Every Legendary Hero can be descended into a Mythic Hero (see the official guide book) with Dragonhearts you can found in the ruins exploration. A Mythic Hero has a new passive skill, a bonus in vitality and one bonus in his others characteristics. The Mythic Skill has 4 levels. A Mythic Hero begins at level 1. He can increase his level with Dragonhearts. The max level he can reach depends on his rank:

Rank Mythic Skill Max Level
A 1
S 2
SS 3
EX 4

Bonus given for each level of Mythic Skill:

Mythic Skill Bonus STR, AGI or INT Bonus VIT Cost (Dragonhearts)
1 3000 1500
2 4000 2000 600
3 5000 2500 1000
4 6000 3000 1400

Here is the list of some Mythic Skills:


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