Hello and thanks for stopping by! If you're on this page, you're probably looking for some of the things we have to do. We're sorry if the list looks very intimidating, but with your help, we'll trample it down!

List of things that we'd like to accomplish in the near future:

- Creating the alternate version of heroes given out for events, reviews, etc.

- Filling out the tables, namely equipment, Tower of Chaos, etc.

Endgoals which we'd also like to do, but will probably require time: (copypasta'd from Foof)

- List of NPCs, including artwork and overworld model

- Quest transcript, quest missions

- Chaos Tower EXP, Hidden Treasures, Clear Rewards, Monster Formations, Monster Loot, Bonus Rewards, Chaos Tower Boss Infos

- Overview of all game features

- List of all maps and their habitants (NPCs, mobs and their loot, suggested level) and/or attack/equip indicator

- Listing all items and their icons (maybe excluding quest items?)


- When you're done editing the page and see that it's been completely filled out, please remove the "In Progress" category. It makes our list look a little less scary, but don't remove it until it's actually DONE please.

- We're trying to find our own images that aren't stolen from HungryApp. If you have knowledge of programming and would like to attempt to extract images (and possibly other things) from the .assetbundle files, we'll love you. Very, very much. If the image you find has a background, please upload it to the gallery & let Sin.Invidere know so he/she/it can attempt to (poorly) remove the background such that it becomes transparent.

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