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The Coliseum is an arena where players face off against other players in a realtime 1v1 battle. Unlike the other forms of combat in this game, the player must select 3 of any heroes that are currently implemented to start the battle before entering the coliseum. All heroes in this mode are grounded at level 1 without any equips to even the two sides, and are not restricted by the heroes the players currently own. There are currently two options to Coliseum: Practice and Ranked (Exhibition is scheduled for future release). Practice allows the player to battle an AI and earn hearts if are victorious, while Ranked searches for other players as opponents. The reward given is based on the league the player achieves at the end of the ranking period and is reset on Thursdays at 6:00AM PDT.

Battle Style

Coliseum battles begin with each side having 3 heroes and 200 fury. At the beginning of every turn, players are given a random selection of 4 heroes, one of which can be picked to summon, if desired. It is not mandatory to choose, however, and a random selections will continuously be given until either a total of 3 summons have been performed, or the player is defeated. The player is given 40 seconds each turn to perform their actions, including deciding on a summon. Auto-battle and requesting help is disabled in the Coliseum, and the goal is to defeat all heroes in the opponent's party.

Ranking System

In the Coliseum, players are categorized into six leagues. Players may earn more points through victorious coliseum battles, though they can also lose points upon defeat. These points are then used to determine a player's rank in his or her league, as well as their eligibility for promotion. As stated in the Coliseum Details, "Players in the top 20% are promoted and the bottom 20% are demoted every Thursday at 6AM".

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