“So, you’d like to make a change?” – Counselor Eluria

In Legion of Heroes, there are 4 characters you can choose to start off with: the Berserker, the Sorceress, the Gladiator, and the Sniper. Unlike the other heroes you can obtain in-game, each of these heroes has the ability to wield two weapons, although only one weapon can be used at a given time. Each weapon grants the hero a different skill, although the hero’s stats will not change regardless of weapon.

Selecting your Main Hero

Before I give you a breakdown of each main hero, you would probably like to know that you can change your main hero anytime throughout the game by talking to Counselor Eluria, so feel free to experiment along your journey. Remember though, that the farther you progress into the game, the higher the cost to change will be (10,000 at level 1 ~ 84,000 gold at level 60).

There are two ways you can go about selecting your main hero. A main-centric view means you would select your main first, then select the rest of your team to best support or complement your main. This is a better perspective to adapt for the (very) early and endgames, where your main will either be the strongest or most potent in your team of heroes.

During the mid-game, you will find that a team-centric view would be more beneficial because there are many (event) heroes that have better skill utility than your main. If you don't have the extra cards to fuse towards your main, your main will easily be outclassed by other S2 heroes. Remember that it is perfectly okay for your main not to be the strongest on your team - there are other mains with useful skills that will work wonders for your team.

The idea behind this view is to evaluate the team of heroes you have, and then select which role you need best filled. As an example, if Lindsay is your best healer, you may wish to consider the Sorceress-Tome main since her heals are more potent and come with an attack buff. If you don’t have enough fury thieves on your team (or maybe you’d like someone with more damage potential), you may wish to consider the Sniper-Gun main since she is an AoE fury thief, something you don’t see until you stumble upon Bronze and Silver season 2 tickets.


Unstoppable Warrior: the Berserker

PRE-REBIRTH: The Berserker-Axe main is a jack-of-all-trades character, which makes him stand out compared to other mains. He can heal, he can damage, and he can tank. Unfortunately, his healing, damage, and durability become increasingly lackluster when compared to other support (non-main) heroes because of his multifaceted characteristics. Because of this, many players enjoy using him in the early~mid game since he serves various purposes and better condenses the total utility served, especially in the early-gamer’s party of 6. However, as players climb up the Tower, the increasing need for more specialized and efficient roles leaves little room for compromise, which is just about the very definition of the Berserker-Axe main. His 300 fury cost also makes it slightly more difficult to accommodate him in auto-battles, especially without proper initiative settings.
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 3060 | AGI: 2706 | VIT: 2544 | INT: 241

POST-REBIRTH: The greatest thing that the Berserker-Axe main gains out of rebirth is tankability; he single-handedly becomes one of the greatest tanks compared to most S3 heroes, making him a great front-line choice for just about anywhere you can place him. His damage still somewhat lackluster (because 3x3 AoE skill ratios don't scale very well in general), resulting in rather petty heals, but he is an excellent compliment to those with Ereina since they are both party healers, so if Ereina doesn't finish the job, he can help her out. However, do keep in mind that rebirthing will not make him a reliable healer overall.

The Berserker-Axe main is recommended for those who wish to adapt a more defensive playstyle (great tankability, some healing capabilities) and should be placed in the front line. Players who also consistently engage in Hero Wars may also find his 15-hero heals helpful.

DURABILITY STATS: Average compared to other tanks; outshined by other good Season 2 and Season 3 tanks, and even a couple Season 1s.
DAMAGE OUTPUT: Average compared to other melee-damage dealers; outshined by many well-promoted Season 2 and Season 3 column attacks and 3x3 AoEs.
SKILL UTILITY: Healing itself is good, especially because he heals an entire party (and is glitched in Hero Wars to heal all 15 party members), but amount healed is outshined by just about every other healer.
COUNTERPARTS: There are currently no offensive + heal tanks in a single hero, making the Berserker very unique. However, there are quite a few better tanks, and his healing aspect is outclassed by Ereina, whose summon also heals the whole party.

