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The Chaos Abyss is a section of the Tower of Chaos that can be accessed only by players that are members of a guild. You need to have a rank of "Member" or higher to participate; recruits cannot challenge the bosses.

The battle itself mimics that of a survival game, where more often than not, one would find it difficult to defeat the boss alone. For every turn the player survives, the boss summons more minions and deals an increasing amount of damage. In some cases, bosses and their minions can deal various status effects in one battle, making it more difficult to survive and/or inflict damage on it. It is very common for a Chaos Abyss fight to end in defeat because of their high HP and exponential damage increases, thus requiring multiple guild mates to defeat it. The next guild mate simply picks up at the point in the bosses' HP bars where the last player left off until all its HP is depleted. A member can still fight a boss that has been defeated; however, the boss will appear at full health, and can simply be viewed as a test of strength.

For strategies on accumulating the optimal amount of damage on Chaos Abyss bosses, see here.

The rewards for defeating the bosses of the Chaos Abyss are two-fold. The basic rewards are simply a gold reward and a Badges of Solidarity, for everyone who dealt damage to the boss, regardless how much. The second reward is collective, it provides Guild Experience to increase the guild's level.

The gold rewards start at 2,000,000 gold for the first boss and increases by 1,000,000 gold for every subsequent boss. Badge of Solidarity start at 100 and increases by 100 for every subsequent boss. Rewards can be claimed the following week after weekly reset but only from the highest boss defeated.


The Bosses can be awoken after 9AM PST once a week and they will remain open for a week. Anyone can wake a Boss and there is no penalty for going out of order.

Elder Scripture

Grand Abyssal Chimera

Blood Queen Bathory

Basilisk Tyrant


Biffron the Strange

Wastedemon Gigantra

Balaam the Abyssal

Archdevil Labolas

20160910 190833
90,000,000 HP 10,000,000 Gold 900 Badge of Solidarity Labolas deals damage to a row and poison damage to all from his tail.

Abyssal Demon Sargatanas

20160910 192239
120,000,000 HP 11,000,000 Gold 1000 Badge of Solidarity Sargatanas deals damage to a row and crushing damage to all.

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