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Black Surfer Raguel
Water planet Undine. It is said that the waves there are like no others, and the surfer that tamed those waves is known as the Black Surfer.

The way he charged at those majestic ocean waves and returned riding those same waves is said to have given goosebumps to hundreds of surfers.

He's such a mysterious character that even now, no one knows his true identity... but the legendary advice he gave a fan lingers on. You don't calculate a wave. You conquer it.

Weapon used: Bow
Season Legendary Rank Legend A
Trait Silence
Skill Wave Lord
Effect Silence / Defense Debuff / Abate fury / Critical Boost
Fury Cost 200 Range
Deals x(+x) damage and decreases Defense by x% to the enemies in a column, and silences them for 2 turns. Decreases Fury consumption by 50% for one turn, and your next attack will be a Critical hit.
Mythic Skill Vanquisher
Boosts PVP Damage by x%, decreases damage received by x%.
Mythic Bonuses AGI +x, VIT +x


Weapon Level Min.Atk Max.Atk Active Skill Passive Skill
Eternal Black Flame 140 5156 6121 Wave: Damages enemies in a column for as much as 110% Attack and decreases Critical Hit rate by 20%. Unhinge: Attack +x%

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