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Doppelgangers are mysterious creatures that can copy the appearance and the abilities of all living creatures.

However, they cannot make full use of these copied abilities due to their lack of free will.

Recent studies have discovered that Doppeldangers can be used as a transcendance material for All Heroes. Few magicians have tried researching about the proliferation of these creatures, but they haven't had much success with it.

Weapon used: Staff
Season 1 Rank Star goldStar gold
Trait Heal
Skill Healing Light
Effect Debuff Dispel / Heal
Fury Cost 300 Range
Divine Blessing
Removes debuff effect cast on you and nearby allies within a 3x3 area, and restores x(+x) HP.
Mythic Skill -
Mythic Bonuses -


Dopelgangers are used to replace one or several heroes in Legendary Descent.

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