'Provoke' is a status effect that provokes the enemy and raises the Enmity of the affected target towards the user.

Although 'Provoke' is usually paired up with 'Attack Debuff', it is still possible for this skill to be quite dangerous towards the user when used inappropriately. Note that, although the skill forcibly raises the Enmity towards the user, it is still possible for another hero to have a higher Enmity. This status effect has negligable effect in PvP, unless the player does not have control over the afflicted target, such as being in Hero Wars or having the affected target also be under the influence of Charm. 'Provoke' usually lasts for 3 turns. 'Provoke' ignores bosses' Status Effect Immunity.

For the full list of heroes with 'Provoke' effect, see below:

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