PRE-REBIRTH: The Berserker-Cannon main is a row-hitting, knockback damage tank with the chance to stun his targets. Because of his melee capabilities, he can also double as a tank unlike most ranged-weapon users, which gives him flexibility with regards to where one wishes to place him in their formation (e.g. tank or damage line). His skill is mostly damage-oriented with displacement abilities, but since his stats aren't stellar in the early~mid game and cannons have a large damage range, his damage is still rather subpar, although his knockback may lead to better enemy-positioning if used appropriately.
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 3060 | AGI: 2706 | VIT: 2544 | INT: 241

POST-REBIRTH: Since his base stats don't change between weapons, the Berserker-Cannon main is also incredibly tanky thanks to his stat gains from being a melee-based hero as well. He also makes for a great damage-tank with his admirable 2.7k AGI, and his chance of stun on up to 4 enemies. This makes for an incredibly versatile main who gains the best of both worlds. Another advantage with using the Cannon vs. Axe main is the 200 fury cost vs. the Axe's 300 fury cost, making him much more party-friendly in both storyline and Tower auto-battles. By using him / setting his initiative early in the turn, you can take advantage of his displacement abilities for more effective row or 3x3 attacks by later heroes.

The Berserker-Cannon main is best suited for those who enjoy an offensive play-style towards the endgame, and even more for those who enjoy watching stun-fests when paired with Drake and/or Shyre.

DURABILITY STATS: Average compared to other tanks; outshined by other good Season 2 and Season 3 tanks, and even a couple Season 1s.
DAMAGE OUTPUT: Average compared to other ranged-damage dealers, but varies for the most part because of his huge damage range.
SKILL UTILITY: Knockback (displacement) opens the door to more efficient targeting in Tower and Hero Wars when used appropriately. This means that opponents can be shifted backwards to allow for row attacks to hit entire rows, or 3x3s to hit closer to 9 enemies. However, keep in mind that the reverse may also happen, especially in auto-battles where targeting isn't nearly as easy to control. Stun capabilities make him a great addition to the team though, especially if you don't have Shyre or Drake, although the two have two-turned stuns instead of the Berserker's one-turn stun.
COUNTERPARTS: There are currently no row-knockback-stun mains, making the Berserker-Cannon main unique. His closest counterparts with stun capabilities are Shyre and Drake, both of which have column-based attacks, although Shyre has a chanced stun while Drake's is a 100% on a single chosen target. Displacement-wise, there are currently no column or row displacers, although William has a single-target 100% stun knockback skill and Blood Pearl has a 3x3 knockback skill.

Lord of the Wind: the Sorceress

PRE-REBIRTH: The Sorceress-Staff main is an offensive 3x3 mage with a chance to inflict the shocked status (DoT) on any affected target with the ability to grant a 2-turn critical boost to the row she is in. Although the critical buff cannot be explicitly assigned to a row, it is possible to grant it to a different row by moving her around before casting her skill. The Sorceress main overall is very squishy, so keep her in your mid-back line, preferably in a column where she will attract little aggro (e.g. in one of the middle two columns). Her damage is often seen as subpar to other 3x3 AoE attacks, namely bow-weapon users, while her critical buff is outshined by Dinari, making the staff-user lackluster to many. At least magic attacks ignore Defense, although they are shunted by Magic Defense.
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 1491 | AGI: 1491 | VIT: 1491 | INT: 3311

POST-REBIRTH: Attention, magic-lovers! If you're looking for a magic successor to Furia, Kainan, or the underwhelming Arielle, look no further! The Sorceress-Staff main currently boasts the highest INT of any hero to date (subject to change, of course); that's right, she has higher INT than the well-regarded Magical Girl Ione! ... Too bad that 3x3 skill ratios still blow, which probably means that MGI still does more damage per target than she does. Her critical rate increase isn't affected by rebirth, so if you're looking for growth potential, the only thing that really changes in this hero is her damage and tankability. In her defense, she does become more durable than Jarkan, which is a plus. Unforunately, I cannot comment on what her critical increase is, while DoTs in general aren't often regarded as important in Tower plays, which means that this main is still easily overlooked for her (lack of) utility (and its comparatively unrewarding 300 fury cost).

If I had to pick, the Sorceress-Staff main is recommended for those who are very Hero-Wars reliant because of how magic attacks are only reduced by Magic Defense (increased predominantly by armor and gloves) instead of Defense (increased by armor and helmets). I do think you could do better than this main because of her wasted damage potential as a 3x3 though ...

