 pieces of Judgement) which enables a hero to use a lower set of gear but gain a set bonus until higher gear is obtained. All gear now comes with a passive inscription which can be further leveled up.

Adventure Equipment (Required Level: 1)

"These equipments are crude, but sturdy. They should prove useful to new adventurers."

Militia Equipment (Required Level: 10)

"A standard issue hat for the Nottingham Militia. It gets the job done and helps keep the village safe."'

Warlord Equipment (Required Level: 20)

"This equipment is given only to skilled adventurers. It will serve faithfully in many battles."'

Gladiator Equipment (Required Level: 30)

"This equipment is mainly used by gladiators in the coliseum, but is also quite popular for self defense."'

Golden Equipment (Required Level: 40)

"These equipment are given to warriors who have defended their nation from danger. They are both a symbol of honor and well-made pieces of armor."'

War God Equipment (Required Level: 50)

"This equipment is a favorite of those who have reached the highest level of martial arts. it is valuable not only to warriors, but also to merchants."'

Savior Equipment (Required Level: 60)

"This equipment is a relic from a warrior of the First Great War. Made of orichalcum, it has been completely untouched by time."'

Judgment Equipment (Required Level: 70)

"This equipment is only for those worthy enough to judge evil. It was recently recovered from the mists of time."'

Ascended Equipment (Required Level: 80)

"This equipment can only be used by those who have overcome their own limits. It was once believed to be nothing more than a legend from the songs of bards."'

Demigod Equipment (Required Level: 90)

"This impeccable gear cannot be restricted by any power. No fool would dare oppose one who wields a demigod's weapon/wears a demigod's armor."'

Ragnarok Equipment

Eradicator Equipment

Heavenly Equipment

Eternal Equipment

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