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As the blonde beauty swung her giant bastard sword, all the gladiators were knocked back.

Delia! Delia! Delia!

Her name filled the coliseum as the audience chanted. The girl who raised her hand in response was the coliseum's most popular gladiator with the best winning rate: Delia. At first she was just an unknown outsider, but she became the greatest icon on the coliseum in just a few months. Her vigorous swordsmanship perfected by training against giants, and her stunning beauty are bound to keep her fame high for quite some time.

Weapon used: Sword
Season Legendary Rank Legend A
Trait Fury Thief
Skill Wild Star
Effect Absorb Fury / Recover Fury
Fury Cost 200 Range
Deals x(+x) damage to enemies in a row and steals some Fury. Recovers Fury for one turn based on the number of allies.
Mythic Skill Outrage
After entering battle, for x turn(s), boosts Critical Damage for Sword wielding Heroes by x%.
Mythic Bonuses STR +x, VIT+x


Weapon Level Min.Atk Max.Atk Active Skill Passive Skill
Bastard Sword 130 3241 4738 Princess: Damages enemies in a 3x3 area for as much as 80% Attack and decreases Fury consumption for surrounding allies in the row by 50%. Unhinge: Attack +x%

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