DURABILITY STATS: Poor durability until rebirthed and well-promoted, be sure to keep her in your damage or support line, because she's almost guaranteed to be the first one to fall as a standalone.
DAMAGE OUTPUT: Hardly worth mentioning pre-rebirth, but marginally better towards the endgame. My preference is to stick to a 3x3 archer since they have increased AGI, which makes for more frequent critical hits, and in turn, higher damage output.
SKILL UTILITY: The core of her skill is hardly worth mentioning as you can find 3x3 damage dealers in any season you turn to. Her critical buff may prove useful to those who have yet to obtain Dinari, but is very restrictive in that you cannot choose which row to apply the buff to unless she is moved. Her buff only lasts 2 turns compared to Dinari's 3 turns, making her viability a lot lower than one would like.
COUNTERPARTS: If you're looking for 3x3 DoTers, there are many; Felix, Robin are both pretty decent, especially since they use bows. Remia, Kainan, and Scraggleweald (after promotion) are also decent options depending on what roles your team need to fill. For critical buffs, Dinari is considered staple.

PRE-REBIRTH: The Sorceress-Tome main is a healer-support unit that both heals and grants an attack buff to a chosen row. She combines the benefits of Lindsay's potent heals (except with higher base heals), and the Broken Arrow Assassin's attack buff (except with higher additional fixed damage) to create an all-around useful support character. Again, she must be kept in the mid-back line because of her fragility, but her dual-utility makes her very a favourable choice once she and her team are well-equipped, weapon-wise.
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 1491 | AGI: 1491 | VIT: 1491 | INT: 3311

POST-REBIRTH: An already-great healer certainly can't get worse after an upgrade, so how does the Sorceress-Tome main get better? Since both her heal and attack buff scale off her stats (and weapon damage contribution), her heals become more potent and her attack buff goes even higher. Pre-rebirth, her heals already almost fully healed any hero I had, so post-rebirth sealed the deal, with an incredibly helpful attack boost to boot. The best thing about this hero is her AI - she combines the reliability of the Healer AI (which heals the row with a hero that best needs one) as well as the continuity of the Support-Buff AI (which heals any row that has yet to receive the buff), so you can be sure that whenever there's fury, she's always contributing in some fashion (set her initiative to either the first 2 or last in the turn, depending on your priorities). Did I mention that her Jarkan-level durability makes her annoying to take down in Hero Wars combined with that heal of hers?

The Sorceress-Tome main is strongly recommended for those who have yet to obtain Ereina (I would argue that either of these are the best healers in their own right, depending on whether AoE or potency + offensive support take precedence), and is suitable for any playstyle. Her extraordinarily potent heals make for a better option (vs. Ereina) for defensive Tower playstyles if the attacks taken are mostly row-focused (eg. F31 or any floor with mostly front-line attackers), while Ereina would work wonders in F60. I think having the two of them in a single Tower party is rather redundant though.

DURABILITY STATS: Poor durability, although it does get better. It's nothing worth mentioning though, so keep her behind your front line.
DAMAGE OUTPUT: She doesn't do damage, but she can definitely increase the damage of her fellow teammates by a respectable amount once her skill is decently-leveled.
SKILL UTILITY: Having a healer in your party is very important. Having an attack buff on top of that heal is incredibly useful. Utility-wise, I would consider this hero to be one of the best options for your party.
COUNTERPARTS: There are currently no other healers that provide an attack buff, making her unique in her own right. However, for those who are just looking for good healers, Lindsay is an easily obtainable row healer once promoted and given a good weapon. Tiphareth is also decent although the player must move their heroes around for maximum potency, which makes her iffy in auto-battles. Ereina is currently regarded as the best healer thanks to her summon being able to heal an entire party, with potential fury saving costs given that her summon stays alive for the majority of the battle.

Master of War: the Gladiator

PRE-REBIRTH: The Gladiator-Sword main is a 3x3 tank who summons an attack-debuffing whirlwind while casting a 2-turn shield on himself to protect from oncoming attacks. His offensives aren't stellar compared to other 3x3 attacks, but his sword-nature will make them consistent. His shield also helps protect from the aggro he draws off of stragglers, making him a great aggro-magnet thanks to his provoker mimic-ing abilities and handling despite not actually having a provoke skill. It's like simultaneously having Gaston/Gareth & Owen/Serisa in a party, which means you can save a space for another hero!
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 2637 | AGI: 2637 | VIT: 2460 | INT: 286

POST-REBIRTH: While the Gladiator-Sword main has some decent stats compared to other tanks at the time of writing this guide (early S3), he's going to be outclassed in the next month or so in terms of durability. In terms of growth potential post-rebirth, the only thing that really changes is his damage and durability (correct me if I'm wrong); because his skill does not explicitly state any numerical values for his shield, I cannot comment on whether it really improves or not. What I can say though, is that his shield does seem to contribute well to his durability, making it good for shunting any status that isn't a stun or silence. However, if you're going for a more damage-based 3x3 hero, I think the Berserker-Main would be better suited for such a playstyle.

The Gladiator-Sword main is most recommended for those who wish to adapt a more defensive playstyle; namely, those who enjoy using the Gaston/Gareth + Owen/Serisa combo.

DURABILITY STATS: Lower than the Berserker's, but his 100% shield-casting adds to his tankability, making him good at handling large amounts of aggro even if his skill can't finish a group of enemies off.
DAMAGE OUTPUT: Average for a sword-user (swords are considered to have consistent, average damage), develops into average for an S3 hero with rebirth and promotion.
SKILL UTILITY: The Gladiator-Sword main's utility shines in defensive play-styles, where the combination of an attack-debuff and a durable shield make the Gladiator-Sword main incredibly difficult to overpower. However, for offensive play-styles, a shield isn't particularly necessary, and his damage is hardly stellar.
COUNTERPARTS: There are currently no heroes that can cast a shield during an attack. For shield-casters, Serisa casts a better shield over Owen, although Owen can be used if a tank is desired. For provokers with attack debuffs, a well-promoted Gaston and Gareth are also decent choices. The Nottingham Militiaman shall forever be forgotten, despite being a provoker himself.

PRE-REBIRTH: The Gladiator-Spear main is a column-stun-chance damage tank with a recovery debuff. Unlike his sword-counterpart, he is more suited for offensive and the stun is a nice added bonus if it procs. Spears, however, are notorious for having a large damage range (like cannons), making him a very hit-or-miss attacker. There's nothing particularly amazing about the Gladiator-Spear main, especially when you consider that the Berserker main boasts higher tankability and higher attack stats (STR or AGI, depending on his weapon). If you're using him for a chance at stun, you may wish to consider Shyre or Drake if you have either of them.
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 2637 | AGI: 2637 | VIT: 2460 | INT: 286

POST-REBIRTH: The Gladiator-Spear main does get better, but he doesn't become any more interesting than he was before. If you're looking for a tank, the Berserker does it better. If you're looking for offensives, the Sniper (or Berserker, if you wanted a front-line comparison) does it better. If you're looking for a tanky offensive, the Berserker-cannon does it better while also having stun chance. The only thing he has going for him is the 75% recovery debuff, which is helpful in Hero Wars, but negligible just about everywhere else. Again, you will probably want to consider using Shyre or Drake; if you promote Drake to 5*+, his durability stats come close to what this main offers.

The Gladiator-Spear main is recommended for those who lean towards a more offensive playstyle and either lack a stun hero, or frequent Hero Wars enough to warrant that 75% recovery debuff useful. I personally think you can do better than this main though ...

DURABILITY STATS:Average for a damage-tank, both pre- and post-rebirth. Pre-rebirth, he's average for a S1, and post-rebirth, he's average for a S3.
DAMAGE OUTPUT:Average for a spear-wielder, which means his damage easily fluxuates thanks to a spear's large damage range. It's nothing special.
SKILL UTILITY: Stuns can be helpful if they proc, but recovery debuffs are only useful in Hero Wars and against the Tainted Sequoia Root on Tower Floor 51. Otherwise, you could probably find better.
COUNTERPARTS: Other row/column stunners include Shyre (two-turn, chanced), Drake (two-turn, 100% on a selected target), and the Berserker-Cannon main (one-turn, chanced).

Death from Afar: the Sniper

PRE-REBIRTH: The Sniper-Bow main is your typical 3x3 damage dealer. The biggest problem with the Sniper is that she doesn't have a secondary effect like many other main heroes do, making her fall out in comparison to anything other than raw damage. There's honestly nothing special about her that you can't already find in other heroes, so it's advised that you skip her (unless you have yet to obtain another 3x3 damage dealer) and save the 3x3s for other heroes that actually bring some real utility to the table.
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 1491 | AGI: 3311 | VIT: 1516 | INT: 1466

POST-REBIRTH: When rebirthed and well-promoted, the Sniper-Bow main has the highest AGI in all of Season 2 (making her a pretty respectable damage dealer). There's still nothing special about her skill, but her high damage makes up for it compared to other Season 2 heroes. (For fun, I gave her a Massive Lv. 4 SS Judgment Bow; her attack power jumped to 7225.) I honestly can't think of a place she would be special in that Robin or Felix can't fill the void in, but if you love raw damage and there's no ranged-event hero out, you could probably find some benefit in this main. She is otherwise lackluster in terms of utility and is outclassed by any 3x3 4* event hero with an attack power of 3.6k+. (That's right, even the melee ones.)

The Sniper-Bow main is recommended for offensive playstyles, although her 300 fury cost is a tad impractical in terms of utility and damage-vs.-fury-tradeoff. I would personally save 300 fury-cost-spots for event heroes (anyone remember 100k+ Erin damage?) or really unique ones like Kuroko.

DURABILITY STATS: Average for a damage dealer, but remember to keep her in the damage line.
DAMAGE OUTPUT: Since she is a damage-oriented main, her damage is probably the best of all mains, especially with a bow (which means high base damage, and comparatively high critical rate thanks to AGI bonuses).
SKILL UTILITY: Laughable, honestly. Damage is useful, but only to a point.
COUNTERPARTS: Robin, Felix, Remia, Kainan, Scraggleweald ... there are so many, especially if you want to open the floor to 3x3-ers in general.

PRE-REBIRTH: The Sniper-Gun main is a column-fury thief who replenishes fury based on the number of targets hit. She brings some decent DPS as well as the benefits of fulfilling the spot of a fury thief, making her a decent addition to an offensive party. Like her bow counterpart, she doesn't have a secondary effect. Paired with the fact that guns naturally have lower average damage than most weapons, she's only valuable if you are in need of an extra fury thief. Unfortunately, since her fury return depends on the number of targets attacked, her skill will be a lot less potent in auto-battles. If you don't have Harold, you can turn to this main, otherwise, feel free to choose someone else.
STATS AT S2 RANK 6: STR: 1491 | AGI: 3311 | VIT: 1516 | INT: 1466

POST-REBIRTH: The Sniper-Gun main sports stellar AGI, one of the best currently in the game. Her fury-steal nature makes her a staple spot in anyone's party thanks to the importance of fury thieves, and her damage makes her a keeper comparable to low-ranked event heroes (which is good, considering that she doesn't need an event boost to do the kind of damage she does). Her tankability is also above Jarkan-level, making her a decent survivor to continue doing what she does best - dealing damage. Keep in mind that her fury returns still depend on the number of targets she hits, meaning that she must be used with care if you only have one other fury thief in your Tower party.

The Sniper-Gun main is recommended for any kind of playstyle since fury thieves are staple to any setup. Don't we all love versatility?

DURABILITY STATS: Average for a damage dealer, but remember to keep her in the damage line.
DAMAGE OUTPUT: Decent damage thanks to her respectable AGI, but the use of guns brings her down a little. She still has a decent chance of scoring critical hits, so if you're hard-pressed to find damage dealers, the Sniper-Gun main is a good choice, especially when she can return some fury while doing so.
SKILL UTILITY: Fury thieves are staple to a party, although row/column fury thieves are a lot less potent during auto-battles thanks to poor AI targeting. She could really use an additional effect like the other main heroes, but she's still good in her own right considering how important fury thieves are in a party.
COUNTERPARTS: Harold, except that he hits in a row. If you have Harold at 4*+, it is recommended that you use him because he's much easier to rank. However, if you're willing to continue throwing cards into her, she becomes a great choice.

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